US Postal Training Camp, Spain, February, 2001
Matt White during early season training in Spain this year. The photo attracted some amusing captions from our readers (see below).
Photo ©: Steffen Kjaergaard.

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Top captions so far:

"I'm trying to figure out how low the French Press will go..." - Siméon Green
"Must... correct... Earth's... orbit!!!" - "F. Hayashi"
"I've got the perfect aerodynamic position. Now somebody put me back on the bloody bike!" - Mikey Mike
Matt White shows his teammates how Australians fill potholes. - Jeffrey Zelek
And suddenly Matt White was transformed into a huge, rabid Gila Monster! - Jeffrey Zelek
Matt White implementing US Postal's media smoke screen evacuation drill "Get down low and go, go, go!" - Teague Czislowski
Matt White, shortly after bonking on a training ride, searches for insects to snack on. - Liisa Mccloy-Kelley
"Where is the CHEESE!!!!" -
"Even Obree can't get as low profile as this" - WendyandMichael
"So this is how Pantani views the world" - Nigel Ward
After months away from his girlfriend, Matt finally sucumbed to his frustrations - Sacha Brech
"Since my arms are too skinny to hold up my arm-warmers, I best get down to business and start doing some push-ups. Don't let Johan see me, OK?" - (no name supplied)
Policeman to Matt White; " Sir, she's gone" - Andrew Dacanay,
After his prankster teamates put a sizable dose of psychedelic drugs in his water bottle, Matt White believes he is deceased rock icon Jim Morrison. In reference to the incident, Mr. White replied, "I am the Lizard King, I can do anything." - (no name supplied)
"Wow! An Outback comfy bed, do they serve breakfast too?" - Ross Kennedy
The Viagra just wore off and now he has to use his arms to support himself... - Brooke O'Connor