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 UCI codes explained

Chicago 'Cross Cup #4 - NE

Carpenter Park, Illinois, October 21, 2008


McLaughlin, Much kick up the sand to victory in Chicago

By Imelda March

Ben "Where's my UCI point" Popper (HRS Rock Lobster)
Photo ©: Amy Dykema
(Click for larger image)

Temperatures finally hit the "crispy side" of things in Chicago and it actually felt like cross weather had finally arrived. Crossers came out fresh and ready to tackle the newly redesigned Carpenter Park course. Jeff Provisor, owner of Main Street Bicycles and race director added two fast paved sections with a u-turn and multiple twisty areas that kept racers with their thinking helmets on alert.

This year Provisor combined his efforts with Village of Carpentersville and created the OktoberCross Festival. Provisor told me that, "he had approached the Village of Carpentersville for approval for the cross race at Carpenter Park with the addition of hosting a Beer Garden." He explains that "I have been jealous of the race vibe they have on the coasts and Europe, and dreamed of one day making our cross race more of big community event. As it turned out, the village was looking to expand its own Fall Festival and asked if we could combine events to create what is now called OktoberCross."

Elite Men

The battle of the day was between Scott McLaughlin (Sram Factory Team) and Ben "where's my UCI point" Popper (HRS Rock Lobster) who went head-to-head on this flat and somewhat technical course. In the end, Scott McLaughlin (Sram Factory Team) put in a surge and took the race. He was followed by Ben "where's my UCI point" Popper (HRS Rock Lobster) in 2nd, Brian Conant (Pony Shop) in 3rd, Luca Lenzi (Pony Shop) in 4th with Kevin Klug (Killjoy) rounding out the podium.

Elite Women

Rebecca Much (XXX Racing/AthletiCo), the current United States U23 TT Champion has been coming out to frolic while she prepares for her road campaign. She took the whole shot, stepped on the gas and kept it in high cruise control to the end. Seconds behind chasing, in 2nd place Debbie Dust (Verdigris Custom Homes) and her lethal companion June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes) taking 3rd place, followed by Holly Klug (Killjoy) in fourth place and Leah Sanda (Flatlandia) completes the top five spots.


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Images by Amy Dykema

Images by Luke Seeman


Elite Men
1 Scott McLaughlin (SRAM Factory Team)                  
2 Ben Popper (HRS Rock Lobster)                         
3 Brian Conant (Pony Shop)                              
4 Luca Lenzi (Pony Shop)                                
5 Kevin Klug (Killjoy)                                  
6 Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)          
7 Matthew Stewart (Bicycle Heaven)                      
8 Aspen Gorry (Pony Shop)                               
9 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
10 Brad Zoller                                          
11 Michael Hemme (Killjoy)                              
12 John Dapkus (Bicycle Heaven)                         
13 Matt Brandt (Mesa Cycles)                            
14 Al Urbanski (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                    
15 Ted Ramos (Get A Grip)                               
16 Ara Oggoian (Bicycle Heaven)                         
17 Ryan Gingerich                                       
18 Michael James (Baraboo Sharks)                       
19 Ernesto Ciccolini (Van Wagner Yojimbo)               
20 Jeff Holland (XXX Racing Athletico)                  
21 Tim Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
22 Luke Seeman (XXX Racing Athletico)                   
23 Peter Chrapkowski (Killjoy)                          
24 Brian Dougherty (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
25 Greg Heck (XXX Racing Athletico)                     
Elite Women
1 Rebecca Much (XXX Racing Athletico)                   
2 Debbie Dust (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
3 June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
4 Holly Klug (Killjoy Racing)                           
5 Leah Sanda (Flatlandia)                               
6 Jessica Hill (Trails End Cycling)                     
7 Debbie Pielet (Albertos)                              
8 Gina Kenny (ABD)                                      
9 Emily Macdonald (XXX Racing Athletico)                
10 Beth Christiansen (XXX Racing Athletico)             
11 Imelda March (Team Kenda Tire)                       
12 Lisa Distel                                          
13 Sue Semaszczuk (ABD)                                 
Category 3
1 Jason Knauff (Burnham Racing)                         
2 Dave Norton (Johnny Sprockets)                        
3 Tim Yuska                                             
4 Greg Heck (XXX Racing Athletico)                      
5 Scott Arrigoni (Verdigris Custom Homes)               
6 Devon Haskell (Pony Shop)                             
7 Al Urbansky (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                     
8 Peter Chrapkowski (Killjoy)                           
8 Ryan Gingarsh                                         
9 Andrew Daley (Vitamin Water Trek)                     
10 Michael Seguin (XXX Racing Athletico)                
11 Ernesto Ciccolini (Van Wagner Yojimbo)               
12 Jeff Holland (XXX Racing Athletico)                  
14 Luke Seeman (XXX Racing Athletico)                   
15 Kevin Clark (Half Acre Cycling)                      
16 Adrian Silva (Half Acre Cycling)                     
17 Rich Delgado (Redline)                               
18 Jason Para                                           
19 Jim Nowak (ABD)                                      
20 Jason Alavado (XXX Racing Athletico)                 
21 Eddie Bartley (Tower Racing)                         
22 Eric Goodwin (Vitamin Water Trek)                    
30+ Men
1 Christian Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)           
2 Matt Silvia                                           
3 Lou Kuhn (Pony Shop)                                  
4 Eric Sondag (Vision Quest)                            
5 Keith McMahon (Van Wagner-Yojimbos)                   
6 Rob Kelly (Bicycle Heaven)                            
7 John Gatto (Mars Twin Six)                            
8 Mark Feary (Pony Shop)                                
9 Ted Ramos (Get a Grip)                                
10 Michael Hengney (PYOC RRB)                           
11 Jason Meshberg (Flatlandia)                          
12 Bob Karlow (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
13 Walid Abu-Ghazaleh (Van Wagner-Yojimbos)             
14 Avi Neurohr (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                    
15 Kevin Heppner (Killjoy Racing)                       
16 Chris Kinonen (XXX Racing-Athletico)                 
17 Michael Macedon (SRAM)                               
18 Adam Zucco                                           
19 Rob Paguet-Schofielde (Wild Card Racing)             
20 Brian Karlow                                         
21 Brad Nash                                            
22 Greg Niedbala (Project 5 Racing)                     
23 Joe Kallo (UCVC)                                     
24 Greg Cohman (Red Line Racing Village Cycle)          
25 Jason Klein (Red Line Racing Village Cycle)          
26 Peter Allen (XXX Racing-Athletico)                   
27 Lucas Llado                                          
28 William Jackson                                      
29 Marc Moeller (North Branch)                          
30 Joe Conway                                           
31 Ken Dorado (Get a Grip)                              
32 Kevin Perez (Turin)                                  
40+ Men
1 Tim Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)                   
2 Christian Zauner (Calistoga)                          
3 Bryan Rhelide (Pony Shop)                             
4 Tom Taylor (PYOC RRB)                                 
5 Steel Bokhof (Turin)                                  
6 James Linn (Turin)                                    
7 James Brady (Pony Shop)                               
8 Tony Pacini (ABD)                                     
9 Andrew Hines (Team Mack)                              
10 Mark McNeill (North Branch)                          
11 Roman Mandzij (Pony Shop)                            
13 Richard Prodans (Colavita)                           
14 Tim Gallagher                                        
15 Jeff Provisor (North Branch)                         
16 Michael Stanley (XXX Racing Athletico)               
17 Duane Higgs (Redline)                                
18 Gene McDowell (Wild Card Racing)                     
19 Vince Boyen (Village Cycle Sport)                    
20 Lyle Distel                                          
21 Charles Rulich                                       
50+ Men
1 Al Weigel (Velo Club Roubaix)                         
2 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
3 Thomas Carlson                                        
4 Greg Youngen (Blue Competition Cycles)                
5 Walter Stoops                                         
6 Joel Roth (UCVC)                                      
7 Tom Belton (Team Tati)                                
8 Marty Withrow (Echelon)                               
9 Rich Kryszak (South Chicago Wheelmen)                 
10 John Duncker                                         
11 Thomas Swatter                                       
12 Fred McDonald (Flatlandia)                           
13 Julian Coupland (Velo Club Roubaix)                  
14 Mike Ruzich (Lone Wolf Racing)                       
Category 4 Women
1 Emily Cocks (Vision Quest)                            
2 Angela Koch (Vision Quest)                            
3 Sophia Lee (Team Tati)                                
4 Anona Whitley                                         
5 Lara Mele                                             
6 Tamara Fraser (XXX Racing Athletico)                  
7 Amy Comstock                                          
8 Caroline Shuster (Team Tati)                          
9 Lynsey Gemmell                                        
10 Kathryn Connolly                                     
11 Lynne Arrigoni (Redline Racing)                      
12 Anne Barnes (Turin)                                  
13 Liz So (Team Tati)                                   
14 Monica Rice                                          
15 Mary Roe (Team Apache)                               
16 Julie Popper (Half Acre Cycling)                     
17 Carolyn Golz (Pony Shop)                             
18 Susan Bird (Team Tati)                               
19 Paige Cowles (Team Tati)                             
20 Jennifer Bortman                                     
21 Natalie Pendergrass                                  
1 Brandon Feehery (South Chicago Wheelmen)              
2 Josh Tromp (Turin)                                    
3 David Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)               
4 Connor Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)                
5 Andy Harrison (Redline Racing Village Cyclesport)     
6 Michael James (Baraboo Sharks)                        
7 Aaron Harrison (Redline Racing Village Cyclesport)    
Category 4 Men A
1 Michael Naughton (Guiness)                            
2 Ryan Cooper (Flatlandia)                              
3 Brian Hague (Team Tati)                               
4 Maxwell Riordan (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                 
5 Jeffrey Whiteman (Northbrook Garner)                  
6 John Kurtz                                            
7 Nicholas Dornik (Turin)                               
8 Garrison Riegel                                       
9 Michael Gipson (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                  
10 Brandon Leach (Johnny Sprockets)                     
11 Mike Conroy (Mission Bay)                            
12 Robert Sliwinski (North Branch Cycling)              
13 Cliff Golz (Pony Shop)                               
14 Troy Grady (Mission Bay)                             
15 Phil Szyjka (Johnny Sprockets)                       
16 John Lionberger (Pony Shop)                          
17 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cyclesport)                   
18 Dan Penner (C-V Racing)                              
19 Tony Bustamante                                      
20 Aaron Post (Mission Bay)                             
21 Thomas Flynn (Killjoy)                               
22 David Pilotto (Flatlandia)                           
23 Joshua Bartyzal                                      
24 John Parr                                            
25 Damon Nelson (Beverly Bike Vee Pak)                  
26 Sam Schaefer (Pony Shop)                             
27 Ken Willow (XXX Racing Athletico)                    
28 Scott Michalik (Vision Quest)                        
29 Rob Paguet-Schofield (Wild Card Cycling)             
30 Patrick Morgan (Beverly Bike Vee Pak)                
31 Steven Oliver                                        
32 Michael Campbell (XXX Racing Athletico)              
33 Naz Hamid (Half Acre Cycling)                        
34 James Sorrell                                        
35 David Bender (Bikejournal.com)                       
36 Anthony Rienks (Beverly Bike Vee Pak)                
37 Thomas Kenny (Team Extreme)                          
38 Wesley Walker                                        
39 Elvis Falbo (Beverly Bike Vee Pak)                   
40 Peter Garde                                          
41 Frank Shapiro (Albertos)                             
42 Ben Fietz (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                      
43 Tim Strege (Half Acre Cycling)                       
44 William Jackson                                      
45 Helge Pedersen (Half Acre Cycling)                   
46 David Bowers (Half Acre Cycling)                     
47 Cameron Pease                                        
48 Jeff Kao                                             
49 Phil Lisius                                          
50 Eric Puetz                                           
51 Scott Jensen                                         
52 Robbie Sliwinski                                     
53 Scott Starbuck (Pony Shop)                           
54 James Jacobs (Beverly Bike Vee Pak)                  
Category 4 Men B
1 Grant Austin (Cycle Smithy)                           
2 Kyle Fleener (Iowa Orthopaedic)                       
3 Kyle Hagerman                                         
4 Eric Refvik (Verdigris Custom Homes)                  
5 David Moyer (XXX Athletico)                           
6 Dan Houle (Team Tati)                                 
7 Adrian Redd                                           
8 Kark Schult                                           
9 Newt Cole                                             
10 Jonathan Fairman-Courage                             
11 John Villena                                         
12 Wells Jackson                                        
13 Brandon Feehery (South Chicago Wheelmen)             
14 Brandon Scheiner (Team Pegasus)                      
15 Eric Norstrom (Team Tati)                            
16 Joe Kallo (UCVC)                                     
17 Scott Starbuck (Pony Shop)                           
18 Bill Driegert                                        
19 Jorge Cerritos (Beverly Bikes Vee Pak)               
21 Matt Walker                                          
22 Joe Bippus (South Chicago Wheelmen)                  
23 Jeff Bernaeyge                                       
24 Michael Kelly (South Chicago Wheelmen)               
25 John Dell Osso                                       
26 Jeff Norris (Team Tati)                              
27 Christopher Jensen                                   
28 Matt Haiduk (Bicycle Heaven)                         
29 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cyclesport)                   
30 Kevin Pietka                                         
31 Lew Chin (Cycle Smithy)                              
32 Bernard Liu (Team Tati)                              
33 Joe Maxwell                                          
34 Robert Murray (Beverly Bikes Vee Pak)                
35 Adam Kaye (Team Tati)                                
36 Amos Scattergood                                     
37 Scott Larson (Cycle Smithy)                          
38 Chris Strahm                                         
39 Alex Tweenie                                         
40 Robert Curtis (Bicycle Heaven)                       
41 Michael Gregor (Mudrutters Roscoe Village)           
42 Paul Lipka (Colavita Racing)                         
43 Pail Wollenberg                                      
44 George Lambros                                       
45 Matt Flaherty (JBC)                                  
46 Kevin Dalton (Team Tati)                             
47 Joseph Costello (Beverly Bikes Vee Pak)              
48 Christian Ege (Team Pegasus)                         
49 Sergio Moreno (Beverly Bikes Vee Pak)                
50 Greg Makowski                                        
51 Jonathan Conner                                      
52 Joe Bagnasco (C-ville)                               
53 Peter Procaccto                                      
54 Guy Graves (XXX Athletico)                           
55 Erik Didriksen (XXX Athletico)                       
56 David Nutt                                           
57 Scott Jensen                                         
58 John Dufford                                         
59 Jes Cisneros (North Branch Cycling)                  
60 David Meridith                                       
61 Justin Andrews                                       
62 Dimitri Sandbeck                                     
63 Russell Stewart                                      
64 Timothy McGovern