Results and Reports for July 29-30

United States

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Torrance Grand Prix
HPC Twilight Criterium
First Security Twilight Criterium
Mount Evans Hill Climb

Torrance Grand Prix

Torrance, CA, July 30, 2000.

After winning the First Security Twilight Criterium in Boise, ID the night before, the NetZero Team returned to southern California for more success in the Torrance GP. With only two hours of sleep and some agonizing flight delays, the team arrived at the race with 30 minutes to spare. However, in the end the race came down to a field sprint with the NetZero team firmly in control taking first and second for the second time in as many days.

Team Earthlink was even more impressive in the women's event, taking the top three spots with Tracie Tonello leading home Dotsie Cowden and Jennifer Reither in the fast finish.


Pro Men 1/2 - 38 miles

1. Greg Medinilla (USA) (USA) Net Zero 
2. James Paolinetti (USA) Net Zero 
3. Craig Turner (USA) Team D.A.R.E. 
4. Michael Tillman (USA) L' Equipe Cheval 
5. Victor Ayala (USA) Incycle 
6. Norman Carter (USA) Jelly Belly 
7. Ernesto Lechuga (USA) Mercury 
8. Aaron Quesnell (USA) LA Wings 
9. Nick Onate (USA) Unattatched 
10. Keith Horowitz (USA) SBBC 
11. Mark Scott (USA) Team D.A.R.E.
12. Jesus Zarate (Mex) Mercury 
13. Jeff Prinz (USA) Team D.A.R.E.
14. Ryan Barrett (USA) LA Wings 
15. Scott Cochran (USA) Jelly Belly 

Women Pro 1/2/3

1. Tracie Tonello (USA) Team Earthlink 
2. Dotsie Cowden (USA) Team Earthlink
3. Jennifer Reither (USA) Team Earthlink
4. Maria Gutzeit (USA) Southbay Wheelmen
5. Shayla Wait (USA) Team Helen's 
6. Cheryl Roth (USA) Team Helen's
7. Desira Utzig (USA) La Grange
8. Laurie Furman (USA) Harbor Lights
9. Julie Binatena (USA) Southbay Wheelmen 
10. Lisa Tonello (USA) Cyclones 

Courtesy of Jim Fryer

HPC Twilight Criterium

July 29, 2000

A big thanks to the title Sponsor Health Performance Center (HPC) on Bainbridge Island and the supporting sponsors: Arena Sporting Goods, Chili Cosmos and Bainbridge Bakers. Thanks to Steve Rhoades and all the volunteers for helping put on such a fun event.


Kids Races 

Ages 9-11 

1 Kyle Thackray (USA) B.I. 
2 Ben Skotheim (USA) B.I. 
3 Peterson Browne (USA) B.I. 
4 Lane Anderson (USA) B.I.

Ages 7-8 

1 Willey Wenzlau (USA) B.I. 
2 Jordan Wagnee (USA) B.I. 
3 Mauri Vickers (USA) B.I. 
4 Taylor King (USA) B.I.

Ages 5-7 

1 Quinn McMahon (USA) B.I. 
2 Nick King (USA) B.I. 
3 Chase McMahon (USA) B.I. 
4 Tristan Bastiani (USA) B.I.

Commuter Race, 5 laps  
Sponsored by Bainbridge Bakers 

1 August Svenson (USA) B.I. 
2 Richard Kauffman (USA) B.I. 
3 Greg Thompson (USA Kingston 
4 Paul Johnson (USA) B.I. 
5 Johnathan Green (USA) B.I. (best dressed) 
6 Keven Ruff (USA Seattle 
7 Russ Prior (USA) B.I. 
8 Sharen Borgias (USA) B.I 
9 George Fleischfresser (USA) B.I. (age 13  he commutes to school). 
10 Jason Elhardt (USA) B.I.

Pro Category 1/2 Men, 35 laps (miles). 

1 Russell Stevenson (USA) Saturn of Bellevue
2 Tyler Farrar (USA) Saturn of Bellevue
3 Ryan Perlman (USA) Saturn of Bellevue
4 Brian Ecker (USA) Mongoose/DeFeet
5 Rich McClung (USA) Broadmark Capital
6 Graham Hill (USA) Logie Velo
7 Johnny Sundt (USA) Saturn of Bellevue
8 Mick Walsh (USA) Mongoose/Defeet
9 David Richter (USA) Recycled Cycles
10 Steve Higgins (USA) Saturn of Bellevue
11 Jonah Oswin (USA) Ashmead College

Category 3/5 Men, 25 laps (miles). 

1 Trevor Kosa (USA), Old Town Bicycles 
2 Chris Pickett (USA), Team Army 
3 Matt Braun (USA), North River 
4 Derrick Queen (USA), Aurora Cycles 
5 Gary Brown (USA), Tacoma Bicycles 
6 Matt Quan (USA)
7 Steve Williams (USA), Nextlink/Bacardi 
8 Steve Piccolo (USA), Tacoma Bicycle 
9 Scott Petermeier (USA), Ashmead College
10 Charles Cordy, Old Town Bicycles

First Security Twilight Criterium

Boise, ID, July 29, 2000

Greg Medinilla of the NetZero Team won the $10,000 First Security Twilight Criterium in front of teammate Jamie Paolinetti and Defeet's Chad Gerlach. An estimated 15,000 spectators were along for the event.


1. Greg Medinilla (USA) NetZero Team
2. Jamie Paolinetti (USA) NetZero Team
3. Chad Gerlach (USA) Defeet
4. Ryan Miller (USA) Nutra-Fig
5. Luke Mauritzen (USA) Shaklee
6. Michael Johnson (USA) NetZero Team
7. Mike Tillman (USA) L'Equipe Cheval
8. Donald Reeb (USA) Nutra-Fig
9. Scott Cochran (USA) Jelly Belly's Cycling Team
10. Colby Pearce (USA) Shaklee

Courtesy of Jim Fryer

36th Mount Evans Hill Climb

Idaho Springs, CO, July 29, 2000

Mercury's Scott Moninger took the 36th running of the Mt. Evans/Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb. The event starts in Idaho Springs, Colorado at an elevation of 7,000 ft. and finishes on north America's highest paved road at 14,264 ft. Moninger rode the last 14 miles solo with second place coming in almost 5 minute behind.


1. Scott Moninger (USA) Mercury              1.49.42
2. Chris Fisher (USA) Monsoon Racing        	4.24
3. Clark Sheehan (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist    	6.10
4. Mark Southard (USA) FCRC/New Belgium 	7.10
5. Chris Baldwin (USA) Navigators       	7.14