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Lower Allen Classic/Verge MACCS #5 - C2

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, November 5, 2005

2004 Results    Results    Past winners

A day of seconds

When the $30,000 Verge Mid Atlantic Cyclocross Series made its annual pilgrimage to the Harrisburg area on Saturday, November 5, the first word on everybody's mind was "Wow". By the end of the event, the word of the day and changed to "seconds".

A sign near the giant children's "fun fort" that was on the start-finish straight said, "Welcome to the Field of Dreams." And, for cyclocross racers accustomed to mother nature's fury it was, indeed, a field of dreams. The beautiful Lower Allen Community Park, near Pennsylvania's capital, was bathed in warm sunshine under a nearly cloudless sky, with the temperature reaching the mid 70's (about 22 C). With unseasonably warm weather for the second race in a row, racers and their families congregated at the barriers and the adjacent picnic deck and exclaimed, "Wow! Can you believe this weather?"

Because of the warm, dry weather, the course stayed remarkably consistent throughout the day. A classic East-Coast venue, the Lower Allen course consisted primarily of grass surface that wound its way around and through the fields and playgrounds of the park. Yet, from the earliest practices, the reports were that it was a course that favored mountain bikers because of it's abundance of technical off-camber turns and a very fast descent, in addition to two loamy sand pits. Ironically, as is so often the case in cyclocross, the UCI Women's Elite race was decided not by the course's technical personality - but by the lone power section of the course.

At the start of the Women's race, Idaho's Georgia Gould (sponsored by Kona Bicycles), took the hole shot and extended her lead around the short prologue lap. As the field worked made it's way back onto the main course, Gould had a significant lead over Velo Bella teammates Christine Vardaros and Barbara Howe with Independent Fabrication's Maureen Bruno-Roy leading the rest of the chasers. On the second off-camber turn, Vardaros slid out and crashed, nearly taking out her teammate Howe. Though Howe and Bruno-Roy didn't crash, they were held up as leader Gould was hammering the pedals to string out the field. Gould was gone, and so was the teamwork that Velo Bella had planned to use. Vardaros would eventually retire from the race because her brakes, damaged in the crash, failed when she was too far from the pits.

By the middle of the second lap, Howe had dropped everyone and was looking at a 200 yard gap between herself and the leader. As they dipped out of site, the mild-mannered Californian suddenly transformed into her second identity - the infamous "Barbarella" - just as she entered the power portion of the course. Gould was pushing a big gear has hard as she could, but by the end of the power portion of the course a quarter mile later, "Barbarella" had closed to within 50 yards. The remaining gap was soon erased and the two leaders spent the rest of the race riding wheel-to-wheel, with neither able to establish any sort or superiority over the other. Meanwhile, the crowd was transfixed as Verge MAC regular Betsy Schauer (FORT/GPOA) steadily worked her way through the field, eventually finishing fourth - her best-ever result in a UCI-sanctioned international race.

As the leaders approached the finish, everybody anticipated a sprint on the uphill, dirty hard-pack finish road. But "Barbarella" rode Gould off her wheel with about 700 yards to go and finished alone in first place ahead of a spent Georgia Gould. Afterward, when she had transformed back into her normal identity of Barbara Howe, the winner showed a special satisfaction with the win. "I've always been a down on power, so I've really been concentrating on that," she said. "I've been doing a lot of motor pacing (i.e. training at speed while drafting a car or motorcycle). It really makes a difference when you just put your head down and go."

Like the Women's race, the International Elite Men's race saw a Kona rider take the holeshot, as once again, Barry Wicks lead to the first corner. From then on, the race read like the script of the '60's comedy movie "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, World". Like the movie, a collection of characters chased after the elusive "Big W" in search of the big prize, and none ended up with it. Fiordi Frutta teammates Matt White and Mike Cody tried to tag-team Wicks early, but he was too strong. Instead, they settled into team-time-trial formation with the objective of placing both riders on the podium. They succeeded, though Troy Wells of TIAA-Cref/Cliff Shot tried to real them in. Consistently bunny-hopping over the barriers without dismounting, Wells gave the crowd a show, and looked at times to be capable of bridging the gap. But stomach cramps near the end to the race left him to finish alone in fourth place overall which was good enough for first in the Under Age 23 category for the second Saturday in a row. Aside from the bunny-hopping exploits of Wells and a few others, the main entertainment for the crowd was, like the women, a "local" FORT/GPOA rider contesting for a podium position in an internationally-ranked race. Ryan Leech, for the second race in a row, was very aggressive throughout the race to finish in fourth after outsprinting Roger Aspholm of Westwood Velo.

After the race, "Big Barry" Wicks said, "I was just trying to ride smooth and not make any mistakes that can cost you seconds here and there." So, while it would seem that professional racers would only be interested in first, Wicks and Wells both worried about seconds and finished first - for the second time.

Race notes

In the "Masters presented by Aqua Fina" race, Pennsylvania's Mike Yozell (FORT/GPOA) and North Carolina's Charlie Storm (Inland Construction) teamed up to drop current points leader Eric Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen). Yozell pounced when Storm eased up just prior to the final obstacle on the last lap, a nasty downhill gravel u-turn, and won his second Verge MAC Masters race in a row.

In the Men's B race, points leader Steve Cummings (Kraynicks/Mezzatesta) was not match for Chris Case (University of Texas), but neither was anyone else. Said Cummings afterward, "I just needed some mud and roots", but even he was smiling about the beautiful weather. After a dominating ride, winner case discovered that part of the bead on his front tire was frayed and popping off the rim.


Elite Men
1 Barry Wicks (Kona)                                  1.00.55
2 Matt White (Fiordi Frutta)                             2.15
3 Michael Cody (Fiordi Frutta)                               
4 Troy Wells (TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR)                        2.28
5 Ryan Leech (Fort-GPOA !)                               2.34
6 Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)                          2.36
7 Matt Kraus (Alan Factory Team)                         2.49
8 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa)                    3.03
9 Alec Donahue (Louis Gaineau)                           3.50
10 Adam Hodges Myerson (Team Nerac.com p/b Banknorth)    4.03
11 Gunnar Shogren (FORT-GPOA!)                           4.06
12 Greg Marini (coffee plus inc. com)                    4.12
13 Adam Mcgrath (Redline)                                4.18
14 Charlie Storm (Inland Construction)                   4.55
15 Dan Wilson (Henrys Bikes)                             5.35
16 John Behrens (Celo Pacific-Salsa)                     5.41
17 Justin Spinelli (Richard Sachs/RGM HVV)               6.06
18 Sean Galegher (Hunt Valley Bicycles)                  6.13
19 Andy Applegate (Easton / Kona)                        7.02
20 Chris Newell (Hunt Valley Bicycle Club/HVB)           7.10
21 Weston Schempf (FORT-GPOA!)                   1 lap behind
22 John Degele (Inland Construction / BTD)                   
23 Nathan Deibert (Evolution Racing)                         
24 Joseph Piccillo (Evolution Racing)                        
25 John Minturn (Kraynicks/Mezzatesta)                       
26 Brian Hayes (RGM Watches- Richard Sachs)                  
27 Don Snoop (Verge)                                         
28 Joseph Reynolds (Wissahickon)                             
29 Andrew Wolfkuhle (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                      
30 Al Senft (Bacardi - NUVO cycling team)                    
31 Greg Wittwer (FORT-GPOA!)                                 
32 Jon Hansen (Richmond Ciclismo)                            
DNF Tyler Johnson (EASTON/KONA CCA)                          
DNF Zak Grabowski (TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR)                       
DNF Ben Turner (TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR)                          
DNF Myron Baker (Verge)                                      
DNF George Menard (Hunt Valley Bicycles)                     
DNF Noah Taylor (Richard Sachs/RGM Watches)                  
DNF Kristopher Auer (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                      
DNF Ryan Rish                                                
DNF Scott Zwisanski (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)            
DQ Joshua Snead (Rock Lobster)                               
Elite Women
1 Barbara Howe (Velo Bella)                             39.43
2 Georgia Gould (KONA)                                   0.08
3 Maureen Bruno Roy (Independent Fabrications)           1.40
4 Betsy Schauer (FORT-GPOA)                              2.16
5 Erin Kassoy (Velo Bella)                               2.28
6 Rebecca Wellons (Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycling)          3.07
7 Mandy Lozano (CCA/Kona)                                3.09
8 Lisa Most (Wissahickon)                                4.55
9 Melanie Swartz (Squadra Coppi/Van Dessel)              5.04
10 Lisa Vible (Velo Bella)                               5.31
11 Kami Tremblay (Gearworks/SpinArts)                    5.34
12 Beth Mason (NCVC/Edge Technologies)                       
13 Stephanie White (Gearworks/Spin Arts)                 5.55
14 Lynda Maldonado (Tri State Velo/Amoroso's/Victory)    5.58
15 Cara Mccauley (CCA/Kona)                              7.03
16 Janet Olney (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                       7.52
17 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Cycling)                    8.10
18 Kristine Church (University of Colorado)              8.30
19 Sami Fournier (Velo Bella)                            9.00
20 Pamela Saltzgueber (Evolution Racing)                 9.08
21 Jill Neumann (Evolution Pro Bike)                    10.07
DNF Heidi Von Teitenberg (ALAN Mid-Atlantic)                 
DNF Erica Yozell (FORT-GPOA)                                 
DNF Christine Varados (Velo Bella)                           
UCI Junior 17-18
1 Taylor McClain (VisitPA.com)                          41.29
Jun 10-16
1 Zach Adams (Yellow Breeches Racing)                   35.11
2 Morgan Gerlak (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                      1.16
3 Adam Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen)                      6.43
4 Justin Mauch (Evolution Cycling / Team DLS)    1 lap behind
5 Joshua Starr (Yellow Breeches Racing)                      
6 Colton Baun                                                
Masters 35+
1 Mike Yozell (FORT-GPOA!)                              37.05
2 Charlie Storm (Inland Construction)                    0.06
3 Eric Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen/Van Dessel)           0.27
4 Greg Ferguson (Fort - GPOA)                            1.00
5 Richard Mihills (The Secret Henry's Team)              1.20
6 Eric Roman (Fisher/LeMond/Bontrager)                       
7 Mike Hebe (FORT-GPOA)                                  1.24
8 Mark Kutney (Charlottesville Racing Club)              1.25
9 Christopher Long (Independent Fabrication/Gotham)      1.31
10 John Lux (Hunt Valley Bicycles/HVB)                   1.36
11 Joseph Ruggery (Freddie Fu)                           1.39
12 Randall Root (Team Snow Valley/SIBEX)                 1.54
13 Fred Wittwer (Charlottesville racing club)            2.17
14 Ralf Warmuth (Highland Park Hermes)                   2.26
15 Rodger Carter (VBC/Race Pace - Legg Mason)            2.36
16 Robert Hacker (Meredith Group-GPOA)                       
17 Marty Jones (Somerset Wheelmen)                       3.14
18 Robert Lyon Iii (HUNT VALLEY BICYCLE CLUB)            3.16
19 Kirk Reisinger (Wissahickon)                          3.18
20 Marc Vettori (Secret Henry's Team | Spot Brand)       3.27
21 Jeff Cordisco (CAPOforma)                                 
22 Bernie Shiao (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)               
23 Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)                    
24 Andres Wright (NCVC/Edge Technologies)                3.35
25 Mike Laub (Tailwind)                                  3.55
26 Brian Wieczorek (Freddie Fu)                          3.58
27 Kevin Breckenmaker (Yellow Breeches Racing)           4.29
28 Judd Milne (Squadra Coppi/IM Saab)                    4.39
29 Robert Campbell (NCVC/Edge Technologies)                  
30 David Lowe (Human Zoom)                                   
31 Roger Masse (All American Bicycle Club)                   
32 Bob Piacine (Guys Racing Club)                            
33 Jim Bronson (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)            4.42
34 Kurt Mikeska (Wilmington Velocity)                        
35 Tim Messersmith (Trek/Volkswagon)                         
36 John Miller (Guys Racing Club)                            
37 Chuck Meek (Inland Construction)                      4.55
38 Mike Connair (First State Velo Sport)                 5.15
39 Kurt Scheerer (Verge)                                     
40 David Crouse (The Bike Lane)                              
41 Warren Buscemi (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)             
42 Henry Temper (First State Velo Sport)                 5.29
43 Jeffrey R. Guy (FORT/GPOA)                                
44 Albert Greene (Yellow Breeches Racing)                    
45 Larry Kaufman (Velocity Sports/CCE)                       
46 Mark Dontigny (Evolution)                             5.38
47 Scott Reynolds (Guy's Racing)                         5.42
48 Chris Evans (Wissahickon)                                 
49 Chip Sovek (Potomac Velo Club)                        5.48
50 N. Johan Anestad (Evolution Racing)                   5.55
51 Rolf Windh (Guy's Racing)                             6.03
52 Mark Laser (Yellow Breeches Racing)                       
53 Thor Engblom (Evolution Cycling / Team DLS)           6.09
54 James Perren (Quaker City Wheelmen)                   6.29
55 Michael Czupryna (First State Velo Sport)             6.41
56 Ad Bax (Artemis)                                      6.46
57 Kevin Lee (VCB Race Pace)                             6.53
58 Joseph Kenas (Guy's Racing)                           7.06
59 Paul Incognito (Quaker City Wheelmen)                 7.15
60 Leo Pizzini (Henry's Bikes)                           7.27
61 Donald Morrison (Wissahickon)                         7.56
62 Mike Mcconnell (Chesapeake Wheelmen/ King Pawn)       8.23
63 Rob Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)                       1 lap behind
64 Larry Mauch (Evolution Cycling / Team DLS)                
65 Richard Bauch (Colavita Racing Team)                      
66 Steve Heede (Hunt Valley Bicycles)                        
67 Vincent Aloyo (shirks)                                    
68 Nunzio Dibiasi (Yellow Breeches Racing)                   
69 Gary Kelly (Yellow Breeches Racing)                       
70 Jay Downs (Fort - GPOA)                                   
DNF Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)                                
DNF Charles Erndl                                            
DNF Rob Frederick (Evolution Racing)                         
DNF John Hostetter Jr (ALAN MID ATLANTIC)                    
DNF Christopher Houston (Yellow Breeches Racing)             
DNF David Manhardt (Henry's Bikes)                           
DNF Pete Smith (Doylestown Wheelman)                         
DNS Karl Kensinger (ALAN Mid-Atlantic)                       
DNS Richard Sachs (RGM Watches- Richard Sachs)               
DNS Gustavo Sanchez (Evolution Racing)                       
DNS Joseph Wentzell (Breakaway Endurance Sports Club)        
DQ Blair Sanders (Secret Henry's Team | Spot Brand)          
C Men
1 Syd Lea (T.E.A.M Fuji)                                35.17
2 Chris Schaefer (Yellow Breeches Racing)                0.10
3 Peter Dalkner (Trophy Bikes - Shiftless)               0.12
4 Daniel Niedziocha (TrophyBikes TeamShiftless)          0.17
5 Kevin Deemer                                           0.33
6 Tim Bowman (Trophy Bikes - Shiftless)                  0.58
7 Kevin Dillan (NCVC)                                    1.10
8 Cory Benson (Blue Collar Velo Club)                    1.12
9 David Troop (FSVC)                                     1.23
10 James Ambagis (FORT-GPOA!)                            1.54
11 John Hamilton (Susquehanna Valley Velo Club)          2.23
12 Richard Bilson (Tri-State Velo)                       2.37
13 Joel Moats (MBM)                                      3.06
14 Christopher Stine (Cedar Bike)                            
15 Joseph Orsini (CycleWorks)                            3.19
16 Josh Carter                                           3.25
17 Andy Guy                                                  
18 Steven Burke (Hunt Valley Bicycles)                   3.31
19 Don Pagano                                            3.49
20 Bill Mcnally                                              
21 Greg Dorsey                                           4.04
22 Craig Hise (Yellow Breeches Racing)                   4.25
23 James Wilson                                              
24 Seth Witman (CycleWorks)                              4.20
25 Chuck Buczeskie (Yellow Breeches Racing)              4.29
26 Jason Yeager (The Cycle Works)                            
27 Robert Sands (Evolution Racing)                           
28 David Lawson (Guy's Racing)                           5.39
29 Kelly Rennels (Yellow Breeches Racing)                6.03
30 Joseph Manning                                        6.06
31 Rob Costello (Williamsport)                           8.36
32 William Davis (Unattached)                            8.54
33 Damien Clark (Blue Collar Velo Club)          1 lap behind
34 Don Golden (Milvets)                                      
35 Albert Ruigrok                                            
36 Brain Stoner                                              
37 Paul Ricci (Fort/GPOA)                                    
DNF David Berson (East Coast Velo)                           
DNF Chip Conlan                                              
DNF Gerhardt Herbert (East Coast Velo)                       
DNF George Klimi                                             
DNF Patrick Gotham (Firehouse Bikes)                         
DNS Gary Bryant (Blue Collar Velo Club)                      
DNS Matthew Corridon (Blue Collar Velo Club)                 
DNS Mark Lorie (LSV/Kelly)                                   
DNS Robert Naeser                                            
B Women
1 Marilyn Galegher (Hunt Valley Bicycles)               39.46
2 Krista Schultz (Hunt Valley Bicycles)                  0.45
3 Michelle Schneider                                     0.57
4 Amy Breyla (Henry's Bikes)                             1.10
5 Jessica Singerman (Lehigh Valley Bike Line)                
6 Laura Csira (Trophy Bikes SS Team Shifters)            1.40
7 Karen Tourian (Club Wissahickon)                       2.34
8 Nikki Thiemann (Human Zoom)                            2.51
9 Nina Santiago (ACT-UPMC)                               3.11
10 Sheila Senft (Indian Flyers/Sound Hearing Cycling)    3.14
11 Annelisa Ochoa (Wissahickon)                          3.33
12 Sally Mcclain                                         3.55
13 Mary Fetrow (Yellow Breeches Racing)                  4.07
14 Tracy Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)                             4.59
15 Mary Zadnik Newell (Hunt Valley Bicycle/HVB)  1 lap behind
16 Lindsay Dugovich (Snitgers/ACA)                           
17 Rachel Zilbering (Yellow Breeches Racing)                 
18 Kathleen Fite (ALAN Factory Team)                         
B Men
1 Christopher Case (University of Texas)                44.51
2 Stephen Cummings (kraynicks/mezzatesta)                0.32
3 Peter Rubijono (HarrisCycleryRacing.com)               0.41
4 Ray Adams (VisitPA.com MTB Team)                       1.25
5 David Rose (harriscycleryracing.com)                   1.42
6 Sean Mealey (Hunt Valley Bicycles/HVB)                 2.01
7 Gregory Lindstrom (First Capital Velo)                 2.19
8 Michael Biegalski                                      2.22
9 Chad Totaro (Team Human Zoom)                              
10 Matthew Ferrari (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)              2.41
11 Nathan Piekielek (FORT/GPOA)                          3.01
12 Jared Babik (FORT/GPOA)                               3.29
13 Montana Norvell (Wissahickon Cyclery)                 3.38
14 Don Kessel (Holmes Cycling)                           3.52
15 Chris Mayhew (FORT/GPOA)                              3.57
16 Dusty Labarr (ALAN Mid-Atlantic)                      4.12
17 Adrian Lobito                                             
18 Colin Sandberg (Fort-GPOA!)                               
19 Chris Nystrom (ALAN Mid-Atlantic)                     4.17
20 Daniel Brill (Team Beacon)                                
21 Chris Baker (WMW/Thomas Racing)                       4.28
22 Rodney Rios (Team Beacon)                                 
23 John Hostetter Iii (ALAN Mid-Atlantic)                4.43
24 Jeremy Dunn (harriscycleryracing.com)                 4.58
25 Luke Sauder (Hunt Valley Bicycles/HVB)                    
26 Eric Morgan (Wissahickon Cyclery)                         
27 Zach Adams (Yellow Breeches Racing)                   5.10
28 Tom Mains (Velocity Sports)                           5.26
29 Christopher Johnson (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)          5.30
30 Anthony Van Lierop (Hunt Valley Bicycles)             5.35
31 Sean Pfaff (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)             5.40
32 Wayne Scott (First State Velo Sport)                  6.04
33 Todd Hesel (Hunt Valley Bicycles)                     6.14
34 Charles Chichester (CRC OF A)                         6.27
35 Theo Procopos (Club Wissahickon)                          
36 Morgan Gerlak (ALAN Mid-Atlantic)                     6.41
37 Brian Burgess (Team Beacon)                           6.43
38 Adam Szczepanski (Bike & Blade - Serfs)               6.50
39 David Stauffer (Cycleworks)                           6.53
40 Marty Mckeon (Green Mountain Cyclery)                     
41 Werner Freymann (Cedar Bike)                          7.10
42 Mike O'Hara (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)            7.12
43 Albert Green (Yellow Breeches Racing)                 7.22
44 Ray Ignosh (Gotham cyclists)                          7.27
45 Trevor Williams (Guy's Bicycle Racing)                7.46
46 Christopher Salice (LSV/Kelly)                        7.51
47 Erik Leaver (NCVC/Edge Technologies)                  7.57
48 Jeremy Joyce (Evolution Racing)                           
49 Bradley Evans (Squadra Coppi/IM Saab)                     
50 Joel Nace (First Capital Velo)                        8.17
51 Josh West (Bikeman)                                   8.33
52 Emerson Loustau                               1 lap behind
53 Nicholas Legen (TIAA-CREF/Clif Bar)                       
54 Shawn Johnson (The Bicycle Shop Inc.)                     
55 Gary Dugovich (Snitgers/ACA)                              
56 Greg Dorsey                                               
57 David Covell (Guy's cycling club)                         
58 Jim Wirtanen (harriscycleryracing.com)                    
59 Michael Doolan                                            
60 Alec Riendeau (Highland Park Hermes)                      
61 Brian Wieczorek (Freddie Fu)                              
64 Rob Sprague (PENN Cycling)                                
DNF Nick Bax (Artemis)                                       
DNF Drew Guldalian (Club Wissahickon)                        
DNF Chris Harshman (Team Snow Valley p/b Seal-On)            
DNF Wade Hess (Team Beacon)                                  
DNF Bernard Mcdonald (LSV/Kelly)                             
DNF Chris Thaler (Evolution Racing)                          
DNF Peter Whitlock (Team CSK)                                
DNF James Guy (FORT/GPOA)                                    
DNF Brent Biddle (First State Velo Sport)                    
DNF Fj Hughs                                                 
DNF Peter Smith (Doylestown Wheelman)                        
DNF Jeff Shumaker (Breakaway)                                
DNS Christopher Allen (Action Wheels)                        

Past winners

2004 Men: Todd Wells (USA) Kona/CCA/Easton     Women: Barbara Howe (USA) Velo Bella

2003 Men: Ryan Trebon (USA) Eastern Kona       Women: Marianne Stover (USA) Gearworks/Spinarts

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, www.world-of-cycling.com