After six decades, De Marchi knows innovation & quality in cycling clothing

By Cyclingnews staff in San Vendimano, Italy

Cyclingnews recently spoke with De Marchi Sport president Mauro Coccia in San Vendimano, Italy, where he was proud to explain that that, “It was over 60 years ago, my grandfather Emilio De Marchi founded our company and the same family has owned and operated De Marchi for three generations. Today, we still have the same mission as we did then; to design and create the best cycling clothing. So we believe when you wear De Marchi, you know that exclusive feeling of wearing an artisan product, entirely handmade in Italy, but with an advanced conception that comes from decades of tradition of authentic technological innovation.”

Coccia emphasized the innovation that is hallmark of De Marchi. “We've further refined the famous fit of our Contour Plus shorts and jerseys for the maximum in ergonomic tailoring and pure functionality ever found in cycling clothing. Then we carefully selected and matched the best fabrics and had top Italian artisans hand sew each Contour Plus garment. So believe that every Contour Plus garment is almost like a work of art.” Coccia then added that, “our De Marchi Contour Light items are a synthesis of high performance and lightness, with the famous anatomical fit of Contour, reduced to the bare essentials with the lightest fabrics and minimal stitching.”

standards”, said Coccia. “We believe that we are the only cycling clothing company with this credential. So once we know that each and every product meets our ISO 9001-2000 quality standards, De Marchi Sport we then use the best materials and most expert production techniques to create cycling clothing that is almost like a work of art.”

Coccia continued, saying, “It might sound like a cliché', but at De Marchi, we know that details make the difference. For example, we source special, exclusive fabrics like Dry3 TITANIUM for optimal moisture transport, or our AirControl LIGHT fabrics, that is 15 percent lighter than before for more airflow, or our Pro Grade-Special Blend Lycra from DuPont with 360 degree elasticity and with a special fabric intelligence that supports leg muscles better than standard Lycra.”

Another key reason that DeMarchi's Contour Plus cycling shorts are considered among the most comfortable ever is the Elastic Interface Technology short insert. Coccia explains, saying, “E.I.T. PLUS is the most technologically advanced short insert on the market, because it's the first truly anatomic elastic insert, with two separate wings that fit perfectly with the shaped panels of our Contour Plus. And E.I.T. LIGHT, used in Contour Light cycling shorts has been created with an innovative new design concept featuring a highly breathable structure, with raised sections in high-density foam in just the right anatomic position for maximum comfort.”

But after six decades of activity, and a 2006 collection that includes some of the most advanced cycling clothing ever, De Marchi hasn't forgotten its roots. In fact, the company has launched a special commemorative collection, more than just a retro rip-off to celebrate its long history.

“Our Maglificio De Marchi Collection truly celebrates this historic sixty year anniversary”, said Mauro Coccia. The company was founded in 1946 by Coccia's grandfather, Emilio De Marchi, a pioneer in cycling clothing. “He always loved all sports and cycling in particular and a few months after end of World War II, he opened what was then called “maglificio sportive”, explained Coccia. "Today, a century after my grandfather Emilio's birth, and sixty years after the founding of the company now called De Marchi Sport, we are probably the oldest cycling clothing company still around.

"Indeed, the same family has owned and operated De Marchi Sport for three generations with the same mission as always: design and create the best cycling clothing on the market. Today, when you wear De Marchi, you have the exclusive feeling that you're wearing an artisan product, entirely handmade but with an advanced conception that comes from decades of authentic technological innovation. De Marchi Sport is a unique company in the cycling clothing world and our results show it, with 38 world championships earned in various cycling disciplines."

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DeMarchi Contour Plus Pro Grade bib shorts: Contour Plus are made with fabric with a high percentage of “Pro Grade” DuPont Lycra for multidirectional stretch that offers extra support, a unique Elastic Interface All-Ways-Stretch anatomic short insert, made in a half-moon shape in high density foam that perfectly conforms to the shape of your body for maximum, long life comfort while cycling.
DeMarchi Contour Plus Titanium Edition Jersey: Made with DeMarchi's new “Fast-Dry” microfibre fabric that uses a unique titanium oxide treatment that provides a special structure that transports moisture quickly, and is combined with under sleeve inserts made from silver coated fabric that provide an antibacterial and antiodor effect.
De Marchi founder Emilio De Marchi Maglificio DeMarchi's retro reproduction of the special heavyweight maglione cycling sweater they created for the Italian team in the 1960's, but update in easy care 50% wool / 50% poly blend.