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Results and Reports from the USA

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American Velodrome Challenge

Alpenrose velodrome, July 19-21

Records fall in big weekend at Alpenrose

Day 1

The richest weekend in track racing in the United Stated got under way today. The first day of the AVC at the Alpenrose Dairy in Portland, Oregon is over and already one track record has fell by the wayside. In the morning session, Mike Tillman stole the show with a time of 4:54.23 beating Chris Carlson's 5 year track mark of 4:54.87 in the 4k pursuit. While Erin Mirabella was on pace to do the same thing to the women's record, also set in 1997, she was unable to hold her first half pace. However, her final time of 4:03.85 was still good enough to beat the field by 10 seconds.

The afternoon session produced more sizzling times, despite the cool temperatures. Jeff LaBauve just missed breaking Marty Nothsteins track record in the kilo with the 2 all time Alpenrose mark of 1:09.22 to easily handle a quality field that also included Josh Weir, Jeff Hopkins and Mike Tillman who all broke the 1:14 mark. In the women's 500 meter time trial Suzie Tigor just edged JoAnne Kiesanowski by two tenths to win with a 39.84 second time. That set the stage for the Mens points race qualifier for the final 13 spots in the mass start events on Saturday and Sunday.

The points race started as a sprint battle between Kent Johnston and Erin Mirabella, who was getting some extra training in before battling with the women tomorrow. After the middle sprint for double points, John Simmons and young junior rider John Long broke away to steal the next three sprints. After a long battle to pull them in, the field pulled even coming around the final corner, but Erin and Kent could not top JoAnne Kiesanowski's final sprint which meant John Simmons won the race.

That sets the stage for some exciting action tomorrow, including the Men's sprints and Jeff LaBauve going for the other track record that Marty holds at Alpenrose, the 200 meter at 11.44 seconds. Look for Marty Nothstein's attempt at breaking the track's 10-mile record of 20:40.78 which was just set last year by Kenny Williams from Seattle. The women will be in action with a points race, miss-n-out and keirin.

Day 2

Another day of racing and another track record in the books. This time it was Jeff LaBauve's 200 meter time of 11.3 seconds, knocking a full tenth of Marty Nothstein's old record of 11.44. Tomorrow will be interesting with the Flying lap and Olympic sprint records at stake. Also the women's 200 meter time could fall with super speedster JoAnne Kiesanowski. Remember yesterday, she destroyed the mens points racers in the final sprint of the night.

Today's top action had to be the Men's Sprints, which saw Jame Carney, Steven Alfred and Jeff LaBauve in a three up. Jame quickly bowed out as Steven and Jeff hit top speed and Steven gave Jeff a mighty hook coming out of corner 4. Although they nearly locked bars at 40 plus miles an hour Steven was able to hold his position and come across the line first. Although in a grudge match for a large crowd prime afterwards Jeff was able to even the score. Hopefully we can see them settle the result at next years event.

Earlier in the day Marty Nothstein started the day by taking the first lap, many in the middle and the final lap of the day to win the 10 mile scratch race (with lap primes every lap). Although he was just shy of the track record he was the fastest of the 8 riders who lapped the field. The Miss-n-out saw John Walrod give it everything he had as he got a gap and let Jame sit on as Mike Tillman and Nothstein tried to chase him down. And then we he was caught he did it again to take the win.

In the final event of the night and with a great show of speed Tillman and Nothstein teamed up to take two laps on everyone but Walrod and Carney in a very fast Madison. It looked it might be close at first, especially after Carney and Walrod recovered after a missed exchange to take a flyer from the group. But after Tillman and Nothstein bridged up and the top two teams got their first lap of the night, Tillman and Nothstein kept going for another.

The women's races saw a lot of action tonight as well. In the Keirin final Norrene Godfrey took a huge flyer after the motor pulled off and a lap later Suzie Tignor bridged up all by herself. As Norrene pulled off Suzie kept going and got the win over a hard charging Erin Mirabella. In the Miss-n-out JoAnne Kiesanowski once again showed how difficult she will be tomorrow by taking the sprint over Ashley Kimmet and Erin Mirabella who was relegated.

The best action of the night for the women came in the prime heavy points race. With the Team Rubicon team sending riders up the road one at a time, and snagging $40 primes in the process, JoAnne and Erin were happy to take 2nds and 3rds for much of the race to set up the final sprint. With JoAnne leading the race and everyone together at the end it looked like it was all over. However, Erin went long for the final sprint and took Ashley Kimmet with her to space the points just enough to knock JoAnne out of first and grab the win with Ashley in 3rd.

Day 3

Two more records fall on the final day of action starting with Jeff Labauve setting a new flying lap record of 15.24 to go with his new 200 meter record. Then Suzy Tignor, JoAnne Kiesanowski and Erin Mirabella teamed up to shatter the womens olympic sprint record by a two seconds with a 1:01.90. It was a great weekend and the thousands of spectators who came were once again able to see the top riders in the world compete at the Alpenrose Dairy.


Session 1

Pursuit - Men  Final
1 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)                    4.54.23 New Alpenrose Record
2 Kenny Williams (Saturn of Bellevue)              5.05.69 
3 Tyler Ofstad (Stanford)                          5.23.94
4 Glen Gann (Sims)                                 5.29.47
OLD Alpenrose Record 4.54.87  
Pursuit - Women 
1 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing)                    4.03.85 
2 JoAnne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)                   4.13.49 
3 Annette Hanson Team (Rubicon)                    4.13.92 
4 Renee Eastman V(itamin Cottage Morgul Bismark)   4.20.71 
5 Effie Wardenburg (Saturn of Belluvue)            4.23.26 
6 Heather VanValkenburg (North River Racing)       4.47.16 
7 Laura Moen (Gregg's Greenlake)                   4.47.46 
8 Donna Smith (Chinook Cycling)                    4.57.88 
Pursuit - Masters 50+   2000m    
1 Woody Cox (Pazzo Velo)                           2.39.39
2 Ted Forgeron (Team Rose City)                    2.43.83
3 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)                  2.53.77
Pursuit - Masters  3000m  
1 Steven Yenne (Capitol Velo)                      4.02.35
2 Mitch Weaver (Team Rose City)                    4.12.74
3 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)                         4.12.90
4 David Oliphant (Presto Velo/Bike & Hike)         4.16.50

Session 2

Kilo - Men  Final
1 Jeffrey LaBauve (Focus 2004)                     1.09.22
2 Josh Weir (Team Major Motions)                   1.12.56
3 Jeff Hopkins (Team Columbus)                     1.12.82
4 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)                    1.13.25
5 David Wiswell (East Coast Velo)                  1.14.09
6 Tyler Ofstad (Stanford)                          1.14.28
7 Jon Frederick (East Coast Velo)                  1.15.55
8 Giovanni Rey (Content Lab)                       1.16.81
9 Jay DeBender (Lakeside)                          1.19.35
10 Glen Gann (Sim's)                               1.19.50
11 Will Fernyhough (Gregg's)                       1.19.96
Kilo - Masters
1 Tim Goodwin (Frisco Cycling)                     1.15.17
2 Darell Provencher (Team Rose City)               1.17.41
3 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)                         1.19.93
4 Mitch Weaver (Team Rose City)                    1.22.23
5 Steven Truesdale (SBS/B&L)                       1.22.45
6 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)                  1.23.56
500m - Masters 50+
1 Woody Cox (Pazzo Velo)                           0.38.89
2 Ted Forgeron (Team Rose City)                    0.39.99
3 Stephen Brown (BBC)                              0.41.43
4 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)                  0.43.14
5 Del Scharffenberg (Corben Huntair)               0.49.65
500m - Women
1 Suzie Tignor (Frisco)                           0.39.84
2 JoAnne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)                  0.40.05
3 Effie Wardenburg (Saturn of Belluvue)           0.43.05
4 Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark)  0.44.13
5 Donna Smith (Chinook Cycling)                   0.44.33
6 Heather VanValkenburg (North River Racing)      0.44.36
Points Race Qualifier (All even laps)
1 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)                             18 pts
2 Kent Johnston (Lakeside)                             18
3 Glen Gann (Sim's)                                    17
4 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing)                        16
5 JoAnne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)                       12
6 Jon Long (Team Oregon)                               11
7 Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)                            7
8 Ryan McNamara (PVL/Forte)                            7
9 Stephen Lamb (Team Oregon)                           6
10 Steve Marcy (Loggie Velo)                           5
11 Mitch Weaver (Team Rose City)                       5
12 Steven Holland (Corben Huntair)                     5
13 Jay DeBender (Lakeside)                             4
14 Bill Groves (Corben Huntair)                        0
15 Mike Murray (Team Oregon)                           0
16 Charles Pockell-Wilson (People Soft Cycling)        0
17 Nathan Hobson (Team Oregon)                         DNF
18 Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon)                      DNF
19 Darell Provencher (Team Rose City)                  DNF
20 Rick Adams                                          DNF
21 Stephen Brown BBC                                   DNF

Session 3

Men 10 Mile Final 
1 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)                       Even
2 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)                      Even
3 Sam Whittingham (PVL/Forte)                        Even
4 Joey D'Antoni (Cycles DeOro)                       Even
5 Basil Milsal (Jax/Voltswagen/Eisentraut)           Even
6 John Walrod (Prime Alliance)                       Even
7 Kenny Williams (Saturn of Belluvue)                Even
8 Jeff Hopkins Team (Columbus)                       Even
9 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)                         -1 lap
10 Derek Wilkerson (Jelly Belly)                       -1
11 Duncan Oliphant (Presto Velo)                       -1
12 Jon Frederick (East Coast Velo)                     -1
13 Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)                           -1
14 Steve Holland (Corben HuntAir)                      -1
15 Jamie Mikami (Corben Huntair)                       -1
16 Marty Cahill (Corben Huntair)                       -1
17 Shaun Wallace            
Miss & Out - Women             
1 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)          
2 Ashley Kimmet (Serratto) 
3 Suzie Tignor (Frisco)
4 Marjon Marik (Prime Alliance) 
5 Effie Wardenburg (Saturn of Belluvue) 
6 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing) *
7 Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon) 
8 Renee Duprel (Gregg's/Trek/VW) 
9 Annette Hanson (Team Rubicon) 
10 Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark) 
11 Darien Curl (Team Rubicon) 
12 Laura Moen (Gregg's Greenlake) 
* Relegated for entering sprinters lane while already occupied.   
10 Mile - Masters 
1 Shaun Wallace                                      Even
2 Mike Eddy                                          Even
3 Glen Gann (Sim's)                                    -1 lap 
4 Woody Cox (Pazzo Velo)                               -1
5 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)                             -1
6 David Oliphant (Presto Velo)                         -1
7 Steven Holland (Corben Huntair)                      -1 
8 Ted Forgeron (Team Rose City)                        -1

Session 4

1 Marty Nothstein/Mike Tillman                         33 pts  +1 lap  
2 John Walrod/Jame Carney                              19      Even 
3 Basil Milsap/Dreek Wilkerson                         17      -1 lap  
4 David Godfrey/Sam Whittingham                        12      -1  
5 Shaun Wallace/Joey D'Antoni                           9      -2  
6 Leigh Bryan/Jeff Hopkins                              9      -3  
* relegated for dangerous riding                       
Keirin - Masters   
1 Tim Goodwin (Frisco Cycling)   
2 Mike Eddy  (Gregg's)    
3 Will Fernyhough (Gregg's)    
4 Gil Hatton (Gotham Cyclists    
5 Kent Johnston (Lakeside    
6 Woody Cox (Pazzo Velo)*
* Relegated for entering occupied sprinter's lane     
Keirin - Women  
1 Suzie Tignor (Frisco)    
2 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing)   
3 Renee Duprel (Gregg's/Trek/VW)    
4 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)    
5 Ashley Kimmet (Serratto)    
6 Marjon Marik (Prime Alliance)    
7 Effie Wardenburg (Saturn of Belluvue)   
8 Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
Sprints - Men
1 Sephen Alfred (Family Cycling Center)
2 Jeffrey LaBauve (Focus 2004)
3 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)
4 Josh Weir (Team Major Motions)
5 Keith Bruneau (PVL/Forte)
6 David Wiswell (East Coast Velo)
7 Stephen McLaughry (Orwell Wheelers)
8 Jon Frederick (East Coast Velo)
9 Giovanni Rey (Content Lab)
10 Gil Hatton (Gotham Cyclists)
11 Jay DeBender (Lakeside)
Miss & Out - Men   
1 John Walrod (Prime Alliance)
2 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)
3 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)
4 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
5 Jeff Hopkins (Team Columbus)
6 Leigh Bryan (Jittery Joes)
7 Kenny Williams (Saturn of Belluvue)
8 Josh Weir (Team Major Motions)
9 Jon Frederick (East Coast Velo)
10 Derek Wilkerson (Jelly Belly)
11 Sam Whittingham (PVL/Forte)
12 David Godfrey (Team Rubicon) 
13 Duncan Oliphant (Presto Velo/Bike & Hike)  
14 Marty Cahill (Corben Huntair)
15 Tyler Ofstad (Stanford) 
16 Giovanni Rey (Content Lab) 
17 David Wiswell (East Coast Velo)  
18 Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon) 
19 Joey D'Antoni (Cycles Dero) 
Points Race - Women
1 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing)                         44 pts Even
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)                        41
3 Ashley Kimmet (Serratto)                              37
4 Marjon Marik (Prime Alliance)                         25
5 Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon)                        18
6 Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage)                       14
7 Annette Hanson (Team Rubicon)                          6
8 Laura Suditu (BBC)                                     0       -1 lap
9 Darien Curl (Team Rubicon)                             1       dnf
10 Suzie Tignor (Frisco)                                 1       dnf
11 Renee Duprel (Gregg's/Trek/VW)                        0       dnf
12 Laura Moen (Gregg's Greenlake)                        0       dnf
Miss & Out - Masters    
1 Steven Holland (Corben Huntair)  
2 Will Fernyhough 
3 Woody Cox (Pazzo Velo)  
4 Glen Gann (Sim's) 
5 Ted Forgeron (Team Rose City)
6 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)
7 Brian Abers (Lakeside)
8 Kent Johnston (Lakeside)
9 Gil Hatton (Gotham Cyclists)
10 David Oliphant (Presto Velo/Bike & Hike)
11 Mike Eddy
12 Duke Anderson
13 Charles Pockell-Wilson (People Soft Cycling)
14 Chauncey Curl (Team Rubicon)
15 Tim Goodwin (Frisco Cycling)
16 Mitch Weaver (Team Rose City)
17 Stephen Hemminger (Team Oregon)
18 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)
19 Rick Adams
20 Paul Mautner (Lakeside)
21 Darell Provencher (Team Rose City)
22 Mitch LaMoure 
23 Eric Moen 

Session 5

Olympic Sprints 
1 Josh Weir/David Wiswell/Jon Fredricks            0.54.80
2 Sam Whittingham/Kenny Williams/Keith Bruneau     0.55.56
3 Stephen Alfreds/Jeffrey LaBauve/Jame Carney      0.55.65
4 Tim Goodwin/Mike Tillman/Jeff Hopkins            0.56.18
5 Chauncy Curl/David Godfrey/Dean Tracy            0.58.16
6 Jamie Mikami/Marty Cahill/Brian Abers            0.58.70
7 Darell Provencher/Ted Forgeron/Mitch Weaver      1.00.39
8 Andy Doak/Giovanni Rey/Will Fernyhough           1.01.07
9 Darien Curl/Noreen Godfrey/Annette Hanson        1.06.79
* Suzy Tignor/JoAnne Kiesanowski/Erin Mirabella    1.01.90
*New Alpenrose Womens track Record (Set in evening session)

Session 6

*Jeffrey LaBauve (Focus 2004) Flying Lap             15.24 (39.4 mph)
*New Alpenrose Flying lap record (1/6 of a mile)
1 Suzie Tignor (Frisco)
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
3 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing)
4 Ashley Kimmet (Serratto)
5 Effie Wardenburg (Saturn of Belluvue)
6 Marjon Marik (Prime Alliance)
1 Tim Goodwin (Frisco Cycling)
2 Gil Hatton (Gotham Cyclists)
3 Chris McKenzie (Gregg's PSCC)
4 Brian Abers (Lakeside Rivers Edge)
5 Mike Eddy (Gregg's /TREK/VW)
6 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)
7 Will Fernyhough (Greggs Greenlake)
8 Ronnie Vails
9 Andy Doak (PSCC)
10 Dan Houghton (Presto Velo/Bike & Hike)
Points Race - Masters
1 Mike Eddy (Gregg's /TREK/VW)                   45    +2 laps
2 Duke Anderson (0)                              12    +1
3 Steven Yenne (Capitol Velo)                    31    Even
4 Steven Holland (Corben Huntair)                25
5 Kent Johnston (Lakeside)                       18
6 Woody Cox (Pazzo Velo)                         16
7 David Oliphant (Presto Velo)                   12
8 Mitch Weaver (Team Rose City)                   7
9 Will Fernyhough (Greggs Greenlake)              6
10 Steve Marcy (Logie Velo)                       4
11 John Simmons (Shaws GCC)                       3
12 Stephen Hemminger (Team Oregon)                1
13 Rick Adams (0)                                 0
14 Chauncey Curl (Team Rubicon)                   0
15 Dan Houghton (Presto Velo)                     1    -1 lap
16 Paul Mautner (Lakeside)                        dnf
17 Charles Pockell-Wilson (People Soft)           dnf
18 Nathan Hopson (Team Oregon)                    dnf
19 Ted Forgeron (Team Rose City)                  dnf
20 Brian Abers (Lakeside Rivers Edge)             dnf
21 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)                dnf
22 Darell Provencher (Team Rose City)             dnf
5 Mile - Women
1 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
2 Erin Mirabella (Red 5 Racing)
3 Ashley Kimmet (Serratto)
4 Marjon Marik (Prime Alliance)
5 Effie Wardenburg (Saturn of Belluvue)
6 Annette Hanson (Team Rubicon)
7 Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark)
8 Suzie Tignor (Frisco)
9 Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
10 Laura Suditu (BBC)
11 Darien Curl (Team Rubicon)
Keirin - Men
1 Jeff Hopkins (Team Columbus)
2 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
3 Jeffrey LaBauve (Focus 2004)
4 Josh Weir (Team Major Motions)
5 Keith Bruneau (PVL/Forte)
6 David Wiswell (East Coast Velo)
7 Sephen Alfred (Family Cycling Center)
8 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)
Points Race - Men
1 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)               58    +3 laps
2 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)              67    +2
3 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)               46    +2
4 Kenny Williams (Saturn of Belluvue)        33    +2
5 Joey D'Antoni (Cycles DeOro)                8    +1
6 Derek Wilkerson (Jelly Belly)               6    Even
7 Shaun Wallace (0)                          13    -1
8 John Walrod (Prime Alliance)               11    -1
9 Sam Whittingham (PVL/Forte)                 6    -1
10 Leigh Bryan (Jittery Joes)               dnf
11 Marty Cahill (Corben Huntair)            dnf
12 David Wiswell (East Coast Velo)          dnf
13 Ryan McNamara (PVL/Forte)                dnf
14 Duncan Oliphant (Presto Velo)            dnf
15 Jay DeBender (Lakeside)                  dnf
16 Jeff Hopkins (Team Columbus)             dnf
17 Jon Frederick (East Coast Velo)          dnf
18 David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)             dnf
19 Tyler Ofstad (Stanford)                  dnf
20 Jamie Mikami (Corben Huntair)            dnf
21 Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)                dnf
22 Jon Long (Team Oregon)                   dnf
23 Basil Milsal (Jax/Voltswagen/Eisentraut) dnf

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