40th Clásico RCN - 2.4

Colombia, August 11-20, 2000

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Stage 3 - August 14: Manizales-Cartago, 207 km

Jhon Fredy García wins in Cartago

It comes down to this
Photo: © Elcolombiano.com

By Haroldo Camacho

The heat, mountains, and several crashes have already culled the field from 96 to 81 starters who pulled up to the staging area in the RCN classic today. After 207 kms of sun and mountains in a race contested with frequent breakaways for the sprint and mountain primes, the field came together for a final sprint. Jhon Fredy García whose small size notwithstanding showed his sprinting skills, putting his front wheel first over the line in Cartago. Behind him chased Israel Ochoa and Rubert Albeiro Marín, in that order.

Aguirre finished just behind with the peloton thus retaining the leader's jersey for the second consecutive day. Sentiment among Colombian racing analysts is that this 1,700 km mountain stage race will be decided by seconds, not minutes.


1. Jhon Fredy García (Col) Aguardiente Cristal Chec      5.25.34
2. Israel Ochoa (Col) Aguardiente Néctar Café Aguila Roja
3. Rubert Albeiro Marín (Col) Aguardiente Cristal Chec
4. Juan Diego Ramírez (Col) 05-Orbitel
5. Giosvanni Falcón (Cub) Cubana de Aviación

General classification after stage 3:

1. Julio C. Aguirre (Col) 05-Orbitel                    16.19.33
2. Álvaro Lozano (Col) Aguardiente Cristal-Chec    	    0.12
3. Israel Ochoa (Col) Aguardiente Néctar Café Aguila Roja   0.14
4. Héctor M.Castano (Col) 05-Orbitel 	  		    0.32
5. Juan D. Ramírez (Col) 05-Orbitel 			    0.3333