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MTB Bundesliga #3 - E1

Offenburg, Germany, May 15, 2005


Multivan-Merida reigns in the rain

Rainy weather conditions made the third round of the German MTB-Bundesliga an extreme challenge, as the muddy terrain made a lot of running necessary. The course in Offenburg - at the border of Black Forest - is called the most technical in Germany. 12,000 paying spectators turned out to cheer the riders on with a lot of enthusiasm.

In the men's race, Jose Hermida (Spa) and his Multivan-Merida-Teammate Ralph Naef (Swi) made an early breakaway. After two of seven laps, they got a 30 second gap to three giant riders, Stefan Sahm (Ger), Jochen Kaess (Ger) and Bart Brentjens (Ned). Sahm rode a surprisingly strong race and was able to catch Naef in lap 6. Athens silver medallist Hermida, though losing his bib and running back for it, was not in danger of losing his lead.

"It's quite a nice course and technically challenging," said Hermida. "If Germany wants to get a World Cup, they should do it in Offenburg. The crowd was crazy and always yelling loudly."

Runner up Sahm said, "I'm very happy to be second on such an extreme course, especially because I'm not a good runner. The crowd was gigantic."

Third placed Ralf Naef commented, "I did a lot of hard training last week, so I knew that at the end I would lose my energy. It was a hard fight with the Giant-boys today. But I wasn't satisfied with Jose's win and the podium for me."

In the women's race, Irina Kalentieva was unbeatable. The Russian girl escaped with her German Multivan-Merida-teammate Nina Goehl early in the race. At the beginning Ivonne Kraft (Ger) was able to close the gap again and again in the downhills by showing excellent technical skills. But at the end, she lost too much time in the running sections. On the last lap, Kalentieva was riding away from Goehl and captured her second season win after the first two weeks ago in Heubach.

"I like these muddy conditions and I had a lot of fun riding the spectacular downhills," Kalentieva said. "The first three laps I felt a little bit tired, but then it went better. Nina and I had good teamwork."

"After recovering last week, I was in a better shape than the weeks before," said second placed Goehl. "It was really motivating me to ride with Irina."

Ivonne Kraft commented, "After my operation early this year, I was not able to follow Irina and Nina in the running sections. But the course suits me."


Men Elite - 28,8km
1 Jose Antonio Hermida (Spa) Multivan Merida                          
2 Stefan Sahm (Ger) Giant Racing                                                   0.58.6
3 Ralph Näf (Swi) Multivan Merida                                                  2.22.4
4 Jochen Käß (Ger) Giant Racing                                                    3.56.4
5 Bart Brentjens (Ned) Giant Racing                                                3.56.5
6 Martin Kraler (Aut) Giant Racing                                                 6.34.0
7 Moritz Milatz (Ger) Multivan Merida                                              7.29.4
8 Thijs Al (Ned) Giant Racing                                                      8.06.4
9 Johannes Sickmüller (Ger) Stevens Racing                                        12.03.7
10 Klaus Nielsen (Den) Team Alb-Gold                                              13.02.3
11 Andreas Dilger (Ger) Team Alb-Gold                                             14.18.9
12 Olaf Rochow (Ger) Fuji-Bikes                                                   14.59.7
13 Martin Siefermann (Ger) Kartung                                                16.17.7
14 Steffen Thum (Ger) Aalen Team MayerArbeitsbühnen/UltraS                        16.41.4
15 Nicolas Vermeulen (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team                                   17.35.2
16 Markus Kaufmann (Ger) TEAM Vaude Dämpfle/Mathis                                19.11.2
17 Christian Helmig (Ger) Dossenheim Team Stemper                                 20.34.7
18 Robert Mennen (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                        30.05.1

1 lap behind

19 Daniel Eiermann (Ger) Heidelberg                                                      
20 Simon Scherzinger (Ger) Simonswald                                                    
Women - 20,8km
1 Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Multivan Merida                              
2 Nina Göhl (Ger) Multivan Merida                                                  0.23.6
3 Yvonne Kraft (Ger) Fuji-Bike                                                     1.58.4
4 Anna Enocsson (Swe) Ghost International                                          2.39.2
5 Adelheid Morath (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                                               6.37.9
6 Sandra Klose (Ger) Fuji-Bikes                                                    9.00.7
7 Daniela Louis (Swi) Team Stöckli                                                11.04.7
8 Agnes Naumann (Ger) Fuji-Bikes                                                  19.48.1
9 Sandra Gockert (Ger) Stevens Racing                                             19.48.2
10 Elina Sophocleous (Cyp) Cyprus Biking                                          20.24.2
11 Almut Grieb (Ger) Mayer-Ultrasports                                            20.24.3
12 Anja Gradl (Ger) CIS Amberg                                                    22.21.2
13 Heike Hundertmark (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                    22.21.3
1 lap behind
14 Nina Kunz Schwäbisch (Ger) Merida                                                     
15 Anne Hillenbach (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                             
16 Katja Schmidt (Ger) Ghost                                                             
17 Anke Dannowski (Ger) Dresden/ GT                                                      
18 Jennifer Schiwek (Ger) RSC Kaiserslautern                                             
19 Alexa Hüni (Ger) Vaude Dämpfle Mathis                                                 
10 Cora Paulokat (Ger) Biketeam2008                                                      
Junior Men
1 Sebastian Lehr (Ger) Deggendorf Team Baier Landshut/Corratec        
2 Yannick Tiedt (Ger) Berlin Peaks-Berlin/Stevens                                  0.21.7
3 Heiko Gutmann (Ger) St. Märgen RSV Bike Arge St Märgen                           0.59.8
4 Markus Diller (Ger) Struth-Helmershof Stevens Racing Team                        1.20.8
5 Ronny Munz (Ger) Oberrot Aktiv-Sport-Fichtenberg                                 1.28.4
6 Rumen Voigt (Ger) RSV Team Auto-Riedel Schwarzen                                 1.59.2
7 Christian Lau (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                          2.35.0
8 Stijn Mettepennigen (Ger)                                                        3.18.9
9 Linus Friedrich (Ger)                                                            3.41.9
10 Markus Trost (Ger) Team Schneiderhahn-CUBE                                      4.14.1
11 Sebastian Esswein (Ger) RRC Aalen Rad + Sport Stütz                             4.33.3
12 Markus Ziegler (Ger) Team Neumayer Tekfor                                       4.49.4
13 Julian Schwendemann (Ger) Team Neumayer Tekfor                                  5.35.8
14 Frank Gruber (Ger) Hildrizhausen RSC Schönaich                                  5.57.2
15 Niklas Tobler (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                         6.22.6
16 Vero Lüscher (Ger) Schömberg Team Radsport Probst/CUBE                          6.48.8
17 Stephan Dürrling (Ger) Team Bergamont                                           6.51.6
18 Yves Kellog (Ger) ‹berlingen Team Wehrle                                        7.04.5
19 Stefan Schairer (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                                     7.21.1
20 Florian Thaller (Ger) Ralph Denk Racing-Team Youngst                            7.31.0
21 Simon Gegenheimer (Ger) Remchingen RSV Bike-RidersRemchingen / Te               7.49.5
22 Pascal Ketterer (Ger) St. Märgen RSV Bike Arge St. Märgen                       7.57.6
23 Steffen Stanger (Ger) Team Schneiderhahn-CUBE                                   8.34.5
24 Marius Wilhelm (Ger) Obrigheim VfR Waldkatzenbach/Team Tomac                    8.52.8
25 Marcel Rieder (Ger) Sonthofen Scott Junior Team                                 9.40.4
26 Julius Henne (Ger) MTB TECK / Team GIANT-GOLDWAY                                9.52.9
27 Florian Heilmann (Ger) Klein Team Lützelbach                                    9.59.3
28 Johannes Gross (Ger) Karlsruher Versicherungen/Schm                            11.20.0
29 Ralf Genal (Ger) Schneelaufverein Ravensburg                                   11.26.4
30 Max Fröhlich (Ger) Hinterzarten Bike Arge St. Märgen                           11.26.5
31 Christoph Groß (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                                     12.08.5
32 Dennis Herter (Ger) Team Neumayer Tekfor                                       12.16.3
33 Kai Kautz (Ger) Team Giant-Goldway                                             12.27.5
34 Jörg Feiner (Ger) Schneelaufverein Ravensburg                                  13.30.3
35 Tobias Trautmann (Ger) Weißenfels Team White Rock                              13.36.5
36 Bastian Trautmann (Ger) RSC Waltershausen-Gotha e.V                            13.45.0
37 Oliver Kuchenbuch (Ger) Leinefelde Team Bergamont                              13.53.8
38 Tobias Schillig (Ger) Team Bike Service Schillig                               13.54.9
Youth Men
1 Markus Bauer (Ger) RV Viktoria Wombach                                          58.12.4
2 Marcel Fleschhut (Ger) Aglasterhausen Team ergon-trek                            1.07.2
3 Olof Jonsson (Ger) Langareds                                                     2.12.8
4 Marius Klein (Ger) Hilscheid Team FUJI-BIKES                                     3.04.4
5 Danny Neumann (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                          3.17.5
6 Julian Bosch (Ger) Schneelaufverein Ravensburg                                   3.26.6
7 Daniel Gottschall (Ger) SV Kirchzarten                                           3.44.1
8 Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) St. Märgen RSV Bike Arge St. Märgen                        3.53.1
9 Torsten Lehmann (Ger) MT(Bel) TECK / Höfle - Stevens                             4.06.6
10 Marcel Prill (Ger) Team Neumaer Tekfor                                          4.57.6
11 Dominik Fischer (Ger) Neukirchen Sportivo St.Englmar                            5.16.1
12 Markus Balser (Ger) Team Bergamont                                             15.47.7
13 Christopher Roth (Ger) Team Bergamont                                          15.47.8
14 Daniel Stolz (Ger) RV Viktoria Wombach                                         15.47.9
15 Kevin Völker (Ger) RV Viktoria Wombach                                         15.48.0
16 Robin Hartmann (Ger) Team Giant-Goldway                                        15.48.1
17 Tobias Henkel (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                                        15.48.2
18 Peter Caps (Ger) Team Bergamont                                                15.48.3
19 Elias Neubert (Ger) RSV T.Auto-Riedel Schwarz                                  15.48.4
20 Marcel Braun (Ger) Schömberg GHOST Racing Team                                 15.48.5
21 Matthäus Kakol (Ger) Team Radsport Büchner                                     15.48.6
22 Benjamin Merkel (Ger) Forbach Team Bikeshop Gaiser                             15.48.7
23 Patrick Class (Ger) Römerstein Team cbs Eberle-Wheeler                         15.48.8
24 Patrick Reißfelder (Ger) Wiesloch Leica Sportclub Nußloch                      15.48.9
25 Christian Mai (Ger) Team Neumayer Tekfor                                       15.49.0
26 Philipp Zimmerhakl (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                                 15.49.1
27 Daniel Staub (Ger) RV Viktoria Wombach                                         15.49.2
28 Nick Rotter (Ger) SSV Mounty Altenberg                                         15.49.3
29 Mirco Haake (Ger) SSV Mounty Altenberg                                         15.49.4
30 Axel Kunze (Ger) SSV Mounty Altenberg                                          15.49.5
31 Alexander Dittgen (Ger) Herchweiler BIKE-Junior-Team                           15.49.6
Junior women
1 Hanna Klein (Ger) Schömberg TV 63 Oberlengenhardt                   
2 Silke Schmitt (Ger) RSF Niederlinxweiler Team                                    1.40.9
3 Sandra Weber (Ger) Team ROTHAUS-CUBE                                             1.44.2
4 Nicole Lechl (Ger) Ralph-Denk Racing Joungsters                                  6.28.2
5 Sarah Reiser (Ger) Team Neumayer Tekfor                                          7.24.6
6 Anika Bach (Ger) RSV Team Auto-Riedel Schwarzen                                  8.53.1
7 Silja Vetter (Ger) Team Neumayer Tekfor                                          9.00.3
8 Tanja Schneider (Ger) Bernstadt Seilers Radsport Neuffen                         9.00.4
9 Johanna Kurzhagen (Ger) BIKE Junior Team/Fusion                                  9.00.5
10 Janine Hanl (Ger) RSC Waltershausen-Gotha e.V                                   9.00.6
Youth women
1 Katharina Haase (Ger) Römerstein Team Bergamont                                 46.23.2
2 Ines Thoma (Ger) Wildpoldsried GHOST Racing Team                                 0.46.7
3 Lisa Reiser (Ger) Bike Junior Team                                               3.27.1
4 Melanie Gras (Ger) Stuttgart TGV Schotten                                        6.11.4
5 Debora Jaworska (Ger) Lichtenfels ADVENTURE-Crazy Crank- Lodz                    6.48.8
6 Jenny Papadopulus (Ger) SSV Mounty Altenberg                                    18.18.6