EICMA Show, Milan, September 16-19, 2000

By Tim Maloney, cyclingnews.com correspondent

Milano's aging Fiera played host to the 4 day EICMA bike show from 16-19 September and unless you are an aficionado of high end road iron and all the attendant elements thereof, it would have been pretty much a waste of time in terms of product innovation and "novita "..

But since Milano may be considered the cradle of the modern road racing bike, the array of road product was so vast as to be almost disoriented. But with pros like Stefano Zanini, Gianni Bugno, Stefano Garzelli, Evgeny Berzin and Mariano Piccoli cruising around, one quickly realized that EICMA Milano was road mecca!

Pegoretti CCKMP: Best of Show

Pegoretti CCKMP

I fratelli Pegoretti of Levico Terme, Italy (right behind the church) may be the last true artisans left building bike frames in Italy. True in the sense they take an almost monk-like devotion to tradition, without any fear to innovate and create. I Pegoretti's current capolavoro is called CCKMP (initials from a Steve Earle song), made in Dedaccai's U2 tubing, a proprietary ultra-light yet supple alloy of aluminum and lithium among other materials that allegedly offers the weight of alu and the ride of steel.

Coupled with a sleek Mizuno Shark fork and a daring yet understated paint treatment and white (!) Vittoria tires, Pegoretti's CCKMP is my best of show at Milano. Note the CCKMP's flawless TIG welding and the extended head tube. The "freuler" configuration allows for a smaller main triangle, thus a lighter and more laterally rigid feel.


Colnago/Ferrari C-35

Uncle Ernesto and the Drake are at it again! Drake has long departed but the collaboration between il cavallino rampante and the clubs of Colnago is back in this updated version of the Colnago-Ferrari C-35. Built with larger, aero section hi-modulus carbon tubes than previously and with a mean looking black and red paintjob, the 7.7kg limited edition $10,000 C-F looks like all business, with (thankfully) no dumb gold parts!

Dot.com millionaires looking to stop traffic on the Marin County bike paths (or Robin Williams) need apply.

Website: www.colnago.com


Masi 3V

Masi...that legendary name to American cyclists still lives on under the curve of Milano's Velodromo Vigorelli. And although not imported to the US under the Masi name, the genuine article IS still available in Italy. Despite outdated graphics, the Masi 3V is carrying the trend setting Volumetrica concept and the Aluminum LL pictured has a "freuler" style extended head tube and a oversize carbon fork.


Mizuno Shark

IL Maestro is what I call Andrea Pesenti. Designer at Cinelli for a quarter-century, professor at the Milano Politecnico and creator of award winning bikes like the Cinelli Laser and Mizuno Raffica 333, Pesenti has been building state-of-the art carbon fiber forks for almost a decade. Pesenti has married Mizuno's carbon fiber R&D and fabrication expertise with his bike design experience and developed the new 1 1/8" diameter "Shark," integral build fork at 395 g. with unique anti-drag slots on the inside of the blades for smoother airflow. Or else Mizuno has a 1", 295g. straight blade Fiandre Light fork, made in high modulus, high strength carbon fiber.



Kinda like Henry Ford said, you can get a Gios in any color you like... as long as it's blue! For over a quarter century, this Torino bike maker has offered it's bikes in a distinctive shade of azzuro blue and they simply don't see the need to change a good thing. Besides their top end Cinquantenario frame with a Mizuno carbon fork and patented Compact rear fork dropouts, Gios showed this Deda alu custom Time Trial Frame.

Website: www.gios.it


Pinarello Opera

A bike like a work of art, the bike to which all others are compared to regarding workmanship and concept. That's what Fausto Pinarello had in mind when he and his dada Nani created the ultra high-end Opera line. Even the models are high-tone; Leonardo, Giorgione, Palladio, Canova, Bernini, Cellini...and from what we saw at Milano, the Opera concept has legs. Take the Leonardo; an elegant full carbon frame with integrated 1 1/8" headset. Or Palladio; a Ti Carbon blend with a stiff carbon fiber crankset. I guess price is no object when you want a beautiful piece of 2 wheeled art like Opera!

Website: www.pinarello.com


Briko Lucifers

Briko's Stefano Fabris showed us their completely new and restyled line of eyewear for 2001. Lucifer has 9 different combinations of frame & lenses, plus a "Kit" version for XC skiing with an elastic head band. Prowler features 7 different lenses and 13 total combos. Check out Briko's 2001 clothing collection at www.briko.com as they have new and impactful new styles for next season.



The Northwave "Lion"

Northwave is showing a new, limited edition version of the Evolution; the "Lion." This colorful shoe with a Stars and Stripes motif is sported by USPRO Champ Freddy Rodriguez and even Mario "The Lion King" Cipollini himself. There will only be 2000 pairs of "Lion" shoes made up by the Italian maker, with a special presentation box in wood.

Website: www.northwave.it/index2.htm


Bartoli's SIDI

SIDI has upgraded their "Energy" shoe from last year with a new wider plastic energy transfer strap connected to the closure lever. Check out the elegant all white Italian champion models sported by Michele Bartoli.

Sorry, but you can't buy these in your local bike shop; SIDI makes these models only for the real champions.



DMT's Ultimax

New to many is DMT; an Italian shoe brand that is used by Laurent Jalabert as well as other top Euro riders. DMT's new Ultimax road shoe features an integral heel cup and upper anchor piece for the closure lever. Light and elegant, DMT is a new shoe brand to watch.

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