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Photos for January 1998

The Local East Coast Australian Time is plus 30 minutes

Summer Series of Cycling

These photos were taken by Brian Farrell, photo journalist from Victoria who followed the Summer Criteriums. The quality is poor because they were poorly scanned. The original photos are beautiful. If you want to contact Brian for any work I can provide his details. Please give him credit for the photos is you take them from here.

  1. Cadel Evans
  2. Neil Stephens
  3. Harm Jansen

Track Racing in Australia

As part of a project I am working on, Stewart Stockdale, photographer from Perth took these photos of the Perth Speed Dome, venue for the 1997 World Track Championships. You can see Stewart's work at his WWW Site.

  1. Perth Speed Dome
  2. Perth Speed Dome
  3. Perth Speed Dome
  4. Perth Speed Dome
  5. Perth Speed Dome

Shepparton Track Meeting on New Year's Day

Four riders came to grief in the Women's elimination race at the Shepparton Cycling Club's Carnival New Years Day as shown by this graphic action shot caught by photographer Ray Sizer. Rahna Demarte was the first to fall with Canberra youngster Alison Wright (1010) going over the top of Lyndell Higgison with Erica Thompson heading for disaster.

  1. Tumbling Down

Dutch Cyclo Cross Championships at Woerden, January 11, 1998

These photos were taken by Rudi Ottens, who sometimes contributes his craft to these pages. If you are interested in using his work then I can arrange contact with Rudi. Please give him credit for the photos if you take them from here.

  1. Richard Groenendaal on route to his 9th title
  2. Adri van der Poel
  3. Upcoming rider Gretinus Gommers
  4. Espoirs champion Maarten Nijland in his race
  5. Nijland at finish

Photos from Germany

  1. Silvio Martinello and Marco Villa - Berlin 6 victors.
  2. Jan Ullrich and Erik Zabel - At the Telekom presentation
  3. Jan Ullrich getting the "Silver laurel" - for the Team for its success in the 1997 Tour de France from German Interior Minister Manfred Kanther
  4. Photo of Team Telekom 1998

Photos from Berlin 6

These photos were taken by Nick Rosenthal who has the best 6 Day racing WWW site there is. Thanks Nick.
  1. Silvio Martinello - in his new Polti colours.
  2. The Berlin Velodrome