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Photos for March 1998

The Local East Coast Australian Time is plus 30 minutes

Ster van Zwolle 1998

Thanks to Dick Soepenberg for these great action shots.

  1. Peloton in Lemelerveld
  2. Rik Reinerink
  3. P&O-L÷wik-Giant riders
  4. Peloton
  5. Peloton
  6. Paul van Schalen
  7. Paul van Schalen and Edward Farenhout in attack
  8. Winner Renger Ypenburg
  9. Renger Ypenburg and Gerben L÷wik - in Kamperzeedijk 22 km before the finish.

Team Nutrafig 1998

The picture of Burke Swindlehurst was taken at the Redlands Sunset Road Race. He finished 15th overall. The other picture is of Ronnie Schmeer climbing at the Visalia Classic Road Race. Ronnie will be writing occassionally for us. If you want Team Nutrafig information please write to donaldreeb@juno.com

  1. Ronnie Schmeer
  2. Burke Swindlehurst

John Hudetz - Photographer

These photos come from American cycling photographer John Hudetz who will be sending me photos throughout the season. They are for your viewing enjoyment. The photos are copyrighted to John and they are not to be taken from this site without his permission. Please respect this.

  1. Cadel Evans
  2. Jeannie Longo

Most of these were taken during the 1998 Redlands Classic.

  1. Kendra Wenzel
  2. Elizabeth Emery
  3. Dede Demet
  4. Susy Pryde - winning at 1997 Redlands.
  5. Sue Palmer
  6. Julie Hanson
  7. Karen Kurreck
  8. Mercury Men
  9. Clara Hughes
  10. Mari Holden
  11. Cadel Evans

Cape Cycle Tour - South Africa, March 1998

Here is a link to photos from the Cape Cycle Tour

Photos from Stewart Stockdale

Stewart is a photographer from Perth and specialises in action cycling pictures. He took these photos from the Western Australian Criterium Championships which were won by Jason Rigg. You can see Stewart's work at his WWW Site.

  1. Chris Beeck
  2. The First Four
  3. Early Break
  4. Danny Clark
  5. Jason Rigg