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SoCal Prestige Series #1 - NE

Fullerton, California, USA, September 30, 2007


Muckenthaler 'cross kicks off SoCal season

With perfect weather, bikes, beer and barriers the weekend brought everyone a reminder of why they love cyclocross racing, in Southern California, as the 2007-2008 SoCal Cyclocross season kicked-off. The event was held on the picturesque grounds of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center (Muck) in Fullerton, CA and was full of excitement.

The event started Saturday afternoon with temperatures in the eighties, and lasting through the weekend, as seasoned cross racers such as Chance Nobel provided an instructional clinic for interested participants covering the basis of cyclocross racing. In speaking with a few participants from the clinics they all said something along the lines of, "I had no idea… and fun!" Yet soon after the clinics the season really kicked-off as the Women's Elite, Team relay race and Men's Elite groups competed for beer and cash.

This is cross racing and a series supported by Fat Tire Ale so all the teams in the relay race pushed hard to acquire the beer. It was fun to watch, as the teams knew there was a case for first place, twelve-pack for second, and six-pack for third. With four racers allowed on each team completing the laps everyone sprinted hard but it was Team Bear Claw who took the case (now better known as Team Beer Claw).

The Women's Elite was largely filled with the ambitious racers of the C.I.C.L.E team and their excitement showed. The race started with a quick sprint into the first sweeping left turn leaving the women still packed in a hard charging group. It was not until the first hill climb and dismount in which the women began to separate. Early on the close group was lead by Coryn Rivera of Velo La Grange until a hard crash only just missing a tree put her about mid-pack and allowed Carolyn Popovich of the C.I.C.L.E team to start her hard charge to victory. By the third lap it seemed as though Popovich had about a minute on the field and she kept her lead pushing herself all the way to the finish.

In the Men's Elite group thirty participants were called to the line along with the Master's Elite composing a ginormous cluster of cross hungry racers. It started quick and remained fast for a full Sixty-minutes as the evening never seemed to cool-off at the Muck. The entire group took-off strong with riders elbow-to-elbow through the first set of turns but it was not hard to notice the difference in the lead group, of about twelve racers, and the remainder of the field. The lead group with racers from Team Beer Claw and the Time and Alan Factory Teams pulled away after one-lap and continued their domination through the race. The end result had Brent Prenzlow of the Alan Factory Team in first. Closely followed by Chance Noble of California Giant Cycling and in third Michael Easter of the Time Factory Team.

The evening went on after the race awards as those who stayed enjoyed dinner, drinks and movies in the Mucks outdoor amphitheater. The Fat Tire flowed, the Muck supplied visitors with a variety of options for dinner, and the movies played as everyone sat and enjoyed Light it Up and Transition 2: Cross the Pond or just each other's conversation.


Elite Men 1/2/3
1 Brent Prenzlow (Alan Factory Team)                       
2 Chance Noble (California  Giant Cycling)                 
3 Michael Easter (Time Factory Team)                       
4 Mark Noble (Time Factory Team)                           
5 Tyler Johnson (Ysg Racing)                               
6 Frederick Bottger (Team Bearclaw)                        
7 John Behrens (Bailey/Black Mountain)                     
8 Jason Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)                             
9 Brandon Gritters (Team 5 Star Fish)                      
10 Matias Mendigochea (Kahala Lagrange)                    
11 Gary Douville (Tgi/Hazards Cycling Team)                
12 Lyle Warner (Team Bearclaw)                             
13 John Bailey (Bailey/Black Mountain)                     
14 Garnet Vertican                                         
15 Chance Fielder (Team Velosport)                         
16 John Tzinberg (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)            
17 Cameron Fox (Helens/Cannondale)                         
18 John Mckeen (Sixtufit.Com)                              
19 Morgan Ryan (Team Cicle)                                
20 Christopher Trembly (Southern California Velo)          
21 Will Sladek                                             
22 David Sheek (Outsideall Day.Com)                        
23 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)          
24 Lawrence Leonard (Successfulliving.Com)                 
25 Derek Hermon (Bear Valley Bikes)                        
Masters Men 35+ 1/2/3
1 Steve Mcnamee                                            
2 Jeff Herring                                             
3 Paul Welsh                                               
4 Theo Posch                                               
5 Chad Rivetti                                             
6 Robert Kramer                                            
7 Joshua Wiggins                                           
8 Jamie Goldstein                                          
9 Kevin Ryan                                               
10 Stu Brydges                                             
Elite Women 1/2/3
1 Carolyn Popovic (Team Cicle)                             
2 Coryn Rivera (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)              
3 Christie Pleiss (Team Cicle)                             
4 Lana Atchley (Southern California Velo)                  
5 Mandy Eakins (Team Cicle)                                
6 Dorothy Wong (Team Cicle)                                
7 Ankie Trollegard (Team Cicle)                            
8 Tonya Bray (Team Cicle)                                  
9 Heidi Kanayan (Team Cicle)                               
10 Kendall Ryan (Team Cicle)                               
11 Alexis Ryan (Team Cicle)                                
 Beatriz Rodriguez (Team Cicle)                            
Cat 3/4 Women
1 Lisa Crow (Don's)                                        
2 Shannon Castle (Team Cicle)                              
3 Vanessa Humic (Backbone)                                 
4 Genna Mcmahon (Velocity)                                 
5 Jennifer Duquette                                        
6 Daisy Farias                                             
7 Janine Salandi                                           
 Fran Guyett                                               
Masters Women 40+
1 Amy Hutner (Kahala Lagrange)                             
2 Robin Macdonald-Foley (Team Cicle)                       
3 Carol Ruckle (Team Possabilities)                        
Jr. Men 10-14
1 Erik Volotzky (Tean Cicle)                               
2 Andrew Hazeitine (South Bay Wheelmen)                    
3 Ethan Lawrence (Team Shimano)                            
4 Peter Morris (Celo Pacific)                              
5 Diego Binatena (South Bay Wheelmen)                      
Jr. Men 15-18
1 Ben Bertiger (Team Cicle)                                
2 Jake Snyder                                              
Singlespeed – Open
1 Frederick Bottger (Team Bear Claw)                       
2 Everett Hauser (G S Adams Avenue Bicycles)               
3 Mike Mcmahon (Team Velocity)                             
4 Tom Macdonald                                            
5 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)           
6 Miguel Sutter (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))            
7 Barry Walshe (Tanco)                                     
8 Matt Bain (Tanco)                                        
9 Ryan Ferro (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))               
10 Dan Levine (Rei-Novara)                                 
11 Steven Sperling (Ucsc)                                  
12 Geoff Albert                                            
13 Frank Sison (The Path)                                  
14 Todd Whitehouse (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)         
15 Steven Ladeby (Swami's Cycling Club)                    
16 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                           
Cat 4 Men:  Mtb Beginner, Cat 5 Road, One-Day License 
1 Ted Willard (Liquid Fitness/1031Market.Com)              
2 Chris Quigley (Edge Toyota)                              
3 Matt Kinder (Motortabs Cycling Team)                     
4 Thomas Kanusky (Bike Barn Racing Team)                   
5 Miguel Sutter (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))            
6 Timothy Pickett (Jenson Usa)                             
7 Daniel Lowetz (Team Bear Claw)                           
8 Stephen Kozowyk                                          
9 Noah Holcomb (Cannondale Mtb Team)                       
10 Matt Barbour                                            
11 Kyle Schwartz                                           
12 James Vogl                                              
13 Adam Loeser (Afp Velosport)                             
14 Steven Sperling (Ucsc)                                  
15 Ryan Gale                                               
16 Jacob Landman (Sdbc)                                    
17 Tom Dever (Motortabs Cycling Team)                      
18 David Summers (Team Velocity)                           
19 Sean Kneale                                             
20 Scottt Searway (Fast Friday)                            
21 Dave Pierce                                             
22 Dale Raymond (Southern California Velo)                 
23 Javier Valencia                                         
24 Greg Karathanas (Fast Friday)                           
25 Michael Dalbratt (Dewalt)                               
26 Jess Sims (Higher Cadence)                              
27 Ron Hunt                                                
28 Gerald Gabrang                                          
29 Adrian Montanez (Celo Pacific)                          
30 Jeff Scanlon (Lightning Velo)                           
31 Thomas Thompson (Team Helen's)                          
32 Steven Ladeby (Swami's Cycling Club)                    
33 Gabe Figueroa                                           
34 Bryan Kwan                                              
35 Neil Doshi                                              
36 James Zumberge                                          
37 Ryan Moulyon                                            
38 Mike Franze (Fullerton Bicycles)                        
Cat  3/4 Men:
1 Ian Allen                                                
2 Alex Boone (Team Bear Claw)                              
3 Allen Lin (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))                
4 Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelmen)                           
5 Bobby Langin (Platinum Performance)                      
6 Brant Hattan (Backbone/Kenda)                            
7 Ted Willard (Liquid Fitness/1031Market.Com)              
8 Michael Hotten (South Bay Wheelmen)                      
9 Matt Pewthers                                            
10 Erik Turner (Dynaflo)                                   
11 Matt Sheremeta (Celo Pacific)                           
12 Miles Ludi (Team Cicle)                                 
13 Cole Maness                                             
14 Darin Tanikawa                                          
15 Curt Dosier (Paramount Racing/Jax)                      
16 David Sheer (Outside All Day.Com)                       
17 Glenn Masuda (Celo Pacific)                             
18 Daniel Lowetz (Team Bear Claw)                          
19 Chase Schoen                                            
20 Thomas Kanusky (Bike Barn Racing Team)                  
21 Nate Kaufman (Team Bear Claw)                           
22 Johnny Dalton (Team Velocity)                           
23 Paul Loeper (Stahl/Southern California Velo)            
24 Robert Kramer (Ridley Factory Team)                     
25 Chase Schoen (Amgen Cycling)                            
26 Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific)                               
27 Michael Gamstetter (East Bay Velo)                      
28 Jeffrey Goble (Canyon Velo)                             
Masters Men 35+ (Cat 3/4)
1 Mark Scott (Labor Power)                                 
2 Steve Mcnamee (Ridley Factory)                           
3 Johnny Dalton (Team Velocity)                            
4 James Pappe (Action Sports/Sierra Bicycle Werks/Sscc)    
5 M Alex Ter-Vrugt (Celo Pacific)                          
6 Theo Posch (Team Velocity)                               
7 Michael Hotten (South Bay Wheelmen)                      
8 Peter Sproul (Team Chicken Ranch)                        
9 Matthew Breyer                                           
11 James Stathas (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))           
12 Darin Tanikawa                                          
13 Ryan Ferro (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))              
14 Bill Dean (Now-Ms Society)                              
15 Tom Mcdonald                                            
16 Mark Campaigne (Celo Pacific)                           
17 Hector Saldana (Cynergy Cycles Race Team)               
18 Newman Bellis (Coates Cyclery/Arce Bros)                
19 Michael Eaton (Amgen)                                   
20 Cameron Dickerson (Encore Cycling)                      
21 Aaron Jones (Uc Cyclery/Jw Flooring)                    
22 Matt Kinder (Motortabs Cycling Team)                    
23 Miguel Sutter (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))           
24 Al Morinaka (Team Velocity)                             
25 Mike Carlson (Team Stoller)                             
26 Doug Gilley (Pbr)                                       
27 Jeffrey Goble (Canyon Velo)                             
28 Scott Guyett (Canyon Velo)                              
29 Jim Padilla (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))             
30 Mike Miller (Banning's Bikes)                           
31 Tak Tsubota (Ridley Factory)                            
32 Michael Gamstetter (East Bay Velo Club)                 
33 Todd Whitehouse (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)         
34 David Lawson (Guys Racing)                              
35 Timothy Pickett (Jenson Usa)                            
36 Paul Avila (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)              
37 Scott Joiner (Ridley Factory)                           
Masters Men 45+
1 Bobby Langin (Amgen Cycling Club)                        
2 Bradley Galindo (Sixtufit.Com)                           
3 Dave Hnatiuk (Palos Verdes Groupo Ciclismo)              
4 Brian Starr (Tailwinds/Estrella/Michelin)                
5 Jeff Hazeltine (Sbw)                                     
6 James Pappe (Action Sports)                              
7 Charles Morris (Celo Pacific)                            
8 Michael Hines (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)             
9 Michael Heenan (Ridley Factory Team)                     
10 Vernon Smith (Palos Verdes Groupo Ciclismo)             
11 David Gibson (Team Velocity)                            
12 Gregory Page (Lightning Velo)                           
13 Paul Bracken (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))            
14 Robert Deferrante (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa))       
15 Jeff Steinhart (Bicycle Johns)                          
16 Roberto Jourdain (Celo Pacific)                         
17 Rickey Russell (Motortabs)                              
18 Chris Gallup (Celo Pacific)                             
19 David Lawrence (Team Shimano)                           
20 Robert Meeker (Team Bear Claw)                          
21 Greg Castaneda (Lightning Velo)                         
22 Crescantino Azcueta (Lightning Velo)                    
23 Dale Raymond (Southern California Velo)                 
Masters Men 55+
1 Jon Miller (Amgen/Giant Masters)                         
2 Paul Springer (Karl Strauss/Sdbc)                        
3 Jonathan Livesay (Team Bearclaw)                         
4 Robert Llamas (Team Bearclaw)                            
5 Michael Jenkins (G S Adams Avenue Bicycles)              
6 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                            
7 Roger Jorgensen (Bikeman.Com)                            
8 Richard Lilleberg (South Bay Wheelmen)