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Back with a bang: The Rory Sutherland diary 2007

Talented Australian Rory Sutherland will be tearing up the US domestic circuit this season with Professional Continental squad Health Net presented by Maxxis. With the best part of six years European racing under his belt, look out for the 25 year-old from Canberra to notch up some big victories in '07.

Stay tuned to Cyclingnews for the inside scoop on Rory and his Health Net crew as they match up against ProTour opposition at the Tour de Georgia and beyond...

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Tour of Missouri - Stage 4: Lebanon - Columbia, 214 km

A long, long day. Well, actually it wasn't that long in time, but the distance was one of the bigger ones in the USA this year. It was actually a pretty full on day. It's really great to see, and from my point of view, very unexpected. This is, however, a really good thing, you get used to smaller races - the same guys and a lot of crits during the last few months, but today it was something I like to refer to as 'a little bit of Europe in the U.S.'

There were constant rollers and attacking for the best part of 92 kilometres. Yes, I did look down at my SRM to see that number. Why? Because I was in a little bit of pain trying to be 'that guy' in the break - as much as it kind of sucked. It shows a pretty promising future in U.S. domestic racing. I mean, the more guys try and want to do stuff like that, the better the racing looks and is therefore a real race.

The "Masshole Cup" standings are actually unchanged. I think Jesse has decided that this is the be all and end all of racing at the Tour of Missouri. I know there's no jersey and I know it's not in the results, but it is a very, very serious classification. I watched Jesse cover TJ trying to get across to a break, pretty funny stuff looking up from mid pack and watching them smash out of the bunch towards a break. Unfortunately Jesse, because TJ was already doing that no points earnt! Standings: 2-0...still! Step up boy, step up!

I've just heard from Tim that I have more readers. As per usual, I seem to be keeping up a very huge amount of hits on my daily pages. I'm pretty sure I have at least two people in Massachusetts (thanks Tim's Mum and Brother), Lynne in Canada and now Gord in Arizona. Wow! If there's anyone else, email me!

To tomorrow - another 200 kms around Missouri, somewhere. I'm amazed at the fact that I still don't actually know where I am in this state and kind of 'maybe' know where Missouri is! I'm learning so much.

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