Six Days of Grenoble & Dortmund

France & Germany, Oct. 28 - Nov. 1, 1999

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Night 6 - November 2

Six days of Grenoble

Danes defeated at the death

Italians Adriano Baffi and Andrea Collinelli finally won the Grenoble six days. The overnight leaders, Danes Piil and Sandstød were defeated in the final sprint of the final one hour chase. This was Baffi's thirteenth six day victory and his second straight win with Collinelli in Grenoble.

The Danes Piil and Sandstød were in the lead when the final day's racing begun but had to give up to their more experienced Italians. Young Jacob Piil, yes 26 is young in this business, took the silver in the World Championships in Berlin with Jimmi Madsen, who is racing in Dortmund. They then said that if they had won the gold they would have had a full six day season, but silver meant all but nothing to the organizers so Piil decided to ride this only race with Sandstød and then prepare for the coming road season with Jack & Jones. Another important factor was that both Danish six day races were cancelled this season.

Final results:

1. Adriano Baffi (Ita) - Andrea Collinelli (Ita)      320 pts
2. Jakob Piil (Den) - Michael Sandstød (Den)         312
3. Miguel Alzamora - Juan Llaneras (Esp)             264

Two laps behind:
4. Lorenzo Lapage (Bel) - Franck Corvers (Bel)       236

Three laps behind:
5. Robert Sassone (Fra) - Jean-Michel Tessier (Fra)  231

Four laps behind:
6 Jens Lehmann (Ger) - Tayeb Braikia (Den)           243

Eight laps behind:
7 Andy Flickinger (Fra) - Jérôme Neuville (Fra)      260

Ten laps behind:
8 Jean Michel Monin (Fra) - Carlos Da Cruz (Fra)     149

Eleven laps behind:
9 Robert Hayles (Gbr) - Franco Marvuli (Swi)         150

Thirty laps behind
10 Lazlo Bodrogi (Hun) - Jean-Louis Bourgon (Fra)    142

Forty laps behind:
11 Jacky Durand (Fra) - Pascal Chanteur (Fra)        166

Fifty laps behind:
12 Laurent Genty (Fra) - Francis Moreau (Fra)        125
World sprint champion, Laurent Gané defeated on the last night Jens Fiedler and Florian Rousseau and secured his victory in the high class sprint competition.

1. Laurent Gané (Fra)        41 pts
2. Florian Rousseau (Fra)    36
3. Jens Fiedler (Ger)        33
4. Anthony Peden (Nzl)       20
5. Mickaël Bourgain (Fra)    20
6. Arnaud Tournant (Fra)     18
In the keirin series, with the same riders, German world champion Jens Fiedler won the final stage ahead of Anthony Peden from New Zealand. Peden started the six days of sprinting rather cautiously but gained confidence and form towards the end.

1. Jens Fiedler (Ger)     13 pts
2. Arnaud Tournant (Fra)  20
3. Anthony Peden (Nzl)    20
4. Florian Rousseau (Fra) 23
5. Mickaël Bourgain (Fra) 24
6. Laurent Gané (Fra)     26
Quintuple World sprint champion, Félicia Ballanger (France) won all the stages of the women's sprint competition despite fairly strong opposition.

1 Félicia Ballanger (Fra)  24ts
2 Tanya Dubnicoff (Can)    15
3 Magalie Faure (Fra)      11
4 Celine Nivert (Fra)      10
The amateur competition was won by Julien Tejada and David Hubschwerlin,two laps ahead of Steeve Clavier and Nicolas Nagle and three laps ahead of Frederic Simon and Thomas Montano.

58th Six days of Dortmund

Close finish in Dortmund

The Swiss duo Bruno Risi and Kurt Betchsart are definitely the most successful combination of the winter track circuit. Their narrow victory in the Westfalenhalle was their 24th as a pair and their fourth at Dortmund.

This time it all came down to a duel between Risi and Italian Silvio Martinello in the final sprint of the last one hour chase late Tuesday night. The Swiss won, much to the disappointment of most of the 10,000 strong crowd who were cheering for their local rider Rolf Aldag (paired with Martinello).

Third place went to Danish World's silver medallist Jimmi Madsen who was paired with German Andreas Beikirch, ten points ahead of Robert Bartko, Germany and Australian Scott McGrory.

Final results:

1. Bruno Risi (Swi) / Kurt Betschart (Swi)            418 pts
2. Rolf Aldag (Ger) / Silvio Martinello (Ita)         416
One lap behind:
3. Andreas Beikirch (Ger) / Jimmi Madsen (Den)        354
4. Robert Bartko (Ger) - Scott McGrory (Aus)          346
Four laps behind: 
5. Andreas Kappes (Ger) - Olaf Pollack (Ger)          211
Twelve laps behind:
6 Christian Lademann (Ger) / Stefan Steinweg (Ger)    216
Fifteen laps behind:
7 Matthew Gilmore (Bel) / Etienne Dewilde (Bel)       109
Twenty two laps behind:
8 Lars Teutenberg (Ger) / Christian Weber (Swi)       157
Twenty five laps behind:
9 Marco Villa (Ita) / Ronny Lauke (Ger)                77
Twenty seven laps behind:
10 Frank Kowatschitsch (Ger) / Erik Weispfennig (Ger) 160
Twenty nine laps behind:
11 Gerd Dörich (Ger) / Mario Vonhof (Ger)             109
Thirty one laps behind:
12 Juan Curuchet (Arg) / Gabriel Curuchet (Arg)        39
Forty six laps behind:
13 Alexander Fedenko (Ukr) / Vasyl Yakovlev (Ukr)      59
Sixty seven laps behind:
14 Isaac Galvez (Spa) / Capilla Gonzalez (Spa)         41

The Derny World Cup, a paced race among the six days pairs, is a tradition for the last night.

Results, 15 kms:

1 Scott McGrory (Aus)        15.22 mins
2 Andreas Kappes (Ger) 
3 Rolf Aldag (Ger)
4 Andreas Beikirch (Ger)
5 Etienne Dewilde (Bel)
6 Jimmi Madsen (Den)
One lap behind:
7 Bruno Risi (Swi)
8 Kurt Betschart (Swi)
9 Matthew Gilmore (Aus)
10 Olaf Pollack (Ger)
German Carsten Podlesch won tha last race and the overall in the stayer series of twelve races during the six days, but he finished only one point ahead of Swiss champion Hanskurt Brand.
Results, stayers:

1 Carsten Podlesch (Ger) paced by Bruno Walrave     61 pts
2 Hanskurt Brand (Swi)/ René Aebi                   60
3 Ronald Rol (Ned)/ Dieter Durst                    37
4 Stefan Klare (Ger)/ Christian Dippel              36
5 Laurent de Paoli (Bel)/ Manfred Schmadtke         29
6 Lubumir Mazel (Cze)/ Helmut Baur                  28


Courtesy of Bernd Buslapp


1. Bernhard Wächter (Ger) - Andreas Müller (Ger)              77 pts
2. André Kalfack (Ger) - Marco Appler (Ger)                   69
3. Pascal Pomarico (Ger) - Oliver Riesenbeck (Ger)            61
4. Sebastian Büffel (Ger) - Christoph von Kleinsorgen (Ger)   55
5. Patrik Fäh (Swi) - Marcel Pfister (Swi)                    51
6. Jan Ott (Ger) - Kai Schrödter (Ger)                        48
7. Maurice Friedemann (Ger) - Florian Owen (Ger)              46
8. Oliver Derks (Ger) - Alexander Obert (Ger)                 33
9. Probst (Ger) - N. Lauke (Ger)                              29
10. Jan Wegmann (Ger) - Steffen Schwiers (Ger)                29
11. Aldo Klomp (Ned) - Stennbeck (Ned)                        19