50th Vuelta a Colombia - 2.5

Colombia, June 11 - 26, 2000

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Stage 2 - June 12: Cartagena - Barranquilla, 141 km

Nauduzas repeats on stage 2

Latvian sprinter Andris Nauduzas took his 2nd consecutive stage in the Vuelta a Colombia in today's second stage between Cartagena and Barranquilla, 141 kms along the beautiful Caribbean coast. It was a sprint finish with Naudut edging out Colombian John Freddy Garcia and Cuban Pedro Perez. The leaders finished in 3.40.30.

Cuban Alexander Claver and two Colombians Jaime Pinzon and Augusto Bohorquez broke away early, pushing their lead to ten minutes. However, temperatures over 30 degrees centigrades took their toll and the peloton overtook them in the last kilometers.

Colombians Nestor Bernal and Juan Carlos Fonseca tangled in a nasty spill close to the finish line.

Tomorrow's third stage between Puerto Giraldo and Sincelejo will cover 75 kms of flatlands but in the usual extremely hot and humid weather of this area.


1. Andris Nauduzas (Lat) Aguardiente Nectar-Selle Italia     3.40.30
2. Jhon Freddy García (Col) Aguardiente Cristal-Chec		
3. Pedro Perez (Cub) Cuba
4. Javier Anaya (Col) Cicl. de Jesucristo
5. Marlon Pérez (Col) Aguardiente Antioqueño
6. Hernán Antolinez (Col) Panamericanos 2000
7. Ruber Marín (Col) Aguardiente Nectar-Selle Italia 
8. César Goyeneche Col) Aguardiente Nectar-Selle Italia 
9. Héctor Manuel Castaño (Col) 05 Orbitel
10. Libardo Niño (Col) Aguardiente Nectar-Selle Italia 

General classification after stage 2:

1. Andris Nauduzas (Lat) Aguardiente Nectar-Selle Italia     6.08.32
2. Jhon Freddy García (Col) Aguardiente Cristal-Chec		0.09
3. Marlon Perez (Col) Aguardiente Antioqueño-LM			0.14
4. Pedro Perez (Cub) Cuba					0.16
5. Armando Ospina (Col) Cicloases				0.17
6. Gustavo Guzmán (Col) Ron Boyacá				0.18
7. Augusto Bohórquez (Col) Ron Boyacá
8. Jaime Pinzón (Col) Cicl. Jesucristo				0.19
9. Javier Anaya (Col) Cicl. Jesucristo				0.20
10. Hernán Antolinez (Col) Panamericanos 2000
Thanks to Haroldo Camacho for the report