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Photos for June 1998

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Daniel Schamps

French cycling photographer Daniel Schamps took this photo of Laurent Dufaux at GP Midi Libre

Nicolas Leroy

Nicolas Leroy a French cycling photographer from Vaucluse regularly sends me photos from French bike racing. He has over 600 photos in his folio from 1988 already and specialises in portraits. He offers any of them for sale at modest prices. You can express an interest in his excellent work by contacting me and I will pass the message on to Nicolas.

This month we have portraits from the GP du Midi Libre. There are two young racers from the French team "Mutuelle de Seine et Marne" - David Delrieu and Frédéric Gabriel (winner of Colmar-Strasbourg). Also included is Laurent Dufaux (the GC winner) and Marco Milesi (the blue jersey winner), Joaquin Castelblanco from the team "Avianca Telecom" (KOM winner) and, finally, Belgian Paul Van Hyfte from Lotto.

Nicolas also provides these two portraits of Australians Alan Iacuone and Steve Williams riding for Spanish Amateur teams.

Photos from Herman Harens, Wieler Revue

These photos are from the Dutch track championships for Juniors, Sub-Juniors both men and women held at Alkmaar last weekend.

First Union Invitational

Penn Glazier kindly sent me this photo of Paolo Forniciari of the Saeco-Cannondale team awaiting the start of the First Union Invitational in Lancaster on June 2. Penn took the photo and holds the copyright. You must ask permission before you can use it.

Some photos from the Netherlands

Herman Harens from Wielerrevue was at the Dutch National Youth Championships recently and took some nice photos. The first photo is of the six national champions, the mayor of Heusden-Nieuwkuijk Mr. Willems, two Rabobank kiss-misses and the president of the Antilopen Kees Smits, organiser of the youth championships. The six champions are: Stephan Speijer, Wim Stroetinga, Roy Pieters, Bram Wind, Yondi Schmidt and Robbert-Jan Mol.

Photo 2: Boy van Poppel, son of Jean-Paul, and his teammates of Pijnenburg. He became champion in category III (10 years).

Also a picture of Eric Baumann (German), winner of the 3-days junior-world-cup-race in Groot-Axel.

Photos from Kai Uwe Bohn

Kai Uwe Bohn who runs the excellent Radsport-Seite sent me these excellent shots from the Giro d'Italia.

Giro d'Italia 1998

Classique des Alpes

Tour of Switzerland

Internationale Delta Profronde, Netherlands

These photos were taken by Reinier Meijer who is 14 years old and helps me sometimes. He lives in the Zeeland province in the Netherlands. The photos were taken in May. Some are of poor quality but interesting nonetheless.

The Vandedrome, home of the Goodwill Games

Phil Stephens, the Vandedrome Manager has used his digital camera to take some nice photos of the Vandedrome which will host the Goodwill Games. We will be bringing you a regular series of photos from the Games. For further information go to the Vandedrome WWW Page

The Vandedrome is 170m (1-10th mile) with 54 degree banks. It is made of cypress wood and is the world's first patented, PORTABLE track. Made to be able to go indoors or out, it has been across the USA for the last 3 years.

  • The worst seats in the house for viewing the 1998 NY Goodwill Games on July 25-26!
  • The Boss in the office, with much to serious of an expression on his face. John is a former USA Cycling Olympian (1968 and 1972). His son, Christian, is a US Postal neo-pro. Marisa, his daughter is on the US National Track Team. After only 2 years of racing she is one of the US's best hopes in endurance track for 2000.
  • Veteran Allen Bell happy to have a temporary track in his hometown of Somerville, New Jersey, USA. The track is here for 6 weeks of racing prior to Goodwill Games in New York.
  • Some of the locals - they seem to have followed Jan's dietary advice!

These shots are from the track meet held on June 27.

  • Stephen Pate to Darryn Hill - "Did you see that?" about Sheldon Serrao of Trinidad riding the sprints against Kiwi Rider Jon Eade.
  • Grudge Match - The Australian Pursuit over 15 laps with USA's Mike McCarthy just beating the British rider Shaun Wallace of the Cox-Atlanta Velo Squad. Here they are warming up.
  • 3.5 mile Preme Finale at the end of the night of racing.
  • Long chase the hard way to pick up ground on Shaun Wallace. New Jersey rider Jack Diemar here chasing on the back stretch in front of the near capacity crowd.
  • Sheldon Serrao of Trinidad leading Carney in the Sprint Final
  • Wallace, McCarthy and Carney