Results and Reports for December 10


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Scottish national Cyclo-cross championships

Scottish National Cyclo-cross championships

December 10, 2000

After the wettest week we have had for a long time it turned out to be a great day for the last race of the 2000 calendar and a record field of 43 entered to take part in what proved to be an epic finish to the cyclo-cross season.

With a course set by past MTB Masters Champion Roddy Yarr, it was sure to be a fair but stern examination of the fitness of all riders and the early running was taken up by Jonathan McBain, who went flat out form the start.

The next lap was all Stevie Jackson's and he looked strong at this point, only to be passed on the next lap by Iain Nimmo, closely followed by Fredric Morestin , who had not started exceptionally fast but from lap 3 showed his stamina and seemed to be keeping the same lap times.

The lead changed hands again on the 4th with Stevie Jackson again trying to press ahead only for Iain Nimmo to take the next 3 laps. Meanwhile Ev Hawkins was up to third from a bad start and closing in on the leaders but It was on lap 8 that Fredric pushed ahead and remained there until the last 200 yards of the race, at which point Iain Nimmo found a little bit extra and went on to win by only 1 second! This was all the more remarkable since on the second last lap Fredric had opened up a 30 yard advantage, only to see Iain haul him back in again, and ultimately pass him for victory.


1 Iain Nimmo (Wheels of Callander)                     Scottish Champion
2 Fredric Morestin (SC Abvets)                   0.01
3 Evan Hawkins                                   1.38  2nd Scottish Champs
4 Stevie Jackson (Glasgow MBC)                   3.31  3rd Scottish Champs
 One lap behind:
5 Alan Quinn (Glasgow United)
6 James Plunkett 
7 James Melville (Glasgow United) 
8 Jonathan McBain (Midlothian RT) 
9 Andy Ayre (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 
10 Will Corry                                   Scottish Junior Champ 
11 Gary Tompsett (Glasgow MBC)
 Two laps behind:
12 David Smith  
13 Chris Marquis 
14 Mark Stuart (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 
15 Gareth Montgomery (Raleigh Factory Racing) 
 Three laps behind:
16 Kenny Kently (Team Velo Ecosse) 
17 Kieran Hay (VC Olympia) 
18 Jackie Reid (Sandy Wallace Cycles)           Scottish Women's Champ  
19 Gary Donaghey 
20 David Wardell (Sandy Wallace Cycles)         Scottish Youth Champ  
21 Neil Taylor (Glasgow MBC) 
22 Alistair Miller (Full Mental/Riks Bike Shed) 
23 Fiona Land  (Glasgow MBC)                    Scottish Junior Women's Champ
24 Jim McManus (Glasgow United)                 Scottish Vets Champ 
25 Andrew Marshall (Full Mental/Riks Bike Shed 
26 Jason Hynd (Midlothian RT) 
27 Alistair Dow (Musselburgh RCC) 
28 Finlay Prestel (Midlothian RT) 
29 Sarah Gilliam (Glasgow MBC) 
30 Christine Allan (Glasgow MBC) 
 Four laps behind:
31 Gordan Bathgate (Glasgow MBC) 
32 Paula Hynd (Team Caledonia) 
33 Robert Wardell (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 
34 James Hand (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 
 Five laps behind:
35 Alan Linstead (Glasgow MBC) 
36 Stuart McManus (Glasgow Nightingales) 
DNF Iain Bell 
DNF Bruce Croall
DNF Gary Hand (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 
DNF Andy Gowan (Alpine Bikes) 
DNF Andrew Cox (Midlothian RT) 
DNF George Buchanan (Glasgow United) 
DNF Will Sellwood (Glasgow MBC) 
DNF K. Dow (Mussleborgh RCC) 

Report and results courtesy Evan Hawkins