The winner of the Spinergy Spox wheelset in the reader survey competition is Mark Allen from West Bridgewater, MA, USA. Mark's entry was randomly drawn from the huge number of entries we received from readers in 30 countries from around the world.

Mark competes in Masters races and is looking forward to his new Spinergy wheels giving him that extra edge in his next race.

Your responses and comments to the survey have provided us with valuable input on how you would like to see grow. Over the coming season, you will begin to notice many of the innovations on the site. You may have already noticed more photos being posted in our news and race stories.

The survey also demonstrated that readers come from every corner of the globe and that the majority of readers depend on as their primary source of cycling information.

The other encouraging statistic is that most readers are still out there riding and racing their bikes on a regular basis. Keep riding...

Please don't hesitate to continue sending in your feedback.

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