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Photo ©: Swift

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'Cross Crusade #5 - NE

Barton Park, Oregon, USA, November 4, 2007


Barton Park race a Squeaker

Chris Sheppard (Santa Cruz / CMG Mortgage)
Photo ©: Cross Crusade
(Click for larger image)

It was a neck and neck finish for second and third place in the elite men's race at Barton Park in Oregon for the fifth 'Cross Crusade event. Chris Sheppard (Santa Cruz/CMG) took the win in the packed men's field while Emily Vanmeter (River City Bicycles) won the women's race.

Yet another weekend of unseasonably dry conditions greeted 850 racers at round five of Oregon's Cross Crusade. Organisers once again showed their course design skills by making a fast, challenging track that included long gravel drags, two huge run-ups, pavement, puddles and mud.

In the 42 man "A" group, Chris Sheppard (Santa Cruz Bicycles/CMG Mortgage) notched his second victory in the series after attacking a group of five on lap two. From the gun, the Vanilla Bicycles duo of Solomon Woras and Shannon Skerritt pushed the pace through the end of lap one before being overtaken by Mark Blackwelder (Gentle Lovers). Sheppard bridged and then attacked on the run up quickly building an eight second lead that seemed poised to disappear at any moment.

Chasing was a motivated Carl Decker (Giant Bicycles) sporting some fine looking Dura Ace carbon tubulars, Ben Thompson (Sunnyside Sport/Bend Elite), Skerritt and Woras. After a half hour the lead was 15 seconds until Sheppard ramped up three sucsessivly faster laps in a row. This act ballooned the time gap to a minute as the chasers seemed unsettled with who was going to take up the chase. Thompson would crash with three to go while Skerritt and Decker posted a photo finish in that order behind the Santa Cruz rider.

Asked why he didn't make the effort to chase UCI points this weekend Sheppard smiled and said, "My budget didn't really warrent travelling to race in Boulder. The best part about the Cross Crusade is that I can drive two and half hours, eat waffles, race fast guys on great courses, and have people stay to watch the show!"

Emily Vanmeter (River City Bicycles) won the women's event ahead of two team-mates: Brigette Stoick and Dani Dance.

Of note, 17 year-old Jacob Rathe (Redline) posted an impressive sixth place in the A men's race.

The next 'Cross Crusade will be held at Estacada Park, Oregon, on November 11, 2007, which will also be the "Official UnOfficial World Championship" for singlespeed cyclo-cross racers.


For a thumbnail gallery of these images, click here

Images by Cross Crusade


Women A

1 Emily Vanmeter (River City Bicycles)                        
2 Brigette Stoick (River City Bicycles)                       
3 Dani Dance (River City Bicycles)                            
4 Patty Buerkle (Webcyclery)                                  
5 Tina Brubaker (Vanilla)                                     
6 Alalia Berry (Gentle Lovers)                                
7 Alice Penington (Desalvo Custom Cycles)                     
8 Erin Playman (Gentle Lovers)                                
9 Sami Fournier (Organic Athlete)                             
10 Betsy Platt (River City Bicycles)                          
11 Colleen Flaherty (FTS)                                     
12 Megan Faris (River City Bicycles)                          
13 Elizabeth Cardinal (Veloshop)                              
14 Marila Alvares (Bikegallery)                               
15 Joanne Stevens (Sunnyside)                                 
16 Stephanie Uetrecht (Webcyclery)                            
17 Veronica Vega (Sunnyside Sports)                           
18 Anita Dilles (PSU Cycling)                                 
19 Melissa Sanborn (Wenzel Coaching)                          
20 Kendra Wenzel (Wenzel Coaching) 

Men A

1 Chris Sheppard (Santa Cruz/CMG Mortgage)                    
2 Shannon Skerritt (Vanilla Bicycles)                         
3 Carl Decker (Giant)                                         
4 Soloman Woras (Vanilla Bicycles-Stumptown Coffee)           
5 Ben Thompson (Sunnyside Sports)                              
6 Jacob Rathe (Redline)                                       
7 Mark Blackwelder (Gentle Lovers)                            
8 Kevin Hulick (Vanilla Bicycles)                             
9 Ian Brown (River City Bicycles)                             
10 MattSlaven (Kona)                                          
11 Carson Miller (Fred Meyer)                                 
12 James Williams (Sunnyside Sports)                          
13 Kelly Ryan (River City Bicycles)                           
14 Cary Miller (Team S&M)                                     
15 Patrick Wilder (Cyclepath)                                 
16 Anderson Folts (Veloshop)                                  
17 Tony Kic (Gentle Lovers)                                   
18 Jonathan Smith (Team S&M)                                  
19 Jonathan Myers (Team S&M)                                  
20 Chad Swanson (Team S&M)                                    
21 Spencer Bushnell (Therapeutic Associates)                  
22 Greg Adams (Bridgetown Velo)                               
23 MattWills                                                  
24 Joel Koester (Veloshop)                                    
25 Ryan McFarling (YakiBra)                                   
26 Doug Wilmes (River City Bicycles)                          
27 MattHall (Ira ryan Cycles)                                 
28 Jeremiah Swanson (Team S&M)                                
29 Seth Patla (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiro)                
30 Steven Hunter (Veloshop)                                   
31 ryan Miller (Fred Meyer)                                   
32 David Pilz (Gentle Lovers)                                 
33 Jed Floding (Veloshop)                                     
34 Jonathan Hansen (Organic Athlete)                          
DNF Michael Gallagher (River City Bicycles)                   
DNF Mike Hildbrandt (Bike Gallery)                            
DNF David Gray (9 to 5 Athlete.com)                           
DNF MattKarre                                                 
DNF Donald Reeb (CMG)                                         
DNF Chris Brandt (Collins Cycle/specialized)                  
DNF Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru Racing)                        
DNF Jason Riffle (River City Bicycles)                        
DNF T. Kenji Sugahara (Capitol Subaru Racing)                     


1 Ryan Weaver (River City Bicycles)                           
2 Tim Jones (Webcyclery)                                      
3 Jacob Furniss (Eddy Merkin)                                 
4 Andy McKerrow (Bike Gallery)                                
5 Brian Ellin (Veloshop)                                      
6 John Rollert (Webcyclery)                                   
7 Brian Schultz (Existential Velo)                            
8 Jeff Curtes (Twing)                                         
9 Larry Ehmke (Existential Velo)                              
10 Pete Zlatnik (Bike Gallery)                                
11 Scott Churchill (DeSalvo Custom cycles)                    
12 Brian Garretson (Veloshop)                                 
13 Brad Urban (Veloshop)                                      
14 Dylan VanWeelden (Yakima Bike Bigilantes)                  
15 Gene Faes (Stumps & Roses)                                 
16 Ben Leonard                                                
17 Dave Bisers (Veloshop)                                     
18 Isaac Harris (Veloshop)                                    
19 Tony Tapay (Showers Pass)                                  
20 Matthew Cardinal (Bike Gallery)                            
21 Shawn Bostad (Gateway)                                     
22 Paul Anderson (Half Fast Velo)                             
23 Chuck Warrington (Artisan Family Racing)                   
24 Tad Bamford (Veloshop)                                     
25 Kevin Stroede (Vanilla Bicycles)                           
26 Scott Ramsey (Vanilla Bicycles)                            
27 Edwin Brown (Artisan Family Racing)                        
28 David Godfrey (Team rubicon)                               
29 Ryan Ness (Therapeutic Assoc)                              
30 John Dorfer (Veloshop)                                     
31 Jack Fraser                                                
32 Ryan Forrest Thiele (Veloshop)                             
33 Sean Garvin (Gentle Lovers)                                
34 Joel Grover (Bike Gallery)                                 
35 Tony Pereira (Veloshop)                                    
36 Brent Ryckman                                              
37 Jim Miller (Cyclepath)                                     
38 David Spackman                                             
39 Ethan Furniss (Eddy Merkin)                                
40 Peter Lines (Team Hoo Koo)                                 
41 Joseph Marek (Team S&M)                                    
42 Tyler Smith (Full cycles)                                  
43 Joel Koester                                               
44 Quin Thompson (Veloshop)                                   
45 Kevin Condron                                              
46 Tommy Tuite (Veloshop)                                     
47 Brian Keeffe (Veloshop)                                    
48 Drew Ross (Med head)                                       
49 Brian Thiel (Nike Cycling)                                 
50 Brandon Hadley                                             
51 Eddie Wang (River City Bicycles)                           
52 Chauncey Curl (Team Rubicon)                               
53 Steve Basden (Half Fast Velo)                              
54 David Ross                                                 
55 Mark Ontiveros (River City Bicycles)                       
56 James Jonke (Bicycleface.com)                              
57 Harold Klein                                               
58 Craig Austin (Half Fast Velo)                              
59 Ken Pace (Team S&M)                                        
60 Dan Cheever (Evil)                                         
61 Michael Jones (NoPosolos)                                  
62 Jon Schnorr                                                
63 Damon Dimick                                               
64 Brian Gerow (Ironclad)                                     
65 Tim Schauer (Specialized/River City)                       
66 JoshBartlemay (Beer Powered Bike)                          
67 Andrew Wilson (Veloshop)                                   
68 Michael Blayney                                            
69 Brian List (EWEB)                                          
70 mark Pickett                                               
71 Erik Hofland (Artisan)                                     
72 Hugh Davis                                                 
73 Barrett Reiner                                             
74 John Walrod                                                
75 Tim Smith (Tireless Velo)                                  
76 Brian McNamara (Companion Pet Clinic)                      
77 Clint Morey                                                
78 Norrene godfrey (Rubicon)                                  
79 Camille Hook (Bike Central)                                
80 John Golden                                                
81 Davy Yeater (River City Bikes)                             
82 Mike Bene (Veloshop)                                       
83 Joshua Hutchens (Cyclepath)                                
84 Mike Hildbrant (Bike Gallery)                              
85 Don Arancibia                                              
Men B

1 Adrian Olmstead (HUP United)                                
2 Leland Gilmore (River City Bicycles)                        
3 Jimmy Udall (Veloshop)                                      
4 Slate Olson (HUP United)                                    
5 Jonathan Vinson (Veloshop)                                  
6 Brett Luelling (Capital Subaru)                             
7 Neal Bibler (Team S&M)                                      
8 Alex Criss (River City Bicycles)                            
9 Jason Lemieux (ICE)                                         
10 Adam Blanchard (Therapeutic Assoc)                         
11 Stephen Fitzgerald (North River Rcing)                     
12 Joe Santos (Bridgetown Velo)                               
13 Matt Fox (Veloshop)                                        
14 Michael Risner (Bike/cyclisme)                             
15 Brian Leber (The Bike Gallery)                             
16 Greg Edwards (Team Oregon)                                 
17 JessGraden (Veloshop)                                      
18 Scott Willson                                              
19 Pat O'Herron                                               
20 Ben Langsdorf (EWEB Windpower)                             
21 Chris Boyce                                                
22 Chip Sloan (Grundelbruisers/Stewie Bicycles)               
23 Alex Hall                                                  
24 Sacha Lacey                                                
25 Richard Cowan (Veloce)                                     
26 Andrew Arnsberg (Team Gleemer)                             
27 jeff Ballantine (Portland Velo)                            
28 Jesse Luckett (Cyclepath)                                  
29 Kirk Edwards                                               
30 Peter Lunoak                                               
31 Dan Watson                                                 
32 Jonathan Maus (bikeportland)                               
33 Fred Keown (bicycleattorney.com)                           
34 Cody Edeline (Nomad Sports Club)                           
35 Michael Berg                                               
36 Loren Francis (Bike Peddler)                               
37 Andy Redden                                                
38 Zach Kovalcik (Team Beer/Ira Ryan)                         
39 James Ceccavulli                                           
40 Bill Larson (Cyclepath)                                    
41 Ben Edwards (Team S&M)                                     
42 Brian Ecker (Veloshop)                                     
43 Jason Zadow                                                
44 Doug Smith (Bend Bike n sport)                             
45 David Rosen (South town Velo)                              
46 Jake Beutel                                                
47 Greg Sanders (Ironcld)                                     
48 Darrin Joos (bike Gallery)                                 
49 Brian Hopkins (F Lumber)                                   
50 Brian Austin                                               
51 Chad Cherefko (bicycleattorney.com)                        
52 Owen Morehart                                              
53 Clayton Lindsay (Existential Velo)                         
54 Troy Logue                                                 
55 Kevin Fitzpatrick                                          
56 Chris Murphy (Adidas)                                      
57 Ryan Ferro                                                 
58 Kris Schamp (bike Gallery)                                 
59 peter Welte                                                
60 Clint Culpepper (Team Beer)                                
61 Khari Gates                                                
62 Robert Christensen (Bridgetown Velo)                       
63 Brian Bowman (Cyclepath)                                   
64 Dan Roth(HUP United)                                       
65 Doug Moak                                                  
66 Justin Gorder (East side)                                  
67 Scott Goodrich (North River Racing)                        
68 Kenji Sugahara (Capital Subaru Racing)                     
DNF Tyler Green (PSU cycling)                                 
DNF James Crowe                                               
DNF Nick Gibson                                               
DNF Frank Thomas                                              
DNF Jacob Hill (Bridgetown Velo)                              
DNF roger Lloyd                                               
Women Masters 45+

1 Karen Goritski (Tireless Velo)                              
2 Karen Kenlan (Sunnyside)                                    
3 Jan Moss (Team Group Health)                                
4 Pam Reid (Team Rose City)                                   
5 Barb Thiele (Team Rose City)                                
6 Deb Krichko                                                 
7 Shari Matyas (Sorella Forte)                                
8 Sue Ripp (Tireless Velo)                                    
9 JoAnne Leyva (Nomad Sports Club)                            
10 Melissa Boyd                                               
11 Evelyn West (Team S&M)                                     
12 Renata Hahn (Team Rose City)                               
13 Meg Maunter (Nomad Sports Club)                            
14 Lisa Campbell                                              
15 Sue Hanna                                                  
16 Robin Vertner                                              
17 Lori Jensen (Tireless Velo)                                
Women Masters 35 - 44

1 KimRueter (Sorella Forte)                                   
2 Julie Browning (Sorella Forte)                              
3 Virginie Calme (Half Fast Velo)                             
4 Colleen McClenahan (Sorella Forte)                          
5 Elisabeth Tutsch (Chinook)                                  
6 Beth Burns (Veloce)                                         
7 Shannon Holt (super Relax)                                  
8 Julie Swearingen (Mt Veiw cycles)                           
9 Catherine Diviney (Half Fast Velo)                          
10 Ann Goss (Tireless Velo)                                   
11 Wendy Straight (Endo & The Back Pedalers)                  
12 Elaine Prause                                              
13 Kimberly Long (Endo & The Back Peddlers)                   
14 Pam Fairchild (Tireless Velo)                              
15 Laura McGraw                                               
16 Amy Warner (cyclesport)                                    
17 Tacia Miller (Cyclepath)                                   
Women Junior

1 Carolyn Cartwright (BBC)                                    
2 Emily Hackenberg (Forza Jet Velo)                           
3 Carina Hahn (Team Rose City)                                
4 Hannah Lawson                                               
5 Sierra Reid (Forza Jet Velo)                                
6 Mikaela Saltzberg (Specialized/River City Bicyceles)        
DNF Kayla Woolcock (Sum bike Team)                            
DNF katie Hayden                                              
Women Beginner

1 Mary Zucconi                                                
2 Margi Lifsey                                                
3 Kelly McKean                                                
4 Melissa Lynett (Sorella Forte)                              
5 Tori Bortman (Bike Gallery)                                 
6 Dawn Riddle (S'more Country)                                
7 Carolyn Goodbrake (Ironclad)                                
8 Heidi Swift (Portland Velo)                                 
9 Emily Moon (Veloce)                                         
10 Elaine Bothe (Healthnet/ACME)                              
11 Rachel Lemieux                                             
12 Stephanie Heindel                                          
13 Mindy Waterhouse                                           
14 Leslie Sutton                                              
15 Bernadette Estrada (Veloce Racing)                         
16 Alanna Woods (Sorella Forte)                               
17 Rebecca Bozarth (Webcyclery)                               
18 Suzanne Marcoe (Crossfit Portland)                         
19 Alexandra Burton                                           
20 Ingrid Dobson (Kermantle)                                  
21 Libby Evans (Sorella Forte)                                
22 Dee Beck                                                   
23 Allie robbins                                              
24 Tiah Keever (Veloshop)                                     
25 Lucy Burningham                                            
26 Christie Dewey                                             
27 Danielle Machon                                            
28 Teresa Kubo                                                
29 Kelly Pagnae                                               
30 Elise Jones (Webcyclery)                                   
31 jennifer Adamy                                             
32 Laurie Daley                                               
33 Suzanne Hayden                                             
34 Heather Moller                                             
35 Kemberlea Brainerd (Sorella Forte)                         
36 Tess Weir (Crazy Bird)                                     
37 Cate Fox-Lent                                              
38 Robyn Pfeifer (bicycleattorney.com)                        
39 Kristin Hegg                                               
40 Emily Tucker                                               
41 Trista Long (Longshot)                                     
42 Jennifer Kulle-Jones (Nomad Sports Club)                   
43 Karen Sheley                                               
44 Kelly Zakrewski                                            
DNF Liliane Gerwing (bike/cyclisme)                           
DNF Erin Willig                                               
Women B

1 Sarah Sturdy (Tireless Velo)                                
2 Jennifer Caldwell (Team Group Health)                       
3 Hillary Hutchens (Cyclepath)                                
4 JoAnna Mensher (Gentle Lovers)                              
5 Sarah Tisdale (Sorella Forte)                               
6 Heather Gundersen (Veloshop)                                
7 Amy Rice (Lazy Tarantulas)                                  
8 Devin Moeller (Veloshop)                                    
9 Anna Saltonstall (Team S&M)                                 
10 Rene Scott (Sunnyside)                                     
11 Sage Fuller                                                
12 Patty Garland (Disco Velo)                                 
13 Michelle Lichtenfels (Bridgetown Velo)                     
14 Lindsay Kandra (Team Group Health)                         
15 Allison Schaub (Sorella Forte)                             
16 Sandra Chavarria                                           
17 Beth Chase (Bridgeport Velo)                               
18 Rhiannon Leonard                                           
19 Tess Sugahara (Team Group Health)                          
20 Lana Pressley (Bike Peddler)                               
21 Jennafer Herold (Eddie Merkin)                             
22 Megan Murray (Tireless Velo)                               
23 Holly Kotsovos (Tireless Velo)                             
24 Nicole Strong (Sorella Forte)                              
25 Kim Mullen                                                 
26 Kristin Wille (Portland Velo)                              
DNF Anna Vaughn                                                               
Master Men 50+

1 Joe Field (Fred Meyer)                                      
2 Jay Rathe (BBC)                                             
3 Stephen Hemminger (South Town Velo)                         
4 David Luoma (Guinness Cycling)                              
5 Ron Strasser (Team S&M)                                     
6 Peter Spir (Team S&M)                                       
7 Jim Thiele (Team Rose City)                                 
8 Harold Klein                                                
9 Steve Lacey (Cyclepath)                                     
10 Tom James (Team Oregon)                                    
11 Jake Bigham                                                
12 Vern Krist (Shower Pass)                                   
13 Russ Sperin (Portland Velo)                                
14 Mark Hilbrandt                                             
15 Jon Wasserman (Veloce Cyclocross Club)                     
16 Myron Burr                                                 
17 Jeff Chicone                                               
18 Paul Montgomery (Team S&M)                                 
19 Del Scharffenberg (Nomad Sports Club)                      
20 Steve Brown                                                
21 Einar Traa                                                 
22 David Anderson (Bike Gallery)                              
23 John Forbes (Fred Meyer)                                   
33 Dan Kearl                                                  
24 John Lutz                                                  
25 Rick Potestio (River City Bicycles)                        
26 Steve Truesdale (Half Fast Velo)                           
27 Chris Marks                                                
28 Darell Provencher (Team Rose City)                         
29 Bill Alsup                                                 
30 Robert Mandelson (Nomad Sports Club)                       
31 Mike Lehman                                                
32 Randy Scherman                                             
DNF Hugh Givens                                               
DNF Don Leet (Sunnyside Sports)                               
Beginner Men

1 Brett DeCou                                                 
2 Michael Grieser                                             
3 Eric Stolberg (Grundelbruisers/Stewie Bicycles)             
4 Patrick Fear                                                
5 Kenneth Maupin                                              
6 Keevin Bybee                                                
7 Jim Hinkley (EBS)                                           
8 Briian McCall                                               
9 Jim Kysela                                                  
10 Luke Sosnowski                                             
11 Scott Hillson                                              
12 Craig Rowley                                               
13 Tony Curtis                                                
14 Tim LaBarge                                                
15 Isaac Potoczny-Jones                                       
16 Peter Nierengarten                                         
17 Alan Whitney                                               
18 Matt Minjares (Team Beer)                                  
19 George Beilstein                                           
20 Francis Bruening                                           
21 Robbin Gibbens                                             
22 Jonathan Flikkema                                          
23 Matt Webber                                                
24 Mike Rosenfeld                                             
25 Eric Pool                                                  
26 Dusty Rhodes                                               
27 Jeff Dill                                                  
28 James Medeiros                                             
29 Kahlin Kurilik (Staccato Gelato)                           
30 Tyrone Long (Endo & the Backpeddlers)                      
31 Christopher Gedraitis (Grundelbruisers/Stewie Bicycles)    
32 Guy Baker (Grundelbruisers/Stewie Bicycles)                
33 Randy Benthin                                              
34 Paul Kelly                                                 
35 Alan Hamilton                                              
36 Greg Smith                                                 
37 Darren Pennington (bike/cyclisme)                          
38 Jeff Boehlke                                               
39 Sean Bryson (Bad Boyz)                                     
40 Scott McCoy                                                
41 Eric Rathe (SDc)                                           
42 Corey Omey (Grummell Engineering)                          
43 Mark McMurtry                                              
44 David English                                              
45 Adam Osborn                                                
46 Chad Stannard                                              
47 Terron Whitney                                             
48 Bryant Dockens                                             
49 Michael Krum                                               
50 Joy Bruening                                               
51 Mike Schultz                                               
52 David Pruitt                                               
53 PeteMontagne                                               
54 Lee White                                                  
55 Bernard Sanders                                            
56 Dave Williams                                              
57 John Golden                                                
58 Mike Lehl                                                  
59 Peter Donley                                               
60 Frante Heinerdinger                                        
61 Edgar Morales                                              
62 Zahary Elder                                               
63 Zack Mikkelson (Mt View)                                   
64 Scott Mercurio                                             
DNF Jim Straight (Endo & the Backpeddlers)                    
DNF Todd Borkowitz                                            
DNF Jose Rodriguez                                            
DNF Tim Donovan (343 Racing)                                  
DNF John Dossett                                              
DNF Aaron Schmidt (Cross Fit)                                 
DNF Mike Nettleton                                            
DNF Matt Couzens (Portland Velo)                              
DNF JW Friends                                                
DNF Raymond Whitlow                                           
Master Men A

1 Rich Cramer (bicycleattorney.com)                           
2 Tre Hendricks (Disco Velo)                                  
3 John Bravard (Half Fast Velo)                               
4 Tim Butler (River City Bicycles)                            
5 John McCaffrey (bicycleattorney.com)                        
6 Michael Wilson (EWEB Windpower)                             
7 Mike Schindler (Sunnyside Sports)                           
8 Gant Enderle (Half Fast Velo)                               
9 Scott Bradway (Team S&M)                                    
10 John Mitchem (Casa Bruno)                                  
11 Jim Juenger (Sunnyside)                                    
12 Brooke Hoyer (Tireless Velo)                               
13 Erik Voldengen (BBC)                                       
14 Ivan Meadors (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiro)              
15 mike Bene (Veloshop)                                       
16 Andrew Reed (River City Bicycles)                          
17 Jerome Dumortier (BBC)                                     
18 Aric Rist (Half Fast Velo)                                 
19 Steven Brown (Portland Velo)                               
20 Dave Masessa (DeSalvo Custon)                              
21 Todd Rosier (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiro)               
22 John Gorman                                                
23 Justin Thayer (Collins Cycle/specialized)                  
24 Scott Barker                                               
25 Chris Sautter (bike/cyclisme)                              
26 Todd Embree (EWEB Windpower)                               
27 Tim Mason (Pdx-Fixed)                                      
28 Bill Crane (Team Momentum)                                 
29 Adnan Kadir (Aeolus)                                       
30 Thom Kneeland (DeSalvo Custom Cycles)                      
31 David Baker (Sunnyside Sports)                             
32 Greg Talbert (Art by Opsal)                                
33 Kent Johnston (Fred Meyer)                                 
34 Robert Huff (Half Fast Velo)                               
35 Brett Berner (River City Bicycles)                         
36 Paul Parsons                                               
37 Monty Hill                                                 
38 Brian Spears (Half Fast Velo)                              
DNF Terry Keele (South Town Velo)                             
DNF David Diviney (Half Fast Velo)                            
DNF Michael Romasco (Capitol Subaru Racing)                   
DNF James Newman (STV)                                        
DNF Mike Henry                                                
DNF Eric Martin (Guinness Cycling)                            
DNF Ian Leitheiser (Half Fast Velo)                           
DNF Jake Rosenfeld                                            
DNF Bill Goritski (Tireless Velo)                             
DNF Craig Austin (Half Fast Velo)                             
DNF Martin Baker (bicycleattorney.com)                        

Master B 35+

1 Michael Szwaya                                              
2 Wade Goff (Half Fast Velo)                                  
3 Kevin Thompson (Half Fast Velo)                             
4 Ben Johnson (Portland Velo)                                 
5 Chris Tauscher (Tireless Velo)                              
6 Jason Crago (Lakeside)                                      
7 Jeff Standish (Therapeutic Assoc)                           
8 Mike Alligood                                               
9 John Vergis (Cyclepath)                                     
10 Bob Jacobs (Bicycleattorney.com)                           
11 Brian List (EWEB Windpower)                                
12 Karl Mikkelson (Mt View Cycles)                            
13 AaronLeritz                                                
14 Mike Rabinowitz (Tireless Velo)                            
15 Greg O'Brien (Bike/cyclisme)                               
16 Jonathan Rettman                                           
17 Tom Hill (Nomad Sports Club)                               
18 Derwyn Harris                                              
19 Matt Engelen (webcyclery)                                  
20 Anthony Ohotto (Bike/cyclisme)                             
21 chris Tuttle                                               
22 Dave Warwick (three River Racing)                          
23 JonSchnorr                                                 
24 Doug Smith (Bend Bike N sport)                             
25 Ken James (Bicycle Service Direct)                         
26 Salvatore Bondi (Portland Velo)                            
27 Robert Uetrecht (webcyclery)                               
28 James Tervo (Artisan Family Racing)                        
29 Alex Accetta (Team Beer)                                   
30 Charlie Wicker (Bike/cyclisme)                             
31 Trig Rogers (Bicycleattorney.com)                          
32 Jeffrey Gerwing (Bike/cyclisme)                            
33 David Saltzberg (Specialized/River City)                   
34 Chris Streight (Sunset Cycles)                             
35 Guus Sophie (Team Rose City)                               
36 tom Scully (Disco Velo)                                    
37 Terry Mitchell (Gecko Tri Club)                            
38 Dave Hemming                                               
39 John Weathers                                              
40 Jim Cavalieri                                              
41 Glenn Masuda                                               
42 amit Kobrowski (Portland Velo)                             
43 Michael Mann                                               
44 David Miller (Team Rose City)                              
45 Chris Corno (Sunnyside Sports)                             
46 Ted Lamb                                                   
47 Jeff McCormick                                             
48 Tim Turk                                                   
49 Jason Pfeifer (Bicycleattorney.com)                        
50 Kris Schamp (Bike Gallery)                                 
51 Saul Lopez (Half Fast Velo)                                
52 Sean Vali                                                  
53 Jason Bietz (River City Bicycles)                          
54 Paul Devries (343 Racing)                                  
55 Matt Eisiminger                                            
56 Csaba Kormendy                                             
57 David Guettler (River City Bicycles)                       
58 Justin Gericke                                             
59 Mitch Yoder (Team S&M)                                     
60 Jeff Edes (Team S&M)                                       
61 DanDavis (Sierra Express)                                  
62 Paul Mautner (Team Rose City)                              
63 Brian P Johnson (Silly Yak Cycling)                        
64 Eric Teel (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions)                     
67 Dan Silvernail                                             
68 David Prause (Noggin Velo)                                 
DNF Brad Ross (River City Bicycles)                           
DNF Jim Moore (Specialized/River City)                        
DNF Hugh Gapay                                                
Junior Men

1 Matt Dooley (Fred Meyer)                                    
2 Weston Fitzsimmons (Fred Meyer)                             
3 Richard Suditu (BBC)                                        
4 Jeff Hopkins (Willamette)                                   
5 Kyle Thackray (EWEB Windpower)                              
6 Don Vandervort (BBC)                                        
7 Jordan Wilson (EWEB Windpower)                              
8 Jacob Gandel (BBC)                                          
9 Tyler Wilson (EWEB Windpower)                               
10 Kolben Preble (Olson's Bikes)                              
11 DanBirman (BBC)                                            
12 William Behn (SDC)                                         
13 Joe Prettyman                                              
14 Hayden Swanson                                             
15 Jack Hayden (Bridgetown Velo)                              
16 Jake Witty                                                 
17 Trevor Schauer (Specialized/river City Bicycles)           
18 Carson Miller (Fred Meyer)                                 
19 Ryan Miller (Fred Meyer)                                   
20 Nolan Thompson (SDC)                                       
21 Julian Roden (Bike Gallery)                                
22 John Cartwright (BBC)                                      
23 Camden Morey (Forza Jet Velo)                              
24 Chase Jamieson (Boone Dog Bikes)                           
25 Tanner Martin                                              
26 Nicolas Meigs                                              
27 Finn Rosenfeld                                             
28 Jarrett Lonchar                                            
29 Stephen Gapay                                              
DNF Spencer Kadas (EWEB Windpower)                            

1 Tim Schauer (Specialized/River City)                        
2 Matt Brownfield (Team Oregon)                               
3 nathan Frechen`                                             
4 Paul Long (Team Strongbad)                                  
5 Geoff Rogers (Gundelbruisers)                               
6 James Peale (Coffee Plant)                                  
7 Paul Toufar (Bicycleattorney.com)                           
8 Tom Iverson (Emma Inc)                                      
9 Dane Mack                                                   
10 Ivan Wydenstanz (NoPosolos)                                
11 Gregg Umscheid (Coffee Plant)                              
12 jeff Spencer                                               
13 Dave Otteman                                               
14 Mike Chombeau (Team Rose City)                             
15 Adrian Black                                               
16 Hugo Ortiz                                                 
17 Nathan Roll                                                
18 Dan Burton (Team S&M)                                      
19 Erik Thompson                                              
20 Terry Rice                                                 
21 Ben Helgren                                                
22 kevin Blair                                                
23 Ed Lanton                                                  
DNF Ed Jones                                                  
DNF Ike Kendrick                                              
DNF David Rosen                                               
Master C

1 WesSwearingen (Mt Vew cycles)                               
2 Tom Lenth                                                   
3 Chad Sage (Sunnyside)                                       
4 Kurt Robinson (Bicycleattorney.com)                         
5 Chris Miller                                                
6 Dave Ripp (Specialized/River City)                          
7 Mitch Lee (Portland Velo)                                   
8 Brent Lawson (Team S&M)                                     
9 Dave florence                                               
10 Erin Badaracco (BBG)                                       
11 Bob Croucher (Tireless Veo)                                
12 Andrew Meigs                                               
13 Brion Barnett (Portland Velo)                              
14 Pete Conklin (Sunday Muddy Sunday)                         
15 Troy Severson                                              
16 Dan Stone                                                  
17 Adam Swail                                                 
18 Clint Ebert (Bicycleattorney.com)                          
19 Brad Heintz (Team S&M)                                     
20 Dan Rohlf                                                  
21 Andrew Marges                                              
22 Jacob Balderas (Existential Velo)                          
23 Javad Simonsen (Portland Velo)                             
24 John Salemme (Simon Lane Iron Racing)                      
25 Mark Proia (Cyclepath)                                     
26 Bruce James (Nomad Sports Club)                            
27 Eric Stouck (Half Fast Velo)                               
28 Andrew Peterson (Existential Velo)                         
29 Robert Sanders (PSU cycling)                               
30 Mike Murphy                                                
31 Jeff Steiner                                               
32 Tim Goss (Tireless Velo)                                   
33 Jeff Heilman                                               
34 Mark Pickett (Existential Velo)                            
35 Paul Zweigart (Capital Subaru)                             
36 Damon Schaefer (Green Light fitness)                       
37 Jim Hinkley (EBS)                                          
38 Mick Desserault (Team S&M)                                 
39 Paul Formiller (Human Bean)                                
40 Bob Crow (Lazy Tarantulas)                                 
41 Alan Snodgrass (Tireless Velo)                             
42 Matthew Hickey                                             
43 Matt Chalmers (Team ATM)                                   
44 Michael Kender (Portland Velo)                             
45 John Divelbiss                                             
46 Ed Chrisman (Team S&M)                                     
47 john Dossett                                               
48 Lee Stocker (Team S&M)                                     
49 Richard Fattic                                             
50 Matt Glynn (Bike Gallery)                                  
51 Scott Gibson                                               
52 Scott Ballard (Alameda Brewhouse)                          
53 Hans thygeson                                              
54 John Radakowski                                            
55 Matt James (Human Bean)                                    
56 Frank Vernhoorn (Team Rose City)                           
57 Geoff Sanderson (Team S&M)                                 
58 Dylan McNamee                                              
59 Tom Strodtbeck (Bicycleattorney.com)                       
60 Ben Herring                                                
61 Darell Jamieson (Azonic)                                   
62 William Hall                                               
63 Mark Jenkins (Team S&M)                                    
64 Andy Askren (Tireless Velo)                                
65 Richard Marantz (Nomad Sports Club)                        
66 John Spiegel                                               
67 Stan Arrigotti                                             
68 Dennis Rose                                                
69 Eric Sletmoe (Mt Vew cycles)                               
70 Tim Ragan (Black Dog)                                      
71 Alan Reaume                                                
72 Eric McMurty                                               
73 Ted Helprin                                                
74 Mark Boguslawski                                           
75 AlexBirman (BBC)                                           
76 Devin Flynn                                                
77 Clint Morey (Cyclepath)                                    
78 Mike Davis                                                 
79 Nathan Hult                                                
80 Blaine Zumwalt                                             
81 David Strader (Team Oregon/RCB)                            
82 Todd Williams (Sunday Muddy Sunday)                        
83 Chris LePore                                               
84 Jonah Luzier                                               
85 Earto Esmer                                                
86 Greg Nelson (Chinook Cycling)                              
87 Jesse Lopez (Crossniacs)                                   
88 Gary Smith                                                 
89 Fergus Kinnell                                             
90 Leland Jossy (Sunday Muddy Sunday)                         
91 Troy Konigwilcox (Team S&M)                                
92 Tim Hanrahan                                               
93 David Lord                                                 
94 Tom Feist                                                  
95 Paul McKean                                                
96 Michael Carnes                                             
97 Christophe Esayian (Team Tasty)                            
Men C

1 James Cloyd                                                 
2 JimHayden (Bridgetown Velo)                                 
3 Sean Reynolds                                               
4 Bryan Voytilla (Ironclad)                                   
5 Erik Weeman (Grundelbruisers/Stewie Bicycles)               
6 Brian Driscoll (Veloshop)                                   
7 Ryan Snow                                                   
8 Shawn Lindsay (Tentacles of C'thulu+D510+D476)              
9 Jon Mason                                                   
10 Justin Zucconi (Staccato Gelato)                           
11 Aaron Lee (Staccato Gelato)                                
12 Barry O'Connor                                             
13 Ted Chaplain (Sunday Muddy Sunday)                         
14 Jacob Fox                                                  
15 Brent Mattison (Lazy Tarantulas)                           
16 Casey McDonald (Organic Althete)                           
17 Ryan Larson                                                
18 Dominic Gerbo (Staccato Gelato)                            
19 Jeff Lorenzen (Disco Velo)                                 
20 Jim Bender (BBC)                                           
21 Laird Novak                                                
22 Barthlomew Martin                                          
23 Brody Boeger                                               
24 Jon Pheanis (Momentum Training)                            
25 Doug Brecht (Cedar Mill Velo)                              
26 Chad Smeltzer (Gateway Bicycles)                           
27 Ryan Kilgren                                               
28 David Liebert (Cyclepath)                                  
29 Jeff Nelson (Yakima)                                       
30 Rob Tsunehiro                                              
31 Brett Boyles (Finnegan's Toys)                             
32 Andrew Titmus                                              
33 Christian Martin (River City Bikes)                        
34 Ashley Williams (Adidias)                                  
35 Evan Smith (Seven Corners)                                 
36 John S. Miller (Quad cycles)                               
37 Ken Pace (Team S&M)                                        
38 Jan Taborsky (Capital Subaru)                              
39 Chris Dyer Augustus                                        
40 Richard Hall (Team Beer)                                   
41 John Mark Baldwin (Alameda Brewhouse)                      
42 Matt Erlenbusch                                            
43 Chuck Meyer (Mountain Pedaler)                             
44 John Kim                                                   
45 Greg Rice (Lazy Tarantulas)                                
46 Geoff Rice (Lazy Tarantulas)                               
47 Gabriel Ledger (Mr furros)                                 
48 Jimmy Gladish (Tentacles of C'thulu+D510+D476)             
49 Earl Patrick                                               
50 Jonathan Bohbot (Lakeside)                                 
51 Scott Goodrich (North River Racing)                        
52 John Howe (Team Beer)                                      
53 Corey Cartwright (Team Beer)                               
54 Stefan Bussey                                              
55 Lars Nystrom                                               
56 Will Cortez (Trail Head Cycles)                            
57 Blaine Conrad                                              
58 Dave Condon (Yakima)                                       
59 Brian Yellin (Ho D)                                        
60 Robert Kyper (Tireless Velo)                               
61 WillHaskins                                                
62 Guy Smith (Crossniacs)                                     
63 Kris Langdon                                               
64 Kris Langdon                                               
65 Eric Aldinger                                              
66 Adam Turco (chautch)                                       
67 Kevin Cline                                                
68 Dean Duitsman (Cedar Mill Velo)                            
69 Brian Webb                                                 
70 Marc Riera (Gentle Lovers)                                 
71 Aaron Pruitt                                               
72 Jonathan Potter                                            
73 Ben Davis (Team Beer)                                      
74 Phil Avery (League Racing)                                 
75 Brent Sherry (Yakima)                                      
76 Danny Klube                                                
77 Hugh Davis                                                 
78 Jason Carver                                               
79 Jeff Garrett (Team Numb Nutz)                              
80 Derek Chiles                                               
81 Nick Adamy                                                 
82 Tom Rousculp                                               
83 Jeff Morrell                                               
84 Drew Wilson (Team Beer)                                    
85 Joe Petsche                                                
86 Jason Jones (Nomad Sports Club)                            
87 Reginald Lee (Badd Lands)                                  
88 Steven Houck (Ironclad)                                    
89 Earl Patrick                                               
90 Joel Williams (Artisan Family Racing)                      
91 Richard Haight (Three Rivers Racing)                       
DNF rian McGuire                                              
DNF Jason Gabryshak                                           
DNF Chris Aguirre                                             
DNF Karl Tutsch                                               
DNF Rob McCarthy (Artisan Family Racing)                      
DNF Jacob Buckmaster (Red Lizard)                             
DNF John Lin                                                  
DNF Erik Hanould (Veloshop)                                   
DNF Brad Dzon                                                 
DNF Shawn Rader (Trailhead Cycles)                            

1 Michael Jones (NoPosolos)                                   
2 MaxTaint                                                    
3 Ivan Wydestanz. (NoPosolos)                                 
4 Ross Bradley                                                
5 Joe Marek (Team S&M)                                        
6 Dave Ross                                                   
7 Unknown
8 Ben Schoenberg (Serious Juggling)                           
9 Dinah Foley                                                 
10 Willima Behm                                               
11 Kathy Thielen                                              
12 Meredith Sorensen