Results and Reports for April 29

US Olympic Track Trials

Frisco, Texas USA, April 28, 2000

1996 Olympic silver medal winner Marty Nothstein (Trexlertown, Pa.) showed his form Friday with a victory in the men's match sprint on the fourth day of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track Cycling at The Superdrome in Frisco (Texas). No athletes earned slots on the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team. The entire U.S. Olympic Track Cycling Team will be announced in early July.

Nothstein, who is a past world champion in the event, defeated Jeff Solt (Los Altos Hills, Calif.) in two consecutive races to win the event.

"Without a doubt a sent a message today (won two straight in both the semis over Jeff Labauve (Frisco, Texas) and in the finals over Jeff Solt). I've been training really hard and this reward for all that hard training. I trained right up to this competition and I feel a lot better than I thought I would," said Nothstein, who set a Pan American Games record with three gold medals in 1999.

"I was real pleased with the way I rode. I rode with some good power, but by all means I've got a lot of work still ahead of me. I'm right where I want to be, but I'm not in Olympic Gold medal shape. There's no way I could go into the Olympics and win a gold medal right now. "

In the women's match sprint, reigning national champion Tanya Lindenmuth (Trexlertown, Pa.) claimed the championship by beating 1998 national champion Jennie Reed (Kirkland, Wash.) in two successive races.

"I am taking the season step-by-step, and tonight was the first of many competitive races I will face to try to make the Olympic Team. I have learned a lot from Jennie over the past few years during training, and I admire her as an athlete."

1992 Olympian Jame Carney (Flagstaff, Ariz.) won a pair of events Friday with victories in the men's 25-kilometer points race and the miss & out race. Carney captured the event with 25 points, followed by Colby Pearce (Boulder, Colo.) and Erin Hartwell (Indianapolis) with 20 and 17 points, respectively. The points race is on the Olympic competition schedule, and Carney finished ninth at the 1999 World Track Cycling Championships in Berlin, Germany.

"The team (Shaklee) worked well for me today, and it was our goal to finish 1-2-3 in the race. It was nice to win, and have Colby finish second. I was lucky to be so versatile today and be able to utilize by sprinting abilities at the proper times.

The points race is a mass-start race in which cyclists score points every 10 laps during a sprint lap. The winner of the sprint lap earns five points, while the next three cyclists capture three, two and one points, respectively.

Lucy Tyler (Miami, Fla.) was the winner of the women's 20-kilometer points race. She captured the first four sprints and never looked back en route to scoring 38 points. Colombia's Maria Calle finished in second place with 17 points. Tyler earned a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in the points race.

Canadian Olympic medallist Tanya Dubncioff (Winnipeg, Man., Canada) set a track record with a time of 14.690 in the flying lap invitational competition. She eclipsed the previous mark of 14.750 set by Reed last September.

The fifth and final day of competition begins at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Among the events on the schedule are the men's Keirin, women's 500-meter time trial, men's 20-kilometer Madison and men's invitational flying lap record attempt. The evening session kicks off at 5 p.m.


Men's points race finals

1. Jame Carney (USA) Shaklee				25 pts
2. Colby Pearce (USA) Shaklee				20
3. Erin Hartwell (USA) Saturn				17
4. Mike Tillman (USA) L'Equipe Cheval			16
5. Jose Velasquez (Col) Colombian National Team		14
6. Chad Rodekohr (USA)			8
7. Matt Chambers (USA) Performance			5
8. Adam Laurent (USA) Shaklee				5
9. Ryan Miller (USA) Nutra Fig				5
10. Max Miley (USA) Richardson Bike Mart		2
11. Daniel Larson (USA) Cycle Science			2
12. Ryan Sabga (USA)		1
13. Bill Short (USA)			1
14. Greg Mueller (USA) unattached			0
15. Stephen Prokpoiw (USA) Hammer Racing		0
16. Joey D'Antoni (USA) Team Cajun Cyclist		0
17. Scott Evans (USA)		0
18. Kent Bostick (USA) Shaklee				0
19. Eric Gerolstein (USA) unattached			0
20. Basil Milsal (USA) L'Equipe Cheval			0
21. Peter Antonvich (USA) Free Flite Pepsi		0
22. Mark Gorman (USA) Tri-State Velo			0 (down one lap)

DNF Dave Bailey (USA) Pedali Alpini

Women's match sprint finals

1. Tanya Lindenmuth (USA) Team UPS
2. Jennie Reed (USA) Team UPS
3. Becky Quinn (USA) Shaklee
4. Tammy Thomas (USA) Miss
5. Suzanne Marshall (USA) Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
6. Shan Rayray (USA) Pista Elite
7. Nicole Reinhart (USA) Saturn
8. Jeanne Farrell (USA) The Sports Team
9. Ashley Kimmet (USA) Tri-State Velo
10. Emily Thurston (USA) MAC/Bike Central
11. Annette Hanson (USA) Saturn Bellview
12. Martha Dunne (USA) Calif.

Men's match sprint qualifying
(200-meter time trial, top 18 advance)

1. Marty Nothstein (USA)		10.595
2. Jeff Solt (USA) unattached				10.932
3. Johnny Barios (USA) Team UPS				11.025
4. Jeff Labauve (USA) Team UPS				11.047
5. Marcelo Arrue (USA) Team UPS
6. Joshua Weir (USA)			11.194
7. Giddeon Massie (USA)			11.204
8. Josiah Ng (USA) Sparkletts				11.216
9. Mike Beers (USA) Shaklee				11.231
10. Garth Blackburn (USA) Coastal Cycling Club		11.272
11. Andy Lakatosh (USA) Tri-State Velo/Amoro		11.402
12. Kirk Whiteman (USA) Team Tam			11.420
13. A.J. Smith (USA) Team Megacycle			11.482
14. Adam Wick (USA) unattached				11.491
15. Bobby Walthour (USA) Velo Club of Monterey		11.496
16. Jason Beauregard (USA) unattached			11.505
17. Nick Chenowth (USA) Team Corima			11.587
18. Ryan Watson (USA) UCLA Cycling Team			11.704
19. Zac Copeland (USA) unattached			11.835
20. Brant Hendler (USA) CU Cycling Boulder		11.878
21. Ryan Crane (USA) Gulf Coast Cycling			11.882
22. Tim Goodwin (USA) Ciclismo				11.986
23. Michael Savoie (USA)			12.012
24. Danny Wilson (USA) unattached			12.133
25. Tony Wolfe (USA) Avanti Ti Cycles Racing		12.664
26. Kevin Saiki (USA) Team Helens			12.736
27. Drew Nelson (USA) Riversedge Athletic		12.763
28. Matt Stolle (USA) Indiana Hand Center		12.858

Non U.S. competitors

Doug Baron (Can) Shaklee				10.932
Kyle Hudson (Can) Intersport/Canada			11.324
Lars Madsen (Can) Shaklee				11.343
Keith Bruneau (Can) Intersport/Canada			11.411
Jim Fisher (Can) Shaklee				11.423
Murray Solem (Can) Atomic Racing Club			11.590
Tyler Hansen (Can) Team Canada				11.672
Scott Williams (Can) Fairfield Cycling Club		11.954
Keith Thorarinson (Can) Hummingbird Intl. CC		11.957
Chris Bentley (Can) Eurotech Cycles			12.030

Men's match sprint first round

Nothstein def. Smith					11.980
Solt def. Whiteman					11.114
Blackburn def. Barios					11.650
Labauve def. Beers					11.196
Arrue def. Ng						11.205
Massie def. Weir					11.796

Men's match sprint repechage

Weir def. Smith and Beers
Ng def. Barios

Men's match sprint quarterfinals

Nothstein def. Ng 		default
Solt def. Weir			2 - 0
Blackburn def. Massie		2 - 0
Labauve def. Arrue		2 - 0

Men's match sprint semifinals

Nothstein def. Labauve		2 - 0
Solt def. Blackburn		2 - 0

Men's match sprint finals

Nothstein def. Solt		2 - 0

Men's match sprint third-place

Labauve def. Blackburn		2 - 0

Men's match sprint final standings

1. Marty Nothstein (USA)
2. Jeff Solt (USA) unattached
3. Jeff Labauve (USA) Team UPS
4. Garth Blackburn (USA) Coastal Cycling Club
5. Marcelo Arrue (USA) Team UPS
6. Josiah Ng (USA) Sparkletts
7. Giddeon Massie (USA)
8. Joshua Weir (USA)
9. Mike Beers (USA) Shaklee
10. Johnny Barios (USA) Team UPS
11. Kirk Whiteman (USA) Team Tam
12. A.J. Smith (USA) Team Megacycle
13. Adam Wick (USA) unattached
14. Bobby Walthour (USA) Velo Club of Monterey
15. Jason Beauregard (USA) unattached
16. Nick Chenowth (USA) Team Corima
17. Ryan Watson (USA) UCLA Cycling Team
18. Zac Copeland (USA) unattached
19. Brant Hendler (USA) CU Cycling Boulder
20. Ryan Crane (USA) Gulf Coast Cycling
21. Tim Goodwin (USA) Ciclismo
22. Michael Savoie (USA)
23. Danny Wilson (USA) unattached
24. Tony Wolfe (USA) Avanti Ti Cycles Racing
25. Kevin Saiki (USA) Team Helens
26. Drew Nelson (USA) Riversedge Athletic
27. Matt Stolle (USA) Indiana Hand Center

Women's 25km points race final
1. Lucy Tyler (Aus) Rubio/Banchi			38 pts
2. Maria Calle (Col) Colombian National Team		17
3. Nicole Reinhart (USA) Saturn				11
4. Megan Troxell (USA)Shaklee				8
5. Karen Dunne (USA)Team Elita				5
6. Andrea Hannos (Can) Intersports
7. Sandra Smith (Aus) VeloBelles			4
8. Mandy Poitras (Can)Intersports/Escape Cycling Club	3
9. Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (USA) Timex			2
10. Stephanie Hannos (Can) Champione Cycling Team	2
11. Laura Suditu (USA)				0
12. Ashley Kimmet (USA) East Coast Velo			0
13. Annette Hanson (USA) Saturn Bellview		0
14. Marjon Marik (USA)			0 (down one lap)
DNF Jeanne Farrell (USA) The Sports Team
DNF Amy Lowry (USA) Fuji
DNF Traci MacNamara (USA) Chippers/Vitamin Cottage
DNF Kelly Marshall (USA) unattached
DNF Amyazellie Tremelling (USA) Make-a-wish Cycling
DNF Linelle Betts (USA) Alto Velo

Men's miss & out final (non-Olympic event)

1. Jame Carney (USA) Shaklee
2. Mike Tillman (USA) L'Equipe Cheval
3. Jeff Hopkins (Aus) Bankstown CC
4. Colby Pearce (USA) Shaklee
5. Kent Bostick (USA) Shaklee
6. Ryan Crissey (USA)
7. Kit Kyle (USA) Pro Peloton Velo
8. Rory McAdams (USA) Team Texas
9. Dory Selinger (USA) Peets/Oaktown
10. Roger Farrell (USA) unattached
11. Gregg Germer (USA) Champions Racing Team
12. Adam Laurent (USA) Shaklee
13. Michael Savoie (USA)
14. Max Miley (USA) Richardson Bike Mart
15. Danny Wilson (USA) unattached
16. Ryan Crane (USA) Gulf Coast Cycling
17. Bill Short (USA)
18. Daniel Larson (USA) Cycle Science
19. Eric Gerolstein (USA) unattached
20. Teran Martin (USA) Team UPS
21. Dave Bailey (USA) Pedali Alpini
22. Drew Nelson (USA) Riversedge Athletic
23. Terry Lott (USA)Eastside Wheelman
DQ'd Jose Velasquez (Col) Colombian National Team

Women's invitational flying lap

1. Tanya Dubnicoff (Can) 				14.690 (track record) 
2. Chris Witty (USA) unattached				14.783
3. Tanya Lindenmuth (USA) Team UPS			14.936
4. Lori-Ann Muenzer (Can) Edmonton Juventus Sports	14.999
5. Jennie Reed (USA) Team UPS				15.033
6. Lucy Tyler (USA) Rubio/Banchi			15.343
7. Nicole Reinhart (USA) 				15.417