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NORBA NCS Series #1 - E1

Waco, TX, USA, March 11-14, 2004

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Race 4 - March 14: Cross Country

Alisons victorious, Bishop takes day

By Kristy Scrymgeour

Alison Dunlap and Alyson Sydor
Photo ©: Mike Gladu

Today it was Alison Dunlap (Luna Women) who took the victory in the final race at NORBA #1 in Waco, Texas. Her win giving her valuable UCI points to go towards her bid for the Olympic Games. In the men's event later in the afternoon, Jeremiah Bishop (Trek VW East Coast) had a strong and crafty finish to take out the three-lap event from overall tour winner Geoff Kabush (Maxxis). This is the first time in three years that an American has won a cross country race in the NORBA series.

On the seven mile course that consisted of short power climbs adding up to 1000 feet of climbing per lap, and technical descents, it was Dunlap and tour leader Alison Sydor who broke away early in the race. At the end of the first of two laps, they had gained 1'30" on a chasing trio consisting of Willow Koerber (RLX Ralph Loren), Katerina Hanusova (Luna Women) and Kiara Bisaro (Gearsracing).

The pair of Alison's worked hard together in the race which came down to a sprint between them. Dunlap took the win from Sydor to take second overall in the three-day tour, with Sydor taking second place on the day and maintaining her first place overall to win the tour.

Dunlap's teammate Hanusova managed to take third followed by Koerber, with Trek/VW rider Sue Haywood making up a lot of ground in the last lap to take the final podium position.

Dunlap was thrilled with her win today saying "it was very motivating to ride with Sydor during the race. I'm gradually picking up UCI points one race at a time," she added. Points that are essential for her, if she is to come back from her time out last year to claim the only spot available for US women in the Olympic team.

A bit later, the men set of to race three laps, shortened from the advertised four. In the first lap a group formed with all the big guns involved, namely Seamus McGrath (Haro Bikes), Ryder Hesjedal (Gary Fisher-Subaru), Roland Green (Trek/Volkswagen), Max Plankton (Rocky Mountain), Jeremy Horgan Kobelski (RLX Ralph Lauren), Jason Sager (Thunderbirds), Bishop and Kabush.

The situation stayed the same for the majority of the race until just after the final feed zone. Bishop decided against taking a feed and moved himself up in order to get to the single track first. Kabush followed and when the single track came the pair took off. They ended up with a gap of about 30" to the chasers when finally Bishop attacked Kabush on the descent, taking five seconds out of him by the bottom.

Jeremiah Bishop
Photo ©: Mike Gladu

At this point Bishop flatted, but rode onwards regardless for the final kilometer and managed to hold off his chaser by a mere two seconds.

Bishop was elated about the win explaining "he was lucky to get in the first group from the beginning. At the bottom of the hill when I flatted with a kilometer to go I thought to myself that 'this is no way to lost a NORBA', so I kept my head down and managed to hold him off."

Kabush's effort put him in the lead of the overall race to take the tour win from Hesjedal.

That finishes the racing in Waco, with the next NORBA in mid May.


Images by Mike Gladu/www.velodrome.com


1 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek/VW)                   1.45.44
2 Geoff Kabush (Maxxis)                          0.02
3 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Rlx Ralph Lauren)      0.49
4 Ryder Hesjedal (Subaru-Gary Fisher)            1.19
5 Max Plaxton (Rocky Mtn Business)               1.24
6 Jason Sager (Thunderbird/Bicycle)              1.47
7 Liam Killeen (Subaru/Gary Fisher)              1.56
8 Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn/ Business)          2.26
9 Roland Green (Trek/Volkswagen)                 2.36
10 Seamus McGrath (Haro Bikes)                   2.41
11 Chris Sheppard (Haro)                         4.38
12 Todd Wells (Mongoose/Hyundai)                 5.19
13 Bart Gillespie (Biogen-Idec)                  6.36
14 Carlos Gennero (Gennero Cycling)              6.55
15 Brent Miller (Bianchi)                        7.00
16 Jesse Jakomait (Gearsracing.Com)              7.02
17 Mathieu Toulouse (Gearsracing.Com)            7.06
18 John Devine (U23 Mational Team)               7.33
19 Doug Swanson (Trek/VW)                        7.45
20 Frank Mapel (Specilized USA)                  8.05
21 Mark Weir (Wtb Santa Cruz)                    8.12
22 Alan Obye (U23 National Team)                 8.19
23 Cesar Grajales (Maxxis)                       8.24
24 Sam Schultz (U23 National Team)               8.33
25 Nathan Phillips (Solar Eclipse)               8.53
26 Travis Brown (Trek/Volkswagen)                8.57
27 Tristan Schouten (PCW Cycling Team)           8.58
28 Nick Waite (U23 National Team)                9.02
29 Peter Wedge (Kona/Clarks/Lesgets Mtb)         9.13
30 Jay Henry (Specialized USA)                   9.16
31 Josh Bezecny (Dean Bicycles)                  9.17
32 Chris Eatough (Trek/VW)                       9.20
33 Kris Sneddon (Kona Clarks Factory)                
34 Barry Wicks (Kona-Clarks Factory)             9.39
35 Rob Scott (Cannondale)                        9.46
36 Mike West (Giant Oso Energy)                  9.47
37 Damian Calvert (Cannondale/Team Sol)         10.21
38 Brian Astell (Independent Fabrications)      10.27
39 Brandon Ott (Tailwind)                       10.46
40 Charles Pendry (BTD Racing)                  11.23
41 Eric Jones (Biogen-Idec)                     11.31
42 Douglas Ryden (Pro Cycling)                  11.53
43 Brent Brookwalter (Balance Bar/ Devo)        12.11
44 Ariel Lindsley (Subaru/Gary Fisher)          12.28
45 Derek Wilkerson (Specialized Hillenbrand)    12.47
46 Cody Peterson (3 D Racing Easton)            13.11
47 Charles Storm (BTD Racing)                   13.47
48 Jimi Mortenson (Specialized)                 14.18
49 Dave Wiens (RLX Ralph Lauren)                15.00
50 Ryan Trebon (Kona Clarks Les Gets)           15.01
51 Bryan Fawley (Team WV Bon Jovi)              15.02
52 Adam Hoppe (Ochsner)                         15.35
53 Scott Wingo (123Bikes.Com/Intense)           15.53
54 Evan Plews (E-Caps/Rudy Project)             16.11
55 Amon Pease (Intense)                         16.31
56 Ean Bradley (Southeastern Trek)              17.09
57 Nat Ross (Subaru-Gary Fisher)                18.05
58 Billy Holmes (Intense Cycles)                18.27
59 Jesse Rients (Penn Cycles/Nature)            19.21
60 Edward Ceccolini (Titus/Maxmschwalbe)        20.13
61 Clint Muhlfeld (Big Mountain & Montana)      21.57
62 Patrick Bush (Clif Bar/Trek)                 22.31
63 Dan Swanson (Nature Valley)                  22.33
64 Warren Gravely (Dean Bicycles)               25.38
DNF Steve Tilford (Moots/Shimano)                    
DNF Mitch Moreman (Hassle Free Sports)               
DNF Joshua Powers (Speedbikes)                       
DNF Wade Bootes (Trek)                               
DNF Eric Atwood (BRI Cycling Team)                   
DNF Jacob Fetty (John Deere)                         
DNF Adam Craig (Giant/Pearl Izumi)                   

1 Alison Dunlap (Luna Womens MTB)             1.22.18
2 Alison Sydor (Rocky Mtn Business)
3 Katerina Hanusova (Luna Women MTB)             2.15
4 Willow Koerber (RLX Ralph Lauren)              2.51
5 Susan Haywood (Trek-Volkswagen)                3.09
6 Chrissy Redden (Subaru-Gary Fisher)            3.29
7 Kiara Bisaro (Gearsracing.Com)                 3.37
8 Kelli Emmett (Specialized)                     4.17
9 Kerry Barnholt (Subaru-Gary Fisher)            5.12
10 Sarah Noble (Rocky Mtn Business)              6.33
11 Trish Sinclair (Gearsracing.Com)              6.35
12 Jimena Florit (RLX Ralph Lauren)              7.16
13 Dara Marks-Marino (Ford Racing)               7.41
14 Gretchen Reeves (Rocky Mtn / Business)        7.59
15 Heather Irmiger (Tokyo Joes)                  8.20
16 Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna Womens MTB)        8.41
17 Jenny Copnall (Subaru-Gary Fisher)            9.46
18 Kimberly Anderson (T-Mobile)                 10.03
19 Tonya Laffey (MTBchick.Com/Cannondale)       11.30
20 Julie Emmerman                               11.57
21 Josie Beggs (Starbucks-Doublesho)            12.08
22 Sally Warner (Biogen-Idec)                   12.32
23 Abigail Hippely (Klein Maverick)             12.43
24 Kathy Sherwin (Cannondale)                   12.52
25 Erin Winter (Orbea)                          13.17
26 Kristi Lewis (Sun & Ski Sports/Haro)         13.33
27 Judy Freeman (Cannondale)                    13.43
28 Kristy Mantz (P Towne Racing)                13.48
29 Nicole Habay (Speed Bikes)                   14.21
30 Lisa Matlock (Ford)                          14.42
31 Jennifer Wilson                              14.42
32 Alicia Hamilton (Giant/ Dark Horse)          14.43
33 Nina Baum                                    14.46
34 Shannon Tupa (Tokyo Joes)                    15.17
35 Mandi Riddle (Team Wv Bon Jovi)              17.05
36 Shari Hausbeck                               17.31
37 Becca Blay (Team Dean)                       18.09
38 Alexandra Robinette (Bicycle Sports Shop)    19.26
39 Hana Fiserova (MTBchick.Com/Cannondale)      21.54
40 Lora Heckman (Laurel St Racing-Optic)        23.08
41 Rachel Massey                                24.32
42 Leslie Gilmore (Soulcraft)                   28.37
43 Lisa Peck (Biogen-Idec)                      33.41
DNF Jennifer Todd (Cannondale)                       
DNF Rhonda Quick                                     
DNF Catherine Walberg (Kenda)                        
DNF Michele Niles-Benedetti                          
DNF Ellen Carroll (Atlanta Pro Bikes)                
DNF Kimberly Flynn (Defeet)                          
DNF Jessica Kisiel (MTBchick.Com/Cannondale)         
DNF Darcy Cornell- Foley (Jansko Wheelworks)         

Final overall standings

Pro men
1 Geoff Kabush (Maxxis)                              
2 Ryder Hesjedal (Subaru-Gary Fisher)                
3 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek/VW)                          
4 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelsk (RLX Ralph Lauren)           
5 Max Plaxton (Rocky Mtn Business)                   
6 Seamus McGrath (Haro Bikes)                        
7 Liam Killeen (Subaru/Gary Fisher)                  
8 Jason Sager (Thunderbird/Bicycle)                  
9 Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn/ Business)              
10 Roland Green (Trek/Volkswagen)                    
11 Chris Sheppard (Haro)                             
12 Todd Wells (Mongoose/Hyundi)                      
13 Mathieu Toulouse (Gearsracing.Com)                
14 John Devine (U23 Mational Team)                   
15 Jesse Jakomait (Gearsracing.Com)                  
16 Brent Miller (Bianchi)                            
17 Alan Obye (U23 National Team)                     
18 Bart Gillespie (Biogen-Idec)                      
19 Frank Mapel (Specilized Usa)                      
20 Sam Schultz (U23 National Team)                   
21 Doug Swanson (Trek/VW)                            
22 Peter Wedge (Kona/Clarks/Lesgets)                 
23 Nick Waite (U23 National Team)                    
24 Travis Brown (Trek/Volkswagen)                    
25 Nathan Phillips (Solar Eclipse)                   
26 Tristan Schouten (Pcw Cycling Team)               
27 Chris Eatough (Trek/VW)                           
28 Jay Henry (Specialized Usa)                       
29 Mark Weir (Wtbsantacruz)                          
30 Barry Wicks (Kona-Clarks Factory)                 
31 Kris Sneddon                                      
32 Mike West (Giant Oso Energy)                      
33 Josh Bezecny (Dean Bicycles)                      
34 Cesar Grajales (Maxxis)                           
35 Damian Calvert (Cannondale/Team Sol)              
36 Brian Astell (Independent)                        
37 Douglas Ryden (Pro Cycling)                       
38 Rob Scott (Cannondale)                            
39 Eric Jones (Biogen-Idec)                          
40 Charles Pendry (Btd Racing)                       
41 Derek Wilkerson (Specialized)                     
42 Brent Brookwalter (Balance Bar/ Devo)             
43 Brandon Ott (Tailwind)                            
44 Cody Peterson (3 D Racing Easton)                 
45 Charles Storm (Btd Racing)                        
46 Ariel Lindsley (Subaru/Gary Fisher)               
47 Jimi Mortenson (Specialized)                      
48 Ryan Trebon (Konaclarkslesgets)                   
49 Scott Wingo (123Bikes.Com/Intense)                
50 Bryan Fawley (Team WV Bon Jovi)                   
51 Dave Wiens (RLX Ralph Lauren)                     
52 Adam Hoppe (Ochsner)                              
53 Evan Plews (E-Caps/Rudy Project)                  
54 Amon Pease (Intense)                              
55 Ean Bradley (Southeastern Trek)                   
56 Nat Ross (Subaru- Gary Fisher)                    
57 Billy Holmes (Intense Cycles)                     
58 Edward Ceccolini (Titus/Maxmschwalbe)             
59 Jesse Rients (Penn Cycles/Nature)                 
60 Patrick Bush (Clif Bar/Trek)                      
61 Clint Muhlfeld (Big Mountain &)                   
62 Dan Swanson (Nature Valley)                       
63 Warren Gravely (Dean Bicycles)                    
64 Carlos Gennero (Gennero Cycling)                  
65 Steve Tilford (Moots/Shimano)                     
66 Eric Atwood (Bri Cycling Team)                    
67 Mitch Moreman (Hassle Free Sports)                
68 Joshua Powers (Speedbikes)                        
69 Wade Bootes (Trek/Volkswagon)                     
70 Adam Craig (Giant/Pearl Izumi)                    
71 Jacob Fetty (John Deere)                          
Pro women
1 Alison Sydor (Rocky Mtn Business)                  
2 Alison Dunlap (Luna Womens MTB)                    
3 Katerina Hanusova (Luna Women MTB)                 
4 Willow Koerber (RLX Ralph Lauren)                  
5 Susan Haywood (Trek-Volkswagen)                    
6 Kiara Bisaro (Gearsracing.Com)                     
7 Chrissy Redden (Subaru-Gary Fisher)                
8 Kelli Emmett (Specialized)                         
9 Kerry Barnholt (Subaru-Gary Fisher)                
10 Trish Sinclair (Gearsracing.Com)                  
11 Sarah Noble (Rocky Mtn Business)                  
12 Jimena Florit (RLX Ralph Lauren)                  
13 Dara Marks-Marino (Ford Racing)                   
14 Gretchen Reeves (Rocky Mtn / Business)            
15 Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna Womens MTB)            
16 Heather Irmiger (Tokyo Joes)                      
17 Kimberly Anderson (T-Mobile)                      
18 Jenny Copnall (Subaru-Gary Fisher)                
19 Julie Emmerman                                    
20 Tonya Laffey (MTBchick.Com/Cannondale)            
21 Sally Warner (Biogen-Idec)                        
22 Josie Beggs (Starbucks-Doublesho)                 
23 Erin Winter (Orbea)                               
24 Abigail Hippely (Klein Maverick)                  
25 Kathy Sherwin (Cannondale)                        
26 Kristy Mantz (P Towne Racing)                     
27 Judy Freeman (Cannondale)                         
28 Lisa Matlock (Ford)                               
29 Jennifer Wilson                                   
30 Nicole Habay (Speed Bikes)                        
31 Kristi Lewis (Sun & Ski Sports/Haro)              
32 Nina Baum                                         
33 Alicia Hamilton (Giant/ Dark Horse)               
34 Shannon Tupa (Tokyo Joes)                         
35 Shari Hausbeck                                    
36 Mandi Riddle (Team Wv Bon Jovi)                   
37 Becca Blay (Team Dean)                            
38 Alexandra Robinette (Bicycle Sports Shop)         
39 Hana Fiserova (MTBchick.Com/Cannondale)           
40 Rachel Massey                                     
41 Lora Heckman (Laurel St Racing-Optic)             
42 Leslie Gilmore (Soulcraft)                        
43 Lisa Peck (Biogen-Idec)                           
44 Jennifer Todd (Cannondale)                        
45 Rhonda Quick                                      
46 Catherine Walberg (Kenda)                         
47 Michele Niles-Benedetti                           
48 Ellen Carroll (Atlanta Pro Bikes)                 
49 Kimberly Flynn (Defeet)                           
50 Jessica Kisiel (MTBchick.Com/Cannondale)          
51 Darcy Cornell- Foley (Jansko Wheelworks)