50th Vuelta a Colombia - 2.5

Colombia, June 11 - 26, 2000

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Stage 10 - June 20: Cartago-Cali, 184 km

Live report

Cartago (8:30 a.m. Colombia time). A long rolling valley "El Valle del Cauca" along the picturesque Cauca river, sets the scene for today's 186 km stage to Cali. On a flat long stage like this in the middle of a long stage race, the riders will normally develop a consensus to "recover" for most of the stage, and only in the final kilometers the teams get organized for their sprinters to go for the finish line. Is this the plan for today? The three sprint primes along the way will tempt the Cubans, however, who are still looking for a stage win. It would have been a good stage for Marlon Perez, winner of the Medellín time trial, but he abandoned the race yesterday suffering from a stomach virus.

La Paila (10:00 a.m.). No recovery here. Just a few kilometers into the stage a breakaway of 12 goes off the front. The first team to respond after some hesitation is the Cuban team, and they successfully lead the peloton in bringing them back... Any doubt as to the Cubans' intentions? The first sprint prime however is won by Gregorio Ladino (Aguardiente Cristal) who put half a kilometer between himself and the peloton at the sprint prime line.

Buga (11:45 a.m. Colombia time). The peloton does want to recover, four opportunists escape at the second sprint prime in Buga: Fredy Moncada, Gregorio Ladino, Johnny Ruiz and Óscar Álvarez, with 5'14" over the "grupo perseguidor" (the chase peloton). 69 kms yet to the finish line, at 2 hrs 30 mins into the stage along the undulating plains to Cali.

Cali (1:15 p.m. Colombia time) Jhon Fredy Garcia gets his chance. It was not to be the opportunists' chance. A last effort by the peloton denied them the chance and at the end it was a massive sprint - only the Bestia Mona was missing, and sprinter Jhon Fredy Garcia had the most at the final surge beating out the Cubans who had their eye on this chance. Nothing changes in the overall G.C. Ivan Palacio retains the yellow, blue, and red jersey.

Reports courtesy of Haroldo Camacho


1. Jhon Freddy García (Col) A. Cristal-Chec  4.18.07
2. César Goyeneche (Col) A. Néctar-Aguila Roja 
3. Raúl Montaña (Col) A. Néctar-Aguila Roja 
4. Jairo Pérez (Col) A. Néctar-Aguila Roja 
5. Rúuber A. Marín (Col) Selle-Italia 
6. Hernán Darío Bonilla (Col) A. Antioqueño-LM 
7. Hernán Antolínez (Col) Panamericanos 2000 
8. Alexis Rojas (Col) A. Cristal-CHEC 
9. Federico Muñoz (Col) Ciclistas de Jesucristo 
10. Javier Zapata (Col) 05-Orbitel 

General classification after stage 10:

1. Héctor Iván Palacio (Col) 05-Orbitel     34.49.53
2. Elder Herrera (Col) 05-Orbitel		1.19
3. Duván Ramírez (Col) 05-Orbitel		1.36
4. Alexis Rojas (Col) A. Cristal-Chec		2.06
5. Uberlino Mesa (Col) Lotería de Boyacá	2.57
6. Héctor Manuel Castaño (Col) 05-Orbitel	3.48
7. Israel Ochoa (Col) A. Néctar-Aguila Roja	3.55
8. Miguel Sanabria (Col) 05-Orbitel		4.12
9. Germán Ospina (Col) A. Antioqueño-LM		4.36
10. Julio C. Aguirre (Col) 05-Orbitel		4.47


Ismael Sarmiento (Col) Lotería de Boyacá	52 pts

Metas volantes:

Alexander Clavero (Cub) Cuba


Jhon Freddy García (Col) A. Cristal-Chec