Results and Reports for January 26

G.P.Hubert Clément cyclocross

Esch, Luxembourg, January 23, 2000

Courtesy of Gerard Schiltz


 1. Oliver Corpus (Ger)           	53.36
 2. Joel Schwinninger (Lux)      	 0.37
 3. Tino Fernandez (Spa)        
 4. Christian Weyland (Lux)              1.16
 5. Jean Pierre Serafini (Lux)           2.35
 6. Marc Schiltz (Lux)                   3.19
 7. Attlio Porrini (Ita)                 3.32
 8. Frank Schleck (Lux)                  3.47
 9. Kim Schoos (Lux)                     3.57
10. Francisco Fernandez (Spa)            4.05
The Luxembourgish selection for the World Championships in the Netherlands for this weekend:

Pascal Triebel (Elite)
Steve Fogen and Gusty Bausch (U23)
Marc Ernster and Ben Würth (Juniors)

Australia Day Joseph Sunde Memorial Criterium

Heffron Park, Australia, January 26, 2000

By Jeffrey Jones

The 7th edition of the Joseph Sunde Memorial Criterium was held today at Heffron Park under threatening, but later fine and humid conditions. The criterium is dedicated to Joseph Sunde, who died of leukemia when he was 4 years old. His father John is a keen bike rider who works in the industry, and puts a lot of work into organising the race, along with the Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club. As I have often raced in the event, it was no trouble to organise a race report for cyclingnews.

The 66 rider field was studded with international riders from Great Britain, the USA, and the Netherlands who are out here training in Australian sunshine(?) The weather did remain fine however, and I was thankful for my litre bidon of water. The race was 1 hour plus 3 laps around the 2.05 km circuit of Heffron Park, in Sydney, notorious for cracking many a criterium racing specialist.

Team orders from Eastern Suburbs Directeur Sportif, Frank Conceicao, were to attack and get at least two, and preferably three riders in each break. The main aim: stop Anthony Spurgeon (the King of Heffron Park) and his Caravello teammates from taking the prize. Our task was made easier by the presence of UK 'imports' Stuart Dangerfield and Colin Sturgess, as well as top MTB-er Paul Rowney and a 'reborn' and in-form Stewart Campbell. How could we possibly lose? Well, there was Caravello with Anthony Spurgeon, Bart Hickson, Stuart Terrell, Steve Williams and a few others.

The roll out was fairly steady until the first prime at 15 minutes, won by Steve Woolridge (NSWIS). After this, a break containing "Stu's" Terrell, Campbell and Dangerfield, as well as Paul Rowney from Eastern Suburbs got away and looked threatening. The second prime went to Stuart Terrell (Caravello), following which, the break was brought back.

That nice feeling of togetherness did not last long however, as a new escape formed just after halfway. This contained three Eastern Suburbs riders (Dangerfield, Campbell, and Sturgess), as well as sprint maestro Spurgeon (Caravello), Ben Litchfield (Bicisport) and James Griffith (UK). The gap got out to ten seconds and the remainder of the bunch were not that keen on closing it, due to some fine spoiling work by Rowney (and not a great deal of help from yours truly). However, there was not that long to go and it looked like the winning move.

On the last few laps, the gap closed to within striking distance but it was too late to go for anything above 8th position. There was no money past 5th, but several suicidal riders seemed to be under the impression that there was, launching a series of futile but annoying attacks. Fortunately, no one was hurt and I could resume my position at the back watching the breakaway attack each other.

The winning move came from Stuart Dangerfield who escaped on the last lap to solo in for victory. Not to be outdone, Spurge won the bunch sprint from Sturgess, with Griffith and Litchfield taking the minor spots. I'm pretty sure that someone won the sprint for eighth, but it wasn't me. The genius of tactical mastermind, Frank Conceicao paid off today with Easts riders taking two of the top five positions and, more importantly, putting one over the Caravello team.

After the race, a rather hot looking Stuart Dangerfield said "I enjoyed today - I didn't think I'd have the legs after the first break was caught but I hung on. It didn't matter which won of us won, and I think we rode really well together," he said, adding "Up the poms!" to reflect the gay, multicultural bonhomie that prevailed on Australia Day down at Heffron Park.

There were 125 riders in all three races who donated $1 of their entry fee to the Childrens Cancer Institute. It's worth a special mention that Anthony Spurgeon and Stuart Terrell of the Caravello team and Ben Lictchfield of Bici Sport donated their $400 prizemoney to the Institute. With the raffle, auction and contribution from Eastern Suburbs Cycling, almost $2000 was raised for the Cancer Institute on the day. The race, now in it's 7th year has raised over $10,000 for Childrens Cancer, which is a great effort from the local cycling fraternity. The race organisers wish to thank Bell Sports, Velo Vita, Repco and Basta for sponsorship.


Masters (40 mins + 3 laps)

1 Tony Iannacito, Harlequin
2 Geoff Butler, Sutherland
3 Lawrence Vignes, Northern Suburbs
4 Peter Biddington, Manly
5 Robert Upton, Harlequin

Handicap B,C,D Grades (15 laps - 30 km)

1 Steve Newman, Easts
2 John Buckton, Easts
3 Danny Gatt, Penrith
4 Phil Kauter, Easts
5 Julie Hooper, Easts
Elite (1 hour + 3 laps - 50 km)

1 Stuart Dangerfield (GBr) Easts		1.07.11 (43.7 km/h)
2 Anthony Spurgeon, Caravello			   0.05
3 Colin Sturgess (GBr) Easts
4 James Griffith, (GBr)
5 Ben Litchfield Bici Sport

Carnegie-Caulfield Criterium

AFL park, Mulgrave, Australia, January 25, 2000

Courtesy of Mark Chadwick

The regular Tuesday night criterium had a distinctly international flavour this week as the European visitors start to add race intensity to their base miles. Heavy, threatening overcast, cool with a light Southerly breeze, whatever happened to global warming?

The A grade race was littered with talent and very entertaining to watch. Early attacks got the blood pumping, 26 year-old Wouter Meijs (Woerden) from Utrecht in Holland caused the creation of a bit of lactic acid as he opened up early. The big Dutchman had the misfortune to suffer a counter attack from none other than former World Pro Sprint Champion Stephen Pate, who quickly found company from his acolyte Hilton Clarke jnr, Atlas - Lukullus, Ambra neo Matthew Tuck and Daniel Moore (Amore & Vita - Giubileo 2000-Beretta). The foursome appeared unbeatable as they opened a twenty second gap. Moore was the first to crack however, with leg pain after suffering an unplanned interface with a car last Friday, then the bunch lifted and had them back in short order. Pate went again, this time with Tuck only to be reeled back again. Towards the last ten minutes Pate again established a lead of ten seconds with the able assistance of Carl Wood. Carl is training up for the Aussie Veteran Nationals and at 43 is awesome, fair warning for Sydney! Pate took the sprint as a formality, Wood second and a fair gap to ex Belgian kermesse specialist Doug Garley who just nipped in in front of local trackie Warren Knevitt.

Colombian Mauro Alvarez took the prize in B grade, from 36 others each of whom seemed to have a dig at getting away at some point. The break of the evening came from H.I.H. Insurance’s sponsored Paralympian Paul Lake (29), who was recently voted Paralympic cyclist of the year. Joined quickly by 17yo Ryan Kelly the duo managed a maximum of twelve seconds lead. The bunch hovered in the background as riders tried to set up bridging efforts, Kathy Watt was one to try, then as the finish loomed and Kelly tired a surge from the bunch had them back. Alvarez took the wild sprint from last weeks winner Russell Newnham, Richard Knight and Chris "Snake" Salisbury.

Moving up a step from last week, Geordon Murray (16) bolted in the sprint in C grade. The race was characterized as "rough and ready" by some due to the clashes of handlebars and use of body weight through the corners! The big field raced hard and fast, few attempts at escape survived more than half a lap. Stuart Campbell was second from Peter Costello (not the Federal Treasurer, another Peter Costello) with visiting Swiss lady-pro Priska Doppmann (Master-Molteni) fourth and coming home strong. Second last week to Anna Wilson in the Queen of the Park race and 16th at the National Road Race in Portarlington, Doppmann (28) from Zug in Switzerland arrived 9 January and is staying through to the Tour De Snowy and the Canberra World Cup race. Not only did she finish C grade in the money, but she then rode the B grade race and finished among the wheels happy with her evening's training!

D grade saw triathlete Andrew Beasley, second last week, climb over Mark Sims right on the line after Sims had led for the last 200M and looked safe tight in the right hand gutter. Third place to veteran John Groves who is making quite a collection of minor place envelopes with women’s State Road Champ Jennie McPherson looking for a way through the tightly bunched sprint.

The racing over, talk of the Australia Day holiday tomorrow amongst the pro’s was all about the long distance rides, Melbourne-Sorrento then back into the hills with totals of 200km planned. Melbourne in summer (such as it is this year) is beginning to take on an air of Tuscany or the Costa del Sol.


A GRADE 	60 minutes + 3 laps

1 Stephen Pate 
2 Carl Wood
3 Doug Garley
4 Warren Knevitt

B GRADE		60 minutes + 3 laps

1 Mauro Alvarez
2 Russell Newnham
3 Richard Knight
4 Chris Salisbury

C GRADE 	40 minutes + 3 laps

1 Geordon Murray 
2 Stuart Campbell
3 Peter Costello
4 Priska Doppmann (Master-Molteni)

D GRADE 	30 minutes + 3 laps

1 Andrew Beasley
2 Mark Sims
3 John Groves
4 Jennie McPherson

Twickenham CC Winter Series # 10

Hillingdon, England, January 22, 2000

Collstrop professional Hammond leads the way in race 10 Winter was back at Hillingdon on Saturday. Twenty minutes before the start while riders were warming up in windy and cold conditions, the storm hit and the hail came down. This sent the riders scurrying back to their cars until the storm had passed which was minutes before start time.

Yet again, the race was honoured with the presence of Collstrop professional, Roger Hammond who was there along with father Stuart, also racing. Starting off the action was Team Sport and Publicity's Steve Wharton who managed to stay clear of the field for 2km which is about when the attacks started to come thick and fast. The decisive one came from Doug Crow and seeing the danger was Alan Leach (Team Sport & Publicity) and Mick McManus (Twickenham CC). Not long after, a small chase group developed with Jon Johnston (Festival RC), Tom Smith, Stuart Jackson and Roger Hammond, who shortly after the group gained ground, attacked again and although it took him a while to bridge the gap on his own, it was a solid move by the rider who is off to the worlds on Wednesday.

Once together, the other riders in the break were not over awed by the presence of a rider from the continental pro ranks, who last year scored a number of victories as well as a third place in a stage of the Tour of Holland. Behind, Peter Swettenham was making his move to try and get on terms with the leaders along with Vince Freeman, Stuart Jackson (who had come back) and Mick Hill. Under pressure from Swettenham, the chase group split though and Swettenham rode solo to a fine 5th place.

Meanwhile at the front with the finish approaching, Crow attacked but was brought back by Hammond who was not to be outdone and then counter attacked at speeds many of us could only look on in amazement at considering the wind and cold. Not far behind though was Doug Crow who was also moving at speed and not giving up without a damn good fight. On the line, Crow had closed to within one second of Hammond while the other members of the break were up to half a minute back.

Afterwards, Roger Hammond showed just what a sportsman he his, something his family would be proud of, in complimenting the way Doug Crow and the others had ridden. It must also be said that in being able to stay with powerful riders like Hammond and Crow, both Mick McManus and Alan Leach put in really excellent rides.

One of the more bizarre events though happened back in the main bunch which was still around 20 riders strong with 6 laps to go when three riders from Team Synergy were let go up the hill. On the front driving at no more than a forceful tempo pace was Team Synergy's Chris Ratcliff and tucked in behind former pro Grant Philips and then Larry Hickmott. At the top of hill, a gap was forming which opened up to around 10 seconds when the riders from Team Synergy got to the back straight and put the hammer well and truly down and stayed clear to the end. Also, a special mention to Stuart Hammond who on Tuesday night after a days work in the office was out in the fields riding 'cross until 9.30 at night helping son Roger prepare for his weekend race at the World Titles. From those of us at the Hillingdon winter series, we wish them all well for the weekend.

Results - 52 km

1. Roger Hammond (Collstrop) 		     1.15.00
2. Doug Crow (Twickenham CC) 			0.01 
3. Mick McManus (Twickenham CC) 		0.20 
4. Alan Leach (Team Sport & Publicity) 		0.30 
5. Peter Swettenham(Twickenham CC) 		0.45 
6. Jon Johnston (Festival RC) 			1.10 
7. Stuart Jackson (Heffs Cycles) 		1.15 
8. Peter Noble (Team Sport & Publicity) 	2.00
9. Dave Griffths (Twickenham CC)
10. Tom Smith (Twickenham CC) 			2.15 
11. Mick Hill (Viking Wheelers)  		
12. Vince Freeman (Terry Wright Cycles)  
13. Larry Hickmott (Team Synergy) 		2.30 
14. Chris Ratcliff  (Team Synergy)
15. Grant Philips (Team Synergy)
16. Paul Doherty (Heffs Cycles) 		2.50
17. Maurice Joyce (Twickenham CC)
Overall after 10 Races

1. Peter Swettenham (Twickenham CC)  			276 pts
2. Doug Crow (Twickenham CC)   				244 
3. Stuart Jackson (Heffs Cycles)  			240 
4.  Paul Doherty (Heffs Cycles)   			229
5. Dave Griffiths (Twickenham CC)  			222
6. Jason Streather (Anglia Sport/Condor) 		204
7. Bill Butterworth (Twickenham CC)  			203 
8. Mick McManus (Twickenham CC) 			202
9. Peter Noble (Team Sport & Publicity)  		176
10. Larry Hickmott (Team Synergy) 			161
11. Mick Hill (Viking Wheelers)   			160
12. Alan Leach (Team Sport & Publicity) 		159
13. Vince Freeman (Terry Wright Cycles) 		156
14. Mario Manelfi (Old Ports) 				125
15. Russell Scott (VC Meaudon) 				120
16. Jamie Streather (St Raphael) 			112
16. Harry Webb (Twickenham CC) 				112
18. Jon Jonstone (Festival RC) 				102
19. Richard Barrowclough (Team Sport & Publicity) 	100
20. Jex Cox (Twickenham CC) 				76
21. John Leitch (Redhill) 				69
22. Peter Jones (Hillingdon) 				55
Under 10

Oliver Howes
Under 12

George Relf

Under 16

1 Sam Relf
1 Chris Dole