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2005 Australian Senior Track Championships - CN

Adelaide, South Australia, February 7-12, 2005

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Day 6 - February 12: Men keirin; Men points; U19 men team sprint; U19 men Madison; Women keirin

Anna Meares magical fourth gold

Finning flies in points race; Leonard upstages big guns in keirin

Anna Meares accepts
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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Olympic Games champion Anna Meares, 21, performed more magic tonight to take out her fourth gold medal of the 2005 Australian Track Cycling Championships at Adelaide's Super-Drome.

Meares sprinted to victory in the women's keirin ahead of West Australian Kristine Bayley with Kerrie Meares third. The win adds to Anna's gold medals in the sprint, 500m time trial and teams sprint in which she teamed with sister Kerrie for the title.

Kerrie helped Anna to the crown by running interference behind her sister to protect her position.

"She came unstuck with one lap to go when Kristine (Bayley) got underneath her," said Anna. "I was actually waiting to see if Kerrie would come round me because I was struggling down the back straight but that's one of the benefits of riding from the front - you're only fighting your own battle not anyone else's to stay out there."

Anna, the reigning World Champion in the 500m time trial, has already put the world on notice that she wants to add the sprint and keirin world titles to her collection but admits the keirin might take a little longer to achieve.

"I think I've got a fair way to improve in the keirin internationally as it's one area I'm pretty raw and inexperienced in and there are a lot of girls who actually specialise in the keirin," said Anna who was the silver medallist in the event at the 2003 World Championships in Germany. "I think I would struggle to ride from the front like I did tonight and I'd probably find it a lot more difficult a lot further out (from the finish line)."

Ben Kersten (NSW)
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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Victorian Sean Finning was flying tonight in the men's 40km, 160 lap points race lapping the field not once but twice. The 20 year old from Castlemaine launched his first attack two thirds of the way through the race overtaking the field and picking up 20 points with 50 laps remaining. Rather than rest on his laurels he attacked again a short time later to score another 20 points with 25 laps remaining. That cemented his win and left Matthew Goss of Tasmania, Miles Olman of Queensland and Chris Sutton of New South Wales to fight it out for the minor placings.

"I was so aggressive because that's the way they race in Europe and that's where I want to get to - World Championships and representing my country," said Finning who thanked his team mate Richard England for his support during the race. "Hopefully this is a good stepping stone."

But the young talent wasn't finished and ten laps from home he launched yet another solo charge.

"i came round with ten to go and I knew they were hurting a bit so I thought I'd hit them again because it wasn't going to hurt me," said Finning who had the luxury of waving to the crowd in jubilation for the last 200 metres of the race. "Nobody chased me so I got to celebrate for the a whole lap which was great.

Shane Kelly (Vic)
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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Finning ended the race with 60 points with Goss picking up silver on 42w points and Olman bronze on 31 points.

The men's keirin provided the upset of the night as in-form Victorian Joel Leonard, 23, showed a clean back wheel to the favourites to claim the crown. He attacked a lap from home and despite the efforts of the big guns in Oceania Champion, Ben Kersten, 23, (NSW), Athens bronze medallist, Shane Kelly, 32, (VIC) and 2002 World Champion, Jobie Dajka (SA) 23, to reel him in Leonard held on for gold. Kersten was second with Dajka squeezing through a seemingly non-existent gap to pip Kelly for the bronze medal.

"This is one of the biggest wins of my career - this is huge," said Leonard. "I've been racing against Shane, Jobie and Ben since I was in the under 17 division and it's always been those guys on the podium.

"I've medallied in every race this week, except the scratch race, and I won an Australian title last night in the Teams Sprint for the first time in my career so this is great."

Leonard says the way the race panned out played right into his hands.

Who's number 1?
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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"You always feel you're close but to pull it off is unbelievable," he said "The high speed in the final laps worked perfectly for me; I'm always good in the top end (speed)."

In the U19 men's teams sprint Queensland's William Draffen, Benjamin Simonelli and Jeremy Hogg proved too strong for the New South Wales trio of Jackson-Leigh Rathbone, Geoff Hopkins and Patrick Bolan in the gold medal race. Queensland crossed in a time of 48.742 seconds, a tenth of a second faster than New South Wales (48.886.) The bronze medal went to Western Australians Scott Sunderland, Oliver Saare and Byron Page who rode 48.903 to defeat Victoria's Travis Hull, Sean Pontelandolfo and Alexander Smyth (51.175).

Sydney's Skye-Lee Armstrong, 18, was invincible in the U19 women's 20km points race to claim gold with 29 points ahead of South Australian Bianca Rogers, 17, on 20 points and Amanda Spratt, 17, (NSW) on 18 points.

Armstrong was leading at the half way mark when she crashed heavily with Victoria's Aimee Howlett riding over the top of Armstrong as she slid down the steep end of the track. Howlett abandoned the race but Armstrong sprung up and was quickly back on the bike. On pure adrenalin the teenager then set about insuring her win sprinting with a vengeance in the final three sprints.

Craig Mattingly and Russell Gill (SA)
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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The U19 men's Madison gave the West Australians cause for celebration as Cameron Meyer and Adam O'Connor stamped their claim on the gold medal position. The pair gained a lap and performed in the sprints to finish on 16 points. Victorians Zakkari Dempster and Mark O'Brien also gained a lap but couldn't match the West Australians in the sprinting to finish on the same lap but with two points for the silver medal. New South Wales' Tyler McLachlan and Anthony Bennett sprinted well but couldn't match the lap attacks by their rivals and finished one lap down on 19 points for the bronze medal.

Victoria's strong final night performance saw them claim the Robina Joy Trophy as the best performed state in the elite men's events for the Championships. Tasmanian Mark Jamieson's gold medal performance in the individual pursuit was named the Ride of the Series and Sydney's Kate Bates was named Champion of Champions which is awarded to the best performed cyclist in individual events at the Championships. Bates claimed triple gold with emphatic wins in the points race, scratch race and individual pursuit. Anna Meares also claimed three individual gold medals but Bates outstanding time in the individual pursuit tipped the scales in her favour for the prestigious award.

The Championships ended as it began, with world class performances and the week has been hailed a great success by everyone involved.

"We've seen some new names emerge as medallists this week which is what we always hope for after an Olympic cycle," said Cycling Australia President, Mike Victor. "It's very exciting as we head towards Commonwealth Games in Melbourne next year to know we have such a depth of talent coming through the ranks.

"This Championships was also a great credit to the organisers here in South Australia and I'd like to thank and congratulate the South Australian Government, the SA Department of Sport and Recreation and the staff here at the Addelaide Super-Drome who worked so hard to put on such a great event."

Tonight's medallists.
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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Women Keirin Round 1
Heat 1                                               
1 Kerrie Meares (Qld)                          12.872
2 Kerry Cohen (WA)                                   
3 Rebecca Borgo (NSW)                                
4 Jessica Berry (Vic)                                
5 Sue Ann Woodwiss (SA)                              
Heat 2                                               
1 Anna Meares (Qld)                            12.519
2 Belinda Goss (Tas)                                 
3 Elizabeth Georgouras (NSW)                         
4 Apryl Eppinger (Vic)                               
5 Sophie Cape (WA)                                   
6 Rikki Johnson (SA)                                 
Heat 3                                               
1 Kristine Bayley (WA)                         12.610
2 Laura McCaughey (Tas)                              
3 Kellie Louise Hards (SA)                           
4 Nicole Holt (Vic)                                  
DSQ Liz Williams (NZl)                               
Fell Alexandra Bright (Qld)                          
Heat 3 - Rider 40 Liz Williams (NZl)                 
disqualified for dangerous riding                    
during the race and causing                          
the fall of her opponent                            
Men Keirin Round 1
Heat 1                                               
1 Ben Kersten (NSW)                            11.255
2 Joel Leonard (Vic)                                 
3 Daniel Rynne (Qld)                                 
4 Mario Mazza (SA)                                   
5 Dean Santoro (WA)                                  
6 Ty Domin (NT)                                      
Heat 2                                               
1 Jobie Dajka (SA)                             10.928
2 Grant Irwin (Qld)                                  
3 Todd Wilksch (Vic)                                 
4 Ben Price (Tas)                                    
5 Carlo Barendilla (WA)                              
6 Darren Hicks (NT)                                  
Heat 3                                               
1 Shane Kelly (Vic)                            11.435
2 Tomoharu Yara (Jpn)                                
3 Damian Harris (Qld)                                
4 Sean Dwight (NSW)                                  
5 Gary Ryan (ACT)                                    
6 David Miller (SA)                                  
7 Corey Heath (NT)                                   
1st in each heat to final, 2nd & 3rd to Round 2      
Women Keirin Round 2
1 Laura McCaughey (Tas)                        12.680
2 Rebecca Borgo (NSW)                                
3 Elizabeth Georgouras (NSW)                         
4 Belinda Goss (Tas)                                 
5 Kerry Cohen (WA)                                   
6 Kellie Louise Hards (SA)                           
1st, 2nd and 3rd to final                            
Men Keirin Round 2
1 Joel Leonard (Vic)                           11.045
2 Todd Wilksch (Vic)                                 
3 Grant Irwin (Qld)                                  
4 Daniel Rynne (Qld)                                 
5 Tomoharu Yara (Jpn)                                
6 Damian Harris (Qld)                                
1st, 2nd and 3rd to final                            
Under 19 men Team Sprint Qualification
1 William Draffen (Qld)                        48.584
  Benjamin Simonelli (Qld)                            
  Jeremy Hogg (Qld)                                   
2 Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)                 48.880
  Geoff Hopkins (NSW)                                 
  Patrick Bolan (NSW)                                 
3 Scott Sunderland (WA)                        49.413
  Oliver Saare (WA)                                   
  Jayden Veljacich (WA)                               
4 Travis Hull (Vic)                            50.876
  Sean Pontelandolfo (Vic)                            
  Alexander Smyth (Vic)                               
5 Daniel Robb (SA)                             51.541
  Gareth Coffee (SA)                                  
  Ben Heylen (SA)                                     
Under 19 women 20km Points Race Final
1 Skye-Lee Armstrong (NSW)                         29 pts    0:27:09
2 Bianca Rogers (SA)                               20
3 Amanda Spratt (NSW)                              18
4 Tess Downing (Vic)                                8
5 Jessica Hume (NSW)                                6
6 Tiffany Cromwell (SA)                             1
7 Grace Sulzberger (Tas)                            1
8 Philippa Martin (WA)                               
9 Peta Mullens (Vic)                                 
10 Kylie Hansen (WA)                                 
11 Laura Meisel-Dennis (ACT)                      -20
DNF Chloe Macpherson (Qld)                           
DNF Hayley Wright (Qld)                              
DNF Kira Mason (SA)                                  
DNF Aimee Howlett (Vic)                              
DNF Jessica Tanner (Vic)                             
DNF Renae Horsley (WA)                               
Under 19 men Team Sprint Final
Gold & Silver Medals                                 
1 William Draffen (Qld)                        48.742
  Benjamin Simonelli (Qld)                            
  Jeremy Hogg (Qld)                                   
2 Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)                 48.886
  Geoff Hopkins (NSW)                                 
  Patrick Bolan (NSW)                                 
Bronze Medal                                         
3 Scott Sunderland (WA)                        48.903
  Oliver Saare (WA)                                   
  Byron Page (WA)                                     
4 Travis Hull (Vic)                            51.175
  Sean Pontelandolfo (Vic)                            
  Alexander Smyth (Vic)                               
Women Keirin Final
1 Anna Meares (Qld)                            12.244
2 Kristine Bayley (WA)                               
3 Kerrie Meares (Qld)                                
4 Laura McCaughey (Tas)                              
5 Elizabeth Georgouras (NSW)                         
DNF Rebecca Borgo (NSW)                              
Men Keirin Final
1 Joel Leonard (Vic)                           10.890
2 Ben Kersten (NSW)                                  
3 Jobie Dajka (SA)                                   
4 Shane Kelly (Vic)                                  
5 Grant Irwin (Qld)                                  
6 Todd Wilksch (Vic)                                 
Under 19 men 30km Madison Final
1 Cameron Meyer (WA)                               16 pts    0:35:05
  Adam O'Connor (WA)                                  
2 Zakkari Dempster (Vic)                            2
  Mark O'Brien (Vic)                                  
One lap behind                                       
3 Tyler McLachlan (NSW)                            19
  Anthony Bennett (NSW)                               
4 Mario Giramondo (Vic)                            17
  Gerard Murphy (Vic)                                 
5 Scott Sunderland (WA)                             4
  Jayden Veljacich (WA)                               
6 Matthew Pettit (NSW)                              4
  Luke Cridland (NSW)                                 
Two laps behind                                      
7 Todd Dawson (Qld)                                 4
  Kyle Bateson (Qld)                                  
Three laps behind                                    
8 Jarrod Harman (Tas)                                
  William Robinson (Tas)                              
DNF Craig Mattingly (SA)                             
  Russell Gill (SA)                                   
DNF Matt Sanders (SA)                                
  Edward Petney (SA)                                  
Men 40km Points Race Final
1 Sean Finning (Vic)                               60 pts    0:48:46
2 Matthew Goss (Tas)                               42
3 Miles Olman (Qld)                                31
4 Christopher Sutton (NSW)                         26
5 Stephen Rossendell (Tas)                         25
6 Ashley Hutchinson (Qld)                          23
7 Keith Evans (WA)                                 21
8 Richard England (Vic)                            12
9 Darren Young (Tas)                               10
10 Bradley Payne (Qld)                              3
11 David Pell (Vic)                               -30
DNF Carlo Barendilla (WA)                            
DNF Daniel Vogels (WA)                               
DNF Christopher Pascoe (NSW)                         
DNF Joel Stewart (ACT)                               
DNF Nathan Silleto (ACT)                             
DNF Stephen Wooldridge (NSW)                         
DNF Mark Bergamin (SA)                               
DNF Sean Hennessy (SA)                               
DNF Yasutaka Aoki (Jpn)                              
DNS Brenden Savage (ACT)                             

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