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Photos for August 1998

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Profronde Pijnacker, Netherlands, August 22, 1998

I took these photos at the Pijnacker Criterium which featured (or was meant to feature) Tour de France winner Marco Pantani. I took the shots with an Epson Photo PC 500. I will have more photos when I develop other shots taken with another camera.

Maastricht Criterium, Netherlands, August 12

Wednesday August 12 was the annual date for the Maastricht Criterium a post-Tour event. It was 50 laps of the inner city and I took the following shots with an Epson Photo PC 500.

16th Profronde van Almelo Criterium, Netherlands, August 21, 1998

These photos were taken by Patrick Weegink from Weegink Fotografie. He holds the copyright to them and they can only be used with his permission. He has kindly allowed me to publish them for him. Dick Soepenberg sent them.

Tour de France

Scott Goldstein took these photos during this year's Tour de France. I thank him for sharing them with us. He retains copyright.

Nicolas Leroy

Nicolas Leroy a French cycling photographer from Vaucluse regularly sends me photos from French bike racing. He has over 600 photos in his folio from 1988 already and specialises in portraits. He offers any of them for sale at modest prices. You can express an interest in his excellent work by contacting me and I will pass the message on to Nicolas.

This month Nicolas has sent me photos taken at the Tour de Feminin which he focus, in part, by request, on the Australian women riders.

And on Mont Ventoux

A Travers Lausanne

Martine Chevalier from Switzerland sent me these photos that she took at A Travers Lausanne.

Denmark, Grand Prix Sydbank Aarhus, August 5, 1998

Thomas Munch from Randers, Denmark regularly contributes his cycling photos to www.cyclingnews.com. He took these photos at the Grand Prix Sydbank Aarhus, Denmark on August 5, 1998

  • Lennie Kristensen 1997 MTB-Tour champion.
  • Lars Michaelsen still not knowing if TVM would drop the Tour of Denmark next week.
  • New Danish Champion Frank Høj and me shortly before the start.
  • Michael Blaudzun riding for himself because of the loss of injured teammate Bjarne Riis.
  • Peter Meinert wins ahead of Tayeb Braikia and Lennie Kristensen.
  • Bo Hamburger not talking about doping.
  • The Podium - Lennie, Champagne girl, Meinert, Tayeb.
  • Rene Jørgensen riding for Team Home Jack and Jones.
  • Michael Sandstød a week before crashing out of the Tour of Denmark.
  • Peter Meinert a happy winner.
  • Tayeb Braikia one of the fastest men in Denmark, Road or track for 1999?

    Tour of Denmark

    Thomas Munch from Randers, Denmark regularly contributes his cycling photos to www.cyclingnews.com. He took these photos at Stage 1 of the Tour of Denmark while it was in his home town.

    1. Bo Hamburger, Marc Streel, Paulo Bettini, Erik Dekker after the stage.
    2. Erik Dekker second to Streel - he cramped just before the sprint.
    3. Paulo Bettini - Asics
    4. Ole Ritter interviewing Bo Hamburger
    5. Marc Streel in yellow - which he defended to the end of the Tour.
    6. Dekker explaining his misfortune

    The Goodwill Games at the Vandedrome

    Phil Stephens, the Vandedrome Manager has sent me these photos taken at the Goodwill Games by Jon Zack.

    1. Marcelo Arrue of USA
    2. Arrue gets a fine start in the Keirin
    3. Arrues wins the Keirin
    4. Belgian team - Wim Van Rengen, Luc DeDutytsche, Tom Jacobs, Johan Dekkers, Steven Deschamp, Linda Troyekens, Ina Wannijn, Katleen Vermeiren.
    5. Phil Stephens interviewing Mike McCarthy
    6. Dania Perez of Cuba and Bellen Guerrero of Mexico
    7. Ivan Dominguex leads in the Men's 30 lap Scratch
    8. The German team - Michael Scheurer, Matthais John, Robert Kaiser, Tim Zuhlke, Christian Bach, Solveig Ruddick, Yvonne Konnicke, Jana Hartiet.
    9. German women
    10. The velodrome
    11. The velodrome
    12. The velodrome
    13. Strong Media presence
    14. Jame Carney and Aussie Stephen Pate - Magic Mile Final
    15. Jame Carney checking his bike
    16. View of Manhatten from Staten Island
    17. Lucy Tyler-Sharman warming up
    18. Magic Mile Heats
    19. Mike McCarthy passes Stephen Pate - in Magic Mile final
    20. Magic Mile lineup
    21. Marcello Arrue and Matthais John (Ger) - Men's match sprints
    22. Pan-American team - Ivan Dominguez(Cub), Luis Herrera (Cub), Juan Juarez (Mex), Sheldon Serrao (Tri), Carlos Garcia (Arg) Dania Perez (Cub), Bellen Guerrero (Mex)
    23. Anthony Peden (now a NZ) before the Keirin
    24. Mike McCarthy celebrates with daughter
    25. Russian team - Aleksandr Khromyhk, Valeri Potapov, Dmitri Potapov, Oleg Kalechak, Aleksandr Kirichencko, Oksana and Olga Grichina, Olga Silyssareva
    26. 30 lap Scratch race
    27. Line-up for 30 lap Scratch race
    28. Men's Team Points race
    29. Germans on TV
    30. Men's Elimination race
    31. The Belgians lead the Elimination race
    32. USA team - Jonas Carney, Jame Carney, Marcelo Arrue, Paul Swift, Mike McCarthy, Jennie Reed, Chris Witty, Nicole Reinhart
    33. Belgian Kathleen Vermeiren
    34. Shaun Wallace (GB)
    35. Shaun Wallace (GB)
    36. Women's Elimination race
    37. Russia defeating the USA in Women's Sprint
    38. The battle for the Sprint places 3 to 6
    39. World team - Stephen Pate (Aus), Anthony Peden (NZ) , Shaun Wallace (GB), David Dew (Aus), Jon Eade (NZ), Fiona Ramage (NZ) Sara Uhlmer (NZ) and Lucy Tyler Sharman (Aus)