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Photos for February 1998

The Local East Coast Australian Time is plus 30 minutes

World Cyclo Cross Championships, Middlefart, Denmark

Dick Soepenberg sent me these photos of Dutch Espoir Cyclocross Champion Maarten Nijland in the Dutch tricolor. He came 7th in the race.
  1. Maarten Nijland
  2. Maarten Nijland

Laurent Jalabert

Dick also sent me this photo. The ONCE team rides this year on Giant.
  1. Laurent Jalabert

Brisbane International Criterium, December 1997

Lawrie finally sent me the photos. He is a busy man! They are scanned in 180 dpi but you get size instead of precision. They are excellent though and give you an idea of what went on.

  1. Henk Vogels afterwards
  2. Scene at the start
  3. Stuart O'Grady at the sign on
  4. Stuart O'Grady - with A. White, a sponsor
  5. Pat Jonker- with Greg Brigden
  6. The winning look
  7. Neil Stephens with Lanyon
  8. Neil Stephens attacks
  9. Neil Stephens as the MC - with Marcel Garcia
  10. The Big 5
  11. The final break
  12. At the finish

Photos from Nick Rosenthal's 6-Day Album

Nick has the best Six Day page on the WWW. He also regularly travels to the events and has a camera. Here are several photos he has sent me. There are several of Matt Gilmore during the 1997 Gent race, which he won with Etienne - including one of him on the podium.

  1. Etienne De Wilde and Matt Gilmore
  2. Etienne De Wilde and Matt Gilmore
  3. Etienne De Wilde and Matt Gilmore
  4. Matt Gilmore
  5. Scott McGrory
  6. Matt Gilmore
  7. Kurt Betschart

Photos from Stewart Stockdale

Stewart is a photographer from Perth and specialises in action cycling pictures. He took these photos of the Perth Speed Dome, during the second round of the Qantas Cup and also the Westral Wheelrace, which was won by Darren Young. You can see Stewart's work at his WWW Site.

  1. Darren Young
  2. Darryn Hill
  3. Michael Simms
  4. Sandra Smith
  5. Darryn Hill
  6. Scott Suckling
  7. Eddy Hollands
  8. Women's Points Race