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Back with a bang: The Rory Sutherland diary 2007

Talented Australian Rory Sutherland will be tearing up the US domestic circuit this season with Professional Continental squad Health Net presented by Maxxis. With the best part of six years European racing under his belt, look out for the 25 year-old from Canberra to notch up some big victories in '07.

Stay tuned to Cyclingnews for the inside scoop on Rory and his Health Net crew as they match up against ProTour opposition at the Tour de Georgia and beyond...

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Tour of Missouri - Stage 6 - September 16: St. Louis, 119 km

The closeout

It's done, finished and already moved on from. Season '07 for myself, and the vast majority of the U.S. domestic racing scene is done. Is it a good feeling? Yes. I know seasons are longer in other parts of the world, but here is just different. You're not so tired by the actual racing, but more so the travel over the second half of the season. My holiday/vacation is going to be at home, here in Colorado. I have a week and a half break away from the airport before Vegas, and I'm surely looking forward to that!

How did the Tour of Missouri finish out? A lot of organizers think they can run a race, or create a race, but this group (who also run the Tour of California and Tour de Georgia) know how to run a race. The people of Missouri were amazing. I'm sure I mentioned it in other entries, but the way the race was accepted was really so much bigger than I had anticipated. I think, and hope, that this tour will stay on the calendar for years to come, as it adds so much more to the season for the U.S. racers.

The one and only 'Masshole Cup,' which I'm sure is something everyone is waiting to hear the final results of, has come to a very interesting end. Jesse and TJ did step up. Maybe all my public abuse and scrutiny really did help them to take this seriously. I think we have set a precedent for future tours!

Jesse, today you are the victor. It was a tight battle, with a lot of people attempting to influence and/or buy off/persuade the head judge during the tour's after-party. Thus, the standings at the end of the inaugural Tour of Missouri, with the inaugural Masshole Cup, finished on a tie! Who would have thought? Well-played gentlemen, well-played. However, as a tie in the standings is of no benefit to the readers and supporters, I've decided to extend the cup to the final showdown in Las Vegas, at the first cyclo-cross race of the year.

For the record, this cup was created as something fun. Also, those trying to come into the cup, also claiming that they are fellow 'Masshovians' because they've lived there for three years, or are current residents, please.... we all know I make the rules! Are you born and bred? Are you a current resident? Questions answered. To Vegas we go!

So that's it for 2007. No more race diary entries, and a lot less riding over the next few weeks. The feeling in the U.S. peloton is a little sad right now. There aren't as many jobs as there were this time last year, and a lot of my friends are out in the cold right now. What to say about that? Maybe it's not hard to get a job at the moment, maybe it's just not as easy as some people expected it to be. Contracts aren't free, and at the moment, they are things that are tough to get. I hope the guys get things sorted, and at the same time I hope it generates even more hard racing for 2008.

'Til Las Vegas!