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By Cyclingnews staff in Italy

Mauro Coccia, President of De Marchi Sport told Italia Bici that "we have a long tradition at De Marchi, but that has not stopped us from innovating. We are very proud of our new Contour EVO Technology that over sixty years since our company was founded is at the forefront of cycling clothing technology."

De Marchi founder and cycling pioneer Emilio De Marchi was born in in 1906 and knew cycling legends like Bottecchia, Bartali Coppi and Bobet. de marchi founded Maglificio Sportivo De Marchi in 1946 and quickly became famous for the fit and quality of his cycling shorts. In the early sixties Emilio passed on the company to daughter Elda and son-in-law Ezio Coccia which rapidly expanded production capacity to satisfy the already growing demand for quality cyclewear.

De Marchi's grandson Mauro Coccia took over in the mid-1990's and expanded sales internationally by keeping the same rigorous approach to quality and functionality of his predecessors. Today as it was in 1946, the De Marchi mission is the same: design and create the best cycling clothing, period. And De Marchi clothing is a true artisan product, entirely handmade in Italy, replete with advanced, innovative ideas. For 2008, Contour EVO Technology is the number one initiative for De Marchi. EVO Technology means EVOlutionary and De Marchi Contour EVO combines visionary technology, avant-garde design that provides maximum performances and a unique style.

Coccia explained to Italia Bici that "The concept of our Contour EVO line follow a natural evolution of our history of De Marchi products and design. We are not following the major trend of high-stretch fabrics throughout each garment; instead we concentrated on how to achieve a new dimension in performance and comfort. So the result is our Contour EVO Technology, in a new jersey, shorts, chamois feature ergonomically-sculpted and seam-free elements that contour to the body by alternating elastic and non-elastic materials with variable densities that are strategically placed to provide a customised fit, overall stability and muscle support." Coccia stressed to Cyclingnews that "De Marchi keeps innovating. Others just follow."

De Marchi Contour EVO Jersey is based on the iconic De Marchi Contour design principles of 3-D engineering, pre-shaped panels and strategically-placed elastic fabric inserts. Coccia says "Our new Contour EVO jersey truly offers a fourth dimension in performance and comfort. Each jersey has a unique laser-cut, thermo-welded frame of non-elastic fabric that contours to the spine and thus creates a stable structure we call De Marchi Contour Body-Framing System. The rest of the jersey is free to move around this frame, while most high end cycling jerseys are made of stretch fabric. This allows freedom of movement but most of the time, the jersey is too elastic and this brings an unpleasant feeling where the jersey moved too much."

De Marchi's Contour Body-Framing System provides total stability and maximum freedom of movement, with no constriction while in the riding position. Contour EVO Jersey has Contour Body-Framing, with Dry 3 Next fabric that offers active moisture-transfer properties and a clean, fresh feel. SPS armpit vents provide airflow and an hygienic anti-odor action via silver fiber, while four "no-sag" back pockets, including one zip pocket, an integral reflective strip for safety and De Marchi's Contour EVO jersey features a cellphone / music device-ready design.

De Marchi claims their all-new Contour EVO Bib Short allows one to ride longer thanks to a "disruptive technology combination". Combined with the Contour Body Framing System, De Marchi's Contour EVO Bib Short has exclusive EIT EVO IDS chamois that features differentiated elastic pad elements that moves around the main chamois frame independently to provide customised cushioning for a comfort and performance level never experienced before.

Mauro Coccia explains "These IDS elements have a unique ability to provide customised cushioning to specific areas. Our Contour EVO is different from any other bib shorts, because it has the IDS chamoise and an upper T-shaped panel that is strategically positioned at the top of the back. We make this panel of a special, non-elastic bonded fabric that detects when you're in the riding position and adapts to it. You can actually feel the strap portion to move when you change position so that it remains being stable in any situation, no matter how intense the ride."

Other items in De Marchi's Contour line are the famous Contour Racing Bib Short, completely restyled for 08, with innovative streamlined ergonomics and amazing EIT "S8" Model chamois, the first-ever built-in chamois. And the De Marchi Contour Racing Jersey offers innovative pre-formed paneling and multiple fabric technology for streamlined ergonomics, improved moisture transfer and effective anti-static / UV action.
Totally re-designed for '08, the Contour Plus Bib shorts and Jersey offer great ergonomic fit and the excellent functionality.

De Marchi is well-know for their excellent womens clothing and their offering for 2008 includes the attractive new Contour Women's Jersey, available in sleeve, sleveless and tank top versions. Of course, these can be paired with De Marchi's all new Contour Women's Shorts, available in Bib Short or Suit Short version. Mauro Coccia told Italia Bici that "finally our famous Contour fit is available in a high-end women's Bib short designed by and for women riders. We totally re-designed this item for 2008, in a classic bib or or with a suit top design. We use Dry3 Next fabric construction for quick drying and effective antibacterial action plus a pleasant fresh feeling and have an EIT W8 chamois, the ultimate women's chamois with the best in protection and anatomic shape.

Mauro Coccia also pointed out two other product ranges from De Marchi. "We decided to create a special range called De Marchi 2.0; this is avant-garde cycling wear that bridges from more traditional cycling wear to a technical, chic line with an urban look for cyclists that want to ride in style. 2.0 has cool items like the Allaround jacket in ripstop and stretch nylon, or our 2.0 Tech Polo, a really comfortable and stylish item in stretch nylon. Of course, our Maglificio range, a true homage range that pays homage to my grandfather Emilio De Marchi, our company founder will continue. Maglificio features items that are totally handmade in the authentic manner of the early days of De Marchi, like the Italia track jacket, a full zip wool top like the one my grandfather wore, or the Emilio jersey, again totally handmade in superfine merino wool."

With over six decades of tradition and experience, a third generation is now at the helm of De Marchi Sport, Mauro Coccia. "I know the thing we are most proud of at De Marchi is that in 2008, just as in 1946, our mission at De Marchi has remained the same: to design and create the best cycling clothing, period."

Upland Sports Group/De Marchi website.

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