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Chicago 'Cross Cup #5 - NE

Bartlett, Illinois, October 26, 2008


McLaughlin continuous winning streak, Upshaw solos to victory

By Imelda March

The Riddler
Photo ©: Luke Seeman
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A sunny but extremely windy day greeted the riders in the village of Bartlett, a northwest suburb of Chicago. This is the second year that this race is held in this suburb. The race course was peppered with multiple twists, fast pavement, mud and four barriers. The single barrier greeted the riders moments after the gun. A three-barrier combination was strategically placed within yards of the finish line coupled with a twisty section with an uphill combination that led the riders to a sharp left into the straight away leading into the finish line.

Elite Men

Scott McLaughlin (Sram Factory Team) added a second victory to his arsenal of successes in this year's campaign. Not far behind in hot pursuit, the chasers exchanged positions deep into the race. As laps wound down the mud settled with Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes) in second, Kevin Klug (Killjjoy) in third, Luca Lenzi (Pony Shop) in fourth and Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes) rounding out the podium.

Elite Women

The nine women field started the race and missing were several powerhouses that decided to stay on "terra firma" rather than get blown away by the strong winds. Holly Klug (Killjoy) takes the hole shot and lead into the first barrier followed closely by June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes) and the others. Immediately after the remount Klug (Killjoy) attempted to spin uphill going nowhere. She was victim of a bottom bracket mechanical. She was left behind with plenty of gas left in her tank. Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes) took the lead and battled the high-force winds to take the solo win. The podium was rounded out by Leah Sanda (Flatlandia) in second, Jessica Hill (Trails End Cycling) in third, Debbie Pielet (Albertos) in fourth and Beth Christiansen (XXX Racing AthletiCo) topped off the top five.


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Images by Luke Seeman


Elite Men
1 Scott McLaughlin (SRAM)                             
2 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)                
3 Kevin Klug (Killjoy)                                
4 Luca Lenzi (Pony Shop)                              
5 Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)        
6 Michael Hemme (Killjoy)                             
7 Aspen Gorry (Pony Shop)                             
8 Tim Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)                 
9 Brad Zoller                                         
10 Brian Dougherty (Verdigris Custom Homes)           
11 Bryan McVey (VisionQuest)                          
12 Ryan Cooper (Flatlandia)                           
13 John Dapkus (Bicycle Heaven)                       
14 Dave Norton (Johnny Sprockets)                     
15 Ryan Gingerich                                     
16 Ernesto Ciccolini (VanWagner)                      
17 Holly Klug (Killjoy)                               
18 Ara Oggoian (Bicycle Heaven)                       
Elite Women 
1 June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes)                
2 Leah Sanda (Flatlandia)                             
3 Jessica Hill (Trails End Cycling)                   
4 Debbie Pielet (Albertos Sport)                      
5 Beth Christiansen (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)     
6 Emily Macdonald (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)       
7 Gina Kenny (ABD)                                    
8 Imelda March (Team Kenda Tire)                      
Masters 30+
1 Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)        
2 Eric Sondag (VisionQuest)                           
3 Michael Heagney (PYOC)                              
4 Brian Dougherty (Verdigris Custom Homes)            
5 Scott McLaughlin (SRAM Factory)                     
6 Lou Kuhn (Pony Shop)                                
7 Matt Silva (Unattached)                             
8 Michael Naughton (Guiness/Wheelworks)               
9 Mark Feary (Pony Shop)                              
10 Jason Wagner (Flatlandia)                          
11 Walid Abu Ghazaleh (VanWagner/Yojimbos)            
12 John Gatto (Mars/Twin Six)                         
13 Greg Aronson (Dice)                                
14 Jeffery Whiteman (Northbrook Cycle)                
15 Bob Karlow (Verdigris Custom Homes)                
16 Mike Gipson (Unattached)                           
17 Jason Meshberg (Flatlandia)                        
18 Brad Dash (ABD)                                    
19 William Monson (Dice)                              
20 Kevin Heppner (Killjoy Racing)                     
21 Brian Karlow (ABD)                                 
22 Jason Klien (Redline/Village Cycle)                
23 Joseph Kallo (UCVC)                                
24 Gregory Gohman (Redline/Village Cycle)             
25 Wesley Walker (Unattached)                         
26 Matt Klemish (Dice)                                
27 ??                                                 
28 William Jackson (Unattached)                       
29 Kevin Perez (Turin)                                
30 Ryan Crabbe (Columbus Bike Racing)                 
Masters 40+
1 Tim Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)                 
2 Tom Taylor (PYOC)                                   
3 Bryan Rheude (Pony Shop)                            
4 Chris Henning (Northbrook Cycle)                    
5 William Huntsberger (Dice)                          
6 Michael Stanley (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
7 James Brady (Pony Shop)                             
8 James Linn (Turin)                                  
9 Robert Schrank (Team Type I)                        
10 Richard Prodans (Colavita)                         
11 Jim Nowak (ABD)                                    
12 Robert Antinetti (Colavita)                        
13 Stephen Feehery (So. Chicago Wheelmen)             
14 Thomas Whittman (Bike Shop)                        
15 Jeff Provisor (North Branch Cycling)               
16 Charles Rulich (Unattached)                        
17 Kevin Flowers (Bike Shop)                          
18 Andy Montgomery (Unattached)                       
19 Chuck Judy (Turin)                                 
20 Tony Pacini (ABD)                                  
21 Andrew Hines (Team Mack)                           
22 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cyclesport)                 
23 Thomas Flynn (Killjoy)                             
24 Roman Mandzij (Pony Shop)                          
25 Lyle Pistel (Unattached)                           
Masters 50+
1 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)                
2 Phillip Curran (Dice)                               
3 Thomas Carlson (Unattached)                         
4 Fred Faller (Unattached)                            
5 Edward Bartley (Tower Racing)                       
6 Thomas Erps (Dice)                                  
7 John Craychee (Unattached)                          
8 Thomas Swatek (Unattached)                          
9 Walter Stoops (Unattached)                          
10 John Duncker (Unattached)                          
11 Albert Weigel (VCR)                                
12 Tim Belton (TATI)                                  
13 Julian Coupland (VeloClub)                         
14 Richard Kryszak (So. Chicago Wheelman)             
15 Joel Roth (UCVC)                                   
Cat 3
1 Dave Norton (Johnny Sprockets)                      
2 Brad Zoller (Unattached)                            
3 Jason Knauff (Vitamin Water)                        
4 Andrew Daley (Vitamin Water)                        
5 Scott Arrigoni (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
6 Jeffery Wat (Vitamin Water)                         
7 Brian Parker (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)          
8 Al Urbanski (Chicago Cutting Crew)                  
9 Ryan Gingerich                                      
10 J. Brook Porter (Higher Gear)                      
11 Jeffery Holland (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)      
12 Michael Seguin (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)       
13 Chris Kinonen (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)        
14 Luke Seeman (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)          
15 Adam Clark (Chicago Cutting Crew)                  
16 Nicholas Dornik (Turin)                            
17 Ernesto Ciccolini (VanWagner)                      
18 Michael Hoffart (Albertos Sport)                   
19 Adrian Silva (Half Acre Cycling)                   
20 Michael Wakeley (Blue Competition Cycles)          
Women Cat 4
1 Eileen Neville (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)        
2 Anona Whitley (Wild Card)                           
3 Lara Mele                                           
4 Angela Koch (Vision Quest)                          
5 Stacey Conrad (Mission Bay)                         
6 Lynne Arrigoni (Redline\Village Cyclesport)         
7 Lynsey Gemmell (Vision Quest)                       
8 Julia Ashermann                                     
9 Carolyn Golz (Pony Shop)                            
10 Carolyn Daley Scott                                
11 Mary Roe (Team Apache)                             
1 Brandon Feehery (So. Chicago Wheelman)              
2 David Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
3 Daniel Gonzalez                                     
4 Juan Carlos Gonzalez                                
5 Ruben Garcia                                        
6 Emmanuel Gonzalez                                   
Cat 4-A
1 John Lionberger (Pony Shop)                         
2 John Kurtz (Unattached)                             
3 Garrison Riegal (Unattached)                        
4 Brandon Leach (Johnny Sprockets)                    
5 John Parr                                           
6 Mike Conroy (Mission Bay)                           
7 Maxwell Riordan (Chicago Cuttin Crew)               
8 Terry Palmer (Essex Brass Cycling Team)             
9 Kyle Wiberg (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)           
10 Cliff Golz (Pony Shop)                             
11 Troy Crady (Mission Bay)                           
12 Philip Szyjka (Johnny Sprockets)                   
13 Colm Flannery (Boulder)                            
14 Benjamin Levitt (Turin)                            
15 Mike Gipson                                        
16 Michael Kirby (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)        
17 Scott Michalik (VisionQuest)                       
18 Peter Garde (Mission Bay)                          
19 Damon Nelson (Beverly Bike)                        
20 David Pilotto (Flatlandia)                         
21 Anthony Bustamante (Hup United)                    
22 Brian Karlow (ABD)                                 
23 Anthony Rienks (Beverly Bike)                      
24 Scott Searbuch (Pony Shop)                         
25 David Bender (BikeJournal.com)                     
26 Aaron Post (Mission Bay)                           
27 Kendall Jackson (Mission Bay)                      
28 Elvis Falbo (Beverly Bike)                         
29 Thomas Flynn (Killjoy)                             
30 Patrick Morgan (Beverly Bike)                      
31 James Sorrell (VisionQuest)                        
32 Mike Strickley (Illinois State Cycling)            
33 Thomas Kenny (TeamExtreme)                         
34 Mike Grimm (Flatlandia)                            
35 David Bowers (Half Acre)                           
36 William Jackson                                    
37 James Ira Spencer (BKB/MMR)                        
38 Fred McDonald (Flatlandia)                         
39 Michael Benedek (Unattached)                       
40 Ryan Crabbe (Columbus Bike Racing)                 
41 Nicky Silvestri (Illinois State Cycling)           
Cat 4-B
1 Grant Austin (Cycle Smithy)                         
2 Amar Mannina (Rocky Mounts - Izze racing)           
3 Kyle Hagerman (Team Pegasus)                        
4 Eric Refvik (Verdigris Custom Homes)                
5 John Villena (Cycle Smithy)                         
6 Jonathan Fairman (Courage)                          
7 Martin Michalowicz (Unattached)                     
8 Brandon Scheiner (Team Pegasus)                     
9 Wells Jackson (Unattached)                          
10 Eric Nordstrom (TATI)                              
11 Adam Hanzel (Unattached)                           
12 Lew Chin (Cycle Smithy)                            
13 Jeff Norris (TATI)                                 
14 Dmitri Sandbeck (Unattached)                       
15 Timothy McGovern (UCVC)                            
16 Sean Kozak (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)           
17 Robert Curtis (Bicycle Heaven)                     
18 Kevin Pietka (Unattached)                          
19 Robert Murray (Beverly Bike)                       
20 Jorge Cerritos (Beverly Bike)                      
21 Joe Bippus (So. Chicago Wheelmen)                  
22 Joseph Maxwell (Unattached)                        
23 Adam Dell (Unattached)                             
24 Dave Brigman (Unattached)                          
25 Michael Kelly (So. Chicago Wheelmen)               
26 Chris Strahm (Rosco Village Bikes)                 
27 John Dell'Osso (Rosco Village Bikes)               
28 Kenneth Benavides (Unattached)                     
29 Mike Grimm (Flatlandia)                            
30 Bjorn Briquist                                     
31 Scott Larson (Cycle Smithy)                        
32 Bryan Conley                                       
33 Cameron Pease (Unattached)                         
34 George Lambros (Unattached)                        
35 Joseph Castello (Beverly Bike)                     
36 Sergio Moreno (Beverly Bike)                       
37 Matthew Haiduk (Bicycle Heaven)                    
38 Guy Graves (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)           
39 Matthew Stevenson (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)    
40 Jonathan Connell (Unattached)                      
41 Robert Hale (XXX Racing AthletiCo Racing)          
42 Joe Sutton (Unattached)                            
43 Justin Andrews (Bicycle Heaven)                    
44 Scott Dunham (Unattached)                          
45 Andrew Spenny (Unattached