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Mosquito/Kinesis London Cyclo-Cross League #8/ Eastern Daily Press/Ivan Jeckell/Eastern Cross League #9

Shaftesbury CC, Eastway, November 24, 2002

Combined races makes for big fields and exciting competition

By www.Londoncyclesport.com

We all shrugged our shoulders when it began to rain just before the Under 12s, but it was just for a few moments and the rest of the day was dry and the 'Eastway' wind faded away to leave us warm and happy.

With riders from both the London and Eastern Leagues riding together for the 2nd time this season we saw large fields in all races.


The senior field rode half a lap before hitting the rough stuff and as the leaders made easy work of the first short, sharp ascent at Cleary's the rest of the field flowed back to the top of Oxo Hill.

At the front of the field a 3 man group consisting of Matt Holmes (Arctic RT), Glenn Stanford (Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK) and Carl Davey (RT/Elmy Cycles) were pulling away from the rest. A foot down by one rider on the 1st climb saw a chain reaction which delayed riders such as Mick Bell (London Fire Brigade) and in turn riders fell over each other, but it was amazing how few tempers were lost.

As the leading 3 continued to pull away, Bell led the chase with Nick Ainswiorth (James Hay RT) in close attendance and these two settled 4th spot in a sprint finish, which ended in Bell's favour.

Next up was top Junior Ian Field (SFACC) who had broken away from a group featuring Nathan Miller (Ipswich BC), Greg Simcock (RT/Elmy Cycles) and Chris Remnant (Hargroves Cycles).

With the race half over Davey attacked and Stanford responded whilst Holmes fell back and was never to regain the leaders. The endgame of the race saw Davey and Stanford never far from each other and with one lap to go no one sure who would take it, as they passed the finish line nose to tail.

With a good crowd around the finish area a buzz went up as they hit the last metres. Davey had attacked and had built a bikes lengths advantage, this become just a wheel's length as Stanford tried to come back. Holmes was a safe 3rd.

Field took the Junior honours from Chris Bartlett (Ipswich BC), Bell was best Veteran ahead of Remnant and Carl McDonagh (Brixton Cycles). In the Women's category Abigail Armstrong (London Phoenix) gave best to Averil Milligan (Team Caledonia) in the opening laps but she pulled herself together to overtake and build a winning margin and to place an excellent 57th overall.


From the start David Wood (VC Deal) and Kristian Downs (API Resprays/Specialized/Metrow Foods) went head to head and there was little difference between the two as they made light work of the course.

We looked forward to a great finish, but we were denied when Downs punctured with 2 to go, he then had to ride almost half a lap on the rim before dad came to his rescue. Downs was now behind Shane Aldous (VC Norwich/Fitt Signs) and it's credit to Downs that he put his head down and chased. He caught Aldous and try as he might Wood was too good to give up his win.

Andrew Griffiths (Lee Valley Youth CC) and Billy-Joe Whenman (Team Darenth) rode closely in the early stages, but it was Griffiths who had the edge to win the Under 14s. Katie Wade (VC Deal) was best girl from a talented looking Helen Dunning (Colchester Rovers).

Under 12

Brilliant, just brilliant, the Under 12 race was the best we have ever seen and we can't think of one rider who wasn't mixing it with vigor.

Michael Butler (VC Deal) led the large field at the start, but on his heels were Joe Perrett (Lee Valley Youth CC), Mark Baxter (VC Deal) and James Wade (VC Deal).

Just off this group we saw a fantastic dice for 4th between Sam Johnson (VC Deal), Daniel Layton (Team Darenth) and Brett Jackelman (Team Darenth).

Butler and Perrett pulled away from Baxter in the closing stages of the race and only a second made the difference between Butler in 1st and Perrett in 2nd. Baxter was 3rd at 10 seconds and Wade 4th at 27 seconds.

Meanwhile Johnson had got away from his group to take 5th and wastop Under 10, as Layton placed 6th and Jackelman 7th.

Jessica Rix (Lee Valley Youth CC) featured strongly in the race to be best girl and to take 9th just 3 seconds down on Jackelman.

All the Under 12s deserve our fullest praise and it was pleasing to see a massive step in performance by riders such as Serena Butler (VC Deal) who switched from her pink little 'girls" bike to a proper MTB and she looked and was competitive. Great stuff!


Seniors/Women/Juniors/Veterans, 8 laps
1 Carl Davey (X RT/Elmy Cycles)                         59.16
2 Glenn Stanford (Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK)        0.01
3 Matt Holmes (Artic RT)                                 1.39
4 Mick Bell (London Fire Brigade)                        1.48
5 Nick Ainswiorth (James Hay RT)                         1.51
6 Ian Field (SFACC)                                      2.38
7 Nathan Miller (Ipswich BC)                             3.02
8 Greg Simcock (X RT/Elmy Cycles)                        3.41
9 Chris Remnant (Hargroves Cycles)                       3.46
10 Carl McDonagh (Brixton Cycles)                        6.45
11 Hugo Hockwell (St Ives)                               7.03
12 M Fawcett (London Phoenix)                            7.57
13 Ivan Birch (Interbike)                                8.07
14 Neil Stevens (Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK)         8.12
15 Geoff Bores (Basildon CC)                             8.14
16 Mark Farrow (VC Norwich / Fitt Signs)                 8.17
17 Stuart Chattin (Senior Anglia Sport)                  8.19
18 Dave Copland (Ipswich BC)                             8.28
19 Nat Spurling (Finsbury Park)                          8.36
20 Mark Russell (VC Meudon)                              8.38
21 Chris Bartlett (Ipswich BC)                           8.55
22 Ray Coop (VC Deal)                                    9.05
23 Richard Munday (Addiscombe)                          10.53
One lap behind
24 Steven Griffiths (Lee Valley Youth CC)
25 William Bell (Gemini BC)
26 Melvinder Basra (Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK)
27 Chris Gooch (Team Clean)
28 M Levis (London Phoenix)
29 Martin Lloyd (ERV Bianchi)
30 Carlton Ainsworth (Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK)
31 Alan Duncan (GS Invicta)
32 James Cocker (Unattached)
33 Graham Freer (Finsbury Park)
34 Michael Dunn (Unattached)
35 John Terrell (Unattached)
36 Craig Tindall (Finsbury Park)
37 Rob Wright (Shaftesbury)
38 Mark Cole (Addiscombe)
39 Kevin Barker (Southend Wheelers)
40 Danny Berry (London Phoenix)
41 G Stacey (Catford)
42 D Young (Crest)
43 K Martin (Team Darenth)
44 Robert Smith (Ipswich BC)
45 M Cordeus (Unattached)
46 Mark Wyer (London Phoenix)
47 Matt Kyle (Basildon CC)
48 David Steele (London Phoenix)
49 Mark Wade (VC Deal)
50 Jonathan Hemming (Addiscombe CC)
51 David Smith (Catford CC)
52 Stuart Hocknell (St. Ives CC)
53 Fred Huskett (Shaftesbury)
Two laps behind
54 Barry Allen (London Phoenix)
55 P Hayes (PCA Orbea)
56 Abigail Armstrong (London Phoenix)
57 Marek Glowinski (VCL)
58 Roger Hornsby (Catford CC)
59 Ian Poole (Mildenhall CC)
60 G Oelmann (LVYCC)
61 J Gough (GS Invicta)
62 Mick Curtis (Corridori)
63 M Gibbons (South Eastern RC)
64 Alan French (Corridori/Specialized RT)
65 D Bell (Unattached)
66 Jim Whenman (Team Darenth)
67 Robert Griffiths (Lee Valley Youth CC)
68 Stephanie Betts (London Phoenix)
69 Paul Toohey (Army CU)
70 Alex Protasiuk (Addiscombe)
Three laps behind
71 Amanda Tuke (London Phoenix)
72 Anthony Perrett (Lee Valley YCC)
73 Linda Richardson (Unattached)
74 Adrian Richardson (Leaside)
75 Anna Glowinski (VCL)
76 Averil Milligan (Team Caledonia)
77 Peter Chadwick (Unattached)
DNF Keith Richardson (Mildenhall CC)
DNF Brian Curtis (Corridori)
DNF Jason Bridge (Unattached)
DNF Paul Smith (Ipswich BC)
DNF Mark Burdon (Phoenix)
DNF Danny Rudd (De Laune CC)
DNF Mick Faber (Unattached)
DNF Sean Blakey (Finsbury Park)
DNF Tim Butler (Ipswich BC)
DNF Kieran Dunlea (PCA Cyclos Uno)
Youth, 4 laps
1 David Wood (VC Deal)                                  32.20
2 Kristian Downs (API Resprays/Specialized/Metrow Foods) 0.46
3 Shane Aldous (VC Norwich / Fitt Signs)                 0.53
4 Robert Whenman (Team Darenth)                          1.42
5 James Coop (VC Deal)                                   2.18
6 Andrew Griffiths (Lee Valley Youth CC)                 3.16
7 Billy (Whenman YouthTeam Darenth)                      4.07
8 Tom Morri (Youth Anglia Sport)                         4.11
9 Tom Smart (VC Deal)                                    4.58
10 Alex Paton (VC Deal)                                  7.44
11 Carl Harris (Eastern Region Velo)                     8.48
12 Jack Oleman (Lee Valley Youth CC)                    12.29
One lap behind
13 James Jackson (Lee Valley Youth CC)
14 Chris Richardson (VC Deal)
15 Paul Watts (Ipswich BC)
16 Katie Wade (VC Deal)
17 Mark Chapman (Unattached)
18 Helen Dunning (Colchester Rovers)
19 Jack Dennis (Lee Valley CC)
Three laps behind
20 Rafael Oelmann (Lee Valley CC)
DNF Nick Stacey (Catford CC)
Under 12
1 Michael Butler (VC Deal)                              14.21
2 Joe Perrett (Lee Valley Youth CC)                      0.01
3 Mark Baxter (VC Deal)                                  0.10
4 James Wade (VC Deal)                                   0.27
5 Sam Johnson (VC Deal)                                  1.23
6 Daniel Layton (Team Darenth)                           1.28
7 Brett Jackelman (Team Darenth)                         1.57
8 John Price (Lee Valley Youth CC)                       2.00
9 Jessica Rix (Lee Valley Youth CC)                      2.37
10 Daniel Young (Lee Valley Youth CC)                    2.51
11 Max Sykes (VC Deal)                                   3.28
One lap behind
12 Sam Mills (PCA Ciclos Uno)
13 Sam Bores (Lee Valley Youth CC)
14 Attrons Hansel (VC Deal)
15 Liam White (VC Deal)

Two laps behind
16 Serena Butler (VC Deal)
17 Ryan Jackelman (Team Darenth)
18 Sean Dunlea (Lee Valley CC)
19 Ben Schultz (Brixton Cycles)
DNF Catrin McDonagh (Brixton Cycles)
DNF Isobel Clemente (Brixton Cycles)
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