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    December 1997 Photos

    Photos from Steward Stockdale

    Stewart is a photographer from Perth Australia and has featured his work on these pages throughout the year. If you want top cycling photography send him a note via his home page.

    1. Phil Anderson in days of glory during Tour of Britain
    2. Collstrop suffering on a Basso SLX frame.

    Cyclo Cross Action

    These pictures were taken at the Super Prestige cyclecross at Gieten, Sint Michielsgestel, and Overijse by Rudie Ottens. He sometimes provides pictures for Wieler Revue. If you want to use them on your pages, please give Rudie full credit.

    1. Adri Van der Poel & "King" Richard in Gieten
    2. Pontoni before his fall
    3. Wim de Vos, Dutch champion in Overijse
    4. Overijse riders before the start
    5. Mirella van Melis and Daniele Pontoni at Gieten - Both World Champions
    6. Flying Belgian Sven Nijs at Sint Michielsgestel


    1. Robbie McEwan at a Dutch criterium this summer

    Anna Wilson setting the new Australian Hour Record

    1. Anna, getting set at Adelaide Superdrome, December 6
    2. In action

    Danny Clark

    1. Danny in Perth during the World Triathlon Championships