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2003 BMX World Championships - CDM

Perth, Australia, July 23-27, 2003

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Day 2 - Satuday July 26: UCI BMX World Challenge

Callan & Darrell double world champions; drama-filled race in the Men's 17+ category

By Tracey Tilsed in Perth

Day two of the 2003 UCI BMX World Championships saw 726 riders take to the track to compete for the title of world champion in twenty-two Challenge Classes.

Although there were a few serious spills, the number of casualties were a lot less than on the first day of racing; in all, 472 races were conducted so that the 2003 world champions could be crowned.

Australia's Joshua Callan added a second 2003 world title to his name when he won the 12 Boys category. Callan was also victorious in the 12 and under Cruiser event on the first day of the championships. Kurt Pickard from New Zealand finished second, whilst Facundo Narpe finished third.

Fellow countryman, Leigh Darrell, added to his 15 & 16 Cruiser title that he won yesterday when he took out the 16 Boys Challenge Class. Finishing in second place was Ewoud Stam from The Netherlands, with Australia's Chris Johns in third place.

Last year's champion in the 12 Girls category, Joyce Seesing fom The Netherlands, added the 13 Girls title to her list of achievements, when she crossed the line ahead of Australian's Caroline Buchanan and Ashleigh Weier.

Australian, Melissa Mankowksi, added a sixth World Championship to her trophy cabinet when she took out the 15 Girls category. Mankowski was the 14 Girls champion in 2002 and was overcome with emotion when she crossed the finishing line. Mankowksi finished ahead of New Zealands Sarah Walker and Australia's Chloe Fransen.

Argentina's Ramiro Martin Marino went up a category in the 2003 world championships, after he won the 14 Boys title at the 2002 championships in Brazil. Marino showed class when he held off a fast finishing Columbian, Juan Pablo Vasquez to win the 15 Boys title. Marino was travelling at full speed across the finishing line, and stacked his bike in the marshalling area. The Argentinian was unhurt. Alex Neseveski from Australia finished third.

The 17 and Over Men's final brought the crowd to their feet with riders racing at a fast and furious pace, pushing their bikes and themselves to the limit. With riders getting plenty of air between their bikes and the track, the crowd was on the edge of their seats. Australia's Christian Cabassi lead the field into the home straight and looked certain to have the world title in his grasp, only to crash to the dirt 3 metres from the finishing line. USA's Barry Noble came through to finish first, with Julien Paquien from France in second, and Australia's Cloin Malcolm back in third place.

At the end of the day's racing, Australia had won 12 titles, the Netherlands, Argentina and the USA claimed two each, whilst Chile, France, Canada and Bolivia would all be taking one title home.


5-6-7 Girls
1 Linda Armannsson (Aus)
2 Taylah Tomokino (NZL)
3 Ashleigh Gunn (Aus)
4 Tadila Barrett (Aus)
5 Teegan Rutherford (Aus)
6 Tiana Hughes (Aus)
7 Rhiannon Purser (Aus)
8 Harriet Burbidge-Smith (Aus)
5 & 6 Boys
1 Corey Davis (Aus)
2 Ryan Young (Aus)
3 Travers Springer (Zim)
4 Alex Londema (Aus)
5 Simon Coutts (Aus)
6 Liam Haywood (Aus)
7 Wade Turner (Aus)
8 Jack Pearce (Aus)
7 Boys
1 Cristobal Palaminos (Chl)
2 Joans Aranda (Aus)
3 Mitchell Wright (NZL)
4 Todd Barry (NZL)
5 Sam Clarke (Aus)
6 Michael Wilby (Aus)
7 Max Dempsey (Aus)
8 Reon Sheath (NZL)
8 Girls
1 Catherine O’Neill (Aus)
2 Shannyn Singleton (Aus)
3 Roude Ancelot (Fra)
4 Brooke Peachey (Aus)
5 Hannah Throns (Aus)
6 Shanai Donovan (NZL)
7 Danielle Brown (Aus)
8 Ebony Dunsworth (Aus)
8 Boys
1 Jack Buchhorn (Aus)
2 Luke Tanner (Aus)
3 Beau Wright (Aus)
4 David Mcgrath (Aus)
5 Blake Lynch (Aus)
6 Zachary Poole (Aus)
7 Liam Smith (Aus)
8 Cameron Taylor (Aus)
9 Girls
1 Elis Ligtlee (Ned)
2 Madison Janssen (Aus)
3 Chelsea King (NZL)
4 Nicole Wright (NZL)
5 Stephanie Mackie (NZL)
6 Liza Dunn (Aus)
7 Holly Woodcock (NZL)
8 Olivia Wohler (Aus)
9 Boys
1 Ryan Van Vugt (Aus)
2 Carlos Alberto Ramirez (Col)
3 Thorsten Lentink (Ned)
4 Frederico Emiliano Villegas (Arg)
5 Scott Mcgetrick (Aus)
6 Joshua Lathwell (Aus)
7 Corey Frieswyck (Aus)
8 Jacob Hansford (Aus)
10 Girls
1 Melinda Mcleod (Aus)
2 Amy Pollen (Zim)
3 Enora Leroux (Fra)
4 Chantel Hickson (Aus)
5 Anaelle Sery (Fra)
6 Britteny Rhodes (Aus)
7 Chelsea Craft (Aus)
8 Rhys Mitton (Aus)
10 Boys
1 Adam Shields (Aus)
2 Jaymin King (Aus)
3 Trent Woodcock (NZL)
4 Sean Carlos (Aus)
5 Joseph Costa (Aus)
6 James Doyle (NZL)
7 Brent Welhan (Aus)
8 Kane Barry (NZL)
11 Girls
1 Fanny Garnier (Fra)
2 Mayara Peres (Bra)
3 Krystal Russon (Aus)
4 Amandine Lucas (Fra)
5 Ashleigh Cragg (Aus)
6 Talia Smith (Aus)
7 Elyse Imber (NZL)
8 Laura Western (Aus)
11 Boys
1 Tory Nyhaug (Can)
2 Arnaud Payet (Fra)
3 Ryan Faux (Aus)
4 Tristan Lentink (Ned)
5 Jesse Van Vugt (Aus)
6 Alex Wohler (Aus)
7 Antoine Levy (Fra)
8 Lorin Martinez (Fra)
12 Girls
1 Lauren Reynolds (Aus)
2 Petra Brown (Aus)
3 Nerida Gifford (Aus)
4 Cassandra Stephens (Aus)
5 Courtney Taylor (Aus)
6 Marine Maillez (Fra)
7 Cherie Simpson (Aus)
8 Wendy Ancelot (Fra)
12 Boys
1 Joshua Callan (Aus)
2 Kurt Pickard (NZL)
3 Facundo Martin Narpe (Arg)
4 Sam Willoughby (Aus)
5 Remi Mantion (Fra)
6 Boss Moanaroa (NZL)
7 Joseph Hey (Aus)
8 Anthony Dean (Aus)
13 Girls
1 Joyce Seesing (Ned)
2 Caroline Buchanan (Aus)
3 Ashleigh Weier (Aus)
4 Eva Ailloud (Fra)
5 Grace Ireland (Aus)
6 Amanda Carr (Usa)
7 Caitlyn Ward (Aus)
8 Maggie Faux (Aus)
13 Boys
1 Paulo Aguilera (Bol)
2 Dustin Vogler (Usa)
3 Steven Janssen (Aus)
4 Masahiro Sanpei (Jpn)
5 Dirk Winter (Aus)
6 Ben Davis (Aus)
7 Ryan Watton (Aus)
8 Kristofer Ulyate (Aus)
14 Girls
1 Maria Eugenia Ruarte (Arg)
2 Lieke Klaus (Ned)
3 Magalie Pottier (Fra)
4 Ziggy Callan (Aus)
5 Amanda Geving (Usa)
6 Trisha Howes (Aus)
7 Sabrina Stam (Ned)
8 Lisa-Kathrin Schreiber (Ger)
14 Boys
1 Joey Bradford (Usa)
2 Scott Hosking (NZL)
3 Alex Bourne (NZL)
4 Zac Webb (NZL)
5 Alexandre Magno (Fra)
6 Christopher Sloot (Aus)
7 Neil Brunjes (Aus)
8 Andrew Mayfield (Usa)
15 Girls
1 Melissa Mankowski (Aus)
2 Sarah Walker (NZL)
3 Chloe Fransen (Aus)
4 Charlie Phillips (Gbr)
5 Katie Shedivy (Usa)
6 Angela Wooding (Aus)
7 Emma Sonerson (Aus)
8 Samantha Storey (Usa)
15 Boys
1 Ramiro Martin Marino (Arg)
2 Juan Pablo Vasquez (Col)
3 Alex Neseveski (Aus)
4 Daniel Brito (Bra)
5 Dennis Seesing (Ned)
6 Cameron Cole (NZL)
7 Kane Gill (Gbr)
8 Weston Pope (Usa)
16 Girls
1 Chloe Macpherson (Aus)
2 Nicole Callisto (Aus)
3 Nikki Harper (Aus)
4 Adelaide Rey (Fra)
5 Emma Allgood (Aus)
6 Heather Hellwinkel (Usa)
7 Shannon Jobson (Aus)
8 Kylie Gray (Aus)
16 Boys
1 Leigh Darrell (Aus)
2 Ewoud Stam (Ned)
3 Chris Johns (Aus)
4 Adrien Bordes (Fra)
5 Michael Wellman (Aus)
6 Micael Cesar (Sui)
7 Simon Collin (Aus)
8 Patrick Lebel (Can)
17 And Over Men
1 Barry Nobles (Usa)
2 Julien Paquien (Fra)
3 Cloin Malcolm (Aus)
4 Susume Miura (Jpn)
5 Brett Scruse (Aus)
6 Daniel Galea (Aus)
7 Peter Trenwith (Aus)
8 Christian Cabassi (Aus)

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