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Giro finale
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Track World Cup 04-05 Round 4 - CDM

Sydney, Australia, February 18-20, 2004

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Day 2 - February 19: Men's Team pursuit, Women's 500m TT, Women's Individual Pursuit, Men's Points Race 30 km, Men's Sprint

Men's Sprint quarter finals

The first heat and first event of the evening session saw Theo Bos defeat Marco Jaeger in their quarter final after the German went for home very early. He was overcome by the in-form Dutchman, wearing the rainbow jersey earned last year. In Heat 2, second seed Arnaud Tournant defeated Kin Chung Wong from HK to progress to the semi finals. Heat 3 saw Jobie Dajka, regaining form as the meet progresses, win a relatively well-contested sprint to move into the semi's. Gregory Bauge (Fra), making his move early in the last lap of his sprint against Great Britain's Matthew Crampton, easily took out the fourth heat of the men's sprint quarter finals.

Men's Team Pursuit

Gold & Silver final

New Zealand
Photo ©: Mark Gunter
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The smooth riding of the New Zealand men's team, featuring scratch race World Champion Greg Henderson, claimed the gold medal in the Men's Team Pursuit final in a time of 4:09.049. Jason Allen, Hayden Godfrey, Greg Henderson and Marc Ryan led from start to finish, never allowing the team from Great Britain to whittle away an early lead. The consistency of their performances during the series means they take out the World Cup series for this event. Greg Henderson said after the race that the team had changed their tactics after the morning session because they "had been up and down." They decided that Henderson and Marc Ryan would take bigger turns, and the changes worked.

The Health Net man is now off to New Zealand after the Madison in tomorrow's session to work on a block of strength training and recover from the humidity here in Sydney, something he found quite strange after training in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Bronze final

Australia's young pursuit team of Richard England, Sean Finning, Matthew Goss and Miles Olman, their first outing as a team at a senior event, dominated the men's team pursuit final for third and fourth. Leading from start to finish, they rode with great rhythm, with Goss and Finning the standout riders, working hard to produce a time of 4:09.453 after catching the Russian team with just over one lap remaining. They were happy with their performance, keeping in mind the lack of experience they've had within the senior ranks.

Men's Sprint semi finals

Heat 1

Theo Bos took on Gregory Bauge in race one of the men's sprint semi final. Although Bauge made the early running he was unable to resist the power of Bos over the last 200 metres, with Bos winning in a time of 10.883 seconds - signaling his intentions to push hard early. In the second race, Theo Bos secured his place in the Gold/Silver final with a time of 10.797 seconds after his customary massive kick over the final lap.

Heat 2

Jobie Dajka and Arnaud Tournant went head to head in the second heat of the semi finals, with Dajka taking the win in the first race with a time of 11.059 seconds. In race two Dajka led out only to let Tournant through just before the final lap. Although it looked like Dajka had given the French strongman too much space, he sprinted brilliantly to clinch the win in a time of 10.921 seconds and move into the Gold medal final against Theo Bos.

Women's 500m TT final

Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)
Photo ©: Mark Gunter
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The standout heat for local fans in the women's 500 m TT final was between Kerrie Meares, coming off strong performances in the National Championships, and Shang Guo of China, who met younger sister Anna in last night's women's sprint final. Kerrie Meares moved into the lead with a time of 35.943 seconds. It was then time for Canadian sprint Olympic champion Lori-Ann Muenzer to try and better the time of Meares, which she did with a time of 35.608 seconds. But it was Yvonne Hijgenaar of the Netherlands who came out last, producing a time of 35.024 seconds to convincingly win the event, with Elisa Frisoni of Italy taking second place and Muenzer taking the bronze. Frisoni took out the series overall in the event, Italy's major achievement at the meet.

Women's IP final

In the gold medal final, Dale Tye of New Zealand met Marlijn Binnendijk of the Netherlands, and although the young Dutchwoman took the lead early, Tye came back hard, putting time into Binnendijk. Binnendijk was able to settle into a fast rhythm, however, taking the Gold medal in a time of 3:48.742. Tye was disappointed with her ride, saying that she "simply ran out of legs when I needed them." She didn't believe her tactics led to the poor ride: "I had a good start, but ended up getting down on schedule," after putting time into Binnendijk early in the race, only to tire and take the silver. Tatsiana Sharakova of Belarus took the bronze medal, defeating Lisa Gatto of Italy in a time of 3:52.661.

Men's Sprint finals

Gold & Silver final

Theo Bos (Netherlands)
Photo ©: Mark Gunter
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Arguably the two fastest men at the meet, Dutchman Theo Bos and Australia's Jobie Dajka raced for the gold medal. Bos was prepared to lead through the first lap, confident in his ability to outsprint the Australian. In a massive effort over the closing metres he was able to hold off Dajka in a very well-contested sprint to go one-up in the Gold medal final.

It was simply a matter of 'too fast, but not furious' as Theo Bos ran riot in the second race of the gold medal final. Pushing very hard from over a lap out, Bos had far too much speed and won in a time of 11.207 seconds. Dajka wasn't too disappointed, however, saying that, "We knew Bos was the in-form rider here - it's a really good indicator of where I'm at right now. I'm just happy to be back racing, it puts a smile on my face."

Asked if he's pleased at where his form stands right now he said, "We set goals for Manchester and achieved them, and the same here in Sydney. I believe that we can achieve the goals we'll set for Worlds as we've done so far."

Bos was very matter-of-fact when asked about his incredible finish from so far out in the second race: "I thought Jobie wanted a short sprint, so I had two options: be patient and go short or go from a long way out. I chose the latter option and it worked."

On a slightly sour note for Bos, he was fined CHF 3000 (approximately 1,939 euros) after his win for incorrect advertising on his world Championship jersey. Bos carried the Rabobank logo on the underarm and sides of his jersey - UCI regulations stipulate the exact location of advertising on jersey, and Bos' breach of this rule resulted in the fine.

Bronze final

The battle
Photo ©: Mark Gunter
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The two French riders, Gregory Bauge and Arnaud Tournant, went head-to-head for the bronze medal, with Tournant taking the first race in a time of 10.976 seconds - both riders were extremely evenly matched, and the finish was sufficiently close enough for spectators to wonder who had won. Tournant came out on top.

In the second race of their clash for third, Arnaud Tournant held Gregory Bauge from the front until Bauge, going for a big finish from a long way out, took a lead that Tournant was unable to counter. Bauge took the race in a time of 11.483 seconds, forcing the final into a third race, something those at the track appreciated.

In the final showdown for the evening, Arnaud Tournant was pushed to limit by countryman Bauge in the hottest sprint of the night. It was an extremely tight finish, Tournant prevailed to take the Bronze medal.

In the race for fifth-eighth places, Japanese rider Kazunari Watanabe prevailed, defeating German Marco Jaeger, Great Britain's Matthew Crompton and Kin Chung Wong of Hong Kong.

Men's 30 km Points final

The points podium
Photo ©: Mark Gunter
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In an attacking 30 km points race, eventual winner Volodymyr Rybin of Ukraine was able to work with Greek rider Ioannis Tamouridis and Ilya Chernyshov of Kazakhstan to lap the field, a move that gained the Ukrainian an advantage large enough to maintain and take victory.

The early sprints featured Australian Sean Finning, who looked like he was on course to register an Australian victory in the event. He took maximum points at the 100, 60, 40, 20 lap sprints plus the final sprint, much to the delight of the crowd. It was the ability of a four-man break to get clear and lap the field with 74 laps remaining that turned the race; when the main field fell asleep they pounced, taking maximum points available.

American rider James Carney looked to the field to help reel in the break, but when the response didn't come they paid the price. Finning in particular would rue the move as it ruined his chances of victory.

From this point it became a race between Tamouridis and Rybin, the gap between the two never blowing out past five points, meaning both riders had to work extremely hard right to the finish to seal victory. Finning was one of the strongest riders, doing massive turns and never giving up hope of bridging the points gap to the leading duo.

Smart racing from the Ukrainian and his Greek opponent saw them stick to Finning and often work with him to sit within reach of the points at every opportunity - victory was sweet for Rybin taking points at nearly every opportunity on the run home, several of these maximum hauls. He was clearly delighted with the win, providing great racing for the healthy capacity crowd gathered to watch world class performances.


Session 3 - February 19 - Qualifying: Men's Team pursuit; Men's Sprint 200m & eighth final; Women's Individual pursuit

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Images by Mark Gunter/Cyclingnews.com

Session 4 - February 19 - Finals: Men's Sprint; Men's Team pursuit; Women's 500m time trial; Women's Individual pursuit; Men's Points Race

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Images by Mark Gunter/Cyclingnews.com


Women 3,000m Individual Pursuit qualification
1 Dale Tye (New Zealand)                        3:49.126 (47.136 km/h)
2 Marlijn Binnendijk (Netherlands)              3:49.903 (46.976 km/h)
3 Lisa Gatto (Italy)                            3:51.587 (46.635 km/h)
4 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)                  3:54.061 (46.142 km/h)
5 Wan Yiu Wong (Hong Kong, China)               4:04.094 (44.245 km/h)
6 Leow Hoay Sim Uracca (Malaysia)               4:10.773 (43.067 km/h)
Women 3,000m Individual Pursuit final
1 Marlijn Binnendijk (Netherlands)              3:48.742 (47.215 km/h)
2 Dale Tye (New Zealand)                        3:51.518 (46.649 km/h)
3 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)                  3:52.661 (46.419 km/h)
4 Lisa Gatto (Italy)                            3:57.685 (45.438 km/h)
Men's Team Pursuit qualification
1 New Zealand                                   4:11.666 (57.219 km/h)
 Jason Allen
 Hayden Godfrey
 Gregory Henderson
 Marc Ryan
2 Great Britain                                 4:11.728 (57.205 km/h)
 Matthew Brammeier
 Mark Cavendish
 Edward Clancy
 Thomas White
3 Australia                                     4:12.945 (56.929 km/h)
 Richard England
 Sean Finning
 Mathew Goss
 Miles Olman
4 Russia                                        4:15.400 (56.382 km/h)
 Vasiliy Khatuntsev
 Ivan Kovalev
 Alexey Shmidt
 Valery Valynin
5 Italy                                         4:19.026 (55.593 km/h)
 Alessandro Bernardini
 Federico Bontorin
 Martino Marcotto
 Alessandro Mazzolani
6 United States                                 4:19.134 (55.570 km/h)
 Michael Freidman
 Joshua Kerkhoff
 Robert Lea
 Guillaume Nelessen
7 Kazakhstan                                    4:20.213 (55.339 km/h)
 Vladimir Bushanskiy
 Alexey Kolessov
 Alexey Lyalko
 Yuriy Yuda
8 Malaysia                                      4:31.975 (52.946 km/h)
 Jamaludin Amirruddin
 Ahmad Lutfi Mohd Fauzan
 Mohd Jasmin Ruslan Mohd
 Thum Weng Kin
Men's Team Pursuit final
1 New Zealand                                   4:09.049 (57.820 km/h)
 Jason Allen
 Hayden Godfrey
 Gregory Henderson
 Marc Ryan
2 Great Britain                                 4:10.735 (57.431 km/h)
 Matthew Brammeier
 Mark Cavendish
 Edward Clancy
 Thomas White
3 Australia                                     4:09.453 (57.726 km/h)
 Richard England
 Sean Finning
 Mathew Goss
 Miles Olman
4 Russia
 Vasiliy Khatuntsev
 Ivan Kovalev
 Alexey Shmidt
 Valery Valynin
Men's Sprint Qualification
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          10.068 (71.514 km/h)
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)                        10.363 (69.478 km/h)
3 Jobie Dajka (Australia)                         10.377 (69.384 km/h)
4 Tim Veldt (Netherlands)                         10.476 (68.729 km/h)
4 Grégory Bauge (France)                          10.476 (68.729 km/h)
6 Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)                       10.480 (68.702 km/h)
7 Kin Chung Wong (Hong Kong, China)               10.617 (67.816 km/h)
8 Kazuya Narita (Japan)                           10.645 (67.637 km/h)
9 Marco Jäger (Germany)                           10.673 (67.460 km/h)
10 Christian Stahl (United States Of America)     10.706 (67.252 km/h)
11 Joel Leonard (Australia)                       10.723 (67.145 km/h)
12 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)               10.741 (67.033 km/h)
13 Kasper Jessen (Denmark)                        10.764 (66.890 km/h)
14 Travis Smith (Canada)                          10.768 (66.865 km/h)
15 Morne Blignaut (South Africa)                  10.839 (66.427 km/h)
16 Zhiguo Gao (People's Republic of China)        10.845 (66.390 km/h)
17 Athanasios Mantzouranis (Greece)               10.883 (66.158 km/h)
18 Mohd Nasir Junaidi Mohd (Malaysia)             10.926 (65.898 km/h)
19 Xinzhu Cheng (People's Republic of China)      10.931 (65.868 km/h)
20 Adam Ptacnik (Czech Republic)                  11.012 (65.383 km/h)
21 Pavel Buran (Czech Republic)                   11.044 (65.194 km/h)
22 Cam Mackinnon (Canada)                         11.116 (64.772 km/h)
23 Sergio Guatto (Argentina)                      11.139 (64.638 km/h)
24 Dimitrios Georgiou (Greece)                    11.334 (63.526 km/h)
25 Jose Ruschansky (Argentina)                    11.490 (62.663 km/h)
Men's Sprint Round 1
Heat 1
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          11.213 (64.211 km/h)
2 Zhiguo Gao (People's Republic of China)

Heat 2
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                        11.143 (64.615 km/h)
2 Morne Blignaut (South Africa)

Heat 3
1 Jobie Dajka (Australia)                         11.838 (60.821 km/h)
2 Travis Smith (Canada)

Heat 4
1 Grégory Bauge (France)                          11.065 (65.070 km/h)
2 Kasper Jessen (Denmark)

Heat 5
1 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)                10.984 (65.550 km/h)
2 Tim Veldt (Netherlands)

Heat 6
1 Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)                       10.956 (65.717 km/h)
2 Joel Leonard (Australia)

Heat 7
1 Kin Chung Wong (Hong Kong, China)               10.873 (66.219 km/h)
2 Christian Stahl (United States Of America)

Heat 8
1 Marco Jäger (Germany)                           10.937 (65.832 km/h)
2 Kazuya Narita (Japan)
Men's Sprint Quarter Finals
Heat 1
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          11.196 (64.309 km/h)
2 Marco Jäger (Germany)
Heat 2
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                        10.933 (65.856 km/h)
2 Kin Chung Wong (Hong Kong, China)
Heat 3
1 Jobie Dajka (Australia)                         10.958 (65.705 km/h)
2 Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)
Heat 4
1 Grégory Bauge (France)                          10.742 (67.027 km/h)
2 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)
Men's Sprint Semi Finals
Semifinal Heat 1 Race #1
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          10.883 (66.158 km/h)
2 Grégory Bauge (France)
Semifinal Heat 1 Race #2
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          10.797 (66.685 km/h)
2 Grégory Bauge (France)
Semifinal Heat 2 Race #1
1 Jobie Dajka (Australia)                         11.059 (65.105 km/h)
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)
Semifinal Heat 2 Race #2
1 Jobie Dajka (Australia)                         10.921 (65.928 km/h)
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)
Final for 5-8th
1 Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)                       11.345 (63.464 km/h)
2 Marco Jäger (Germany)
3 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)
4 Kin Chung Wong (Hong Kong, China)
Men's Sprint Final
3/4 Race #1
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                        10.976 (65.598 km/h)
2 Grégory Bauge (France)
3/4 Race #2
1 Grégory Bauge (France)                          11.483 (62.701 km/h)
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)
3/4 Race #3
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                        11.111 (64.801 km/h)
2 Grégory Bauge (France)
Gold and Silver Race #1
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          10.566 (68.143 km/h)
2 Jobie Dajka (Australia)
Gold and Silver Race #2
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                          11.207 (64.246 km/h)
2 Jobie Dajka (Australia)
Women's 500m Time Trial
1 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)                  35.024 (51.393 km/h)
2 Elisa Frisoni (Italy)                           35.204 (51.131 km/h)
3 Lori-Ann Muenzer (Canada)                       35.608 (50.550 km/h)
4 Kerrie Meares (Australia)                       35.943 (50.079 km/h)
5 Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China)         35.998 (50.003 km/h)
6 Dana Glöss (Germany)                            36.154 (49.787 km/h)
7 Rebecca Conzelman (United States Of America)    36.302 (49.584 km/h)
8 Elisabeth Williams (New Zealand)                36.548 (49.250 km/h)
9 Magdalena Sara (Poland)                         36.679 (49.074 km/h)
10 Chrysoula Zacharioudaki (Greece)               38.705 (46.506 km/h)
Men's 30 km Points
1 Volodymyr Rybin (Ukraine)                           62 pts
2 Ioannis Tamouridis (Greece)                         55
3 Sean Finning (Australia)                            49
4 Wim Stroetinga (Netherlands)                        33
5 Anthony Chapman (New Zealand)                       28
6 Ilya Chernyshov (Kazakhstan)                        12
7 Kam-Po Wong (Hong Kong, China)                       6
8 Martin Gilbert (Canada)                              5
9 James Carney (United States Of America)              5
10 Rafal Ratajczyk (Poland)                            4
11 Alessandro Mazzolani (Italy)                        3
12 Mohd Jasmin Ruslan Mohd (Malaysia)                  3
13 Juan José De La Rosa (Mexico)                       0
14 Konstantin Ponomarev (Russian Federation)           0
DNF Matthew Brammeier (Great Britain)                  5
DNF Ralph Zimmermann (Switzerland)                     2

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