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Pennsylvania State Championships - NE

Jordan Creek Parkway, Allentown, Pennsylvania, November 29, 2008


Schempf and Popovic win PA state titles

One them ran throughout the Pennsylvania 'cross championships -a single team or single person dominated each of th open categories.

Wes Schempf and "Fast Andy" Wulfkuhle of C3-Sollay.com dominated the elite men's race from start to finish. The black-suited duo raced in formation for the entire race. Kyle Wamsley of Colovita/Sutter Home twice made contact with the two leaders, only to have them raise the tempo and pull away again. By the end of the race, the leaders had nearly a minute on the the rest of the field.

To their credit, Schempf and Wulfkuhle raced it out instead of settling for a ceremonial team finish. Schempf had done the majority of the pulls in the race, and led the entire last half of the last lap. The finish in Allentown was around a 45 degree bend onto a very short, slightly uphill asphalt straight. It was assumed, by nearly everyone except Wulfkuhle, that whoever got to the final turn first would win.

Schempf led out the sprint as Wulfkuhle made his move to the outside of the final turn. He was still behind Schempf as they came around the corner, but Wulfkuhle's outside line gave him the momentum to edge past Schempf in a very close sprint.

In the elite women's race, up and comer Lenore Pipes (Zaveta Construction/Cyclesports) took advantage of her usual fast start to lead much of the early part of the race. She was joined only by Carolyn Popovic of Team CICLE. Once past halfway, however, Popovic dropped Pipes from her wheel and won going away.

When your team name is the same as the race sponsor, it's always a good idea to make an appearance at the front of the race. That's exactly what Mike Hebe and new daddy Mike Yozell did in the elite masters 35+/45+ race. Only Kurt Reisinger (Wissahickon/Engin Bicycles) was able to join the two VisitPA.com riders, and only for a little while. By the end of the race, Hebe had established a large gap over his teammate Yozell, with Reisinger finishing third. Blair Saunders may have had the ride of the day to finish fourth after crashing mid-way through the first lap.

Jeff Cordisco won the 45+ division for C3-Sollay.com, and it wouldn't be the last that we'd hear from that team on the afternoon.


Cat 1/2/3 Elite Men

1 Andrew Wulfkuhle (C3-Sollay.Com)                               
2 Weston Schempf (C3-Sollay.Com!)                                
3 Kyle Wamsley (Colavita)                                        
4 Michael Yozell (Visitpa.Com)                                   
5 Andy Mckeegan (Lateral Stress Velo Inc.)                       
6 Samuel Morrison (Ag3R/Butlerhealthsystem)                      
7 Jeffrey Appeltans (Primus Mootry/Denver-Boulder Couriers)      
8 Cam Mancuso (Act)                                              
9 Henry Dimmick (Allegheny Cycling Association)                  
Cat 1/2/3 Elite Women

1 Carolyn Popovic (Team Cicle)                                   
2 Lenore Pipes (Zaveta Construction/Cyclesports)                 
3 Kristy Swope (Eps/Css)                                         
4 Diane Grim (C3-Sollay.Com)                                     
5 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)  

Master Men Cat 1/2/3 45+

1 Jeff Cordisco (C3-Sollay.Com)                                  
2 Mark Featherman (Guys Racing Club)                             
3 Kevin Saint Clair (Main Line Cycling - Bikyle)                 
4 Kevin Breckenmaker (Yellow Breeches Racing)                    
5 Rolf Windh (Guy's Racing)                                      
6 Henry Dimmick (Ag3R/Butlerhealthsystem)                        
Master Men Cat 1/2/3 35+

1 Mike Hebe (Visitpa.Com/Sobe/Cannondale)                        
2 Michael Yozell (Visitpa.Com)                                   
3 Kirk Reisinger (Club Wissahickon / Engin Cycles)               
4 Blair Saunders (Henry's Bikes)                                 
5 Joseph Piccillo (Evolution Racing)                             
6 Raymond Zeimet (Guys Racing)                                   
7 N. Johan Anestad (Evolution Racing)                            
8 Paul Wahner (Drwahner.Com)                                     
9 Bradley Ford (South Mountain Cycles)                           
10 Frederick Klenk (Evolution Racing)                            
11 Bob Piacine (Guys Racing Club)                                                            
Cat 2/3/4 Men "B"

1 Zach Adams (C3-Sollay.Com)                                     
2 Colin Prensky (Sanchez-Metro)                                  
3 Matt Spohn (Dynaflo)                                           
4 Robert Lichtenwalner (Unattached)                              
5 Jonathan Kahler (Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon)               
6 James Doherty (Unattached)                                     
7 Joshua West (Unattached)                                       
8 Eric Morgan (Wissahickon)                                      
9 Brian Swehla (Abington Wheel Wright Bikes)                     
10 Dan Conrad (Allied Milk Cycling)                              
11 Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclismo)                          
12 Joseph Bruce (Team Lukas)                                     
13 Zac Felpel (Team Allaince Environmental)                      
14 Jake Davidson (Allied Milk Cycling)                           
15 Ray Ignosh (Gotham Cyclists)                                  
16 Drew Scoles                                                   
17 Gunnar Bergey (Team Bikesport)                                
18 Todd Beebe (Unattached)                                       
19 Andrew Kuklis (Gotham Cyclists / El Camino / 5Th St X)        
20 Charles Gardiner (Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon)               
21 Henry Dimmick (Ag3R/Butlerhealthsystem)                       
22 Scott Feather (Vortex)                                        
Master Men 35+ Cat 3/4 Men "B"

1 Jason Eicholtz (Bike & Blade)                                  
2 Nathan Ruch (Evolution Racing)                                 
3 Barry Wahner (Drwahner.Com)                                    
4 Ryan Pomajevich (Gotham Cyclists)                              
5 Henry Tremper (First State Velo Sport)                         
6 Mark Bowman (South Mountain Cycles Weyerbacher Brewing Co.)    
7 Allen Bedford (Guys Racing)                                    
8 Barry Jones (No Cents Racing)                                  
9 Frank J. Schlipf Iii (Guys Racing Club)                        
Master Men 45+Cat 3/4 Men "B"

1 David Troop (First State Velo Sport)                           
2 Doug Nagel (Evolution Racing)                                  
3 Scott Reynolds (Guys Racing)                                   
4 Patrick Leonard (Evolution Racing)                             
5 Gary Snyder (Evolution Racing)                                 
6 Dave Baumgardner (Tri-State Velo)                              
7 William Bray (Saucon Valley Bikes)                             
8 Gary Kelley (Bean's Bikes)                                     
9 Robert Sands (Evolution Racing)                                
Cat 3/4 Women "B"

1 Kim Dubeck/Perna (Beans)                                       
2 Christine Fennessy (South Mountain Cycles)                     
3 Karen Tourian (Guy's Racing)                                   
4 Kathleen Wulfkuhle (C3-Sollay.Com)                             
5 Anne Rock (Sturdy Girl Cycling)                                
Cat 4 Men

1 Shane Watters                                                  
2 Jamie Harris (Philadelphia Ciclismo/Velo Europa Imports)       
3 Mark Yaylor (Unattached)                                       
4 Bill Strickland (Hup United)                                   
5 Charles Hanlon (Guys Racing)                                   
6 Ryan Fulmer                                                    
7 Carey Jackson Yonce                                            
8 Keith Plunkett (South Mountain Cycles /Fifth Street Cross)     
9 Christopher Garges (Spokes Bike Shop)                          
10 Josh Carter (¡Cornballer!)                                   
11 Seth Stover (Kansas State University)                         
12 Kevin Kall (Cadence Cycling & Multisport)                     
13 Patrick O'dunne                                               
14 Paul Taus (Gotham Cyclists)                                   
15 Peter Hall (Unattached)                                       
16 Dan Killingsworth (Hup United)                                
17 Josh Berk (Abington Wheel Wright)                             
18 Joe Favara (Hampton Velo)                                     
19 Ed Kallukh (Unattached)                                       
20 David Dalkner                                                 
21 Robert Sands (Evolution Racing)                               
22 Stephen Gualano (Genesis Bicycles)                            
23 Jack Indekeu                                                  
24 Carey Baker (Unattached)                                      
25 Brooks Baker (Fifth Street Cross)                             
Colligate Men

1 Zach Adams (C3-Sollay.Com)                                     
2 Drew Scoles                                                    
3 Tim Humpton (Mit Cycling)                                      
4 Jacques Indekeu (Penn State Cycling Club)                      
Master Elite Women 35+ Cat 1/2/3

1 Kristy Swope (Eps/Css)                                         
2 Diane Grim (C3-Sollay.Com)                                     
3 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)                              
Master Men 55+ 

1 Bob Perna (Beans Bikes)                                        
2 Nunzio Dibiasi (Yellow Breeches Racing)                        
3 Kevin Tuttle (Main Line/Bikyle)                                
4 Tom Grim (Era Cycling)                                         
Junior Men 10-18

1 Samuel Morrison (Ag3R/Butlerhealthsystem)                      
2 Gunnar Bergey (Unattached)                                     
3 Andrew Harris (Red Rose Rockets)                               
4 Charles Hanlon (Guys Racing)                                   
5 Anthony Skorochod (Gotham Cyclists)                            
6 Jonathan Kuntz (Unattached)                                    
7 Wyatt Saint Clair (Main Line Cycling - Bikyle)                 
8 Austin Bright (Team Vortex)                                    
Junior Women 10-18

1 Kaitlyn Lawrence (Vortex)