Cycling photography for October - Part 3

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20th Chrono des Herbiers
Subaru cyclo-cross, Monkey Hill
95th Giro di Lombardia
Randwick Botany CC
Olympia Metro Cross Race
ECV Cyclo-cross
Michelin Classic
Cyclo-Cross International Fourmies
1000m & 500m World Record Attempts
2001 Road World Championships
World Masters Track Championships
REI Cyclocross Series Rd 3
MTB Championships ,Vail

20th Chrono des Herbiers

Thanks to Jean-Francois Quenet for the following shots of the 20th Chrono des Herbiers in France.

Subaru Cyclo-cross, Monkey Hill

95th Giro di Lombardia - CDM

Further photos from Fotoreporter Sirotti

Randwick Botany CC

86th Milano-Torino

Mirko Celestino won the oldest Italian classic in a three man sprint in the Fausto Coppi velodrome in Turin.

Olympia Metro Cross Race

Hyun Lee took these shots of the struggle between Loren Hanson and Russell Stevenson in the fourth round of the REI series

ECV Cyclo-cross - Cat. 3

Thanks to David Alden for sending in these photos of the EVC Cyclo-cross held on October 14 at Gloucester in the USA. These photos show the epic fight between Erwin Vervecken (Spaarselect) and Tim Johnson (Saturn) for first spot.

Michelin Classic

Tina Cyr took these shots of the Michelin Classic and the following day's race.

Ken Keefner contributed these shots.

Cyclo-Cross International Fourmies, France, October 14, 2001

Patrick Nijs of took these shots.

1000m & 500m World Record Attempts, La Paz, Bolivia, October 10, 2001

2001 Road World Championships - CM Lisbon, Portugal, October 9 - 14, 2001

World Championship photography provided by Fotoreporter Sirotti. Please visit his site to order any of these.

October 9: Junior Women's TT - 11.8 km

October 9: Espoirs TT - 33.7 km

October 10: Elite Women's TT - 19.2 km

October 10: Junior Men's TT - 19.2 km

October 11: Elite Men's TT - 38.7 km

Photos by Tim Maloney/

October 12: Junior Women's Road Race - 72.6 km

October 12: Espoirs Road Race - 169.4 km

October 13: Junior Men's Road Race - 121 km

October 13: Elite Women's Road Race - 121 km

Further photos by Lucy Power

October 14: Elite Men's Road Race - 254.1 km

Further photos provided by Fotoreporter Sirotti

Further photos by Lucy Power

Thanks to Antonio Costa for supplying us with these following pictures, giving a look at what it was like to see this huge series of races from the sideline.

World Masters Track Championships - UK, October 8 - 13, 2001

These photos of the Masters at work appear courtesy of Fat Nick.

Day one: October 8

Day two: October 9

Day three: October 10

Day four: October 11

Day five: October 12

Day six: October 13

2001 REI Cyclocross Series Rd 3 Steilacom, Washington, USA

World Mountain Bike Championships - USA, September 12 - 16, 2001

New photos of the World Mountain Bike Championships, held in September 2001. Beth Seliga has provided Cyclingnews with these amazing shots. Earlier MTB World's photos can be found here.

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For more cycling photography, with events such as 95th Paris-Tours, 37th Schulteiss-Cup - Cat. 2, Bert Geerts, Giro della Provincia di Lucca, Italian team for the Worlds (Nazionale Azzurra), World Track Championships, Milano - Vignola, Giro d'Emilia, and 11th Post Danmark Rundt please consult our monthly archives