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Centennial Park 'Cross - C2

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, November 11, 2007


Simms repeats; Watson wins second day of racing

By Scott Kelly

Sunday's course treated racers to the classic rolling up and down grind that is a ski hill course and with it, came a new set of challenges. Gone were the windy flat stretches and off camber sections that played so strongly in Greg Reain's favour on Saturday; climbing was the theme of the day. Talk prior to the race focused on gearing. Some of those running nine speeds in the rear had substituted mountain bike cassettes in place of their normal 12-25 spreads. Those who chose to forgo the front derailleur in favour of a more mud-friendly single ring set up were re-evaluating said choices.

There was one thing that most agreed on, however, the favourite was Andrew Watson. Watson has been on a tear as of late and is leading the points in the Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross series. Given his proven ability to perform on hilly courses and buoyed by the knowledge that his beloved Battlestar Gallactica would be back for another season, Watson was looking to do something special. Greg Reain jokingly congratulated Watson on his win on Sunday, before they had left the beer tent on Saturday.

Like the previous day, the competition was fierce from the gun. Almost immediately riders were fighting for lines and for places. Again there was a prime on offer for the first rider to the barriers and Mike Garrigan claimed it for the second time in the process earning himself a brand new pressure washer.

It didn't take long for a split to happen and when it did it was Watson and Garrigan making amends for their mechanical difficulties on Saturday. Working together they distanced themselves from a hard-charging field. With several laps to go, Watson went to work on the climbs. Watson flew up the slopes of Centennial Park riding towards a deserved win. Garrigan was able to hold on for second with previous day's winner Reain coming in for third.

In the women's race Wendy Simms was again favored for the win and she came up with the goods. Simms again proved why she is one of the premiere Cyclo-cross riders in North America. She appeared just as adept on the hills as on the flats and she climbed and descended in a class all her own. Trading spots on the podium from the previous day were Jennifer Stephenson in second and Natasha Elliot in third.


Senior Women
1 Wendy Simms (Can) Kona-Yor Key Mortgage Team                         41.37
2 Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Team Ultralink                              1.26
3 Natasha Elliott (Can) Stevens Cross                                   1.47
4 Kelly Jones (Can) Sugoi/Cannondale/Bontrager                          3.21
5 Jill Vale (Can) Coach Chris.ca - Ted Velikonja                        3.35
6 Anne Schwartz (USA) Flying Rhino Cycling Club                         4.03
7 Denise Ramsden (Can) Cyclocross Ontario.com                           4.32
8 Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing                                         4.43
9 Vicki Thomas (Can) Stevens Cross                                      5.07
10 Sue Trimble-Haviland (Can) Norco Factory Team                        5.46
11 Tabitha Ferguson (Can) Waterloo CC                                   6.21
12 Lesley Chown (Can) St. Catharines CC                                 6.27
13 Christina Bouchard (Can) from Toronto                                8.14

One lap behind

14 Briana Illingworth (Can) Midweek Cycling Club
15 Kelly Kavanagh (Can) Mike`s Bike Shop
16 Jenny Simpson (Can) The Cyclery
Senior 1-2-3 Men
1 Andrew Watson (Can) TeamRace.com - Barrie Cycling Club               56.07
2 Mike Garrigan (Can) Epic Ride-Jetpower                                0.10
3 Greg Reain (Can) Calyon/Litespeed                                     0.48
4 Osmond Bakker (Can) Stevens Cross                                     0.49
5 Nathan Chown (Can) Handlebars - Queen City Cyclists                   0.56
6 Derrick St. John (Can) The Cyclery                                    1.22
7 Benoit Simard (Can) Specialized - Québec                              2.19
8 Kyle Douglas (Can) 3 Rox Racing                                       2.33
9 Aaron Fillion (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club                               3.23
10 Peter Morse (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee                                    3.24
11 Jonathan Card (USA) Saturn or Toledo                                 4.08
12 Ernesto Marenchin (USA) Asylum Cycles                                4.24
13 Erik Box (Can) The Hub Bicycle Club                                  4.32
14 Mark Batty (Can) Team R.A.C.E                                        4.53
15 Ian Manning (Can) Team Spin 12 - 3 Rox Racing                        5.34
16 Shawn (David) Adams (Can) October Lake Effect Cycling Team           5.43
17 Peter Mogg (Can) The Hub Bicycle Club                                5.58
18 Shane Hollingshead (Can) Norco Factory Team - Barrie Cycling Club    6.01
19 Shawn Marshall (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club - Mike's Bike Shop          6.04
20 David Coughlin (Can) WSC Hand In Hand Baal                           6.07
21 Alexander Fulton (Can) West Of Québec Wheelers                       6.48
22 Timothy Carleton (Can) Team Trek Store - Ride for Karen              7.24

One lap behind

23 Kyle Fry (Can) Peterborough Cycling Club

Two laps behind

24 Chris Tirone (USA) Buffalo Bicycling Club

Three laps behind

25 Scott Kelly (Can) from Burlington
26 Kaesy Gladwin (Can) from Sudbury
27 Alex Keomany (Can) The Jittery Joes Pro Cycling Team
DNF Nicholas Vipond (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
DNF Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta
DNF Jacob Fetty (USA) Team Myogenesis
DNS Michael Loranty (USA) AG Edwards
DNS Stephane Marcotte (Can) Cycle Solutions - Angry Johnny`s Racing
DNS Guy Vankrimpen (Can) St. Catharines CC
DNS Jonathan Wood (Can) ERTC - Redbike
Under 17
1 Conor O`Brien (Ride With Rendall)                                38.13
2 Karl Hoppner (Ride With Rendall)
3 Kiernan Orange (Ride With Rendall)                                2.13
4 Chris Stone (HB Cycling Club)                                     4.17
5 Evan Odell                                                        6.10
6 Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing)                                      6.26
7 Alex Gibson (HB Cycling Club)                                     6.47
8 Brendan Cubello (HB Cycling Club)                                 9.31
One lap behind
9 Natasha Oldcorn (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)
10 Ryan Humphries (HB Cycling Club)
11 Logan Earhart (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)
12 Jan Kocemba
Two laps behind
13 Arden Earhart (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)
DNS  Stefan Milosevic (Midweek Cycling Club)
Junior (17-18) Men
1 Jared Stafford (HB Cycling Club)                                 42.10
2 Devon Novakowski (Gears & Grinds Racing)                          2.04
3 Michael Miller (Ride With Rendall)                                3.33
4 John Fisher (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)               5.07
5 Jeff Tompkins (The Hub Bicycle Club)                              5.51
6 Christopher Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club)                    6.31
7 Matthew Farquharson                                               6.58
8 Ian Turner                                                        8.42
One lap behind
9 James Eades
DNF  Bennett Winn (Impala Bicycles)
DNS  Mitchell Bailey (Epic Ride - Jetpower)

Senior 3-4 Men
1 Jeff Kroetsch (Waterloo CC)                                      40.38
2 Peter Mancini                                                     0.37
3 Chat Ortved                                                       2.12
4 Wesley Hodgson                                                    3.54
One lap behind
5 Mike Clark
Master 3 Men
1 Mark Sieradzan                                                   39.48
2 Graham Jones (Sweet Pete's)                                       0.07
3 Denis Thang                                                       0.53
4 Thomas MacKay (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)             1.03
5 Mike Greenberg (InVita Racing)                                    2.10
6 Bradley Mc Cutcheon                                               2.20
7 Giles Marshall (Midweek Cycling Club)                             2.29
8 Pierre Perrin (Team Ultralink - Cycle 4 MS)                       2.53
9 Sean Wheldrake (ZM Cycling Club)                                  3.00
10 Paul Miller (Ride With Rendall)                                  3.13
11 Paul A Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club)                        3.30
12 Anthony Whetham (Impala Bicycles)                                3.42
13 Glen Geddes                                                      3.47
14 Michael MacMurray                                                3.59
15 Erick Begin (Lapdogs Cycling Club)                               4.16
16 Elmore Brenton (Newmarket Eagles)                                4.33
17 John Bietola (Pedal Performance)                                 4.39
18 Jan Kocemba (ZM Cycling Club)                                    5.17
19 Phil Harper (Newmarket Eagles)                                   6.21
20 Guy Leclair (from Pickering)                                     7.16
21 Donald Perry (Newmarket Eagles)                                  7.18
22 Ron Baines (Waterloo CC)                                         7.53
23 Barry Earhart (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)            7.58
24 Jeff Kielley (from Toronto)                                      9.14
One lap behind
25 Bill Packham (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
26 Larry Sullivan
27 Martin Davis (Midweek Cycling Club)
28 Phil Renaud (Hamilton Cycling Club)
29 John Bates (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)
DNF  Will Winn (Impala Bicycles)
DNS  Henry Au (from North York)
DNS  Ken Hoppner (Ride With Rendall)
DNS  Winston Tam
Master 2 Men
1 Doug Richards (Pierik's - Elite Health)                          44.19
2 Jeffrey Craft (October Lake Effect Cycling Team)                  0.10
3 Chris Olson (Ride With Rendall)                                   0.19
4 Peter Hennessy                                                    1.04
5 Hugh Hill (HB Cycling Club)                                       1.14
6 Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta - J. Lindeberg)                        2.33
7 Alex Sanna (The Hub Bicycle Club)                                 2.35
8 Robert Cheskey (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)                     2.36
9 R. Scott Johnston (Barrie Cycling Club)                           2.55
10 Joel Rose (The Hub Bicycle Club)                                 3.13
11 Jason Mottaz                                                     3.21
12 Len Harris                                                       3.26
13 Ron Spencer (Velocity Bike and Multisport)                       3.40
14 Paul Dean (London Honda Westhaven Homes)                         3.49
15 Dave Scott (speedriver.com)                                      3.50
16 Jayson Baillie                                                   4.49
17 Fulvio Mark Cubello (HB Cycling Club)                            4.56
18 Martin Kohn (from Toronto)                                       5.18
19 Eric Sanders (Aquila Racing - Racer Sportif)                     5.32
20 Rudy Ziegler                                                     5.41
21 Darko Antic (OPEN ACCESS- GRG Road Racing)                       6.40
22 Kevin Watson                                                     6.43
23 Colin Matsalla                                                   7.09
One lap behind
24 David Tompkins (The Hub Bicycle Club)
25 Ed Rieckelman
26 Michael Mandel
DNF  Stuart Green (Rapid City Cycle)
DNF  Scott Doel (TeamRace.com - Gears Bike Shop Club)
Master 1 Men
1 Craig C Hawkes (The Cyclery)                                     54.36
2 Steve Proulx (Stevens Cross)                                      0.03
3 Paul Greene (Chain Reaction CC)                                   0.05
4 Marc Boudreau (Stevens Cross)
5 Andrew Croutch (True North Cycles)
6 Steve Heck (Team Trek Store-Ride for Karen)                       0.10
7 Ted Ingram (Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnny's Racing)                1.21
8 John Fee (The Cyclery)                                            1.28
9 Robert Orange (Ride With Rendall)                                 1.42
10 Jon Barnes (Team Trek Store-Ride for Karen)                      1.51
11 David Dermont (True North Cycles)                                2.02
12 Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis Racing)                                  2.21
13 Glenn Cameron (Sound Solutions)                                  3.02
14 Chris Wood (Sound Solutions)                                     3.22
15 John Roden (JW Dundee's Home Performance Cycling)                3.33
16 Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta - J. Lindeberg)                    3.42
17 Don Gain (Barrie Cycling Club)
18 Jamie Sprules (Project Freeride)                                 3.54
19 Jon Toews (Jamis Racing)                                         4.08
20 Rodney Merchant                                                  4.21
21 Mark Pagell                                                      4.29
22 Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino CC)                                  4.50
23 Kevin Simms (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)                   4.57
24 Andrew Nicholas (The Hub Bicycle Club)                           5.05
25 Roy Andrigo (Team H&R Block)                                     5.14
26 Richard Strong (King Street Cycles)                              5.24
27 Wes Stephenson (Rapid City Cycle)                                5.31
28 Matthew Berridge (La Bicicletta - J. Lindeberg)                  5.34
29 Brian Haum (Pierik's - Elite Health)                             6.13
30 James Barker (The Hub Bicycle Club)                              6.29
31 Chris Kiziak (Sound Solutions)                                   7.08
One lap behind
32 Oscar Retamal (from Toronto)
33 Roaul Khan (ZM Cycling Club)
DNF  James Layfield (Team R.A.C.E)
DNF  Clifford Vanclief (The Hub Bicycle Club)
DNF  Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride)
DNF  Brent Lowes (Sound Solutions)
DNF  Don Cameron (Specialized - Québec - Tailwind Enterprises)
DNF  Gord Woolley (Sound Solutions)
DNS  Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor)
DNS  David Munden (Ride With Rendall)
DNS  Roderick Olliver (OPEN ACCESS- GRG Road Racing)
DNS  Christopher Paton (Cycle 4 MS)
Master Women
1 Anita Lagler (Team Ultralink)                                    47.47
2 Carolyne Haill (Chain Reaction CC)                                0.25
One lap behind
3 Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction CC)
DNS  Catherine Adams