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5th TransRockies Challenge - NE

Canada, August 6-12, 2006

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Race 1 - August 6 : Fernie, BC To Sparwood, BC

Paul Done/Trans Rockies Challenge

Hestler and McGrath
Photo ©: Dan Hudson
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Though 2006 TranRockies Challenge has a very new route for much of its length, the 400 plus riders who rode out of Fernie, BC were faced with an extended version of last year's rough and tumble first stage. Like last year, the stage was raced in dry, hot conditions and wound up and down through some classic Kootenay singletrack--rooty, steep and unrelentingly challenging. And, as so often happens on the first day of multi-day races, Stage One was raced at full XC intensity and produced lots of flats, crashes and cramps.

When the 61 technical km were completed, two-time defending TransRockies Champion Andreas Hestler of Rocky Mountain Business Objects rolled across the finish line in a time of 3:01:07 to finish first with partner Seamus McGrath of Felt Racing. "We gave it full gas on the first two climbs and managed to open up a little gap on the Mountain Bike City boys," said Hestler. "We just tried to ride the singletrack smoothly and crash-free and it seemed to pay off. We've got a good gap that we'll try to defend tomorrow." With the top three teams within three minutes of each other, this looks like it could be the closet edition yet of the TransRockies Challenge.

In the Open Women's Category, the Uncivil Servants-Nikki Kassel and Lesley Clements from Whistler opened up a definitive eleven minute lead on their competition. The Open Mixed category looks to be as competitive as ever with several strong teams vying for the purple leaders jerseys. Endurance legend Lynda Wallenfels and partner David Harris earned the right to wear them first with a finish time of 3:47:33.

On Day Two the riders will leave Sparwood and the World's Biggest Truck on a 77km journey across the Continental Divide to Crowsnest Pass in Alberta. Though the course isn't as technical, over 2100 metres of climbing and two major passes await the riders.


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Images by Transrockies Challenge

Images by Dan Hudson


Open Men
1 Andreas Hestler (Can)/Seamus Mcgrath (Can) Rocky Mountain Business            3.01.07
2 Troy Misseghers (Can)/Eric Batty (Can) Mountain Bike City                        2.09
3 Tim Heemskerk (Ned)/Evan Sherman (Can) United Cycle Trek                         2.25
4 Stefan Widmer (Can)/Matt Green (Can) RMB 1                                       8.58
5 Mike Palmer (Can)/Martin Vale (Can) Aviawest-Vega                               17.26
6 Heath Mccroy (Can)/Leighton Poidevin (Can) Soul Bro                             28.54
7 Steven Gaffney (Can)/Shane Besler (Can) Opus                                    31.45
8 Ryan Draper (Can)/Hazen Simson (Can) Downer / Reboundcycle.co                   39.54
9 Mark Spratt (GBr)/Sebastian Huckson (GBr) Lunar Power                           43.24
10 Justin Mark (Can)/Robin Dutton (Can) Arrowsmith Bikes                          45.52
11 Pavel Richtr (Cze)/Lukas Klezl (Cze) programcycle USP                          46.20
12 Normon Thibault (Can)/Stefan Jakobsen (Can) Frontrunners                       48.46
13 Roger Hughes (GBr)/Brian Lewis (GBr) mtb wales.co.uk / Vie                     49.40
14 Brian Cimmiyotti (USA)/Daniel Cooley (USA) Scott's cycle and sports            50.16
15 Dustin Luton (USA)/Jon Tanklage (USA) Coates Cycos                             52.49
16 Paolo Gambetti (Ita)/Andrea Minguzzi (Ita) Velociraptor                      1.05.58
17 Chris Peters (USA)/Dan Murphy (USA) Cannodale Bacon Brigade                  1.06.14
18 Erik Bakke (USA)/Dallas Morris (Can) Wildcat Well Ops/Deadgo                 1.06.45
19 John Inglis (Can)/Lon Martin (Can) The Haywoods                              1.07.49
20 Nathan Blake (GBr)/Paul Crook (GBr) Gnarly Nutters                           1.12.34
21 Fernando Garcia Vila (Spa)/Bart Bellver Manez (Spa) Cyclones Team            1.12.56
22 Tobi Richli (Swi)/Michi Sigrist (Swi) Fulle Pulle                            1.16.39
23 Mike Norton (Can)/Carson Bannon (Can) TRS                                    1.19.28
24 Dan Charest (Can)/Tim Chala (Can) Sparwood Titans                            1.23.26
25 Shaun Michael Kuzio (Can)/Shelby Lefebvre (Can) Team Abitibi Consolidated    1.25.38
26 David Weik (USA)/Craig Pack (USA) It IZ What It IZ                           1.26.40
27 Garry Christopher (GBr)/Jeff Cowie (GBr) Motorhouse                          1.28.56
28 Roger Brudermann (Swi)/Marco Dietiker (Swi) Sherpa Tensing Pedalerie         1.42.26
29 Gary Brown (Can)/Fraser Ross (Can) CGI / Sitka                               1.45.30
30 Greg Shore (Can)/James Bruce (Can) Escape Artists                            1.47.18
31 Grady Semmens (Can)/Tyler Semmens (Can) Semmens Bros. Racing                 1.49.00
32 Trent Marshall (Can)/Jody Ponto (Can) keepin' it wheel                       1.50.03
33 Gary Tait (Can)/Darren Keith (Can) Do North                                  1.52.23
34 Steve Schippanoski (Can)/Chris Scott (Can) Urge                              1.52.51
35 Shane Dench (Can)/Tom Fransham (Can) Super Heavyweight Cham                  1.52.53
36 Phil Hoilett (Can)/Dave Brown (Can) Canmore Castlegar Conne                  1.52.56
37 Tim Borys (Can)/Shea Tritter (Can) Synergy Racing                            1.53.26
38 Jeff Dallin (Can)/Mark Coates (Can) Innovative Fitness                       1.57.37
39 Benoit Guizar (Mex)/Alain Guizar (Mex) Taco'Riendo Machin                    1.57.40
40 Craig Smith (GBr)/Alan Nizbet (GBr) The Hub In The Forest                    1.58.07
41 Troy Heithecker (USA)/Timothy Erickson (USA) Homeless But Free               2.00.43
42 Chris Scott (Can)/Trevor Beattie (Can) Hard Tail Pride                       2.01.00
43 Jean-Franc Tremblay (Can)/Clement Rouleau (Can) Team Go Hard                 2.02.08
44 Chris Baisch (RSA)/Colin Meyer (RSA) Morningside Cycles SA - F               2.04.15
45 Rich Dillen (USA)/Josh Neely (USA) Team Bad Idea Racing                      2.05.31
46 Michael Dougherty (Can)/Iain Radford (Can) The Inflatables                   2.06.11
47 Michael Kingston (Aus)/Gavin Burke (Aus) Aussie Battlers                     2.10.32
48 Noel Edwards (Can)/Colin Davis (Can) Couloir-Life Works                      2.12.35
49 Gary Tee (GBr)/Huw George (GBr) Valley Riders UK                             2.13.04
50 Casper Van Oosten (Ned)/Francis Fahrni (Swi) TU/e Plastic People             2.13.33
51 Craig Douce (Aus)/Dale Bartrom (Can) rmoutlook.com                           2.13.48
52 Troy Lemens (Can)/Sean Anastasiadis (Can) IRON HORSE/SPORT CH                2.17.09
53 Scott Stroming (USA)/Bob Schoeneman (USA) Wenatchee Area Racers              2.21.21
54 Geoffrey Lindsay (Can)/Patrick Murphy (Can) Newpark Mud Men                  2.22.41
55 Werner Van Vuuren (RSA)/Vaughn Walton (RSA) ZA/ Mediclinic                   2.23.47
56 Trent Wiebe (Can)/Bob Bedier (Can) Team Lightweight                          2.24.24
57 Gonzalo Robles Gil (Mex)/Gerardo Cano (Mex) Mucho Guano                      2.28.03
58 Deryk Lyddiatt (Can)/James Galipeau (Can) Moose                              2.30.25
59 Brian Tuffs (Can)/Dan Baumgarten (Can) Miazzurts                             2.30.45
60 James Friesen (Can)/Jonathan Friesen (Can) Tinker Creek Farm Team            2.31.24
61 Dan Higginson (GBr)/Barry Cox (GBr) Chasing Your Tail                        2.34.46
62 Christian Klose (Ger)/Alexander Klose (Ger) abbruch                          2.36.50
63 Steven Kotowich (Can)/Marc Gratton (Can) Prairie Sky                         2.37.53
64 Gero Bankhaus (Ger)/Markus Szczabel (Ger) Never Give Up                      2.44.18
65 David Wagstaff (GBr)/Steve Kaye (GBr) Pactrac / Skinfit                      2.44.57
66 Brian Galvin (Irl)/Stephen Moore (Irl) workatheight.ie                       2.51.22
67 Terry Eichinger (Can)/Glen Bos (Can) ikenbos                                 2.51.24
68 Greg Head (Can)/Troy Head (Can) Devon NRG                                    2.53.24
69 Sean Solon (Irl)/Mark Solon (Irl) Xtreme Paddies                             2.57.46
70 Christian Male (GBr)/Ian Gill (GBr) Golden Balls                             3.00.51
71 Christopher Buckman (Can)/Grant Pellegrin (Can) The LuluLemon Heads          3.01.50
72 Edmund Therrien Jr (USA)/Martin Kovacs (Can) Team Tuckermen                  3.03.13
73 Simon Newall (GBr)/Lee Walker (GBr) Stour Youth                              3.04.19
74 Tom Porter (Can)/Kevin Sweeney (Can) Back of the Pack                        3.08.06
75 Jon Peters (Can)/Dan Peters (Can) John Fehr Insurance                        3.08.46
76 Eric Colberg (Can)/Tim Dekker (Can) Big E's Pressure Welding                 3.09.20
77 Will Larooi (Can)/Tim Thompson (Can) Team Matrix Video                       3.09.59
78 Mike Omelaniec (Can)/John Gibson (Can) 4word/langley concrete gro            3.12.30
79 Simon Driscoll (GBr)/Andy Fletcher (GBr) Team Smoke Screen                   3.13.09
80 Guy Thomas (GBr)/Didier Nehr (Fra) Escargot                                  3.15.26
81 Robert Hill (Can)/Joh O'shaughnessy (Can) Team CanadaHomeHealth              3.21.24
82 Cameron Baty (Can)/Chris Law (Can) I should’ve just bought the               3.28.49
83 Chris Hyman (RSA)/Nolan Daniel (RSA) Where's Louie?                          3.49.57
84 Carl Bachand (Can)/Daryl Goodfellow (Can) 2 R Max                            3.53.10
85 Lark Richardson (Can)/Ken Chorney (Can) Uncomfortably Numb                   4.07.46
86 Hector Jaime (Mex)/Jair Manjarrez (Mex) Viva Mexico!                         4.31.07
87 Kevin Schmidt (Can)/Jeff Schmidt (Can) Mudlarks                              4.52.12
88 Graham Kawulka (Can)/Troy Moskal (Can) Dibs On Dead Last (DODL               4.54.05
89 Tim To (Can)/Don Reichert (Can) Team Genie Bicycles                          5.03.13
90 Troi Whalen (Can)/Dave Craig (Can) Team Aeromedical                          4.58.53
Open Mixed
1 Lynda Wallenfels (USA)/David Harris (USA) Health-FX                           3.47.33
2 Louise Kobin (USA)/Eric Warkentin (USA) X-fusion                                 6.27
3 Samuel Koerber (USA)/Tricia Stevenson (USA) *Cannondale/LandRover*               8.21
4 Hillary Harrison (USA)/Ryan Watts (Can) Crissi - Crystal Hotels                 10.17
5 David Frye (USA)/Beth Frye (USA) Frye Daze                                      25.00
6 Melanie Alexander (GBr)/Richard Holmes (GBr) Fancier Ride                       34.18
7 Jessica Demars (Can)/Robert Blanchard (Can) Ride On                             39.04
8 Blair Martin (NZl)/Heather Evans (NZl) Kiwi Flyers                              48.04
9 Nancy Lopez (Can)/Kobe Davis (Can) Big Country                                  50.11
10 Rowan Goeller (RSA)/Joanna Goeller (RSA) Scatterlings of Africa                55.10
11 Martina Weinzettl (Aut)/Michael Russ (Aut) EMARS Riders                      1.04.06
12 Ruth Mckean (Irl)/Roger Crippin (GBr) Flying Scots                           1.12.28
13 Cyd Fraser (Can)/Craig Bartlett (Can) Troubled Beavers                       1.15.12
14 John Pallas (Can)/Heather Pallas (Can) PCI Dynamic Duo                       1.17.52
15 Daniel P. Thauvette (Can)/Caroline T. Pinard (Can) Corazon - CBRS            1.18.03
16 Glenn Meeth (USA)/Tanya Meeth (USA) Boogie Hips                              1.18.14
17 Amy Guidinger (Can)/Brett Romanow (Can) Guidi-up                             1.20.46
18 Luis Gutierrez (Mex)/Monica Gutierrez (Mex) Mexi-CAN                         1.24.08
19 Katy Curtis (Can)/Anthony Salmon (GBr) 2 bikes & a Lobster Pot               1.25.42
20 Eric Geerts (Bel)/Bren Van Calsteren (Bel) Bike - it                         1.25.43
21 John Ramsden (Can)/Calindy Ramsden (Can) Dark Horse Racing                   1.26.42
22 Howard Lowe (GBr)/Fiona Patterson (GBr) Endure UK                            1.28.02
23 Jason Tuffs (USA)/Heather Fuhr (USA) Encinitas                               1.38.47
24 Lisa Le Poole (Can)/Ryan Bowen (Can) Up the Creek                            1.50.21
25 Amy Kerdok (USA)/Keith Berkoben (USA) Higher Education                       1.52.09
26 Michael Solon (Irl)/Benedicte Maillard (Fra) Xtreme Paddies 2                2.15.56
27 Chuck Fortier (Can)/Cathy Ross (Can) Cops For Cancer                         2.17.13
28 Joanne Mcleod (RSA)/Justin Mcleod (RSA) Team McLeod                          3.02.50
29 Maarten Byl (Bel)/Monique Snieders (Ned) M & M                               3.18.43
30 Ian Bester (RSA)/Jonelle Bester (RSA) Team Metamorphosis                     3.40.58
31 David Nelson (Can)/Jodi Janzen (Can) Pant Like A Pug                         4.12.27
Open Women
1 Lesley Clements (Can)/Nikki Kassel (Can) Uncivil Servants                     3.57.56
2 Sue Butler (USA)/Anna Vacca (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale                         10.39
3 Nicola Mann (Can)/Melanie Lewis (GBr) Ticycles/Avanti Racing                    24.29
4 Michelle Newton (Can)/Alexandra Watson (Can) The Steed Sistas                   53.42
5 Marie-Jose Santerre (Can)/Lisa Bartlett (Can) Canmore Girlz                   1.38.05
6 Truus Swaans (Ned)/Patrice Vercammen (Ned) Otten Marathon Racing Te           1.42.37
100+ Open Gender
1 Randy Iddings (USA)/Dan Norton (USA) Ranarok/Greggs                           3.42.19
2 Bob Foster (NZl)/Steve Moffatt (NZl) Team Cannondale                            15.53
3 Peter Loetzner (Ger)/Herf Sonntagbauer (Aut) Team MTB-Bergstrasse               24.49
4 Keith Bontrager (USA)/Richard Latorraca (USA) Bontrager Wheelworks            1.00.08
5 Malcolm Law (NZl)/Graeme Brown (NZl) Kiwi Connection                          1.22.25
6 Jeff Brown (Can)/Philip Ng (Can) Radial Motion                                1.24.56
7 Thys Neser (RSA)/Brett Sachs (RSA) Oshkosh                                    1.41.45
8 Robert Champagne (Can)/Bill Benson (Can) Toyota Never Quit Team               2.01.19
9 David Collett (RSA)/Dennis Lawrie (RSA) GFP Cycopsyclists                     2.21.03
10 Simon Parker (Aus)/Paul Bougourd (GBr) Climb and Punishment                  2.45.15
11 John Walton (Can)/Rick Beaupre (Can)                                         2.50.06
12 Kent Stuckert (Can)/Clive Burke (GBr) A Canuck and A Brit                    3.07.20
13 R. Glenn Dawson (Can)/Rory Cattanach (Can) Dog Meat                          3.40.41
14 Richard Woodbury (USA)/Laurie Woodbury (USA) Woodbury                        4.17.41
80+ Men
1 Theo Wouters (Ned)/John Bullens (Ned) Otten Marathon Racing Te                3.22.45
2 Jon Gould (USA)/Davey Moore (USA) Team Tamarack/Scott US                        13.55
3 Mike Edwards (Can)/Rich Hamilton (Can) AreaConnect.com / Differe                21.55
4 Paul Newitt (Can)/Nels Guloien (Can) Team Pedal Kona                            24.54
5 Gary Hill (GBr)/Jack Peterson (GBr) UK NUMPLUMZ                                 31.42
6 Mike Cavaliere (Can)/Stan Magee (Can) Riders of Graymount                       36.11
7 Derek Shiers (Can)/Dale Plant (USA) Kona/TiCycles                               36.53
8 Tim Butler (USA)/Hamish Gordon (Can) Team RACE                                  42.30
9 Hans Swaans (Ned)/Jan Van Rooy (Ned) Joyb!Ke – Bth - Joybik                     44.42
10 John Rozell (Can)/Dean Irvine (Can) Steed Cycles                               46.43
11 John Millon (USA)/Zdenek Fiebinger (Cze) Outspokin                             49.55
12 Scott Thomson (Can)/Richard Fletcher (Can) Arrow Racing                        52.13
13 Patrick West (USA)/Tim Murphy (USA) Chikookabra                                56.22
14 Paul Craig (Can)/Lucas Fennell (Can) Natural Earth Racin                       57.46
15 John Chilton (Can)/Chris Malthaner (Can) Bo's Buddies                          58.50
16 Timothy Crum (USA)/Mike Hardenbergh (USA) Damn Dirty Apes                      59.05
17 Eric Tremblay (Can)/Daniel Dube (Can) Team Saguenay                          1.02.50
18 Andy Klumb (USA)/Matt Thourot (USA) Hotel Whiskey                            1.03.14
19 Robert Trainer (Can)/Ronald Edwards (Can) A week of R and R.                 1.11.00
20 David Richardson (Can)/Douglas Richardson (Can) Brother, Where Art Thou?     1.19.21
21 Trevor Pombert (Can)/Roger Clemens (Can) Team United Cycle                   1.19.38
22 Robert Kelly (Can)/Jeff Mckague (Can) Just Goin' to the Bike Stor            1.20.10
23 Andrew Haliburton (RSA)/Tony Cole (RSA) Durban Dynamite                      1.20.37
24 James David (USA)/Steve Kutina (USA) Festering Testicles                     1.28.05
25 John Miller (USA)/Paul Mcclintock (GBr) Nothumbrian Cheesehead               1.36.05
26 Mike Dannelley (USA)/Roch Frey (Can) American Interbanc                      1.36.41
27 Jean - Michel Madec (Fra)/Daniel Glevarec (Fra) Poher Team                   1.37.18
28 Philip Roadley (Can)/Cory Fielding (Can) Bikes & Beyond                      1.37.34
29 Ron Donaldson (Can)/Paul Allan (Can) Waterloo Flying Do                      1.38.29
30 Ron Sadesky (Can)/Alain Parent (Can) Conglomerates                           1.39.27
31 Rory Attridge (RSA)/Neil Evans (RSA) Davies Civils 2                         1.39.37
32 George Oliver (Can)/Doug Burland (Can) fossil fuelers                        1.43.32
33 Andy Aufschnaiter (Can)/Richard Plamondon (Can) The Heli Ski Riders          1.50.13
34 Francisco Ramirez (Mex)/Mauricio Ortega (Mex) Mexicanisimo                   1.50.17
35 Edward Toole (USA)/Steven Frank (USA) Wannabees                              1.50.54
36 Arthur Rijk (Ned)/Tim Snijder (Ned) Team TNT Netherlands                     1.53.53
37 Don Shewan (Can)/David King (NZl) RGO Office Products                        1.56.31
38 Vince Haag (USA)/Brad Neumann (USA) The Bungalow Amoebas                     2.01.15
39 Ralf Madl (Ger)/Johannes Bizer (Ger) DEEP BLUE                               2.02.43
40 Lloyd Murray (Can)/Peter Spielmann (Ger) 1996: Met in Moab                   2.06.15
41 Ewen Macgregor (Aus)/Mark Cadle (GBr) Go Aussie!                             2.06.21
42 Simon Jongebloed (Aus)/Carl Wilkin (Aus) 2 Blokes From Adelaide              2.10.52
43 Dj Brooks (USA)/Alina Mcmaster (Aus) Aroc 'in Roll 'in                       2.11.50
44 Joe Jackson (USA)/Brian Fish (Can) Team Moose Jaw                            2.16.01
45 Chip Woodland (USA)/Brian Grossman (USA) Team Vail                           2.25.47
46 Dan Wray (Can)/Alex Blampied (GBr) Tail Gunners                              2.31.12
47 Terrance Hook (Can)/Tony Taylor (Can) Team TNT Canada                        2.39.34
48 Kevin Clapperton (Can)/Richard Clapperton (Can) Wobbly Wheels                2.40.33
49 Don Martin (Can)/Scott Burns (Can) The Extreme Team                          2.51.25
50 Philip Lett (Can)/Kem Akol (USA) Team BRJ Sportfire                          2.56.13
51 Jim Seethram (Can)/Michael Kohlenberg (Can) United Cycle - Orissa            2.56.28
52 Mike Hayes (Can)/Kevin Harris (Can) Team De'Nial                             3.13.12
53 Ray Perkins (GBr)/Marcus Childs (GBr) Thirty 2                               3.40.56
54 David Hazlett (Can)/Bruce Thomson (Can) Gears Then Beers                     4.02.56
55 Tim Hudema (Can)/Reid Alan (Can) Team Missing Links                          4.38.33
56 Jeremy Davies (RSA)/Paddy Cresswell (RSA) Davies Civils 1                    4.37.15
80+ Mixed
1 Margie Smith (Can)/Joey Cowen (Can) Wilson Mountain Sport/RB                  4.28.24
2 Jeff Bandura (Can)/Jennifer Tabbernor (Can) BikeKootenayRockies.com             36.26
3 Tamara Goeppel (Can)/Thomas Tetz (Ger) Leki BikeXtreme                          47.59
4 Jane Meeks (GBr)/Gary Baum (GBr) Eden Wheelers                                  56.36
5 Gavin Mackintosh (RSA)/Rose Mackintosh (RSA) Makatini                           58.23
6 Dan Mccarthy (USA)/Kathleen Oot-Coffey (USA) b.i.k.e. Syracuse                1.06.05
7 David Burwash (Can)/Julie Olson (USA) Sofa King Fun                           1.51.19
8 Gert Du Plessis (RSA)/Hester Du Plessis (RSA) Boland                          2.09.50
9 Caesar Cepeda (USA)/Lauren Cepeda (USA) Cleats and Cleavage                   3.04.00
10 Jackie Walker (Can)/Dan Wolfrom (Can) Big Dog                                3.11.52