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Follow Glen Chadwick through the 2008 Olympics
Photo ©: Glen Chadwick
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Glen Chadwick Olympic Games diary

Glen Chadwick will participate in his first Olympic Games at age 31. He is the second rider of Team Type 1 to get invited. His whirlwind Tour sees him stay in Bejing not longer than necessary. Cyclingnews readers can follow all his action closely.

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August 17, 2008

Day six and seven wrap

Wrapping up the Olympic dream

Chady at the cube
Photo ©: Glen Chadwick
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Well the last couple of days didn't involve too much. Woke up Sunday morning and headed off to the morning session of the swimming. We managed to see Michael Phelps' first of many Gold medals this Games. We even saw Aussies first Gold also with Stephanie Rice. So wasn't too bad of a morning!

Next up was packing the steed and my bags which took awhile as I accumulated a fair bit of gear from the team. Oh, also smashed a good MacDonalds feed at the village food hall, absolute gold! Next up was dinner at our favourite watering hole, 'Ye Good Ole Oakley House'. There were a few more cyclists there this time, the Schleck Bros, big Jens Voigt, JJ Haedo, Christian Vande Velde and Stuey O'Grady. I guess I should have just said Team CSC old and new were there.

It was another good night there and when they shut up shop at 10pm I shut it down and headed back to the village, with a very interesting drive back with a cabbie that didn't have a clue! Lucky I did that trip a couple times and had the best form of English to Chinese communication firing, Point and wave…

So next morning I woke up early to catch Anna my lil sister-in-law who arrived the day before and the only way I was gonna be able to catch up with her was have breaky with her as she had an early session at the track and I was outta there at 12. Was good catching up with her, I hadn't seen her since January 2007. My bro Mark will also be over at the Games to watch her race, but he arrived two days after I left, bit of a bugger but I'm sure him and his mate 'The Rook' will have a ball cruising Beijing. Have fun lads!

Bit of a CRAC over there
Photo ©: Glen Chadwick
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So I said farewell to the gang at the Bro Town and jumped in a little truck and departed the village. It was a short and sweet visit but have to say the best sporting experience I will ever come across. It's a week that will be locked into the memory banks forever! The Kiwi Team, the people I'd met, things I'd seen and of course one hell of an epic road race!

New Zealand has been competing since the 1908 Games in London, they had three athletes in an Australasian team. New Zealand at these Games has produced their 1000th Olympian! Not so many in over 100years. Some Teams have over 600 here alone in Beijing! Maybe I'm lucky 1000? I'll get a letter eventually saying which numbered Olympian I am so I'll keep ya posted!

Anyways I'm off for another 14hr flight back to Newark, New Jersey. Then another four-hour flight to Utah. From Beijing to Utah I'll be on the road or air for a sweet 23hrs including transit stops!

Catch ya in Utah and thanks for Reading my Olympic Dream……..



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