47th Tour de Berlin, Cat 2.6

Germany, May 20-24, 1999

  • Day 1 - Prologue (TTT, 2.4 kms), Elimination Race, Points Race (24 kms):
  • Stage 1 - ITT, 25 kms:
  • Stage 2 - Road Race, 120 kms:
  • Stage 3 - Circuit Race, 136 kms:
  • Stage 4 - Road Race, 176 kms:
  • Stage 5 - Road Race, 150 kms:


National teams: USA, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

International Elite teams: Team Wirsbo (Swe), Alcamaria Victrix (Ned), SC Zoccorinese (Ita).

German elite teams: Telekom, Radteam Berlin, Team Bellheimer Lord, Team Köstritzer, Team Stadler, RSC Cottbus, Dresdner SC, Team Sachsen-Anhalt, SC DHfK Leipzig Bunte Berthe, RV Berlin Bianchi, RG Hamburg.

German Division 3 Professional teams: Team Greese, Team Hohenfelder-Concorde

Day 1

The first day events does not count in the general classification but are held to distribute some jerseys. Local hero Björn Schröder, only 18 years old, took the first yellow jersey in this traditional amateur race sometimes known as Four Days of Berlin.

Team Time Trial, 2.4 kms:

 1. Team Wirsbo (Swe)      			3.05.95
 2. SC Zoccorinese (Ita)      			3.06.19
 3. SC DHfK Leipzig Bunte Berthe (Ger)     	3.06.86

Elimination Race for the Yellow Jersey:

 1. Björn Schröder (Ger) RV Berlin Bianchi
 2. Lutz Lehmann (Ger) Team Bellheimer Lord
 3. Ricco Nock (Ger) Telekom
 4. Anders Juhlin (Swe) Team Wirsbo

Points Race, 24 kms:

 1. Anders Christensen (Den) Denmark        	18 pts
 2. Steffen Radochla (Ger) Leipzig     		14
 3. Francesco Kolavito (Ita) SC Zoccorinese     10

Stage 1, Grünewald TT, 26 kms:

Lars Schröder took the yellow jersey from Björn Schröder in the first "real" stage, the 26 kms time trial. The Schröders are not related. 27 years old Lars comes from Hameln while young Björn (18 years) is a Berliner. Lars is anyway the less experienced. He has only raced for two years and this is his first yellow jersey. He managed to keep it on the afternoon's eight laps on a 15 kms circuit in Hellersdorf which ended in a bunch sprint. The top standings in the TT is therefore similar to the GC.

 1. Lars Schröder (Ger) NSV	               	       34.37
 2. David Zabriskie (USA) USA 				0.07
 3. Paolo Ardizzi (Ita) SC Zoccorinese 			0.08
 4. Björn Schröder (Ger) RV Berlin Binachi 		0.55
 5. Thue Houlberg (Den) Denmark 			0.56

Stage 2, Hellersdorf, (15 kms x 8 laps), 120 kms:

 1. Rico Noack (Ger) RV Berlin Bianchi		     2.39.26
 2. Harry Trumheller (Ger) Schsen Anhalt 
 3. Lutz Lehmann (Ger) Team Bellheimer Lord

GC after Stage 2

 1. Lars Schröder (Ger) NSV			     3.13.03	
 2. David Zabriskie (USA) USA  				0.07
 3. Paolo Ardizzi (Ita) SC Zoccorinese 			0.32

Stage 3, Rudow Criterium (3.4 kms x 40 laps), 136 kms:

There were lots of attacks. The decisive one came at the half way mark when 22 riders broke away. Lars Schröder gallantly countered all the attacks on the cobbles.

 1. Robert Förster (Ger)SC DHfK Leipzig		     3.14:59
 2. Henrik Sparr (Swe) Team Wirsbo SWE
 3. Lutz Lehmann (Ger) SC DHfK Leipzig			0.02

GC after Stage 3

 1. Lars Schröder (Ger) NSV			     6.29.02
 2. Paulo Adrizzi (Ita) SC Zoccorinese			0.34
 3. Björn Schrödrer (Ger) RV Berlin			0.47

Stage 4, Nordberlin (22 kms x 8 laps), 176 kms:

Swede Henrik Sparr's second place on stage 3 was no coincidence. He was in an early break and finally won a six man sprint. The group had almost three minutes for a while but finished only 27 seconds ahead of the peloton and the leader Lars Schröder. He said afterwards: "Its unbelivable, I'm no sprinter but this time I really managed to get a good sprint." His coach Pasi Hokkanen promised more attacks on the last stage.

 1. Henrik Sparr (Swe) Team Wirsbo 		     4.14.18
 2. Samuel Faruhn (Ger) Telekom Junior
 3. Sebastian Sykora (Pol) Poland

GC after Stage

 1. Lars Schröder (Ger) NSV			    10.43.47
 2. Paulo Adrizzi (Ita) SC Zoccorinese 			0.34
 3. Björn Schrödrer (Ger) RV Berlin 			0.46

 1. Leipzig					    32.16.44
 2. Team Wirsbo    					0.52

Stage 5, Müggelsee, (30 kms x 5 laps), 150 kms

 1. Viktor Ultzen (Ger) Sharlottenberg   	    3.32.11
 2. Stephen Radocha (Ger) Leipzig
 3. Lutz Lehmann (Ger) Leipzig				s.t.

GC after Stage 5

 1. Lars Schröder (Ger) NSV      		    14.15.58
 2. Paulo Adrizzi (Ita) SC Zoccorinese IT  		0.34
 3. Björn Schrödrer (Ger) RV Berlin 			0.43


 1. Leipzig   					    42.53.17
 2. Team Wirsbo   					0.52
Thanks to Tomas Nilsson, from Sweden