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Tour de Georgia - 2.HC

USA, April 21-27, 2008

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Stage 3 - April 23: Washington - Gainesville, 108.2mi/174.1km

Complete live report

Live commentary by Sue George with reporting from Mark Zalewski and Kirsten Robbins

10:46 EDT    Good morning and welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of stage three of the Tour de Georgia. We'll be kicking off here in a few minutes. The stage starts at 11:00 am EDT.

10:59 EDT    We've got 2 minutes to start. It's 23 degrees Celsius and they'll kick off with a 1.5 mile neutral start.

11:03 EDT    It's a nice, warm day in Washington, Georgia. There are no king of the mountains opportunities, so it'll be all about the intermediate sprint competition. The stage is relatively flat, too. We'll end up in Gainesville, Georgia in about 174.1 km.

11:05 EDT    Going into today, overall leader Ivan Dominguez (Toyota United) holds the points classification, too. Health Net's Frank Pipp will keep the mountains jersey for three more days as the next KOM won't come until Friday.

11:06 EDT    The racers have started. They're passing an elementary school with lots of kids outside waving.

11:08 EDT    A group of 8 to 10 are taking an early flyer after the pack cross the official start following the neutral 1.5 zone.

11:09 EDT    The group of eight didn't stick and another rider gives it a go. It's overcast with the current temperature of about 70 degrees - pretty much perfectly comfortable racing conditions. Not too hot, not too cold and no hot sun to scorch the riders.

11:11 EDT    3mi/105.2mi to go They are moving really fast at about 44 mph on a bit of a downhill section. Everyone is single file. Stephan Schreck (Gerolsteiner) is at the front leading the streaming peloton.

11:15 EDT    All the riders from yesterday started. Michael Schär (Astana) may be having the toughest day of all though. He crashed yesterday and injured his shoulder seriously. We heard reports that his shoulder was popping in and out, but the Swiss 21 year-old is giving it another go despite the pain.

11:16 EDT    A group of three has about a 20 second advantage. The trio includes Trent Wilson (Jittery Joe's), Michael Lange (Jelly Belly) and Michael Creed (Rock Racing). They are on rolling terrain that is a bit more rolly than yesterday's stage two, but there are still no big climbs.

11:23 EDT    From Washington, we head north to Tignall, generally following Route 17 for awhile. We won't go quite as far as Elberton, but will turn off and bear northwest toward Fortsonia. For those of you not so familiar with Georgia geography, we're starting well east of Athens and cutting a diagonal to the northwest, but we won't actually visit Athens.

11:27 EDT    Ryan Sullivan (Jittery Joe's) tries to bridge up as we enter Tignall, but he doesn't make it. We know we're here because there is a water tower that says, "We'd rather be in Tignall." It's a one stoplight kind of town and there is almost no one out watching. Crowds continue to be sparse so far at this year's Tour de Georgia.

11:27 EDT    9mi/99.2mi to go All three leaders are re-absorbed so the peloton is riding together. There is a good way to go until the first sprint, which will come at Mile 47.9. It's in the town of Comer.

11:31 EDT    12mi/96.2mi to go Two riders have a slight advantage at mile 12: Jacob Erker (Symmetrics) and Christopher Jones (Team Type 1).

11:35 EDT    Both are caught, but then Danilo Wyss (BMC Racing Team) counters. It wasn't a big surprise to see Team Type I off the front. Director Vasilli Davidenko indicated to Kirsten Robbins before the start that his team will be looking for opportunities to get some attention. They don't view themselves as overall contenders, but that means they'll be on the lookout for breaks and stage wins.

11:36 EDT    13mi/95.2mi to go On the other hand, Team BMC proved themselves as very aggressive and tenacious during the Tour of California. We know they're not afraid to spend some time off the front alone, or with others after the February race.

11:37 EDT    We have word that Lasse Bøchman (Team CSC), a 24 year-old rider from Denmark, has abandoned.

11:37 EDT    Five riders are now off the front. The field is seriously chasing. If they can stay away long enough for us to figure out who they are, we'll let you know.

11:43 EDT    Our live server sure is getting a work out today. As many of you may know, we also covered the 72nd La Flèche Wallonne held in Belgium earlier. Team High Road's Kim Kirchen of Luxembourg took the win, just one second ahead of Australian Cadel Evans (Silence - Lotto) and Italian Damiano Cunego (Lampre). Kirchen was especially strong up the feared Mur de Huy.

11:45 EDT    The five riders were caught, but Matthew Crane (Health Net p/b Maxxis) and Matthew Shriver (Jittery Joe's) counterattacked and got a bit of a gap. Unfortunately for the two Matthews, Yilin Liu (GE Trek - Marco Polo) bridged up and was closely followed by the field shutting them all down. Many in the field will be interested in the time bonuses up for grabs at the intermediate sprint.

11:47 EDT    The Tour de Georgia is the kind of race where time bonuses can make the difference in who gets to wear yellow. Especially with these early, flat stages and the likely small margins of victory to come in the team time trial tomorrow, just a few seconds can make the difference in who gets to call himself the leader.

11:49 EDT    20mi/88.2mi to go Evan Elken (Jittery Joe's) and Andrew Randell (Symmetrics) have attacked and earned themselves an eight second advantage pretty quickly. Now it's up to 15 seconds. Lots of teams will be trying to get away today - it is their chance to be in the spotlight and maybe collect a stage win. En route, they might also collect time bonuses and sprint points to help them in the GC and the points classification.

11:53 EDT    The break is up to 20 seconds. Rock Racing is setting the pace for the main peloton - definitely chasing. We'll see if our two leaders can get enough of a gap to establish themselves off the front.

11:54 EDT    Elken and Randell are caught. The peloton is all together again. So far, no one has been able to make an attack stick. Perhaps someone will be able to counter and get away after the first intermediate sprint at mile 47.9.

11:56 EDT    Christopher Jones (Team Type 1) is at it again - attacking the peloton. He went earlier with Jacob Erker (Symmetrics) although they were soon caught.

11:59 EDT    Jones is caught, but Antonio Colom Mas (Astana) and Jared Barrilleaux (Jittery Joe's) give it a go.

12:02 EDT    They are caught now, too. The race has an unusual dynamic in that while Astana does not currently hold the yellow jersey, they are clearly favorites who are there to win the race again. Chris Horner told Kirsten Robbins before the stage today that he doesn't think the race is won yet and Levi Leipheimer taking the win ultimately is far from certain. Horner said there are only two places where Leipheimer can win the race - in the team time trial and on Brasstown Bald. "In every other place, he can lose the race." So even though Astana doesn't yet have yellow, they are having to ride to keep anyone from gaining too much time on team leader Leipheimer.

12:05 EDT    Four more racers give another attack, but they are caught again and the peloton is back together riding "groupo compacto". The riders at the front are eyeing each other - looking for the next attack as they negotiate the rollers through wooded terrain. The riders in the peloton don't look to be working too hard.

12:08 EDT    Kirk O'Bee (Health Net p/b Maxxis) and Trent Wilson (Jittery Joe's) get themselves a slight gap. Then they are joined by three others.

12:09 EDT    Our lead group of five is: Kirk O'Bee (Health Net p/b Maxxis), Hilton Clarke (Toyota - United), Trent Wilson (Jittery Joe's), Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team), and Jacob Erker (Symmetrics). We've got one bridger.

12:11 EDT    30mi/78.2mi to go The bridger sits up. Clarke may be trying to get off the front to help his team leader and GC leader Ivan Dominguez (Toyota - United Pro Cycling Team). With him off the front, it would take some pressure of his squad.

12:12 EDT    A new bridger gives it a go and tows the field back up to the break and all are back together again. So far, no one has been able to get away on the flat to rolling terrain.

12:13 EDT    Roman Kireyev (Astana) has a flat.

12:14 EDT    Four more attack: Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team), Victor Hugo Pena (Rock Racing), Fabio Calabria (Team Type 1) and Matthew Crane (Health Net p/b Maxxis).

12:15 EDT    They've got five seconds as they turn onto a big, wide road. Bridgers are effectively towing the field back up, but Rock Racing's Pena is driving the break hard.

12:17 EDT    The bridgers end up forming another group of four, which gives us two groups of four just barely off the front. Both Gregory Henderson (Team High Road) and Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team) get flats. There is a lot of junk in the median - probably causing the flats.

12:18 EDT    36mi/72.2mi to go All are back together again as they race along a five lane road - all spread out. There are just over 10 miles to go until the first intermediate sprint at Comer.

12:21 EDT    The lead is constantly trading at the front of the relatively strung out pack. Many are taking a turn and a few keep trying to get away. They are riding under bright blue skis now with puffy white clouds above.

12:25 EDT    We have four riders off the front: Scott Zwizanski (Bissell), Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis), Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1) and Rhys Pollock (GE Trek - Marco Polo).

12:25 EDT    Going at high speeds, we have had a serious crash.

12:26 EDT    Looks like a rider went down on or near a concrete bridge and he is receiving medical attention.

12:28 EDT    Other riders are back up and riding again. One such rider who had crashed was Ben Day (Toyota - United). He is back in action again. Another rider went down, we're not sure whom yet. The rider who is still down is a Slipstream rider. We'll find out who as soon as we can.

12:31 EDT    Our four leaders have up to 1'40" now. They are getting a gap quickly. We have an ID on the Slipstream rider down. It is Timothy Duggan (Slipstream Chipotle p/b H30). He is going to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. We think everyone else is back up and rolling again.

12:32 EDT    Corey Collier (Health Net p/b Maxxis) was also involved in the crash, but he is rolling again.

12:34 EDT    43mi/65.2mi to go Collier is bandaged up and sporting some road rash. He's checking in with his team-mates - having a bit of a chat. The gap is up to 2'10" between our four leaders and the main peloton. Finally, we have an attack that is sticking and just about 4 to 5 miles before the first sprint.

12:38 EDT    45mi/63.2mi to go They are taking even pulls with 5km to go to. The gap is up to 3'10" - it's growing steadily.

12:41 EDT    46mi/62.2mi to go It's rather flat at the moment and they're about to enter the city of Comer. In the crash we had a few minutes ago, six riders total went down. All of them got up except for Duggan, who is now en route to a hospital in Athens. If we get any word on his condition, we'll let you know. The crash was unfortunately at high speeds, on a bit of downhill with riders flying over their bars as they went down.

12:43 EDT    The ambulance speeds by the peloton - presumably carrying Duggan to the hospital. The sprint is coming up.

12:44 EDT    The gap is up to 4'50" to our four leaders. Looks like maybe Pipp took top honors in the intermediate sprint.

12:46 EDT    47.9mi/60.3mi to go Results from the first sprint are: 1 Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis); 2 Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1); 3 Scott Zwizanski (Bissell)

12:50 EDT    Everyone other than Duggan who went down in the crash is back in the peloton. We can't help but wonder about the effect of Duggan's crash on everyone. It's hard to keep racing when you think one of your fellow competitors may have been seriously hurt. It's a tough reminder of a real risk the riders take on every day.

12:53 EDT    53mi/55.2mi to go We're approaching a high school that has sent 1,500 of its students out front to cheer the racers on. What a gorgeous day to get out of class and watch the passing race! We don't know how they'll be able to go back inside and concentrate on their studies for the rest of the day. After the leaders pass, they'll have five minutes to wait until the rest of the peloton comes. The gap seems to still be growing.

12:55 EDT    The field is curb-to-curb. They don't seem too interested in chasing the leaders at the moment, which means the time gap is likely to continue to grow for the time being.

12:56 EDT    We're not far from intermediate sprint #2. It will happen in Ila, Georgia, at mile 60.3.

12:58 EDT    Slipstream's Tyler Farrar, who was sitting in third in the points competition going into today's stage will be losing some ground if the break stays off and keeps grabbing the points and time bonuses. Farrar has a new nickname, "Gringo Grande" - he was called that by the Cuban teams at Tour of Bahamas earlier this year.

13:02 EDT    The four leaders are trading turns at the front evenly in a rotating echelon. All of them look to be doing well - riding steadily and concentrating, but not outwardly showing signs of fatigue. They are likely motivated by how quickly they established their growing gap. The main peloton rides through Danielsville, with lots of students from the elementary, middle and high school as well as spectators out there watching.

13:04 EDT    They're riding up and over some wide speed bumps on a downhill section. They look rather wide and gentle as far as speed bumps go.

13:06 EDT    57.3mi/50.9mi to go The leaders see 5km to go until the second sprint of three sprints today. They'll get both time bonuses and points in Ila. Three spots are on the line.

13:08 EDT    Two of the break riders are on their hoods while the other two are in their drops. They're spinning a high, smooth cadence and are on a dead straight section of road as they've just finished a short downhill and are rolling up the next grade.

13:11 EDT    30 year-old Zwizanski hails from southeastern Pennsylvania. Last year, the Bissell rider earned a stage win at the Tour of Southland. Now he is seeing 1km to go until sprint #2.

13:12 EDT    Pipp makes a move and jumps his break mates in attempt to get the second set of points and time bonuses.

13:13 EDT    60.3mi/47.9mi to go Pipp seemed to have surprised them on his way to taking points. But now all four are back together and working smoothly again. The main field seems to have gotten more serious about the chase. The gap has dropped slightly.

13:16 EDT    Sprint #2 results have the top two places the same as #1. 1 Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis); 2 Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1); 3 Rhys Pollock (GE Trek - Marco Polo). Our gap has dropped a bit to 4'30". At its peak it was about five minutes.

13:17 EDT    Toyota United, who has no riders in the break, seems to be driving the chase. They will be motivated to catch the break before the end as they are defending race leader Ivan Dominguez's yellow jersey.

13:20 EDT    Pipp, who won both intermediate sprints so far, hails from Boulder. The 30 year-old has got plenty of stage racing experience. Last year he won a stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix, and in 2006, he won a stage of the Tour de 'Toona.

13:29 EDT    Break rider Moisés Aldape is 26 years-old and hails from Mexico. According to his team Type I's website, he suffered a bad crash last year in the Tirreno-Adriatico and was off his bike for two months. He is the little brother of former Mexican national road race champion Antonio Aldape.

13:30 EDT    Toyota United is still at the front doing most of the chasing work. A Team High Road rider comes to the front to take a turn, too, but the gap is currently holding steady at 4'30".

13:35 EDT    Yesterday, one of our break riders, Rhys Pollock (GE-Marco Polo), bridged up with Bryce Mead (Jelly Belly) to then solo leader Justin England. Although the media picked England as the most aggressive rider of the day, Pollock was given the award instead by race organizers in a last second change. The switch caused a bit of controversy and some hard feelings among various riders who thought England deserved the award more.

13:38 EDT    Rich from State College, Pennsylvania, wrote in to express support for break rider Scott Zwizanski (Bissell). "Yes Z made the break!," he wrote. "All the folks in Pennsylvania are pulling for him to come away with a win or podium if these break sticks!" He also reminded us that Zwizanski wore the climber's jersey a few years ago in the Tour de Georgia.

13:42 EDT    We wonder if some of today's lack of crowds has something to do with it being a weekday afternoon. After all, we know a lot of you devoted cycling fans are busy at work, so we'll be looking to see more of you out there watching and cheering this weekend.

13:49 EDT    75mi/33.2mi to go The gap is at 4'15" with Toyota United still leading the chase. The leaders are just 7km from the next sprint in Homer, Georgia. The break riders still look good and are taking even pulls. Another school is coming up ahead with all their kids outside watching. We're at the edge of the town of Homer, which has a sign advertising itself as the home of the world's largest Easter egg hunt. The school kids also have created a giant banner that says "Bank County welcomes the Tour de Georgia".

13:52 EDT    Christian Foster, a former Jittery Joe's rider and Tour de Georgia casualty (he was hospitalized after stage 1 from August to Macon due to heat stroke in 2005), wrote us to say that the boys at Ciamillo Components Inc. also known as Zero Gravity, are wishing the Jittery Joe's team the best of luck the rest of today and the week. "Slaves to production today, we'll be out to take in the race on Saturday and Sunday to cheer on the homegrown team!" He also extended his best wishes to Timmy Dugan, injured earlier in today's stage.

13:56 EDT    If there were a most popular rider award today, we'd have to give it to break rider Scott Zwizanski (Bissell). We've been hearing lots from the loyal fans and friends of the West Chester resident, who has spent much of the day off the front with Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis), Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1) and Rhys Pollock (GE Trek - Marco Polo).

13:57 EDT    The break is getting 1km to go until the final intermediate sprint. It's uphill until 200m to go, then flat until the line.

13:58 EDT    80.3mi/27.9mi to go Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1) leads it out, but Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis) charges to try to catch him at the line.

13:59 EDT    We think Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis) got it, but we're waiting on official results. If so, that would make three for three for today's sprints for Pipp.

14:01 EDT    Official results for the final intermediate sprint: 1 Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1); 2 Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis); 3 Rhys Pollock (GE Trek - Marco Polo). It was close but it looks like Chavez held on to it.

14:02 EDT    Team Slipstream's Twitter feed is reporting that Duggan is in stable condition at the hospital and undergoing tests.

14:06 EDT    With less than 30 miles to go, the gap is coming down more and is at 3:50. Toyota United is likely biding their time - trying to time the catch just right. If they catch too early, there are likely to be more counterattacks going to the finish, which means more work for them to defend their lead. But if they can save some gas for the end, maybe they will have enough energy left to also set up their race and team leader Ivan Dominguez for the final sprint. Of course, the other teams will have been resting en route while Toyota has been doing the work to chase, so they will have their work cut out for them.

14:10 EDT    High Road and Team CSC are also making some appearances at the front. Yesterday, Team CSC did not do much work out on the course to bring the break back, and stage winner Juan José Haedo said it was because he was not planning on sprinting. Obviously, he changed his mind at some point. "We didn't help the other teams today because I didn't know if I was going to be able to sprint or how my wrist would feel," Haedo had said. "Tomorrow [today - ed.] we are going to have to give back by helping the other teams do a little bit of work, especially if we are going to sprint at the end. But I have a team that always helps out the other teams in most situations; but, yes we are going to help the teams out tomorrow."

14:12 EDT    85mi/23.2mi to go In response to the gap going up to 3'55", the field is strung out at 40 mph, chasing the break. The big name teams not seen to be chasing thus far are Astana, High Road and Gerolsteiner. Thanks to that latest surge, the gap is back down to 3'45".

14:15 EDT    88mi/20.2mi to go The gap has dropped further to 3'25". High Road is now at the front with two riders with CSC right behind and then Toyota. The terrain is starting to get a little more rolling as we close in on the finish. As we get closer to the finish, we will likely see more teams taking an interest at being at the front.

14:19 EDT    90mi/18.2mi to go The riders cross the Grove River and the gap is at 3'00". The gap is coming down much faster now. High Road and CSC are still maintaining a presence at the front. High Road will be trying to set up New Zealander Gregory Henderson, who has been improving every day and will want the top step on the podium today, while CSC will be setting up yesterday's winner Haedo.

14:21 EDT    We're seeing a big drop in the gap. It's shrunk to 1'45".

14:22 EDT    Some of the riders are getting some new bottles - they'll be looking to get their last support so they can ride to the finish without further support. It's a good time to refuel so as to be as fresh as possible when the counterattacks start after the leaders are caught.

14:25 EDT    92mi/16.2mi to go When the riders arrive in Gainesville, they will roll onto a finish circuit and then see 2 laps to go. The gap is up slightly to 2:00. The pack will likely let the break riders dangle a bit longer to discourage the counterattacks.

14:26 EDT    We've just passed the break. The four riders are looking like they are hurting now. They are rubbing their muscles. Type I's Moises Aldape Chavez looks like he may be fending off cramps. He's rubbing his leg.

14:32 EDT    John Crump of Jacksonville, Florida, wrote us predicting that the catch will happen with 7km to go. They're definitely getting closer, with a gap of 1'00". He is also predicting that Astana and Gerolsteiner will be at the front soon.

14:34 EDT    96.2mi/12 to go We've got 20km to go until the finish and the gap is at 1'30". The riders at the back of the break are coasting for a moment on the descent - giving the legs a break. They sure look like they know the peloton is coming - it's just a question of time.

14:37 EDT    Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis) and Rhys Pollock (GE Trek - Marco Polo) have dropped their two break mates and are now together off the front.

14:39 EDT    They are looking back over their shoulder to see if the field is in sight. Pipp is the one driving the lead duo. Scott Zwizanski (Bissell) and Moises Aldape Chavez (Team Type 1) have dropped off and are likely to get caught by the field soon.

14:41 EDT    Today's finish will be quite challenging and potentially dangerous. It is a downhill finish, fairly high speed, and there is a curve soon after the finish. Fortunately, the racers will get to see it three times after they hit the finishing circuit - twice before the finish. Each circuit is 2.1 miles long.

14:43 EDT    100mi/8.2mi to go Pipp and Pollack are climbing up a grade together. They are taking time to stand out of the saddle and give the legs a slightly different position. The gap down to 25 seconds now as we approach the city limits of Gainesville. Zwizanski is now off the back of the field - he's had a long day in the break.

14:44 EDT    Gap is down to 15 seconds to our two leaders.

14:46 EDT    In two miles, we'll hit the final circuit. Just 10 seconds separate the two men from the pack. CSC seems to have every rider up at the front of the peloton - they are chasing hard to set up Haedo. High Road, Gerolsteiner and Astana are also making more appearances at the front.

14:47 EDT    Pollack is slowing. He's done with the break. But Pipp keeps pushing on.

14:47 EDT    Pipp is caught! The field is together, spread across the road awaiting more attacks as they enter the circuit.

14:49 EDT    It's quite hilly here, but wind will not be a factor today. It's nice and calm. Still sunny with temperatures in the high 70s. They are going fast, jockeying for position and setting up.

14:49 EDT    The finish is really high speed, with hard turns leading up to it and a slight off-camber surface. It's all downhill for the final 300m.

14:50 EDT    Just a bit ago, both Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team) and Scott Zwizanski (Bissell) were passed by the broom wagon. The main peloton is getting two laps to go.

14:51 EDT    High Road is at the front with the first three of four men. They are trying to set up Henderson.

14:52 EDT    There are plenty of tight turns as we pass through a more suburban area. The pack is strung out through the technical terrain. Some riders are getting dropped off the back. Henderson is sitting on the 6th wheel.

14:53 EDT    The pack rides downhill through the finish - one to go. Next time through, it'll be a mad dash for the finish, unless someone gets away. It's unlikely anyone will get off with High Road keeping the pace high up front.

14:55 EDT    Bernard Van Ulden (Jelly Belly) comes off the back and interestingly, Ivan Dominguez is pretty much the last rider in the peloton.

14:56 EDT    The first four riders are High Road. Well, really the first five of six. There's an attack!

14:56 EDT    Looks like a Health Net rider who's made himself a huge gap - surprising everyone.

14:57 EDT    It's Rory Sutherland (Health Net p/b Maxxis) with a 12 second gap.

14:57 EDT    Aaron Tuckerman (Jelly Belly) is chasing.

14:58 EDT    Sutherland is holding strong out front still. Tuckerman is leading the field in chase.

14:59 EDT    Sutherland looks back - a quick glance and looks back. Dominguez has been dropped so that means no sprint for him and probably a new GC leader after today.

15:00 EDT    107.6mi/0.6mi to go Sevilla tries to bridge.

15:00 EDT    Sevilla passes Sutherland, who can't hang on.

15:01 EDT    Sevilla is caught and High Road is back at the front. All are together.

15:01 EDT    There is a real mix of different teams represented at the front now. No one team is leading the train anymore.

15:02 EDT    Sprint is on.

15:02 EDT    Looks like a Team Type 1 rider may have taken it.

15:02 EDT    Three riders were all at the front contesting.

15:02 EDT    We think it may be Henderson.

15:03 EDT    Greg Henderson has won!

15:04 EDT    Henderson was 8th the first day and 2nd yesterday - no doubt he'll be happy to take the win today! The sprint was so fast and contested that he didn't even have a chance to raise his hands at the end.

15:05 EDT    We're waiting to hear the other places...

15:08 EDT    By virtue of falling off the back of the pack in the finishing circuits, Dominguez will lose his leader's jersey.

15:16 EDT    At last, we have the top three: 1 Gregory Henderson (Team High Road); 2 André Greipel (Team High Road); 3 Tyler Farrar (Slipstream Chipotle p/b H30)

15:16 EDT    And our new GC leader is today's stage winner Gregory Henderson who also takes over the points classification lead.

15:22 EDT    That wraps up our live coverage of the stage three of the Tour de Georgia. Please join us again tomorrow for Stage 4, the first ever Tour de Georgia team time trial in Braselton, Georgia. The stage starts at 1:00 pm EDT (local time). Thanks for joining us and we'll see you tomorrow!


1 Gregory Henderson (NZl) Team High Road
2 André Greipel (Ger) Team High Road
3 Tyler Farrar (USA) Slipstream Chipotle p/b H30

General classification after stage three

1 Gregory Henderson (NZl) Team High Road

Points classification

1 Gregory Henderson (NZl) Team High Road

Mountains classification

1 Frank Pipp (USA) Health Net p/b Maxxis 

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