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Kinetic Systems - Tailwind Cyclo-cross #1 - C2

Waterford, Michigan, USA, September 24, 2005


Powers and Schwartz kick off the season in style

By Jay Jones

It was a perfect day for cyclo-cross racing, that's if you're a fan. If you liked sunshine, nice temperatures and easy-to-view course all the while working on your I-just-jetted-off-to-the-tropics-for-the-weekend tan, then this was your ticket. If you are a true cyclo-cross race addict and long for the mud, rain, snow, sleet and cold temps, then you might not have been so enthusiastic. Either way, it was a great two days of racing.

The Kinetic Systems Bicycles/Tailwind Waterford Hills UCI Cyclocross race officially kicked off the North American UCI race schedule. Course designer Joe Brown seems like a nice enough guy, but his sadistic approach to course design leaves us wondering. Not that this is a bad thing, but there was absolutely no rest on this course save one grassy down hill filled with bumps. You were working the whole time through each lap.

While there were plenty of Div C men and women, B men and a lot of Masters 35+ and 45+ racing, the main attraction was the Elite men's and women's races.

On Saturday the Elite women's race started promptly at 11:00am with a field of six women. On the first lap Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino Cycling Club) hit the gas and never looked back - well, maybe a few times to see where the competition was, but she controlled the race the whole six laps. Tara Ross (Victory Brewing) finished second and Lisa Most (Wissahickon) finished third. Rounding out the podium in fourth and fifth respectively were Anne Grofvert (AAVC/SalonXL) and Leslie Chown (St Catherine's CC).

The Elite men's race went a little differently. After the start gun sounded a group of 12 broke off and systematically dropped all the local boys save one, last years Elite winner Jeff Weinert (Cane Creek). Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly) led the group and worked it down to eight riders, including Ben Turner and Zak Grabowski (both TIAA CREF/Clif Bar), Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa) and Jonothan Baker (Primus Mootry Racing) included. This group would dismantle the rest of the field by dropping one racer at a time until there were only four left. With one lap remaining Jerermy Powers turned in his fastest lap of the day and dropped the entire field to take first place! Ben Turner took second, Brent Prenzlow third, Jonathan Baker fourth and Zak Grabowski fifth.


Elite Men/U23

1 Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team)             1.27.10
2 Ben Turner (Tiaa Kref/Clif Bar)                             0.01
3 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa)                         0.02
4 Jonathan Baker (Primus Mootry Racing)                       0.03
5 Zak Grabowski (Tiaa Kref/Clif Bar)                          1.07
6 Jeff Weinert (Cane Creek)                                   1.33
7 Michael Cody (Fiardifrutta)                                 1.38
8 Nathan Chown (Ital Pasta/Fuji Canada/St Catherines)         1.38
9 Nathan Rice (Big Shark/Ridley)                              1.40
10 John Hanson (Team Nerac.com)                               1.55
11 Matt Kelly (Alan Factory)                                  2.25
12 Jacob Stechmann (Alan Factory Team)                        2.29
13 Phil Noble (Bio Wheels/Flyte)                              2.29
14 Russ Tiles (Slingshot)                                     3.10
15 Tristan Schouten (Trek/Volkswagon/Michelin)                3.21
16 Jonathan Card (Cane Creek)                                 3.23
17 John Behrens (Celo Pacific/Salsa)                          3.24
18 Mark Hekman (Savage Hill Cycling)                          4.25
19 Vince Roberge (Sunrise Sports)                             4.40
20 Tom Archer (Ford-Giant)                                    5.17
21 Josh Johnson (Big Shark Racing)                            5.49
22 Ryan Myers (Chiropower)                                    6.40
23 Jer Walker (Cane Creek)                                    7.12
24 Jordan Stohl (Jittery Joes/Sunrise Sports)                 7.27
25 Greg Kuhn (Whole Foods/WSC)                                7.27
26 Ryan Rish (Savage Hill)                                    8.16
27 Anthony Bruley (Whole Foods/WSC)                           1 lap
28 Andrew Weir (Sunrise Sports)
29 Jason Lummis (Bells Beer/Trek)
30 Joe Bellante (Bio Wheels)
31 Brian Rosewarne (Sunrise Sports)
DNF Adam Hodges Myerson (Team Nerac.com P/Banknorth)
DNF Tyler Johnson (Easton Kona CCA)

Elite Women

1 Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino CC)                            52.59
2 Tara Ross (Victory Brewing)                                 2.55
3 Lisa Most (Wissahickon)                                     4.31
4 Anne Grofvert (AAVC/Salonxl)                                1 lap
5 Lesley Honsberger-Chown (St Catharines CC)
6 Renee Callaway (Alan Factory Team)

Junior 15-18

1 Bjorn Selander (Alan Factory Team)                         44.33
2 Tucker Olander (Team Rio Grande)                            2.42
3 Alex Keomany (Sunrise Sports)                               1 lap
4 Luke Cavender (Whole Foods/WSC)
5 Brendan Pauley (AAVC)
6 Rafael Kronenberg (Ann Arbor Velo Club)
7 Whitney Kroll (Cane Creek)                                  2 laps

Masters 35+

1 Michael Wissink (Aiello Group)                             43.53
2 Robert Foshag (Cane Creek)                                  0.02
3 Todd Frerichs (Flying Rhino CC)                             1.38
4 Rich Stark (Ann Arbor Velo Club)                            1.44
5 Robert Hausler (Royal Oak, Mi)                              2.33
6 Michael Seamon (Aeillo Group)                               3.42
7 Ramon Matias Corpuz (Sunrise Sports/Jittery Joes)           3.48
8 Paul Kundrit (Sunrise Sports)                               5.02
9 Dave Massey (Aiello Group/Specialized)                      5.16
10 Chris Evans (Wissahickon)                                  5.36
11 John Rigdon (Sunrise Sports/Jittery Joes)                  5.49
12 Gary Oliveira (Flying Rhino CC)                            6.31
13 Darren Erspamer (Cannondale Midwest Racing)                6.39
14 Philip Robinson (Hup United)                               1 lap
DNF Michael Schultz (Farmington Hills, Mi)

Masters 45+

1 Jefferey Craft (Madison, Oh)                               48.43
2 Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino CC)                              0.05
3 David Belton (Flying Rhino CC)                              1.25
4 Chip Ellison (Udf/Qcw)                                      1.56
5 Joel Frick (Flying Rhino CC)                                2.15
6 Ken Oday (Two Wheel Tango)                                  2.44
7 Harry Wicks (Bio Wheels)                                    1 lap
8 Jay Jones (Flying Rhino CC)
9 Peter Loetzner (Clarkston, Mi)
10 Mark Lovejoy (Sunrise Sports/AAVC)
11 Cullen Watkins (WSC./Whole Foods)
12 Brian Sedik (Cadieux Bicycle Club/Team Oz)
13 Doug Hamilton (Aireborne)

B Men

1 Tim Saari (Flying Rhino CC)                                46.17
2 Neil Ross (McMaster Cycling)                                1.45
3 Kevin Mcgrew (AAVC)                                         1.56
4 Jason Brake (Cycling Saddlemen)                             2.27
5 Joe Brzuchanski (Paint Creek Cycles)                        2.27
6 Joel Budacki (Whole Foods/WSC)                              2.40
7 Tj Turner (Ipro)                                            3.14
8 Al Blasutig (Whole Foods/WSC)                               3.16
9 Chris Setter (Cz Velo)                                      3.29
10 Tom Mcardle (Tri City Cyclist)                             3.36
11 David Bell (Flying Rhino CC)                               4.12
12 Dan Tille (Dent W.Izard)                                   4.30
13 Gus Hemingway (Team Tadgemedia.com)                        4.31
14 Steve Mcmahon (WSC)                                        4.38
15 Mark Donakowski (Ypsilanti, Mi (Me))                       5.03
16 David L. Mielock (Northville, Mi)                          5.14
17 Tony Ferrigan (Riverfront Cycle)                           5.55
18 David Toutant (Flying Rhino CC)                            6.38
19 Brad Williams (Team Revolution)                            7.02
20 Matt Scott (AAVC)                                          7.34
21 John Knighton (AAVC)                                       8.17
22 Brian Harris (Cross Country Cycle)                         8.44
23 Andrew Wise (Berkely, Mi)                                  1 lap
24 Douglas Gatto (Ann Arbor Velo Club)
25 Mark Kurashige (Specialized)
26 Matt Spruit (Milford, Mi)
27 Steve Balogh (Canton, Mi)                                  2 laps
DNF Jeff Wittbrodt (Waterford Cycles)

C Men

1 Bob Sisson (Flying Rhino CC)                               36.17
2 Ray Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling)                              0.21
3 Patrick Russell (Berkley, Mi)                               0.40
4 John Henry (Flying Rhino CC)                                0.43
5 Jim Hilditch (Canton, Mi)                                   1.41
6 Andrew Wesolowski (Flying Rhino CC)                         2.38
7 Robert Hair (Flying Rhino CC)                               3.58
8 Greg Johnson (Flying Rhino CC)                              4.09
9 Shannon Javis (Aberdeen Bike & Fitness)                     4.51
10 David Shaw (Flying Rhino CC)                               4.59
11 Bill Skaff (Sunrise Sports)                                6.09
12 Alex Martin (Royal Oak, Mi)                                8.46
13 Brian Wrest (Royal Oak, Mi)                                9.10
14 Dave Tholen (Oakland Twp., Mi)                             9.56
15 Steve Miller (Westland, Mi)                               10.08
16 David Swenson (Flying Rhino CC)                           1 lap
16 David Swenson (Flying Rhino CC)

C Women

1 Linda Moran (Flying Rhino CC)                              40.30
2 Sandie Domagalski (Flying Rhino CC)                         2.48

Junior 10-14

1 Michael Bobian (Bear Lake, Mi)                             40.13