Results and Reports for December 30-January 2, 2001


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Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium
Bruce Lynton BMW New Year's Day Criterium
Gold Coast CATS CC Criterium
Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium

Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium

Waverley Park, Mulgrave, Vic, January 2, 2000

Small fields on the eve of the Bay Criterium Series in 36C heat with a stiff, hot northerly wind under oppressive low cloud. 75 riders spread fairly evenly through the four grades.

A grade's 19 starters endured the conditions made all the worse for the early escape of honorary Belgian Doug Garley and two others who gained 15 seconds only to be regained after six-odd laps away. By mid-race State crit Champion James Taylor (Ashburton Cycles) ripped away up the incline capitalizing on the past week's training in the mountains around Bright. Ceramica Panaria-Gaerne's Tom Leaper bridged up as Russell Newnham, who had crossed the gap briefly, blew and went back to the bunch.

Taylor and Leaper promptly gained a 45-second lead at which point the bunch gave up the pursuit and settled in to the duel for the minor places. Taylor bolted out of the final corner to take his win as Leaper cruised in with a nod to his wife. (For more on Leaper try entering his name in the search engine database - 101 entries! - Giro 2000 and all) The dash for the minor cash saw Lee DeLuca slip in ahead of Colin McEvoy.

The 20 strong B grade race settled into a high tempo effort to the sprint after Grant Mathews' lone escape was reeled in. The thrilling sprint finish was decided by the throw of Gerran Buckland clear by a half wheel from Stuart Campbell and Doug Reynolds separated by mere millimetres. Talented youngster Mitchell Vervaart was fourth.

Ken Ford and Tim Bickerton cleared out on C grade's 20 starters and stayed away. Veteran Ken then kicked away in the final lap to win by a convincing margin over Bickerton. Colin Johnston took third by two lengths from Mary Rogers who survived a determined assault from Martin Harker and the bunch at the line.

D grade said goodbye to Paul Groves whose win sees him off to C grade's care. Leaving the comfort of the bunch at half distance, Groves was joined by Heath Jackson who put in a grueling five-lap effort to bridge. The duo then held their lead over the dwindling bunch. Groves won the sprint ahead of the tiring Jackson, the kick for third going to Reg Goldrich from Scott Hunter.


A Grade - 19 Starters, 55 minutes + 3 laps
1 James Taylor (Ashburton Cycles) 
2 Tom Leaper (Ceramica Panaria-Gaerne) 
3 Lee DeLuca 
4 Colin McEvoy

B Grade - 20 Starters, 55 minutes + 3 laps
1 Gerran Buckland
2 Stuart Campbell
3 Doug Reynolds
4 Mitchell Vervaart

C Grade - 20 Starters, 40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Ken Ford
2 Tim Bickerton
3 Colin Johnston
4 Mary Rogers

D Grade - 16 Starters, 40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Paul Groves
2 Heath Jackson
3 Reg Goldrich
4 Scott Hunter

Results and report courtesy of Mark Chadwick

Bruce Lynton BMW New Year's Day Criterium

Gold Coast Qld, January 1, 2001

The first race for the year 2001 commenced at 7.30 am with the juniors, running through to the elite women's and men's races on a 900m oval circuit.

The women's race saw over $600 in cash up for grabs and it was contested by the likes of National representatives Sara Carrigan, Kim Shirley, Bridget Evans and young gun Jnr, Sally Anne Cowman. There was also a host of local girls, including 3 triathlete women who took out day licences to try their luck with the more experienced cyclists.

The 20 rider group stayed together early until Evans and Carrigan launched an attack that would see them lap the field. The bunch sprinted with 3 to go and 3rd place went to Brisbane girl, Clare Armstrong with Sally-Ann Cowman 4th and Kim Shirley 5th.

The 2 leaders got the bell a lap after they played cat and mouse for a while until Evans jumped Carrigan at 300m out to take the win.

The men's race saw the likes of Robbie McEwen, Ashley Hutchinson, Compaq series winner Ben Day and Junior (now u/23) young gun Jon Cantwell.

The skies looked threatening as the 40 starters rolled away and it was evident from the start that everyone was keen to keep the field together. Early attacks from locals Rob Vetisch and Ricky Lanyon soon saw them bought back. Then, around 15 minutes in, Scott Perrin launched a solo attack which saw him stay clear for quite some time, his lead hovering around 20-30 seconds until the bunch got organised and eventually bought him back. After 35 minutes, the final attack was made by McEwen, Day, Hutchinson and early leader Perrin, leaving all those who tried to stay with them in their wake.

A huge attack was made by young Jon Cantwell to bridge the gap. With 15 mins remaining he dangled two lengths off the back of them for a lap and a half with the 500+ crowd yelling and screaming in support, almost pushing him. Then McEwen saw him there and put the hammer down up the main straight - you could see the despair on his face as he drifted back to the chasing pack of 7 who would never make contact. In the final corner Ben Day led out but McEwen set sail for the line followed by Hutchinson, Day hung on for 3rd and the ride of the day goes to Perrin who held on for 4th. Andy Stewart won the bunch gallop for 5th.

B grade was won by super fit Masters rider Paul Wilde, he also picked up both primes 2nd was Chris Wilson followed by Gavin Arnold.

C grade was won by u/17 rider Brad Payne who over came a mid race fall at 50km hr to get up and win the event by a solo break away.


A Grade

1 Robbie McEwen  
2 Ashley Hutchinson  
3 Ben Day  
4 Scott Perrin  
5 Andy Stewart

B Grade

1 Paul Wild	     
2 Chris Wilson   
3 Gavin Arnold     
4 Mark Brady     
5 John Whip

C Grade

1 Brad Payne  
2 Ben Mockridge 
3 Michael King 
4 Michael Skrobin  
5 Gavin Williams

D Grade

1 Werner Rogosnowsky   
2 Peter Kidd  
3 Ian Waymouth  
4 Rob Payne  
5 Glen Samuel

E Grade

1 Peter Harry   
2 Stan James  
3 Murray Mcgregor  
4 Fritz Hackner  
5 Alex Mitchell


1 Bridget Evans   
2 Sarah Carrigan  
3 Clair Armstrong    
4 Sally-Anne Cowman    
5 Kym Shirley

Junior Under 15

1 Greg Beer	    
2 Ben St John	  
3 Sam Vaughan  
4 Matt Daley

1st Girl: Anita Daley

Junior Under 13

1 Jake Bird		
2 Angus Forsyth		
3 Sam Clair

Unregistered Junior Riders

1 Tim Boulten		
2 A. Wilmot     
3 J Vetisch

Results and report courtesy of Tim Francis

Gold Coast CATS CC Criterium

Burleigh, Queensland, December 31, 2000

"Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next", is the advertising slogan used to promote Queensland. Not this weekend! The last race of the year 2000 was held in mild, blustery conditions, with dark clouds threatening thunderstorms, but eventually only providing a few drops of rain.

Many Brisbane riders headed south to the Coast for the Christmas-New Year period, and they bolstered the numbers in A Grade this weekend. The most highly credentialled of these was top Queensland track rider Ashley Hutchinson, who was also prominent in many of the criterium stages of this year's Commonwealth Bank Classic. Some good competition for Robbie McEwen? Time would tell.

The pace was on right from the start, with small groups off the front almost constantly, but none were capable of gaining more than 15 to 20 seconds. This week there was no winning break containing McEwen, but who else would you back in a bunch sprint? The favourite duly won, from consistent Under 19 rider Jon Cantwell and Hutchinson. Those riders looking for some variety at the head of the field will be pleased to know that this was Robbie's last Burleigh crit, before heading to the Bay Series and then to Europe for a belated meeting with his new Domo-Farm Frites team mates. It may be monotonous for some to see his name constantly in the results, but for most it is a pleasure to see a rider of his calibre on his brief sojourns home.

Mountain biker Les Heap took out B Grade, showing that he is no slouch in the speed department, Werner Rogosenski continued his good form in C Grade, while 14 year old Luke Anderson, in only his second race, scored with a lone break in D Grade.

Best Wishes to everyone for a safe, healthy and successful 2001.


A Grade - 60 minutes + 3 laps
1 Robbie McEwen
2 Jon Cantwell
3 Ashley Hutchinson
4 Riki Lanyon

B Grade - 50 minutes + 3 laps
1 Les Heap
2 Graeme Harvey
=3 Troy Summer
=3 John Vaughan

C Grade -  40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Werner Rogosenski
2 Kate Gayner
3 David Sheppard

D Grade - 30 minutes + 3 laps
1 Luke Anderson
2 Arch Davis
3 Len Hering

1st Lady

Ros Powley

Courtesy of Geoff Frost 

Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium

Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave, Vic, December 31, 2000

The morning of New Year's Eve drew 150 racing cyclists to the fast, flat Glenvale Crescent Circuit in Mulgrave, Victoria. The senior (A & B) grades were full of Bay Series aspirants, both male and female.

The A grade race boasted a stellar field of 41 with a leavening of international standard riders to challenge the regular local crew. Starting at a cracking pace, A grade witnessed frequent savage attacks with small groups achieving short lived gains of a hundred metres or so only to be reabsorbed into the fold as the next move went away. One such escape looked a chance, that of Dean Johnstone and Colin McEvoy, as the chasers seemed to lose focus. However, in short order, normal service was resumed and the pursuers regained the duo. The relentless surging from a motivated field resulted in a mass finish after the last gasp attempt of Team Balance manager David Sturt who boldly (and unsuccessfully) rode off at two to go and despite a crash in the final lap that removed Rohan McLellan from the equation. In a desperate sprint Hilton Clarke jnr (Look) edged David McKenzie (Linda McCartney) into second as third placed Robert Crowe (Fitzroy Cycles) hooted and hollered his delight with Cadel Evans (Volvo-Cannondale) fourth.

B grade, with 55 starters, almost seemed to support its own women's event as the female Bay Series contenders gave the guys a thing or two to consider. Saturn's Anna Milward placed yet again after participating vigorously during the race. Also to the fore was Merida MTB riders Dellys Franke (wearing VIS colours) and Katie Mactier, who made repeated ill-fated attempts to drag a group away. Another big bunch sprint finish, ten abreast, had Adam Clark first from ever-second Milward, "Fast" Eddie Perez third from Chris "Snake" Salisbury.

Colin Johnston took his first ever C grade win in the 26 strong race in a sprint to the line against the experience of second-placed Geoff Vincent and '56 Olympian John O'Sullivan and yet another Vet in Craig Hawke. Delighted with his win, after years of trying, Johnston put his victory down to his efforts on the velodrome where he has been very active this summer. While C grade is no longer the largest group, with B grade swelling due to promotions, the racing is consistently high tempo characterized by frequent attacks in true racing style.

D grade's race started after the ten minute neutral so beloved of the older riders who have appreciated the steady warm up. Shortly after the true race began a series of sharp attacks had the 23 starters strung out and gasping for breath. The stronger riders managed to keep in check the less experienced who were prepared to push the pace on the front. The finale saw a drag race between winner Paul Lunsdan and audibly distressed Paul Groves who together pulled away from the remaining riders as they exited the last bend. Veteran's Ray Smith and David Hill took the lower placings in a well-timed effort that showed the newer rider how to conduct a sprint.

The regular little crowd of E grade kids swapped off together before their dash for the line with Peter Johnstone winning from Michael Downing, Alex Smythe and Amy Philips.


A Grade -  41 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps
1 Hilton Clarke jnr (Look) 
2 David McKenzie (Linda McCartney) 
3 Robert Crowe (Fitzroy Cycles) 
4 Cadel Evans (Volvo-Cannondale) 

B Grade -  55 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps 
1 Adam Clark
2 Anna Milward (Saturn)
3 Eddie Perez
4 Chris Salisbury

C Grade -  26 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps
1 Colin Johnston
2 Geoff Vincent
3 John O'Sullivan
4 Craig Hawke

D Grade -  23 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps
1 Paul Lunsdan
2 Paul Groves
3 Ray Smith
4 David Hill

E Grade -  5 Starters, 30 minutes + 3 laps
1 Peter Johnstone
2 Michael Downing
3 Alex Smythe
4 Amy Philips

Courtesy of Mark Chadwick