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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

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British Marathon National Championships - CN

Margam Park, Wales, May 31, 2009

2008 results    Results


Men (Full Marathon distance, 100km)

1 Oliver Beckingsale (Giant)                                           
2 Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing)                                    
3 Ian Bibby (Team Halfords Bikehut)                                    
4 Jonathan Pugh (Clee Cycles / KCNC)                                   
5 Ross Creber* (Plowman Craven - Madison Professional Cycling Team)    
6 Richard Mardle (Felt Racing)                                         
7 Nicholas Collins (Team Torq)                                         
8 Neal Crampton (Crosstrax)                                            
9 Adrian Lawrence (Lancashire RC)                                      
10 Nigel Martin (Derby Mercury RC)                                     
11 Oliver Cox                                                          
12 Christopher Murley (Sandy Wallace Cycles)                           
13 Russell Turner (Team Certini)                                       
14 Iain Payne                                                          
15 James Hampshire (XCracer.com)                                       
16 Jay Horton (Team Certini)                                           
17 Adrian Scott                                                        
18 Darren Alexander                                                    
19 Andy Jones (Clee Cycles / KCNC)                                     
20 Mark Spratt                                                         
21 James Gleave                                                        
22 Andrew Howett (Sleaford Whls CC/ The Station Fitness Centre)        
23 Mark Baines                                                         
24 Paul O'Brien (Pedalpower RT)                                        
25 Neil Hayward (Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team)                        
26 Thomas Ward                                                         
27 James Crask*                                                        
28 Simon Hawken (Army Cycling Union)                                   
DNF Robert Rowe (Forza Cycles)                                         
DNF Lee Taylor (Alf Jones Cycles)                                      
DNF Stephen James                                                      
DNF William Cooper (Orange Monkey Cycling Team)                        
DNF Dan Maker (Shred Racing)                                           
DNF Christopher Andrews (Orange Monkey Cycling Team)                   
DNF Charles Reynolds (Port Talbot Wheelers CC)                         
DNF Brodie Gardias* (Orange Monkey Cycling Team)                       
DNF David Crowley (Port Talbot Wheelers CC)                            
DNF Philip Morris (XCracer.com)                                        
DNF Darrell Upton*                                                     
DNF Matthew Loake (Southfork Racing.co.uk)                             
DNF Elliot Dinsdale (Wyre Forest CRC)                                  
DNF Andrew Baum                                                        
DNF David Collins (Science In Sport.com )                              
DNF Vincent Cox (Team Emoella Cyclo-Cross.Com)                         
DNF Steve Toze (Shred Racing)                                          
DNF Andrew Patterson (Altura Patterson Training)                       
DNF Dan Jenkins (London Phoenix CC)                                    
DNF Rowan Marshall** (Bynea CC)                                        
DNF Dan Small (Manchester Whlrs Club)                                  
DNF Edward Kerly                                                       
DNF Simon Smith (John's Bikes RT)                                      
DNF Christian Aucote (Yeti Cycles UK)                                  
DNF David Fletcher* (Team Halfords Bikehut)                            
DNF Lee Eaton

* indicates Under 23
** indicates Junior                                                          

Women (Full marathon distance)

DNF Amy Cooper                                                         
DNF Sarah Forbes                                                       

Open (non-licensed by British Federation) Men (Full marathon distance)

1 Brendon Sharratt                                                     
2 Brandon Stewart                                                      
3 Michael Blewitt                                                      
4 Graeme Forbes                                                        
5 Charles Newton-Mason*                                                
6 Michael Tomlinson                                                    
7 Chris Blackmore                                                      
8 Luke Morris                                                          
9 Dave Buchanan                                                        
10 Neil Hunter                                                         
11 James Cooper                                                        
12 Stephen Hodge                                                       
13 Stephen Tebbett                                                     
14 Chris Wilson                                                        
15 Ben Connor                                                          
DNF Rob Gates                                                          
DNF Nick Masters                                                       
DNF Mark Franklin                                                      
DNF Stefan Goodwin                                                     
DNF Ed Bailey                                                          
DNF Christian Regis (Tredz CC)                                         
DNF David Lopit                                                        
DNF Russell Powell                                                     
DNF Shpend Gerguri                                                     
DNF Adam Johnson                                                       
DNF Karl Pearson                                                       
DNF Benjamin Johnson                                                   
DNF Martin Browne (Wellington Whls CC)                                 
DNF Ken Evans                                                          
DNF Robert Berger (Marshalls Cycles/Haro)                              
DNF Brendan Kay                                                        
DNF Simon Harrison                                                     
DNF Stephen Aldridge                                                   
DNF Simon Gough                                                        
DNF Kenneth Gjaeringen                                                 
DNF David Bache (Middlesex RC)                                         

Open veteran men (Full marathon distance)

 Kerry Graham (Builth and District Cycle Club)                         
2 Gary Bridgeman                                                       
3 Andy Roberts                                                         
4 Ian Mansfield                                                        
DNF Mark Spittles                                                      
DNF Andy Davies                                                        
DNF Matt Holland                                                       
DNF Ian Petherbridge                                                   
DNF James Peacey                                                       
DNF Peter Worsfold                                                     
DNF Andrew Channon                                                     
DNF Andrew Salmons                                                     
DNF Adrian Bellew (Don't Push It Cycling Club Bude)                    
DNF David Rudland (Dursley RC)                                         
DNF Mark Day                                                           
DNF David Holmes                                                       

Veteran women (75km)

1 Lydia Gould                                                          
2 Debbie Burton (Activ Cycles Folkestone)                              
3 Abigail Armstrong (London Phoenix CC)                                
4 Sarah Bayliss (Rhyl Cycling Club)                                    
DNF Mostyn Thomas                                                      

Women Half Marathon

1 Candice Neethling                                                    
2 Ruby Miller**                                                        
3 Julia Toone (AKO/Ducati Corse Womens Cycling Team UK)                
4 Ruth Mordaunt (Altura Patterson Training)                            
5 Anne Ewing* (Edinburgh RC)                                           
6 Malin Tindberg (Beyond Mountainbikes)                                
7 Carla Haines (AKO/Ducati Corse Womens Cycling Team UK)               
8 Nina Davies (Ogmore Valley Wheelers)                                 
9 Bex Daly                                                             
10 Joanne Evans                                                        
11 Stephania Magri (Squadra Donne)                                     
12 Emma Sargent                                                        
13 Kate Betts                                                          
14 Catherine Bates                                                     
DNF Melanie Spath                                                      
DNF Emma Rembalski                                                     
DNF Nicola Plewes (Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA)                      

Veteran men (half marathon distance)

1 James D'Arcy (Team Torq)                                             
2 Philip Roach (Rugby Velo)                                            
3 Paul Moss                                                            
4 John Galway (Keswickbikes.co.uk)                                     
5 Peter Bromwich (West Midlands Cyclo Cross League)                    
6 Steve Brown                                                          
7 Tyrone Fletcher                                                      
8 Mike Barne                                                           
9 Stephen McGrath (Worcester Cycle Centre)                             
10 Nick Butler (Southfork Racing.co.uk)                                
11 Duncan Stuart (Keswickbikes.co.uk)                                  
12 Anthony Cowling                                                     
13 Alex Pearson                                                        
14 Simon Pain                                                          
15 Steve Whitehouse                                                    
16 Greg Parker                                                         
17 Stephen Poole (www.zepnat.com RT/Impsport)                          
18 Martin Eadon (Hargroves Cycles)                                     
19 Jeffrey Thomas (Abergavenny Road Club)                              
20 Lynn Lines (Abergavenny Road Club)                                  
21 Nick Welsh (GS Invicta/Eye Level Optical/Herbert Cycles)            
22 Alan Gardiner                                                       
23 Bryn Ruston                                                         
24 David Marshall (Bynea CC)                                           
25 Francis McGhee (Elizabethan CC)                                     
26 Pip Morgan (John Lloyd Race Events Ltd.)                            
27 Nigel Thomas                                                        
28 Peter Burdett                                                       
29 Andrew Russell                                                      
30 David Gordan                                                        
31 Jez Scarratt                                                        
32 Jason Porter (Team Skene)                                           
33 Joseph Heywood (Lancashire RC)                                      
34 John Westlake                                                       
35 Steve Whittingham                                                   
36 Dave Gale                                                           
37 Rob Evans                                                           
38 Mike Williams                                                       
39 Martin Charlesworth                                                 
40 Gary Wright                                                         
41 Dewi Robinson                                                       
42 Richard Stevens                                                     
43 Justyn T. Davies                                                    
44 Will Scarlett                                                       
45 Roger D. Price                                                      
46 Anthony Hawkins                                                     
47 John Hosking                                                        
48 Daniel McHugo                                                       
49 Gary Kondor (Sherwood Pines Cycles - Polaris)                       
50 Waseem Chaudhry                                                     
51 Darren Broadhurst                                                   
52 Murray Taylor                                                       
53 Philip Harries (Cardiff Ajax CC)                                    
54 Ken Turner                                                          
55 Abe Edwards                                                         
56 Norman Carter                                                       
57 Simon Davies                                                        
58 Des Betts                                                           
59 Rob David                                                           
60 Dave Heath                                                          
61 Grant Findlay                                                       
62 Jason Richards                                                      
63 Christopher Thomas                                                  
64 Martin Broughton                                                    
65 Michael Peers (Alf Jones Cycles)                                    
66 David Williams                                                      
67 Steve Hall                                                          
DNF Leigh Hooson                                                       
DNF Robert Baxter                                                      
DNF Steve Roberts                                                      
DNF Trevor Lyons                                                       
DNF John Tucker (Medway VC)                                            
DNF Dave Clitherow                                                     
DNF Jeff Keen                                                          
DNF Jamie Price                                                        
DNF Chris Davies (Ogmore Valley Wheelers)                              
DNF Steve Roe (Schmoos Swansea Cycling Club)                           

Men (1/4 marathon distance)

1 Matthew Dennis (Yeti Cycles UK)                                      
2 Alex Baker (Orange Monkey Cycling Team)                              
3 Ryan Fenwick (Stewartry Wheelers)                                    
4 Martin Turton (Beyond Mountainbikes)                                 
5 Brian Harrison                                                       
6 Stuart Nash                                                          
7 Matt Godden                                                          
8 Scott Lindsay                                                        
9 Marc Molloy (Bristol Cycling Development Squad)                      
10 Chris Norman                                                        
11 Ross Green (Stewartry Wheelers)                                     
12 John Matthews                                                       
13 Ed Welsh                                                            
14 Mervyn Dudley (Sherwood Pines Cycles - Polaris)                     
15 Chipps Chippendale                                                  
16 Lea Powell                                                          
17 Eric Brook (Dream CC)                                               
18 Ryan Jones                                                          
19 Richard Turner                                                      
20 Ryan Davies                                                         
21 Craig Turner (Sherwood Pines Cycles - Polaris)                      
22 Stephen Steadman                                                    
23 James Purkiss                                                       
24 Sean Minnett                                                        
25 Ben Edwards                                                         
26 Ben Caine                                                           
27 Daniel Pearson                                                      
28 Matt Vezey                                                          
29 Rupert Turton                                                       
30 Jonathan Marks (Leisure Lakes RT)                                   
31 Andrew Purkiss                                                      
32 Martin Dale                                                         
33 Lino Laforges                                                       
34 Callum Metcalfe (Sherwood Pines Cycles - Polaris)                   
35 Glen Salmon                                                         
36 Darren Cummings                                                     
37 Gareth Bowen                                                        
38 Ollie Harding                                                       
39 Daniel James (Edgbarrow School)                                     
40 Peter Saunders                                                      
41 Tim May                                                             
42 Adrien Provis                                                       
43 David Jenkins                                                       
44 Martin Hogg                                                         
45 Alistair McMaster (Clifton CC York)                                 
46 Tom Nolan                                                           
47 Nicholas Tinker                                                     
48 Daniel Tinker                                                       
49 Craig Small                                                         
50 Tom Starr                                                           
51 Sam Bristow                                                         
52 Chris Bickerton                                                     
53 Charlie Battin                                                      
54 Derek Miller                                                        
55 Trever Hewegaw                                                      
56 Chris Varani                                                        
57 Alvan Jones                                                         
58 Wallace Mould                                                       
59 Andy Stephens                                                       
60 Richard Hunt                                                        
61 Niki Lewis                                                          
62 Robert Hunt                                                         
63 Andrew Fletcher                                                     
64 Martyn Ledger                                                       
65 Tom Stephens                                                        
66 Simon Davies                                                        
67 Si Proctor                                                          
68 Barry Gallant                                                       
69 Steve Smith                                                         
70 Michael Davies                                                      
71 Martin Pearce                                                       
72 David Spry                                                          
73 Shaun Roberts-Downing                                               
74 Christopher Spry                                                    
75 Jonny Gallant                                                       
76 Ian Harman                                                          
77 Colin Armstrong                                                     
78 John Lawrenson                                                      
79 Simon Day                                                           
80 Matt Maybury                                                        
81 Martin Padfield                                                     
82 Ian Lovegrove                                                       
83 George Bateman (Welwyn Whls CC)                                     
84 Warren Hoyle                                                        
85 Chris Jones                                                         
86 Geraint Longden                                                     
87 David Ibbetson                                                      
88 Adrian Metcalfe                                                     
89 James Horrell                                                       
90 Steve Horrell                                                       
91 Owen Floodgate                                                      
92 Carwyn Stokes                                                       
93 Joseph Smith                                                        
94 Edward John Russell                                                 
95 Mathew Weale                                                        
96 John McNicholas                                                     
97 Marc Berridge                                                       
98 Matthew Miller                                                      
99 T.W. Kneath                                                         
100 Gareth Jones                                                       
101 Chris Somerset