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C.I.C.L.E Cross (SPCS #3) - NE

Lake View Terrace - San Fernando Valley

California, USA, October 20, 2007


Prenzlow and Shouten battle at SPCS #3

By Dave Sheek

The jarring course was going to be fast, with the most pavement used on a course design this season, but riders could forget about keeping that pace on the dirt. The hidden potholes and gopher homes made racers wish they had put chamois cream inside their gloves. Those who didn't wear gloves visited the onsite EMT's after the race to have their swollen, cut, and/or blistered hands cleaned and wrapped with gauze.

Racers pushed hard all weekend, but it was a battle of power between SOCAL racer Brent Prenzlow (Alan Factory Team) and Tristan Schouten (Planet Bike Team), who traveled from Wisconsin to challenge his friend, that made the weekend really stirring. Saturday's men's race was missing some customary names from the field including the father-son duo of Mark and Chance Noble, as the two decided to save up their energy for Sunday's UCI event. However, with that said it was still phenomenal racing as Tony Cruz from Team Discovery (11th) and other UCI competitors like Shawn Harshman of Harshman Wealth/Primus Mootry (fourth) joined the field. Mike Easter (Time Factory Team) attacked the two leaders until near the end. It was a strong pace for such grueling conditions as the strong winds and bumps took a toll on equipment and bodies.

In the women's elite it was Coryn Rivera of the Kahala - La Grange Team who took off strong to set the pace. The women stayed strong, holding together for the first couple laps as the conditions began to space the group. In the end it was Dorothy Wong of team CICLE (third) and Melodie Metzger (California Giant) who came back for her revenge, after her loss to Rivera at SCPS #2, as the three battled for the lead. It was Metzger who rode away with the win gapping from the lead group in the end.


Elite Men 

1 Brent Prenzlow (Team Alan North America)        
2 Tristan Schouten (Team Planet Bike)             
3 Mike Easter (Time Factory Team)                 
4 John Behrens (Bailey/Black Mountain)            
5 Shawn Harshman (Harshman Wealth)                
6 Eric Bennett (Time Factory Development)         
7 Matias Mendigochea (Kahala - La Grange)         
8 Jason Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)                    
9 Frederick Bottger (Team Bearclaw)               
10 Jason Siegle (Jax Bicycle Center)              
11 John Bailey (Bailey/Black Mountain)            
12 Lyle Warner (Team Bearclaw)                    
13 John McKeen (Team Bearclaw)                    
14 Antonio Cruz (Discovery Channel)               
15 Bruce Weyman (Kahala - La Grange)              
16 Gary Douville (Team Platinum Performance)      
17 Lawrence Leonard (Shoreline Cycles)            
18 Jesse Giordano (Nob Hill Velo)                 
19 Didier Jourdain (Bailey/Black Mountain)        
20 Jeremy Dixon (Kahala - La Grange)              
DNF Scott Searway (Fast Friday)                   
DNF Chad Rivetti (Amgen)                          
DNF Cameron Fox (Velo Europa)      

Elite Women 

1 Melodie Metzger (California Giant)              
2 Coryn Rivera (Team Redline)                     
3 Dorothy Wong (Team CICLE)                       
4 Christie Pleiss (Team CICLE)                    
5 Tonya Bray (Team CICLE)                         
6 Ankie Trollegard (Team CICLE)                   
7 Heidi Kanayan (Team CICLE)                      
DNF Beatriz Rodriguez (Team CICLE)                  
Masters Men 35+ 1/2/3

1 Mike McManhon (Team Velocity)                   
2 Jeff Herring (Team CICLE)                       
3 Mark Scott (Cynergy Racing Team)                
4 Brian Haum (Pierik's/Elite Health)              
5 Steven Smith (Team Platinum Performance)        
6 Theodore Posch (Team Velocity)                  
7 Phillip Gray (Celo Pacific)                     
8 Robert Kramer (Ridley Factory Team)             
9 Chad Rivetti (Team Bearclaw)                    
10 Kevin Ryan (ACME)                  
Women 3/4

1 Shannon Castle (Team CICLE)                     
2 Genna McMahon (Team Velocity)                   
DNF Carlyn Lambert-Oropez                         
Masters Women 40+

1 Robin MacDonald-Foley (Team CICLE)              
2 Kara Shears (Team CICLE)                        
DNF Carol Ruckle (Team Possibilities)             
Men 4

1 Daniel Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)                   
2 Thomas Kanusky (Bikebarn Racing Team)           
3 Miguel Sutter (PAA)                             
4 Ian Ford (Team Stoller)                         
5 Claudio Betti (Merrill Lynch)                   
6 Sean McCoy (Road Bike Action Magazine)          
7 Christopher Molf                                
8 Kevin Chiang (PAA)                              
9 Scott Searway (Fast Friday)                     
10 Garlad Gabrang (The Rocket)                    
11 Roger Jorgensen (Bikeman.com)                  
12 Ron Hunt                                       
13 Jim Barker                                     
14 Wendel Woodford                                
15 Jay Kwan                                       
DNF Jess Sims (Higher Cadence)                    
DNF Carlos Castillo (Los Angeles Wings)           
Junior Men 15-18

1 Ben Bertiger (Team CICLE)                       
Junior Men 10-14

1 Erik Volotzky (Major Motion)                    
Masters Men 45+

1 Robert Dawns (Planet Bike)                      
2 Bobby Langin Sr. (Platinum Performance)         
3 Bruce Bell (Green Mountain Bicycle Club)        
4 Gregory Page (Lightning Velo)                   
5 Michael Hines (Kahala La Grange)                
6 Robert de Ferrante (PAA)                        
7 Arnie Fernandez (Amgen)                         
8 Paul Bracken (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                
9 Greg Castandeda (Lightning Velo)                
10 Robert Meeker (Team Bearclaw)                  
11 Stu Brydges (Ridley Factory Team)              
12 Michael Gourley (Acme Racing)                  
13 Roberto Jourdain (Celo Pacific)                
14 Bradley Galindo (PAA)                          
15 Brian Starr (Team Tailwinds/Michelin)          
16 Randi Perkins (Acme Racing)                    
17 Gregory Townsend (Team CICLE)                  
DNF Jeff Steinhart (Bicycle Johns)                
Masters Men 55+

1 John Rubcic (UC Cyclery/JW Flooring)            
2 Jon Miller (Amgen Giant)                        
3 John Erwin                                      
4 Jonathan Livesay (Team Bearclaw)                
5 Robert Llamas (Team Bearclaw)                   
6 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                   
Masters Men 35+ 3/4

1 Johnny Dalton (Team Velocity)                   
2 Peter Sproul (Team Chicken Ranch)               
3 James Stathas (PAA)                             
4 Mark Campaigne (Celo Pacific)                   
5 Glenn Masuda (Celo Pacific)                     
6 Matt Sheremeta (Celo Pacific)                   
7 Jeffrey Goble (Canyon Velo)                     
8 Eric Hess                                       
9 David Lawson (Guy's Racing)                     
10 Tak Tsubota (Ridley Factory Team)              
11 Paul Avila (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)    
12 Scott Guyett (Canyon Velo)                     
13 Brendan Foran (Team Vicious)                   
14 Max Burgos (CRCA)                              
DNF Chad Rivetti (Amgen)                          
DNF Mike McMahon (Team Velocity)                  
Men 3/4

1 Gary Douville (Team Platinum Performance)       
2 Bobby Langin Jr. (Team Platinum Performance)    
3 Ted Willard (Liquid Fitness)                    
4 Erik Turner (Liquid Fitness)                    
5 Alex Hall (Southbay Wheelmen)                   
6 Matt Pewthers (Unatached)                       
7 Allen Lin (PAA)                                 
8 Dave Sheek (Outside All Day)                    
9 Brian Kappus (UCLA)                             
10 Cole Maness                                    
11 Chase Schoen (Amgen)                           
12 Daniel Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)                  
13 Dean Lihou (Outside All Day)                   
14 Paul Loeper (Stahl / SC Velo)                  
15 Stephen Kozowyk                                
16 Everett Houser (Adams Avenue Bicycles)         
17 Jeff Steinhart (PAA)                           
18 Jeffery Goble (Canyon Velo)                    
19 Todd Munson (Team Stoller)                     
DNF Ian Allen                                     
DNF Steven Smith (Team Platinum Performance)      
DNF Anton Petrov (UCLA)                           
Singlespeed Open

1 Everett Hauser (Adams Avenue Bicycles)          
2 David Sheek (Outside All Day)                   
3 Miguel Sutter (PAA)                             
4 Sascha Mac                                      
5 Nicholas Moroden                                
6 Cole Maness                                     
7 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                   
8 Todd Whitehouse                                 
9 Geoff Albert                                    
DNF Dean Lihou (Outside All Day)