55th Vuelta a España - Grand Tour

Spain, August 26 - September 17, 2000

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Stage 21 - September 17: Madrid-Madrid ITT, 38 km

16.20 CET

Welcome to a sunny and warm Madrid where the final stage of the Vuelta a Espaņa 2000 will take place. The main contenders are about to start on the Plaza de Lima in the heart of Madrid where they also will arrive after 38 kilometres one by one through the streets of the Spanish capital.

Yesterday, leading Roberto Heras (Kelme) put another 45 seconds between himself and second placed Angel Casero (Festina). The margin today is 4.26. On the ninth stage Casero was 2.02 ahead of Heras over a distance 400 metres shorter.

Serguei Gonchar (Liquigas) is the fastest finisher so far. Abraham Olano (Once) is out on the streets right now but is only fourth after eight kilometres with Hvastija (Alessio) and Garrido (Fuenlabrada) between him and leading Gontchar.

16.28 CET

Olano is now reported in second spot at 18 kms, while Codol (Lampre) finishes fifth, 2.16 behind Gonchar. Zülle (Banesto) has finished 4.13 after Gonchar. All riders are out on the road now.

16.35 CET

At 28 kms Olano has a nine seconds lead. His team mate Santos Gonzalez is having a good start. At eight kilometres he leads the race by eight seconds to Gonchar and ten to Olano.

16.40 CET

Olano crosses the line as new stage leader, four seconds ahead of Gonchar. The time to beat is now 46.27.

16.45 CET

Casero passes eight kilometres one second ahead of Santos Gonzalez. Heras has also passed and he is as much as 27 seconds behind. At this rate he should lose some three minutes on the whole stage. Still within margins.

16.50 CET

Santos Gonzalez is really going strong. At 18 kms he is 24 seconds ahead of Gonchar and some more ahead of stage leading Olano who passed Gonchar towards the end. Tonkov is 28 seconds after Santos Gonzalez at 18 kms.

16.53 CET

Casero has lost 14 seconds to Santos Gonzalez at 18 kms. Heras passes 50 seconds after Santos Gonzalez which means that he is 36 seconds after Casero and thus has the Vuelta in his hand. Casero on the other hand might be the one starting to fast since Heras has lost only nine seconds on the last ten kilometres.

17.00 CET

Heras is actually in eighth place after 18 kilometres which is almost halfway through the stage. A couple of other finishers: Rubeira (Kelme) 1.32 after Olano, Zubeldia (Euskaltel) at 1.37.

Gonzalez is 52 seconds ahead of Olano at 28 kms.

17.05 CET

Sastre (Once) finishes 2.22 after team mate Olano, Escartin (Kelme) at 2.03.

17.08 CET

Santos Gonzalez reaches the finish at 45.26, more than a minute ahead of Olano!

17.12 CET

Casero has been reported to be gaining on Santos Gonzales toward the finish. Heras was a minute and a half behind Santos Gonzalez at 28 kms, no problems for the little climber.

17.17 CET

Casero reaches the finish line six seconds to late to win the stage from Santos Gonzalez. Heras finishes at 1.59, winner of the Vuelta a Espaņa 2000.

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