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Photos for May 1998

The Local East Coast Australian Time is

Daniel Schamps

French cycling photographer Daniel Schamps took this photo for me of Scott at Paris-Camembert where the weather was freezing before the start.
  1. Scott

These photos are from Tour de l'Oise.

  1. Jay Sweet and Co
  2. Pascal Déramé
  3. Vinokourov before the start of Stage 1.
  4. Vinokourov with the leader's jersey

Nicolas Leroy

Nicolas Leroy a French cycling photographer from Vaucluse has sent me some photos taken from the Tour du Haut Var. The pictures are copyright to Nicolas and you must gain permission to use them. Nico kindly makes some of his pictures available to me for our enjoyment.

  1. Laurent Brochard at Tour du Haut Var
  2. Action at Tour du Haut Var
  3. Action at Tour du Haut Var
  4. Action at Tour du Haut Var

Nico took these photos at the Tour du Vaucluse.

  1. Simone Leporatti KOM winner at Tour du Vaucluse.
  2. Jacek Mickiewicz winner of final stage from Mroz
  3. Benoit Salmon final GC winner from Casino
  4. Simone Leporatti final points winner from Amore e Vita
  5. Uwe Ampler final sprints winner from Mroz
  6. Arturas Kasputis and Guido Wirz Casino and Post Swiss

Other Aussies

  1. Henk during 1997 Paris-Roubaix
  2. Jay Sweet and Heiko Salzwedel at Tour of Malaysia 1997.

Tour of Slovenia

Ales who reports from Slovenia sent me this from the current Tour of Slovenia. Some of them are poor quality but still worth looking at.

  1. Branko Filip - Krka Telekom
  2. Maurizio De Pasquale - Amore e Vita
  3. Maurizio De Pasquale - Amore e Vita
  4. Maurizio De Pasquale - Amore e Vita
  5. Cesary Zamana - MROZ
  6. Andrej Hauptman - PP&RR
  7. Branko Filip - Krka Telekom
  8. Branko Filip - Krka Telekom
  9. Branko Filip - Krka Telekom
  10. Valter Bonca
  11. Valter Bonca
  12. Valter Bonca

Wieler Revue Classification for Junior and Nieuwelingen Women

For details of this competition

  1. Esther van der Helm - Juniors
  2. Corrien van Haastert - Nieuwelingen
  3. Bertine Spijkerman and Ester van der Helm - Leaders after race 1

    47th Ronde van Overijssel

    The following photos were taken by Patrick Weegink (Weeging fotografie Almelo) and were supplied by Dick Soepenberg. The pictures are copyright and you must gain permission to use them. Patrick has kindly made some of his pictures available to me for our enjoyment.

    1. Peloton riding to Tankenberg
    2. 1996 Winner Anthony Theus
    3. Louis de Koning and Edward Farenhout taking the lead near Almelo
    4. Louis de Koning
    5. Tegeltoko in control
    6. Tareb Braikia winning the sprint
    7. Braikia and Duyn

    Photos from Stewart Stockdale

    Stewart is a photographer from Perth and specialises in action cycling pictures. You can see Stewart's work at his WWW Site. These photos were taken from the Tour of Perth which was raced between May 15-17.

    1. Shaun O'Neill
    2. Reinhard Vanspeybroeck
    3. Shaun O'Neill
    4. Craig Hollingbery
    5. Team Carravello - NSW
    6. Team Carravello - NSW
    7. Vaughan Harvey
    8. Chris Beeck
    9. Nic Brown
    10. Hilton McMurdo
    11. Gary Wright
    12. Team Carravello - NSW
    13. Team Carravello - NSW
    14. Jason Rigg
    15. Nic Brown
    16. Nic Brown

    GP de Wallonie

    1. Udo Bolts - Winner
    2. Udo Bolts

    Giro d'Italia 1998

    Kai Uwe Bohn who runs the excellent Radsport-Seite sent me these excellent shots from the Giro d'Italia.

    1. The Start
    2. Alex Zuelle
    3. Alex Zuelle
    4. Michele Bartoli
    5. Super Mario
    6. Angel Edo
    7. Sergei Gontchar
    8. Nicola Miceli
    9. The Peloton
    10. Alex Zuelle
    11. Super Mario - winning Stage 7
    12. Super Mario - winning Stage 8
    13. Alex Zuelle
    14. Alex Zuelle

    Tour of Romandie 1998

    Martine Chevalier a photographer from Switzerland too these photos during the Tour of Romandie on the Stage to Veysonnaz. I am grateful for her help.

    1. Luc Leblanc
    2. Road action
    3. Pavel Tonkov
    4. Alex Zulle
    5. Road action
    6. Road action
    7. Road action

    Internationale Delta Profronde, Netherlands

    These photos were taken by Reinier Meijer's father Frans (Reinier is a 14 years old and helps me sometimes). The photos are of low quality because they were taken on a disposable camera. But they are still worth looking at. The atmospheric effect suits the region the race was in!

    1. Jan Ullrich
    2. Along the boulevard
    3. Across the Bridge
    4. The finish
    5. The Podium
    6. The start
    7. Across the Barrier