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Jayco Bay Cycling Classic - NE

Geelong, Australia, January 2-6, 2009

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Stage 9 - January 6: Geelong - Ritchie Boulevard - Elite women, 45 minutes

Broun again

By Malcolm Sawford in Geelong

Kirsty Broun (MB Cycles)
Photo ©: CJ Farquharson
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Kirsty Broun (MB Cycles) won the final stage and the overall despite falling twice during the 45 minute finale. Broun took an emphatic sprint win, her third of the five race series. Rochelle Gilmore ended the day in second. In the overall Josie Tomic kept her second place by a close margin against Chloe Hoskins and Peta Mullens.

Broun decribed the crashes as business as usual. "Bike racing is bike racing" she said. "You can have your bingles but you just have to get up and ride your bike again. A girl fell off in front of me both times, and I just catapulted over and landed, then got up and composed myself, checked my bike and off I went."

Peta Mullens (Jayco VIS) was the main aggressor during the women's race, and spent three laps off the front of the bunch early in the race. She won the first sprint ahead of Rochelle Gilmore, a result which guaranteed Gilmore the green jersey. Then Mullens fell on the tight corner after the sprint. Immediately after she had rejoined the race, she bridged to an attack by Emma Mackie (Pitcher Partners) and the pair stayed clear until the second sprint, before Mullens pushed on alone to a 10-second lead.

Mullens wasn't too happy about the tactics. "It was kind of a negative race, and I just wanted to get off the front. GC didn't mean much to me, I was after a stage win."

It took a huge effort from Josie Tomic (Plan B) at the head of bunch to reel Mullens in. When she was finally caught just seven minutes remained, and only 14 women survived to contest the finish.

In the final laps, Broun's Canadian teammate Gina Grain neutralised every attempt to split the field, and led out the sprint perfectly for Broun to take the win ahead of Gilmore and Chloe Hoskins (Mazda).

MB Cycles manager Marcel Bengston was delighted with the way his team gelled this week, and particularly pleased with their tactics for the final stage. "We tried to keep everyone around Kirsty to keep her out of danger. Once the selection was made we still had one bullet – that was Gina Grain." Those sentiments were echoed by Broun, who described the Canadian as "my number one girl."

Gilmore shadowed the winner for the final few laps, but came up short in the final sprint. "I was in the perfect position; if I had the opportunity to do it again I would have left it later [to come off Broun's wheel], but I just didn't have the legs today."


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Images by CJ Farquharson/WomensCycling.net


1 Kirsty Broun (MB Cycles)                    
2 Rochelle Gilmore (NSWIS)                    
3 Chloe Hoskins (Mazda)                       
4 Josie Tomic (Plan B)                        
5 Emma Mackie (Pitcher Partners)              
6 Isabella King (Urban Hotel)                 
7 Gina Grain (MB Cycles)                      
8 Peta Mullens (Jayco VIS)                    
9 Nikki Butterfield (Skilled)                 
10 Rebecca Domange (Degani/CBD)               


Sprint 1
1 Peta Mullens (Jayco VIS)                    
2 Rochelle Gilmore (NSWIS)                    
3 Kirsty Broun (MB Cycles)                    

Sprint 2
1 Peta Mullens (Jayco VIS)                    
2 Emma Mackie (Pitcher Partners)              
3 Lauren Kitchen (NSWIS)                      
Final general classification
1 Kirsty Broun (MB Cycles)                  52 pts
2 Josie Tomic (Plan B)                      39
3 Chloe Hoskins (Mazda)                     37
4 Peta Mullens (Jayco VIS)                  31
5 Rochelle Gilmore (NSWIS)                  30
6 Emma Mackie (Pitcher Partners)            19
7 Belinda Goss (Pitcher Partners)           18
8 Nikki Butterfield (Skilled)               15
9 Rowena Fry                                12
10 Lauren Kitchen (NSWIS)                    6
11 Tiffany Cromwell (Skilled)                6
12 Isabella King (Urban Hotel)               9
13 Gina Grain (MB Cycles)                    4
14 Megan Dunn (NSWIS)                        3
15 Davina Summers (Plan B)                   2
16 Laura McCaughey (Urban Hotel)             2
17 Rebecca Locke                             1
18 Amy Cure (Pitcher Partners)               1
19 Melissa Hoskins (Plan B)                  1
20 Jenny Macpherson (G Force/Body Torque)    1
21 Rebecca Domange (Degani/CBD)              1
Points classification
1 Rochelle Gilmore (NSWIS)                  17 pts
2 Kirsty Broun (MB Cycles)                  10
3 Peta Mullens (Jayco VIS)                   9
4 Lauren Kitchen (NSWIS)                     6
5 Nikki Butterfield (Skilled)                5
6 Tahlia Paskin (MB Cycles)                  3
7 Belinda Goss (Pitcher Partners)            3
8 Megan Dunn (NSWIS)                         3
9 Emma Mackie (Pitcher Partners)             2
10 Melissa Hoskins (Plan B)                  1
11 Josie Tomic (Plan B)                      1
Teams classification
1 MB Cycles                                 56 pts
2 Plan B                                    42
3 NSWIS                                     39
4 Pitcher Partners                          38
5 Mazda                                     37
6 Jayco VIS                                 31
7 Skilled                                   21
8 Urban Hotel                               11
9 Degani/CBD                                 1
10 G Force/Body Torque                       1

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