Results and Reports for August 12-13


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Volunteer Park Fall Classic
Mt Holly/Smithville Grand Prix
Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Volunteer Park Fall Classic

August 12, 2000


Pro. Cat 1-2 men - 32 Riders 

Doug Carlton (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Min Van Velzen (USA) Trek/V.W. 
Ryan Perlman (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
David Richter (USA) Recycled Cycles 
Ryan Miller (USA) Nutra-Fig 
Sven Tuft (USA) Trek/V.W. 
Rich McClung (USA) Broadmark 
Michael Emde (USA) Torrefazione 
Mick Walsh (USA) Mongoose/Defeet

Cat 3 Men - 41 Riders 

Mike Hone (USA) Broadmark 
Trevor Kosa (USA) Old Town Bicycle 
Chad Nichols (USA) Armondos 
Andy Luhn (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Bill Parrish (USA) Torrefazione 
Travis Kuehn (USA) Tacoma Bicycle 
Steve Piccolo (USA) Tacoma Bicycle 
Mike Skoglund (USA) Broadmark 
Gary Brown (USA) Tacoma Bicycle 
David Hull (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi

Cat 4/5 Men - 33 Riders 

Mike Henry (USA) Lightspeed 
Marlon Familton (USA) Armondos 
Jon Perry (USA) Ashmead 
Jim Berres (USA) Old Town Bicycle 
Neil Casserly (USA) Armondos 
Tommy Petramalo (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Jay Hilwig 
Chris Hale (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi 
Cameran Colpitis 
Mike Brown (USA) Recycled Cycles

Women - All - 7 Riders 

Lysle Wilhelmi (USA) 
Jeanette Nussbaum (USA) Recycled Cycles 
Emily Westbrook (USA) Recycled Cycles 
Ingrid Spies (USA) Recycled Cycles 
Mickey Buckley (USA) The Valley 
Maria McCoy (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi 
Roberta Carlson (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi

Masters Men A - 15 Riders 

Don Wesley (USA) Mongose/DeFeet 
Glenn Bunselmeyer (USA) Mongoose/Defeet 
Brad Halstead (USA) Valley 
Brian Ingerson (USA) Ashmead 
Dennis Manke (USA) Mongoose/Defeet 
Warren Atkey (USA) Ashmead 

Thanks to the Ashmead Cycling Team for all the help! 

Results courtesy of David Douglas

Mt Holly/Smithville Grand Prix

New Jersey, August 12, 2000

One of the seasons deepest fields showed up for the 2nd Mount Holly/Smithville Grand Prix. The flat, fast course had many thinking a field sprint before the start. With a forecast of three inches of rain per hour predicted, most of us felt like we were going to get lucky and stay dry, while we were on the start line.

The pace gradually picked up over the first 12 mile lap to a pace of 28 mph were it stayed for the next 3 hours. Riders attempts to get away were quickly squashed by the 138 rider field. The most dangerous break of the day only building a lead of 12 to 15 seconds before being caught. The main initiators of any breakaway attempts, were Cannondale-Wheelworks' Robbie Dapice; Kissena's John Kelly; and Ideal Tile's Andy Applegate. Thanks to the work of Breakaway/Mengoni's John Verheul and Charlie Issendorf - none of these attacks proved successful.

A small crash around the half way point of the race took out Ideal Tile's Juan Pablo Castro and Bicycle Therapy's Bill Elliston. The other riders in the mishap were able to regain the peloton thanks to the work of their teammates, Pedros neutral support, and a very well organized caravan.

With 20 miles to go the skies finally opened up and the field was greeted with heavy rain, strong winds, and the occasional lightning bolt. The conditions quickly worsened and visibility became a factor. As we entered town to start a final lap, we got a preview of how treacherous the final corners would be with brick cross walks and man hole covers moving your tires a few inches to the left as you made the final right hand turn.

The field picked up more speed as teams fought to get position at the front before the final trip through the "forest", a narrow, technical section of the course, which by now had started to flood and made avoiding the pot holes even more difficult.

As the field exited the "forest", Ideal Tile's Jurek Wozniak, set the tempo over the last kilometers. Knapps-Ready Pacs, Bill Skinner over took Jurek to start the lead out for his teammate before the final corner. As he leaned his bike into the final right hand turn, his tires washed out from under him and he slid to the outside curb. Following his lead about 10 to 12 of the first thirty riders in the field slid to the curb and a waist high pile started forming. The lucky few who made it though cleanly contested the tough uphill sprint, won handily by Toga's-Dash.Com Roosevelt Marte. Second went to Knapp's-Ready Pac's Jura DeAmledia. Third went to Ideal Tile's Jurek Wozniak . Team Ideal Tile took the team award for the day.

Results (inc. prizemoney)

1 Roosevel Martin (USA) TOGA 			$750 
2 Jura DeAlmedia (USA) Knapp’s-Ready Pac	$550 
3 Jerzy Wozniak (Pol) Ideal Tile 		$400 
4 Dave Martin (USA) Ideal Tile 			$330 
5 Russ Blake (USA) Red Glare 			$290 
6 Bryan Chikotas (USA) Wendy’s 			$280 
7 Eric Workowski (USA) BiKyle Flyers 		$260 
8 Mark Burns (USA) Navigators 			$240 
9 Alain Ferry (USA) Excite Smartfuel 		$225 
10 Matt Svatek (USA) Cannondale-Wheelworks	$210 
11 Chandler Delinks (USA) Richard Sachs 	$195 
12 Kenneth Vida (USA) Mambo Kings 		$190 
13 Chris McDonald (USA) Excite Smartfuel 	$180 
14 Craig Wurst (USA) Bucks County Racing 	$170 
15 Antonine Varghese (USA) Kissena 		$150 
16 Andrew Mills (USA) Richard Sachs 		$140 
17 Gui Niellesen (USA) Wendy’s 			$130 
18 Stephan Badger (USA) Remax 			$120 
19 Pete Barlin (USA) Remax 			$110 
20 Scott Zwizanski (USA) Bicycle Therapy	$100 
21 Rod Myers (USA) Bucks County Racing 		$90 
22 Amos Brundle (USA) CCB/Volkswagen 		$80 
23 John Kelly (USA) Kissena 			$75 
24 Keith Miller (USA) Kissena 			$65 
25 Steve Ward (USA) Navigators 			$60 
26 Sandy Perrins (USA) Excite-Smartfuel 	$55 
27 Karl Rahn (USA) Bicycle Therapy 		$50 
28 Ken Walsh (USA) I.C.E.-Target 		$40 
29 Keith Inklovich (USA) Red Glare 		$35 
30 Dave Black (USA) Enzymatic Therapy 		$30 


1. Ideal Tile 			55 		$160 
2. Excite-Smartfuel 		45 		$140 
3. Wendy’s Allsport 		39 		$100 
4. Richard Sachs 		35 
5. Kissena 			31 
6. 		30 
7. (tie) Knapp’s-Ready Pac 	29 
8. Navigators-High Gear 	29 
9. Red Glare 			28 
10. Bucks County Racing 	27

Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Manhattan Beach, CA, August 13, 2000

By John Alsedek, correspondent

America's second-longest-running single day event, the Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, took place this past Sunday, and it amply lived up to its reputation as one of the country's fastest and most exciting criterium events. Held in a toney oceanside suburb of Los Angeles, the 2000 Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix resulted in two thrilling races, two sprint finishes....and one bit of controversy.

A field of over 60 riders contested the Pro-Am Women's event; however, with none of the major teams fielding more than three riders, no one was able to dominate the proceedings. After numerous short-lived break attempts, it came down to a bunch sprint, with Saturn's Nicole Reinhart the hot tip to win. Win she did, though not by much: jumping hard out of the tight right-hand turn about 250 meters from the finish, Reinhart narrowly held off a fast-closing Caren Spore (Jane Cosmetics), with Pam Schuster ( finishing third.

Things weren't nearly so clear-cut in the 90-minute men's event. After a breakaway group of 15 including five Mercury and four Shaklee riders had established an unassailable 90-second lead over the main bunch, the race was decided by a group dash to the line that ended in controversy. Shaklee's Dave McCook won over the Mercury duo of John Peters and Rahsaan Bahati; however, a protest was filed afterwards that McCook had slung himself off the hip of reigning U.S. Pro Crit champion Antonio Cruz in a clear violation of the rules. Ultimately though, after about 20 minutes of deliberation, race officials let the results stand, giving Shaklee one of their biggest wins of the season.

Past Winners


Senior's Pro 1/2

1 Dave McCook (USA) Shaklee 
2 Jon Peters (USA) Mercury Cycling 
3 Rahsaan Bahati (USA) Mercury Cycling 
4 Antonio Cruz (USA) Saturn 
5 Victor Ayala (USA) Incycle 
6 Mike Sayers (USA) Mercury Cycling 
7 Norm Carter (USA) Jelly Belly 
8 Chris Fisher (USA) Monsoon Racing 
9 Jeff Corbett (USA) 7-Up/Colrado Cyclist 
10 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Shaklee 
11 Scott Cochran (USA) Jelly Belly 
12 John Lieswyn (USA) Shaklee 
13 Christian Valenzuela (USA) Shaklee 
14 Chris Pic (USA) Mercury Cycling 
15 Jesus Estrada (USA) Mercury Cycling 
16 Harm Jansen (Ned) Saturn 
17 Chris Walker (USA) Net Zero 
18 Ernie Lechuga (USA) Mercury Cycling 
19 Chris Horner (USA) Mercury Cycling 
20 Craig Turner (USA) Team Dare 

Women Pro Cat 1-3

1 Nicole Reinhart (USA) Saturn 
2 Carmen Spore (USA) Jane's Cosmetics 
3 Pam Schuster (USA) Atlanta Velo 
4 Desira Utzig (USA) La Grange 
5 Kattie Safford (USA) Earthlink 
6 Krystyna Kras (USA) Davis 
7 Naomi Williams (USA) North Districts 
8 Melanie Peterson (USA) Sbw 
9 Trish Mckay (USA) Team Tailwinds 
10 Catheline Cardwell (USA) Charles Schwab 
11 Cheryl Roth (USA) Team Helens 
12 Maria Fahrenholz (USA) Sbw 
13 Norrene Valente (USA) Safeway/Saturn 
14 Suzie Marshall (USA) Los Gatos 
15 Katrina Berger (USA) Charles Schwab 
16 Brenna Wolford (USA) The Spokesman 
17 Tracie Tonello (USA) Cyclone 
18 Jacque Leavitt (USA) Earthlink 
19 Amy Hutner (USA) La Grange 
20 Dotsie Cowden (USA) Earthlink 

Women's Cat 3/4

1 Sheryl Faucegua (USA) Unattached 
2 Melanie Ochoa (USA) Velo Allegro 
3 Dorothy Wong (USA) Team Helen's 
4 Britta Appel (USA) Simply Fit 
5 Dena Decker (USA) Ice 
6 Erika Coble (USA) Bicycles Of Ojai 
7 Melanie Curran (USA) 
8 Kelly Marshall (USA) 7Up-RBC 
9 Mary Mills (USA) Team Helens 
10 Valerie Staffield (USA) Pro Con 

Senior Cat 2

1 Mike  McMahon (USA) Team Velocity 
2 Rahsaan Bahati (USA) Mercury 
3 Vince Dimeglio (USA) Team Helens 
4 Herman Rodriguez (USA) Team Extreme 
5 Evan Teske (USA) Labor Power 
6 Kalman Szklak (USA) Simple Green 
7 Roger Worthington (USA) Labor Power 
8 Patrick Fetzer (USA) Labor Power 
9 Chris Daggs (USA) SBBC 
10 Michael Hecker (USA) Big Gear 
11 Nicholas Onate (USA) Swamis 
12 George Harris (USA) Team Zombies 

Senior Cat 3

1 Brent Vandenberg (USA) Jax Racing 
2 William Hammock (USA) Santa Clarita 
3 Marcus Baker (USA) Zero Wait 
4 Todd Terlecki (USA) Sbw 
5 Kevin Mun (USA) Jax Racing 
6 Eric Brownell (USA) Honeywell 

Senior Cat 4

1 Jose Estevez (USA) Big Gear 
2 John Holmes (USA) La Grange 
3 Alejanoro Estevez (USA) Big Gear 
4 Armando Requejo (USA) Tail Winds 
5 Scott Manville (USA) SBW 
6 Ennesto Osuno (USA) 

Senior Cat 5a

1 Thomas Mclaughlin (USA) Unattached 
2 Eric Herrea (USA) Salsa 
3 Haro Lee (USA) Dunsares Team 909 
4 Matt Weaber (USA) Unattached 
5 James Lair (USA) Honeywell 

Senior Cat 5b

1 Raymond Rutledge (USA) Peninsula Cycle 
2 Mike Sterr (USA) Team Velocity 
3 Ian Murray (USA) Unattached 
4 Nathan Loyal (USA) 
5 Jeff Boss (USA) 

Master's 30+ 1-3

1 Mike Mcmahon (USA) Team Velocity 
2 Butch Stinton (USA) 24 Hr Fitness 
3 Burt Glennon (USA) Natural Solutions 
4 Evan Teske (USA) Unattached 
5 Richard Del Valle (USA) The Spokesman 
6 Mark Klings (USA) Burg Team Velocity 
7 Richard Cimadoro (USA) Natural Solutions 
8 Scott Woods (USA) Alliance Cycling 
9 Roger Worthington (USA) Labor Power 
10 Craig Miller (USA) Simple Green 

Master's 40+

1 Darly Rouse (USA) Jax Racing 
2 Randy Rusk (USA) Arc En-Ciel 
3 Larry Shannon (USA) LA Wings 
4 Evan Teskie (USA) 
5 Daniel Nicolette (USA) Labor Power 
6 Jerry Logan (USA) Metro Velo 

Master's 50+

1 Clive Dawson (USA) La Grange 
2 Stephen Matthews (USA) Cyclo Vets 
3 Greg Stern (USA) Team Helens 
4 John Rubic (USA) Metro Velo 
5 Robert Barney (USA) Swamis 
6 Carl Recine (USA) Celo Pacific 

Past Winners

1993 Dave Mann (GBr) Coors
1994 Scott McKinley (USA) Coors
1995 Malcolm Elliott (GBr) Chevrolet
1996 (2) Malcolm Elliott (GBr) Chevrolet
1997 Jamie Paolinettiu (USA) Elite
1998 John Peters (USA) Mercury Cycling Team
1999 Miguel Meza (Mex) Elite
2000 Dave McCook (USA) Team Shaklee

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin