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KTR Michigan Double-Cross - C2

USA, September 22-23, 2007

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Day 2 - September 23: Springfield Oaks County Park

Page and Barnholt asert their dominance

Day two dawned hotter, drier and dustier than day one. The course was changed slightly from the day before with faster open sections. The dust and lack of moisture actually created slicker conditions, especially on the grassy sections where the thin layer of dust on the grass made it difficult to take turns at high speeds without risking a fall. At the start Jonathan Page grabbed the hole-shot and put the field in the hurt locker, immediately gapping everyone. Coming into the barrier section half way through the first lap, Page was several seconds in the lead with a cheeky Chris Jones bridging up while the rest of the pack suffered single file. As Jones made contact with Page, Reain also launched himself out of the pack. By the end of the first lap it was Jones leading Page and Reain, with the crowd going crazy at the sight of the field being shattered under the juggernaut.

As the chasing pack struggled to regain it's composure, Mueller became the first to attempt to bridge to the Jones, Page, Reain group. Sensing his training partner was closing the gap, Page started to work over Reain and Jones, who both slowly started to lose contact. Mueller spent a lap hop scotching over the Reain and Jones, to make contact with Page midway through the race. As the junction was made, Page put his head down and lead Mueller, quickly putting 30 seconds then 60 seconds on the two chasers. Jones and Reain battled with each other till Jones was able separate himself on a tight switch back turn.

As Page and Mueller crossed the finish line together for first and second, the crowd turned it's attention to a nail-biter of a battle for fifth place. Brent Prenzlow (Alan Factory), Adam Myerson (Nerac) and Steve Tilford (HRRC/Trek Stores/kccrossnationals.com) had been working together for much of the race and had closed to within 10 seconds of the Reain/Jones group with 2 laps to go, with Prenzlow having done much of the work. With Myerson sitting in Prenzlow throttled back and the three riders began a game of cat and mouse. Quickly closing from behind was the relentless Michael Garrigan (JetPower/Epic Ride), who had placed fifth on day one. Garrigan was able to make contact with the other three with a final 500 meters of twisty, grassy technical course to race. On a short, steep uphill that followed a tight section of two ninety degree turns, the four bunched up and a touch of wheels caused Tilford, Myerson and Garrigan to lose their momentum, forcing them off their bikes. These three quickly ran up the hill, chasing Prenzlow who was able to stay on his bike and open a five second gap. Only Garrigan was able to fully recover and closed to within a second of Prenzlow at the finish. Myerson and Tilford followed for seventh and eighth.

In the womens event Kerry Barnholt again proved to be too strong for her fellow competitors, once again she dominated from the start and held on to win with Anna Milkowski finishing as runner up for the second time in as many days.



Elite men
1 Jonathan Page (Sunweb Projob)                         1.01.49
2 Michael Mueller (Inovex)                                     
3 Christopher Jones (Nerac Pro Cyclo-Cross Team)           1.05
4 Greg Reain (Calyon/Litespeed)                            1.18
5 Michael Garrigan (Jetpower/ Epic Ride)                   1.33
6 Adam Myerson (Nerac Pro Cyclo-Cross Team)                1.43
7 Brent Prenzlow (Alan North America Cycling Team)         1.32
8 Steve Tilford (Hrrc/Trek Stores/Kccrossnationals.Com)    1.53
9 Michael Wissink (Specialized)                            3.12
10 Charles Pendry (Inland Construction - Btd)              3.19
11 Michael Simonson (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles)         3.36
12 Jonathan Card (Saturn Of Toledo)                            
13 Joshua Johnson (Big Shark Racing)                       4.10
14 Shawn Harshman (Harshman Wealth / Primus Mootry)        4.13
15 Nathan Rice (Big Shark Racing/Ridley)                   4.17
16 Nathan Chown (Handlebars Cc/Kona Canada)                4.50
17 Grant Berry (Rocky Mtn Choc Factory)                    5.09
18 Andy Applegate (Paceline Bicycles / Cannondale)         5.46
19 Jeff Weinert (Team Giant)                               5.54
20 Kyle Jacobson (Iscorp)                                  5.56
21 Ryan Barthel (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory)         6.02
22 John Behrens (Black Mountain/Bailey)                    6.05
23 Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing - Scott)                     6.40
24 Robert Foshag (Saturn Of Toledo)                        6.51
25 Ian Manning (3 Rox Racing)                              7.47
26 Jay Moncel (Trek Factory Racing)                        9.25
1 lap down
27 Derek Laan (Turin Bicycling Society)                        
2 laps down
28 Timothy Saari (Essex Brass)                                 
29 Todd Frerichs (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                   
30 Ben Renkema (Wmcr)                                          
31 Kieran Sikdar (Ohio Orthopedic)                             
3 laps down
32 Matthew Paziuk (Impala Bicycles - Norco)                    
33 Jeff Patton (Hrs/Rocklobster)                               
4 laps down
34 Tristan Schouten (Planet Bike)                              
35 Ryan Myers (Nuvo/Cultural Trail)                            
36 Kevin Hazzard (Jetfuel Coffee)                              
37 Shane Hollingshead (Barrie Cycling Club - Norco)            
5 laps down
38 Nathanael Wyatt (Carolina Fatz)                             
39 Richard Toler (Kreitler Rollers)                            
DNF Tyler Johnson (Alan North America Cycling Team)            
DNF Leo Sandoval (Lake Balboa, Ca)                             
DNF Ryan Rish (Abercrombie & Fitch)                            
DNF Alex Keomany (South Lyon)                                  
DNF Scott Kelly (Freewheel Cycle)                              
DNF Ernesto Marenchin (Asylum Cycles)                          
Elite women
1 Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel)                40.16
2 Anna Milkowski (Velo Bella-Kona)                         0.37
3 Catherine Walberg (Mesa Cyclery)                         1.00
4 Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)                                1.58
5 Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                2.24
6 Sami Fournier (Organic Athlete/Sunnyside Sports)         2.38
7 Rachel Steele (Bicilibre)                                3.15
8 Cara Mccauley (Bmw-Bianchi)                              3.36
9 Kelly Paterson (Wolverine Sports Club)                   5.05
10 Maria Stewart (Velo Bella-Kona)                         5.25
11 Callie Mcdowell (Bikeman.Com)                           6.07
12 Lana Atchley (Carlsbad, Ca)                             6.43
13 Wendy Caldwell (Kenda/Titus-Aavc)                       8.39
14 Lesley Chown (St. Catharines, On Can.)                  9.46
Masters 35+
1 Phil Noble (Bio Wheels)                                 45.18
2 Don Cameron (Specialized/Tailwind)                           
3 Andrew Applegate (Landrover/Cannondale)                  0.52
4 Ron Gratop (Bibilibre)                                   1.28
5 Rich Stark (A2 Vc/Two Wheel Tango)                       2.38
6 Simon Bailey (Wolvweine )                                3.02
7 Michael Seaman (Specialized)                             3.24
8 Brian Haum (Pieriks Cycle/Elite Health)                  3.25
9 Adam Slough (Saturn/Shell Of Toledo)                     5.04
10 Ramon Corpuz (Team Cobc)                                5.17
11 Raymond Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)                 5.32
12 Roberto Vani (Jamis Racing)                             5.57
13 Brian Mitchell (Two Wheel Tango/ Morgan & York)         6.03
14 Tom Clark (Specialized/Tailwind)                        7.17
15 Chris Boer (Sport.Com)                                  7.50
16 Joe Lekovish (South Lyon Cycle)                         8.29
1 lap down
17 Bob Sisson (Frcc)                                           
18 Scott Goocher (Jacks Bicycle)                               
DNF Tim Difalco (Royal Oak, Mi)                                
DNF Dave Massey (Specialized)                                  
DNF Darren Erspamer (Cadeaux O2)                               
DNF Eric Johnson (South Bend, In)                              
Masters 45+
1 Randy Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling)                47.31
2 Andy Klumb (Bicilibre)                                   1.23
3 Matt Baroli (Team Giant)                                 1.47
4 Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                 2.20
5 Dwight Wyatt (Carolina Fatz)                             2.26
6 Randy Guymer (Rbs Cycling Team)                          3.13
7 Ken Oday (Specialized/ Two Wheel Tango)                  4.07
8 Keith Riege (Paint Creek Bicycles)                       5.01
1 lap down
9 Gary Oliveira (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                    
10 Kerry Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling)                    
11  Knighton,John (Wsc)                                        
12 Doug Hamilton (Fairborn, Oh)                                
13 Mike Otting (Mercyhealthplex/7Hills Racing)                 
14 Brian Sedik (Team 02/ Cadieux Bicycle Club)                 
15 Gary Dugovich (Beaver Valley Velo)                          
16 Jim Sarks (Saturn Of Toledo / Shell)                        
DNF John Riedel (Independent Fabrication)                      
DNF Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                  
B-Men - Cat. 2/3
1 Matthew Ashley (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)              38.19
2 Joel Budacki (Rbs Cycling Team)                          0.12
3 Eric Muehl (Cyclefit)                                    0.20
4 Gregory Battista (Ann Arbor, Mi)                         0.42
5 Cory Stange (Cyclefit)                                   1.09
6 Andrew Brown (Specialized/Cycle Therapy)                 1.50
7 Michael Mihalik (Beaver Valley Velo)                     2.24
8 Tom Torrance (Pearl Izumi)                               2.40
9 Patrick Russell (Wolverine Cycling Club)                 2.44
10 Brian Hancock (Team Giant - Michigan)                   3.31
11 David Morrissey (Ann Arbor Velo Club (Aavc))            3.38
12 Shawn Mcdonald (Ferndale, Mi)                           4.04
13 Tom Mcardle (Tcc)                                       4.17
14 Aaron Hawkins (Drt Racing)                              5.00
15 Zachary Edwards (Drt Consulting)                        5.06
16 Rafael Kronenberg (Dexter Bike & Sport)                 5.25
17 Jeff Zimmerman (Cycle Fit )                             5.26
1 lap down
18 Steve Balough (Canton, Mi)                                  
DNF Matt Levasseur (Tcc)                                       
DNF Aydus Burns (N/A)                                          
DNF Jason Woods (N/A)                                          
DNF Todd Turner (Biowheels Racing)                             
DNF Byron Boyer (Team Venom)                                   
C-Men - Cat. 4
1 Rodger Bowser (Two Wheel Tango/ Morgan & York)          25.35
2 Jurrien Davison (N/A)                                    0.28
3 Aimé Bourdon (Grosse Pointe Park, Mi)                    0.36
4 Mark Caffyn (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                  0.38
5 Brian Jankowski (Cycle To Fitness)                       0.47
6 Scott Fabijanski (Wolverine Sports Club)                     
7 Jeff Weingartz (Cycle-Fit)                               1.25
8 Greg Johnson (Flying Rhino Cc)                           1.32
9 John Osgood (Team Sandbag)                                   
10 Ben Miller (Team Sandbag Bfb)                           1.38
11 Douglas Gatto (South Lyons)                             1.50
12 Pete Newbury (Flying Rhino)                                 
13 James Innes (Frcc)                                      1.52
14 Keith Feldt (Flying Rhino Cc)                           1.54
15 Chris Burnett (Wheels In Motion - Kona)                 1.55
16 Matthew Bjurman (Ann Arbor, Mi)                         1.56
17 Jan Gatowski (Flying Rhino Cc)                              
18 Jim Irelan (Klm Bike & Fitness)                         2.15
19 Michael Schultz (Cadieux Bc)                            2.23
20 Scott Chapin (Hup United)                               2.25
21 Jeff Tenniswood (Team Mongo)                                
22 David Chapman (Dexter Bike And Sport)                   2.43
23 John Sotir (Beverly Hills, Mi)                              
24 Curt Potocki (Team Sandbag\Bfb)                         2.52
25 Dennis Bauer (Bridgeport, Mi)                           4.13
26 Chris Davison (Hup United)                              4.36
27 Lisa Meils (Team Giant Michigan)                        5.03
28 Randy Arellano (Elite Endeavors)                        6.00
29 Steven Angel (Macomb Bike &Fitness)                     6.17
1 lap down
30 Bob Wydina (Detroit, Mi)                                    
DNF John Coe (White Lake, Mi)                                  
C-Women - Cat. 3/4
1 Lillian Ruiz (Treefort Bikes)                           30.10
2 Sandie Domagalski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)            0.19
3 Whitney Kroll (Cane Creek)                               3.41
1 lap down
4 Adrienne Oday (N/A)                                          
Juniors - 10-14
1 Ginger Wissman (Cannondale Midwest)                          
2 Brandon Goochen (Jacks Bicycle)                              
DNF Marcus Vani (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)