October 1997 Photos

The 1997 World Road Championships, San Sebastian

  1. Laurent Brochard wins the final sprint
  2. The first three
  3. The french know how to celebrate the world title (great shot!)
  4. Udo Bolts and german team leader Rudi Altig before the start
  5. Kurt-Asle Arvesen wins the U23-race
  6. The first three of U 23
  7. The later winner Alessandra Capelotto in the peloton
  8. Germany's hope, Hanka Kupfernagel (finished 7th)
  9. Scene of the juniors race
  10. arndt.jpg Judith Arndt, Bronze medalist of the womens ITT
  11. Laurent Jalabert after his ITT win
  12. Silvia Huebscher, silver medalist of the female juniors ITT

Thanks to Kai.